LMW Chapter 718

Chapter 718 (Extra 5) : Who was it?

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Sure enough, You XiaoMo went to Johnson after returning and asked him to bring out the information on the victims.

Johnson was surprised. After all, their mission was over. Why would he be looking at this information at this time? However, seeing that they had just performed a meritorious deed, he quickly passed the information to You XiaoMo. Although the case ten years ago was quite sensational, the list of victims were not a secret that could not be disclosed.

You XiaoMo ran to Ling Xiao with the information. He did not read it immediately as he needed someone to act as a sedative and stay beside him for these kind of things. Ling Xiao was very speechless upon hearing this, but he still listened to him.

The two locked themselves in the room. You XiaoMo was trembling all over as he put the information on the table, spread it out and turned a page. Then he stuttered at Ling Xiao, “You… help me look at it.”

“You coward.” Ling Xiao scolded, before he decisively picked up the information and quickly glanced through it. Under the latter’s expectant eyes, he simply said, “Nothing.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes suddenly lit up, “You Lu’s name is really not inside?”

Ling Xiao threw the information onto the table, “Not only isn’t there anyone named You Lu inside, there’s not even a student surnamed You in it.”

“Not even a single one?” You XiaoMo was stunned. He immediately snatched the information up for a look. Sure enough, there was really was no student surnamed You. However, this was impossible. You Bo really appeared in front of him today, and he even thanked him on behalf of the You family and gave him magic pills. He knew that magic pills were very precious upon seeing the expression of the Vice Principal.

Why would You Bo thank him and say it was on behalf of the You family if no one from the You family was killed? He did not think You Bo would do this for someone of a different surname. The You Bo in his memories was extremely haughty unless he was in front of his family. It was impossible for him to do this. There must be some reason.

However, it was great that You Lu was not on the list. He finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“What the hell is going on? Why am I so confused?!” You XiaoMo was completely at a loss.

“Don’t think about it anymore.” Ling Xiao instructed. There were two possibilities in this case. The first was that the names of the deceased on this list was not complete. It was possible that someone’s name or the names of a group of people were hidden for some reason. The second possibility was that one of the students had a close relationship with the You family and they had treated this person as a family member.

You XiaoMo immediately changed his perspective and began to think.

Leaving aside the first possibility, the second possibility did not seem to be very probable. If that student really established a familial relationship with the You family, the greatest possibility was that either You Bo or You Lu married a wife and had a son or daughter.

It was the only possibility with his understanding of the You family. This was because his family would only be so active in looking for the killer, and even thank them face to face, if the person was a relative. They would just give an indication of thanks at most if they weren’t, as other than him, the rest of his family were all exotic flowers.

Although his family members were usually quite apathetic and unable to express their emotions, they would use their actions to express their concern for their families, and the only people who could get this kind of treatment were those who had really become a family member to them.

You XiaoMo immediately checked the following information. You Lu and You Bo were adults that were quickly approaching thirty. Even if they married a wife and had a kid soon after his death, this probability could be ruled out as the child would definitely be younger than ten. This was because the minimum age of the students in Thunderclap University was twelve years old.

Then it may be their wives who should be females.

You XiaoMo marked out the women on the name list with a red pen. There were only three of them. They were young and beautiful and all looked like a possible candidate. However, he soon locked one of the most beautiful girls. The girl in the picture was glowing with health and vigor, and she looked sunny and cheerful. She was absolutely in line with the tastes of You Lu and You Bo, but that was not the real reason why he noticed the girl. The important thing was that girl was a beloved daughter of the JingDu family and even he would know something about connections through marriages.

“It looks like she’s the one.” You XiaoMo praised himself in his head.

Ling Xiao rested his chin in one hand and did not join in the discussion this time.

In order to confirm his conjecture, You XiaoMo ran to the database and pulled out all the information about the girl’s life. As a result, he was suddenly struck dumb when he finished reading it.

The girl was indeed a daughter of the JingDu family, but she already had a fiancé, and this fiancé was not You Lu or You Bo. The name written in the spouse column was a completely unfamiliar name. He actually guessed wrongly after spending such a long time on it!

You XiaoMo agitatedly scratched his head, messing his hair up in the process.

Ling Xiao calmly commented, “It seems that it should be the first one.”

You XiaoMo decided to get to the bottom of this. If it was really the first possibility, why did the You family have to hide his (her) identity? Was there some secret that could not be divulged?

