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Chapter 704: Turmoil

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lin Tian’s voice made its way into everyone’s ears. It contained his anger and his unprecedented pride. Even if they weren’t enemies, the tone itself would have ticked people off.

Lin Ming glanced coldly at all of the Qilin Clan members stopping them, they were all elites of the clan. They really poured out everything for Lin ShaoYi. Although he didn’t want the clan to go extinct, they had no choice but to fight now.

“If you want to fight then we will.” As his voice stopped, an incredible force erupted from his body and his seven star pinnacle pressure washed over Lin Tian and the others.

Zu Ma’s panicked, she had wanted to stall for time, that’s why she had Lin Tian, who was blood related to Lin Ming appear. She didn’t think that would have the opposite effect and Lin Ming would act on his words so quickly.

What she didn’t know was that their relationship was so bad that it was beyond repairs. Lin Tian was prideful and had a one track-mind, he would never admit his wrong. He was self-centered so that everything he said was right, and those who disagree were wrong.

For people like these, even if Lin Ming wanted to patch up their relationship, it would be for naught. It happened once before, but Lin Tian’s condition was that he must always listen to him and not fight back. If he said to go east, then he was going east, not west.

Lin Ming felt that he needed a puppet and not a son. So after that incident, he stopped trying.

Knowing very well what Lin Tian was like, there was no way Lin Ming would waste any time talking. Not only that, luring Tao WenLiang and the others away was his trap, there was no way he couldn’t guess what Zu Ma was planning.

“You bastard!” Seeing that Lin Ming was serious, the muscles on Lin Tian’s face twitched and moved in anger. His eyes were freezing as they looked upon Lin Ming and his force started to move as well.  

“If you want to die that much, then I’ll grant your wish!” Lin Tian rose to the sky and stared at Lin Ming from a distance. He was a cultivating madman. Ever since he knew what it was, he focused all of his time on it, and that was the true cause of them growing further apart. However, he truly was a genius, with the sword as his guide, he was now also seven stars.  

The Qilin Clan had suddenly gotten two level twelve seven star practitioners, that was incredibly threatening, but the rest of the world didn’t know about it.

Lin Ming had disappeared for many years and even back then he kept a low profile, so not many people knew of his cultivation base. If Lin Ming and the Qilin Clan didn’t turn against each other, maybe the Qilin Clan would be the strongest Emperor Beast Clan in the continent. Conquering the whole continent was even possible.

The onlookers trembled in fear as they watched. The one who was the calmest was surprisingly Zu Ma, because she had been shocked before. Ever since she knew that the Qilin Clan had six elites, she felt, from the bottom of her heart, relief. She was very glad that the Qilin Clan was on their side, otherwise, if this fight broke out, even she couldn’t say they would succeed.

When this fight started, something happened over at the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range as well. This time, it wasn’t a massive field of rain clouds but the roaring wind along with thunder striking down, as if nature itself was angered. With the palace as it’s center, a terrifying phenomenon kept happening in the sky above. For example, the rain clouds gathered into a weird shape, as if a beast roaring, ready to attack.

Some thought it looked like a skull whereas others believed it to be a demon beast…

Everyone who saw this was dumbfounded. They had thought that they gotten used to it by now, but it just gets better and better. Now, it didn’t just affect the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, something even happened by the White Bone Town.

A great gust of wind and a massive tornado. The sand flew across the sky, carried by the tornado and even some people were close to being carried away. Now, the residents of the White Bone Town were just happy that their houses were no longer in shambles, otherwise, with the tornado coming through, even the houses would have flown up.

“My TianGou (read:God), what is happening this time?” Owner Wang said as he hugged a pillar and stared fearfully at the tornado.  

“Owner, could it be…they angered the gods and so…this came…”A servant asked with hesitation. He had heard of stories that if someone did something outrageous or a place had been severely damaged, the gods will descend punishment from above.

Before he even finished, Owner Wang turned around and punched him, “What nonsense are you saying?!”

The servant became timid from that shout and couldn’t respond. This kind of thing, to someone normal like him, was unbelievable. The roaring winds, the thunder, the heavy rain, none of them looked man-made.

But, it was actually ‘man-made’.

