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Chapter 710:  Colliding Energies

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The voice from behind was extremely agitated, however You XiaoMo did not hear it. His entire head was full of the two people above. It was only until the other side roared in his ear that he startled and jumped in shock. When he looked closely, he found that not a single one from his Qiu team had left.

“Why haven’t you guys left yet?” You XiaoMo asked subconsciously.

The group of more than ten people instantly looked at each other in dismay. Finally, SheQiu stepped forward as the representative and took a deep breath, “How can we leave before our Master?”

You XiaoMo blinked, “Why can’t you guys go?”

SheQiu sighed, “Because we are your contracted demon beasts and you are our Master.”

Other than the Weasel Beast, the rest had arrived first with Lin Ming. Each and everyone of them could be considered as a member of the TianGou. They had put a lot of effort into this battle because Lin ShaoYi had deep grudges with their Master. Fortunately, their strength had all greatly improved so they were able to execute many members of the Black Spider. Although they were injured, they did not encounter any huge obstacles.

You XiaoMo looked at them and realized for the first time that he had contracted with many demon beasts.

With all his demon beasts standing in a row, he just happened to have eleven demon beasts when excluding the chick who temporarily had his contract dissolved and the baby turtle who they did not know whether to include. This was just enough to form a soccer team.

Speaking of this, he had hardly met up with the members of this Qiu team ever since they came to the TongTian Continent. Though they had lived in ease and comfort after following him, they spent of of their time outside helping him run errands. Looking at them now, he discovered that each and everyone had changed greatly.

“You don’t have to stay here. Go outside and help others.” You XiaoMo waved his hand, “When I first arrived, Ling Xiao and I saw many powerful demon beasts outside and noticed that they were the forces from Xi Jing. Furthermore, all were here to throw themselves into Lin ShaoYi’s lap. It should be Zu Ma who asked them to come with the intent to ambush us.”

Since Lin Ming had preparations made to meet contingencies, Zu Ma would also have a backup plan. This backup was the forces who were relying on them. Although they were mostly a rag-tag bunch, these people were also a powerful force when gathered together. She had originally intended to hide them outside to ambush those moving alone or those who were injured, but she did not expect things to develop in this manner.

“I understand.” SheQiu knew what You XiaoMo meant at once. Anyway, they could not do much even if they stayed here. It was better for them to go outside and kill the enemy to their heart’s content.

“Let’s compete and see who kills more!” The no-longer naive PiQiu immediately suggested with two glittering eyes.

He got the others to go along with him soon enough. The first one to agree was CatQiu. The two often hung out together and did not learn many good things, instead they learned a large basket of bad things. You XiaoMo did not have time to pay attention to them then. As a result, they turned out this way.

LanQiu also headed off to kill the enemies with his brothers. Ever since You XiaoMo saved the Wolf of Greed, the six brothers worked themselves to the bone for him. Twenty to thirty percent of the subordinates that the Black Spider had lost was due to their handiwork. You XiaoMo’s eyes almost popped out when he heard this from Tian Dao.

Within a short while, the group of more than ten people had left.

You XiaoMo breathed a sigh of relief. He had been really afraid that they would insist on staying. He would be at a loss if they were mixed up with this and got injured. Suddenly, he felt several scorching gazes fall on him. He discovered three familiar people as he followed the lines of sight and instantly grinned.

Two of the three immediately gave him a piercing glare. A loud explosion in the sky drew their attention once again. One could only see two entangled figures – one in blue and the other in white – quickly separating as their killing intent filled the sky.

Both of them were Almighty practitioners. They were no longer at the stage where they used their spiritual energy to bombard each other like before. Sonic booms continuously sounded from the air, warping the space. The spacial cracks that appeared in large quantities practically riddled the sky like a thousand gaping wounds. There was a spacial crack above their heads that would probably collapse in a short while.