“If you want to find out, you can ask Johnson. Even if he doesn’t know, he must know who knows.” Ling Xiao stood up and said to him.


Thus, the two went to Johnson together.

Johnson was surprised by their arrival and did not expect that they were so interested in this matter. You XiaoMo had asked him for information at first, and now he was asking about the members on the list who had been killed. This was the first time they showed an interest in something after joining the White Shark, and it made him a little curious.

“What you mean is, you think that not all the students were on the list and there may be another one, but their name was not on the list for some reason. So you want to know who that student is, is that right?” Johnson calmly summarized after he heard what they had come for.

You XiaoMo instantly nodded.

Johnson suddenly broke into laughter, “I think you may have made a mistake. As far as I know, all the students killed by He Ping are on it. Not a single one was missing. There’s not another student like what you’re assuming.”

“That’s impossible!” You XiaoMo immediately denied.

Johnson was not upset by this. He directly stated, “Then tell me, why do you think there’s another student?”

You XiaoMo replied, “Because the person at Thunderclap University that said he would like to thank us was a member of the You family. But I’ve read the information and there’s no student surnamed You on it. If so, why did he want to thank us? That doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“It does not make sense, but…” Johnson paused, “What does this matter have to do with you? You should just accept it since he thanked you, isn’t that right?”

You XiaoMo had long thought of a excuse. He immediately stuck his chest out and answered with great confidence, “I’m curious, what of it?”

Johnson, “…All right. “

“So, do you or do you not know who was the one who died in the You family?” You XiaoMo began to get impatient. He was eager to know the answer, but Johnson was just being exasperatingly slow.

Johnson really wanted to say, ‘Is this the attitude you should have towards your superior?’, but he decided to drop this after thinking about it. Instead, he suggested, “I really don’t know about that. If it was as you said and there was another student who hasn’t been listed, then his confidentiality level should be above A-Rank and his information can’t be viewed without a certain authority.”

You XiaoMo looked at him. “Even you can’t access it?”

The corner of Johnson’s mouth twitched slightly, “…Yes.”

You XiaoMo was disappointed. He was still unwilling to give up after thinking about it and asked, “Where is the information mainly kept? In the nation’s confidential archives?”

Johnson tried to keep his mouth from twitching with great effort. So what if you’re told, don’t tell me that you’re thinking about stealing from the archives of the nation?

At last, Ling Xiao could no longer look on and dragged You XiaoMo away to prevent him from making a further disgrace of himself. He only let go when they reached somewhere with no people. Then he turned and studied You XiaoMo, “I really don’t understand why you’re persisting further with this. At least you can confirm that the person who was killed was not your brother. What more is there for you to stress about?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “You don’t understand. You Bo is a haughty man. He would never come out to thank us personally if it weren’t for an important person in his life. Even if it wasn’t You Lu, it must be another person who is important to him. So I just want to know who that person is.”

“In that case, there’s no need for you to ask Johnson. He won’t show you the confidential documents even if he had the authority.” Ling Xiao replied.

“Then what should we do?” You XiaoMo agitatedly scratched his head. His head of hair that was like a messy bundle of rice straw had been scratched into an even more disorderly mess. It was fortunate that his hair was short. Anyway, his hair could be regrown with magic pills and it could immediately grow longer with only one pill, so he did not feel that it was a pity to cut it.

Without saying anything, Ling Xiao pulled on his hand and walked out. They left the base quietly without anyone noticing them. Even if someone came to check, they would think they were staying in their room and did not come out.

A minute later You XiaoMo speechlessly looked at the magnificent building in front of him, “Why did you bring me to Thunderclap University? Could it be that there’s the confidential information here?”

“You’ve finally become smarter. The deceased was a student of Thunderclap University so the university will certainly have a backup. We’ll know as long as we enter and check it out.” Ling Xiao answered relaxedly, as if the Thunderclap University in front of their eyes was a school which they could enter and exit as they pleased. One must know that in the eyes of cultivators, the teachers and professors from Thunderclap University were all powerful experts. The danger and tight security was definitely no less than that of a governmental agency.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry in.” You XiaoMo immediately became energetic and pulled him while rushing inside.

The student files of Thunderclap University were kept in the archives which contain thousands of files. In addition to the students of the current term, the files of former students were also inside. It was as easy as blowing dust off the table for the two to find the archives.

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