And, the one who ‘made’ it was You XiaoMo, who was secluded in the palace, cultivating. He only knew from last time, when both he and Ling Xiao advanced, that leveling up to grade seven would cause such a ruckus. Normally, there that wasn’t the case.  

However, it wasn’t hard to believe either.

Why did the TongTian Continent lack mages who were grade seven? Because it was rare.

A rainbow grade six mage was equivalent to the Almighty practitioner. The only difference was that a mage couldn’t control the world like the Almighty. Rainbow grade seven was a level that reigned supreme. It was very difficult to satisfy it’s requirements. One of them, was the soul level and the only one who satisfied it in the TongTian Continent was You XiaoMo. The other condition, You XiaoMo didn’t know as there wasn’t any successful examples for him to follow, thus his advancement success was very much by luck.

You XiaoMo’s dimension was closely tied to his soul, when his dimension evolved, it benefited his soul as well. It was just that, this benefit wasn’t very apparent so he never noticed that he had more than sufficiently satisfied the requirements. All he needed was an opportune moment.

That opportune moment was…


Every time he remembered he…he couldn’t help but swear, it was so embarrassing. Who would be doing that right before advancing?! No doubt, that man could only be Ling Xiao!

However, it was only after did he realize that the pinnacle grade dual cultivation soul training manual wasn’t to scoff at. The only reason the Buddha’s Willow Standard was at the pinnacle was because of its rarity, especially since it was for dual cultivation.  

In the TongTian Continent, there was still a market for pinnacle level soul training manual. They were usually auctioned at large auction houses, but most of them were skill training manuals, sometimes soul training manuals too. However, all of them were single person only, as for dual cultivating manuals? No one had ever seen one.

You XiaoMo still remembered that day. Ling Xiao suddenly ran into his secluded cultivation room. Before he could even say anything, he said, “Wife, let’s cultivate together,” and then proceeded to jump on him like a starving wolf. Before he could say a word, his clothes were stripped off his body and with no foreplay, Ling Xiao’s massive thing at his crotch went in. Good thing he didn’t bleed…shit, was he supposed to be happy for his natural ‘talent’?

Later, he also let loose and they did it regardless of whether it was day or night. During that time, the Buddha’s Willow Standard unconsciously started to work as well. By the time they realized it, they couldn’t stop it anymore. With their sea of consciousness, a drastic thing was happening. It was as if they were wrapped together by a ball of light, into a cocoon.  

He saw the five colored spiritual energy around them slowly seep into their body. By the end of that night, they managed to use up one tenth of the five colored liquid and he had heard that a tenth could be used for a thousand years…

The next day You XiaoMo kicked Ling Xiao back into his secret room.

A few days later, they advanced together.

The advancement caused natural phenomenon to occur, but because they were close to each other, their Lightning Tribulation blended together and evolved. It wasn’t just the Nine Day Purple Lightning Tribulation but also Black Lightning Tribulation. He had heard that Black Lightning Tribulation only occurred when one advanced to the Almighty.  

In the end, Ling Xiao used his barrier and the palace’s barrier to finally withstand the Black Lightning Tribulation, however, the Cartilage Mountain couldn’t take it’s force and disappeared, along with the Cartilage Beasts. However, because his level wasn’t on par with the Black Lightning Tribulation, so as to not destroy the palace, he took it back near the end, and along with it You XiaoMo. He suffered some internal injuries afterwards.

You XiaoMo, with an almost completely blackened face, threw Ling Xiao into his dimension. By now the spiritual water pond was almost his exclusively. Ever since his first internal injury, suffering them had become almost a mandatory incident.

“When are you going to stop suffering from internal injuries?” You XiaoMo stood by the pond and stared at the lesser spiritual water. He was considering whether or not to pour the rest of the five colored liquid in to make up for the loss.

Ling Xiao floated on top and said with a relaxed expression, “Once I deal with Lin ShaoYi.”

You XiaoMo silently gave him the middle finger. Basically he was saying that before he dealt with Lin ShaoYi, it was likely that he would still suffer injuries. He had almost become numb to Ling Xiao getting injured.