Lin Shaoyi malevolently glared at Ling Xiao. Flames rapidly flared up beneath his feet and swiftly materialized into the shape of a fire Qilin in front of him. Though it looked exactly the same as that fire Qilin that had fought to a stalemate with Ling Xiao, its aura had changed.

The fire Qilin opened its eyes and a pair of crimson eyes emerged from within the flames. The eyes were vivid and realistic and as if there was life in the fire Qilin. It ferociously stared at Ling Xiao like its master as a threatening noise came from its mouth. It suddenly flew out like a meteor after using its front hooves to kick out a few times, pouncing towards Ling Xiao.

The corner of Ling Xiao’s mouth lifted in a callous arc as he tightly clenched his fist. Boundless power instantly converged in his hand. When the fire Qilin attacked while roaring, he smashed his fist onto its head. The entire scene froze in a flash and the Qilin roared as it turned into sparks before disappearing.

Lin Shaoyi concentrated his attention on this, but Ling Xiao’s attack arrived before he could make a move. After Ling Xiao eliminated the fire Qilin, his left hand quickly formed several seals. White balls of light rose from his hands and the numerous balls then shot towards Lin ShaoYi.

Lin Shaoyi gave a cold snort and was about to meet the attack with his palm. Suddenly a palpitation arose in his heart and his expression changed as he retreated as fast as the wind. Unexpectedly, the light ball abruptly increased its speed and swiftly arrived in front of him…


The explosion of numerous balls of light was like a gorgeous and ultra-large firework, blooming brilliantly above in the sky. The space finally collapsed, crashing down like shattered glass.

“Get out of here!” Fu CangQiong’s voice suddenly sounded and everyone turned into streaks of light as they speedily flew towards the exit. They were already close to the exit and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Though there were members of the Black Spider behind them, everyone ignored them. With the collapse of the space, everyone would be drawn into the void if they did not leave in time. There was spacial energy that could wring a person to death everywhere within the void. These could not be compared to the spacial storms encountered in a spatial passageway as their power was almost doubled.

The rate of the space collapsing was extremely fast. You XiaoMo was rejoicing as he fled. Fortunately, he had the foresight to tell SheQiu and the rest to get out. Otherwise, he would worry about whether they could escape. He did not need to worry about the rest. If they died because of this, their self-respect would probably be thrown all the way to their grandma’s house.

The whole process took less than fifteen seconds. You XiaoMo turned around. The space had been filled the dark and bottomless world of the void. The entire Qilin Clan’s clan land disappeared instantly without a trace. Looking up, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao standing above a mountain peak while Lin ShaoYi cut a slightly sorry figure. His luxurious clothes were tattered and torn. Though he did not appear to have sustained an injury, it was a small achievement to see him cut such a sorry figure.

The expression in Lin ShaoYi’s eyes was hidden as a low pressure radiated all over from Lin ShaoYi’s body, causing the heaven and earth to change with his negative mood. The sky was gradually covered by a cloud of blood. Since Lin ShaoYi’s method to become an Almighty was unorthodox, this huge cloud of blood seemed to be the posthumous energy of the Qilin Ancestor that he had absorbed. There was an enormous amount of energy in the cloud and an unusual rage-filled aura could be vaguely seen twisting inside. Tremendous booms were accompanied by thunder and lightning. Fu CangQiong and the rest below were dumbstruck.

Unexpectedly, Lin ShaoYi still had such a technique which appeared to be his trump card. Every lightning bolt contained an exceptionally violent energy. Even they did not have ample confidence that they would be able to block the next lightning bolt. As they were too focused, they did not noticed that the expressions of all the experts of the Qilin Clan had changed. Their gazes that were full of murderous intent were fixed onto Lin ShaoYi.

Everyone anxiously looked at Ling Xiao. Yet, Ling Xiao’s expression did not have the slightest change at all. It was so calm and collected like before that it made people feel at ease. In the next second, flames that filled the whole sky poured out from his feet and it instantly gathered into a flame that was on par with the blood cloud.