“You’re almost right, should we go out now?” You XiaoMo said with hesitation, “Father and the others are probably really worried right now.”

“Not now!” Ling Xiao swam back and stood beside him drenched. He knew he was going to ask why so he explained, “You are a grade seven mage now, so you can make a pill now. If we don’t take this chance now, I’m afraid we won’t get one later.”

“Why?” You XiaoMo still asked.

“Father and the others have already headed for the Qilin Clan, and it shouldn’t take long before the war starts. If we fail, we might all die so we must finish this before Lin ShaoYi.”

Seeing how severe it sounded, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but take a breath in. It was the first time he heard such severe consequences from Ling Xiao, “I understand.”

Thus, that’s how the tornado and heavy rain came about. A grade seven rainbow pill was no longer a normal pill. Every pill, when completed, would have a gain of sentience. They would try their best to escape, like a living being.

This kind of creation of new life wasn’t allowed by the rules, thus the rules would summon the strongest Lightning Tribulation to stop it all. Luckily for them, the world was without a owner, and the rules had been diminished by a lot over the past hundreds of millions of years, thus the Lightning Tribulation’s power wouldn’t be as strong as in the legends.

The Yin Yang God’s Pill had been been recorded in the jade drive to help practitioners advance to the Almighty realm, but because no one has ever tried it, they didn’t know the success rate. The ominous souls’ roar; the continuously developing black clouds above the Demon Beast Graveyard; the black fog blown away by the wind, and the thunder. If the thunder strikes the soul, then it would instantly dissipate.  

In the middle of the Demon Beast Graveyard, there stood two people. It was You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. This time, they were smarter about it and came directly to the Demon Beast Graveyard for pill refining. There was a lot of wronged souls and the black fog as a natural barrier, it was the best defense.  

Ling Xiao appeared behind and caught him, but only to pushed aside with great vigor.

“Quick! The Yin Yang God’s Pill is about to run away!” You XiaoMo said with a face of worry. About rainbow grade seven pills, his ancestors gave some hints on the pill recipes and that was about what happens when they gain sentience. That’s why it’s important to taketake it not when the pill is complete and especially when it’s the seventh Lightning Tribulation, because the last three were specifically for the grade seven pills.

Those starting to gain sentience needed to pass the Lightning Tribulation and because it was a new being, the Lightning Tribulation tended to be very powerful and hard to pass. If they didn’t intervene, then it was likely the Yin Yang God’s Pill would be roasted to dust by the lightning. However, if it passed the last three Lightning Tribulations, then it would gain true sentience and become Level Twelve. By then, it would be hard to capture it again.

The seventh Lightning Tribulation had been brewing before the pill was completed, so when it finally flew out of the cauldron, the lightning almost struck at the same time. Just as it looked to be hit, the outer layer of the magic pill suddenly emitted a bright light. Once the lightning struck the light, they were evenly matched until the light seemed to dim. That was when the magic pill suddenly shook violently and the light became stronger. Finally, the lightning ran out of fuel and it was over.

However, that was just the seventh, there was still the eighth and ninth. Once the seventh was over, the eighth pretty much finished brewing and was looking to strike at any moment.  

Ling Xiao told him to lean against the cauldron as his figure disappeared and reappeared behind the Yin Yang God’s Pill. Just as he reached to grab it, the Yin Yang God’s Pill dodged quickly as if it had eyes. That said, Ling Xiao wasn’t easy either, there was no way he would let it escape. Not only that, it wasn’t completely ‘alive’ so with the other hand he reached out and the Yin Yang God’s PIll landed into his hands.  

To stop the Yin Yang God’s PIll from gaining true sentience and kept it alive, there was only one option. That was to deal with the other two Lightning Tribulations for it. Without them, even if it had some sentience right now, it was just like a beast with only intuition; a single-celled organism that couldn’t think.

Once he grabbed the pill, it instantly started struggling and another bright light started to emit from it. Quickly, Ling Xiao used his other hand and flicked off the light. It dimmed and eventually turned completely silent. He then proceeded to throw it down to where You XiaoMo was.

That was when the eighth Lightning Tribulation arrived. The eighth was the Nine Day Purple Lightning Tribulation, but Ling Xiao had already been through eight before, so this was a piece of cake. However, the ninth was a bit troublesome as it was the Black Lightning Tribulation. He caught it last time only with the help of the barriers.

You XiaoMo put away the Yin Yang God’s Pill and arrived beside Ling Xiao. He couldn’t help but swallow as he stared at the depressing thunder clouds. Last time he had been locked away in the palace, so he never saw the power of the Black Lightning Tribulation.

“What should we do now.”

Without another word, Ling Xiao pulled him towards the other side of the Demon Beast Graveyard. That direction was where the white-cloaked You ancestor was. That was where the strongest demon beasts and practitioners lie, even after death they were nothing to scoff at.

The thunder cloud shifted with them. Without the Yin Yang God’s Pill as a target, it instantly locked onto You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao instead as they were the only things alive. The wronged souls of the graveyard were livid as they arrived. These two bastards, whenever they showed up it was always something bad. The first time they arrived, they fulfilled the white-cloaked man’s wishes and because of that, he laughed for three days and three nights. But, they were no match for him and could only hold it in.  

Now they even brought the Black Lightning Tribulation over. With them all being souls and filled with enmity, they were most scared of lightning. No matter how strong they were before, dead was dead.

Some souls were angered to the point that they started swearing, but before they got anywhere, the Black Lightning Tribulation finished brewing. The two poor replacement ghosts could only hide. If they couldn’t hide, then they just had to take it. If they couldn’t take it?

Then they just had to die again.

Due to those two, the Demon Beast Graveyard was thrown into massive turmoil. Only once the Black Lightning Tribulation went away and the rain clouds went away did the ghost have a feeling of narrowly escaping death.

“Fuck! That scared the crap out of me! I thought I was gone for sure!” Who knows which ghost shouted, but soon a floating voice replied.

“You were already dead…”

The moment the thunder clouds disappeared, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao instantly left. After angering so many vengeful ghosts, if they stayed they would have definitely been ganged up on.

“That was so thrilling!” You XiaoMo shouted as he felt his heart pumping. Seeing the state of the Demon Beast Graveyard, he couldn’t help but laugh.  

“If we get the chance, we should come again.” Ling Xiao said with no good intentions.  

You XiaoMo took a look at the Demon Beast Graveyard’s direction and nodded with force. Then he pulled out the Yin Yang God’s Pill and handed it over, “When are you going to secluded cultivation next? Or should we go to the battlefield now?”

During this time, they had been constantly in secluded cultivation and advanced as well. If they kept it going, it was unlikely to bear further results.

Unexpectedly though, Ling Xiao said, “Let’s wait.”

You XiaoMo blinked as he didn’t understand what Ling Xiao was up to. That’s how they went into secluded cultivation again, but this time, it was only Ling Xiao and not him. It was boring waiting in the palace so he got the Weasel Beast to send in information about the frontlines. The war as started.

The warzone was right outside of the Qilin Clan. A group of elites were fighting to their utmost, but more or less it was their side that had the upper hand, mostly because the Black Spider had been directed elsewhere. But, he also got the news that Lin ShaoYi was also in secluded cultivation and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Was it really a coincidence?

Yep, it was just that coincident!

To end things quickly, Lin Ming didn’t hold back against Lin Tian. Although they were both seven stars, Lin Ming was at the pinnacle of it and he had the help of Lin Gu. No matter how strong Lin Tian was, he started to falter.

Zu Ma was held back by the Demon Phoenix Clan’s elites, with one of them being Ji He. Ji He, taking revenge for his grandson, fought fearlessly. He was not as strong as Zu Ma and thus he resorted to ambushes. Zu Ma almost went crazy with his antics. Not only that, there was always someone else too that she couldn’t strip away from.

Ever since the Mage Assemblage, she hadn’t felt this much agony. Just as she was about to explode, Lin Tian got punched into a deep ditched by Lin Ming and they didn’t know if he was alive or not.

Zu Ma’s expression changed. It wasn’t because she cared about Lin Tian, but because of Lin Gu and Lin Ming. They ignored Lin Tian and took the chance to go into the clan. Just as she was about to follow, Ji He flash in to block her.

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