Shockingly, these flames were not purple or red, but white like ice and mist. However, it was definitely flames. They could feel the burning heat emitting from it despite it looking so chilly that cold air could radiate from it. Moreover, it was not the burning feeling of the skin, but of the soul. It was as if they were standing naked within the flames and there was also an indistinct feeling of separation from the body.

All of their hearts were palpitating as they wondered what kind of flame it was. Some even looked at You XiaoMo with questions written on their faces.

You XiaoMo was also bewildered. They hurried over immediately after Ling Xiao had advanced, so he had never seen it before too.

Without an answer, everyone could only turn back and continue to stare.

The clouds of blood that blotted out the sky and covered up the earth seemed to have finished gathering as the oppressive sounds of thunder echoed from it. The sounds were extremely overwhelming and everyone’s hearts convulsed as they heard it. Then, under Lin Shaoyi’s instructions, the clouds of blood warped into a strange face as it fiercely leaped at Ling Xiao to take a bite out of him.

Before the blood cloud could reach Ling Xiao, the icy and foggy flames that were boiling around him turned into a white Qilin in the blink of an eye. The white Qilin immediately rushed out. Its jumping ability was extraordinarily high, and it practically collided with the blood cloud that transformed into a devil mask in an instant. The devil mask opened its mouth and seemed to be intending on swallowing the white Qilin in one gulp. However, the Qilin jumped over the top of the devil mask and revealed razor-sharp teeth when it was on the head of the devil mask. With an open mouth, it bit down…

The devil mask distorted and it immediately bit back. Both parties bit each other back and forth until they were bitten out of shape. Their transformed bodies violently convulsed as if it was on the verge of being unable to maintain its shape. The two powers slammed into each other, and waves of energy continued to spread out. The nearby mountains and peaks were leveled by the energy waves, shaking both the heaven and the earth.

The people no longer cared about the fight as each and everyone of them evacuated to a safe place. Who knew if the energy would suddenly reach them in a moment of carelessness.

As this tense moment, the fire Qilin that appeared to be facing imminent defeat roared toward the sky. Even more white flames gathered around it rapidly and the figure that was about ten meters tall rose dramatically to a height of one hundred meters. Its energy seemed to be even more potent as it stared at the devil face blood cloud like a powerful hunter eying its prey.

Lin ShaoYi’s expression changed.

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March 7, 2019 6:10 am

That chapter was so amazing, great translation!

Inuzuka Shino
March 8, 2019 2:34 am

thanks for the translation!

Ecle Chan
March 9, 2019 4:44 am

Muchas gracias, cómo deseo ver una imagen de esta forma de LX

March 9, 2019 8:25 am

Thanks for the chapter!
LX has things up his sleeve. I believe that he won’t lose to LXY but I feel like it won’t be easy.

March 18, 2019 5:19 am

Thank you for the update! Another wonderful chapter~ That flame qilin sounds amazing.

LENA TSIM(@lenatsim)
March 29, 2019 5:59 pm

Hahahaha I feel so smug that Lin ShaoYi is losing so miserably. Don’t underestimate Ling Xiao!!

May 29, 2020 7:59 am

I just realised that if it’s not because of LSY, Boss wouldn’t even be an Almighty. Even if he wants to he doesn’t need to rush at all. But based on his personality he probably didn’t care, unless it’s to protect Momo. Momo is the same. 8 years (I think?) is the fastest record ever for someone to start from a beginner to a Seventh Grade Rainbow Mage. Even if he doesn’t rush, he probably will reach the same level in about 50-100 years, which is still fast af. Conclusion is, the one to be blamed for their speedy advancement?… Read more »

September 17, 2021 12:09 am

One force reads like it has been formed from nothing but evil, with a devil mask, whereas the other is purer and represented by the Quilin. Good will prevail. The other Qilin elders can now see Lin ShaoYi must have used their ancestor’s bones for this to happen.
Thanks for translating.

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