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Chapter 719 (Extra 6) : The Truth Behind the Murders

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Thunderclap Academy’s archive room was built like a library. It was a massive room, filled with brownish red colored bookshelves which were in turn packed with files.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but sigh in awe at seeing this. However, he wasn’t surprised by the size of the archives room, since the Dao Xun Academy’s library was two, three times the size of this. What truly awed him was the countless files. From this, it was clear how much history the Thunderclap Academy had.

Ling Xiao walked over and cuffed him around the head. “Stop staring.”

You XiaoMo clutched his head, chagrined, and followed the other inside.

The two entered through the entrance. Though there was a lot of files here, they were very well organised. The people who worked here sorted them by year, then by the age of the students that year.

The incident had occurred ten years ago, which was the year 20XX.

The two continued inside. As they did, they were met with several obstacles, but the two ignored them. It didn’t take them long to find the files for 20XX. The side of the bookcase had the number of students for this year noted there. Three grades of students totalled at over three thousand.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao split up the work between them. He was in charge of looking through the grade one students because of the three grades, grade one had the most victims, equal to the total for grades two and three. He had already memorized their names and appearance.

You XiaoMo read extremely fast, going along the shelves of files rapidly and taking out a file every now and then. Some that had the same name were also pulled out, just in case. It didn’t take long for him to finish. He thought he was first to finish, but then his mouth twitched when turned to see Ling Xiao sitting at a desk and reading through a file, one leg over the other.

Just as he walked over, Ling Xiao handed him a file. “This is the file for that incident. The students in there are the same as the file Johnson handed us.”

You XiaoMo accepted the file and skimmed over it. “Could it be that our guess really was wrong?”

“Maybe.” Ling Xiao gazed at him, seeing his disappointed expression and smirking at him. “Though our guess was wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we came to the wrong place.”

You XiaoMo raised his head. “What do you mean?”

Ling Xiao supported himself on the table with his elbows, chin in his hands as he calmly analyzed, “Let’s say that the Thunderclap Academy and Johnson’s files are both complete, then perhaps the person who has something to do with the You Family is among these students.”

You XiaoMo’s expression turned excited. “I get it now. Are you trying to say that this person might’ve changed their name? If they did and entered the school with a changed name, then it’s natural that we wouldn’t be able to find them.”

“It’s also possible that their surname isn’t even You in the first place. Didn’t you say before that some children won’t have the surnames of their parents?” Ling Xiao didn’t give him a certain answer, because he didn’t know what it was in the end either.

“Then let’s start searching.” You XiaoMo revived instantly, fully recharged.

Thunderclap Academy was a big university, and they were very strict on rules. Students might be able to change their names, but they couldn’t fake their information.

He Ping hadn’t killed these students inside the Thunderclap Academy, otherwise there would be no way he would be able to succeed with his level of skill.

These students were killed while on missions outside. Every year, the Thunderclap Academy would arrange some missions for the students to undertake. First, to prepare them and give them experience, second to facilitate friendship between the three grades, so the missions would usually be assigned to groups of students of mixed grades.

The killed students were very misfortunate, because He Ping had some spiritual problems. In modern terms, he was mentally ill.

Though He Ping was a teacher of the Thunderclap Academy, he was a very gloomy person. In school, not only did the students not like him, but his colleagues ostracized him as well. In the end, his mental illness worsened. In the world of cultivation, cultivation, this was an omen of one’s spiritual energy going into discord.

Ten years ago, He Ping’s issues reached a peak.

Since his spiritual energy was going into discord, he was temporarily suspended.

Coincidentally, those students were on a mission near his home. The battle attracted him, and He Ping, already in a discordant state, saw these students away from the safety of their school and was unable to suppress the malice in him any longer. Thus, he killed all eleven of the students.

At this point, You XiaoMo suddenly sucked in a breath.

Noticing this, Ling Xiao raised his head to see him with his mouth opened in surprise and asked, “What’s wrong?”

You XiaoMo’s finger pointed at a certain point on the files, trembling.

Ling Xiao came over and glanced at it. “They were killed at the RongHua Complex. It’s where He Ping lived. What’s wrong?”

You XiaoMo said tearily. “In my last life, I lived in RongHua Complex as well, and the day of the accident is the same day they were killed.”

Ling Xiao fell silent. Should you call this a huge coincidence, or an act of fate?

“… I have a theory.” You XiaoMo said to Ling Xiao, his expression shockingly calm. Usually, he would’ve jumped up by now.

Ling Xiao nodded. “I agree with your theory.”

You XiaoMo kicked him in the shin. “I haven’t even told you my theory yet. How do you know it’s the same as yours? Usually you’re always saying I’m stupid. You should insult me and call me an idiot at a time like this!”

Ling Xiao lifted his leg, looking back at the other and saying, “But I’ve also complimented you and said you were smart as well. I have to admit that sometimes you really are quite smart, like now. I haven’t even said anything and you’ve already gotten it.”

“I’d rather you say I’m hopeless this time,” You XiaoMo grumbled.

Ling Xiao helplessly said, “Fine then. From a certain point of view, you really are hopelessly stupid.”

You XiaoMo felt melancholy. “But that day I really did smell gas, and there really was an explosion. Perhaps it was just an accident. I couldn’t possibly be that person.” After being angry with himself for a while, he glanced at Ling Xiao. “What should we do now?” Suddenly finding out that he had been killed, not by an explosion caused by a gas leak, but because he was unfortunate enough to get caught up in a battle, he felt terrible.

“You should ask yourself what you should do next!” Ling Xiao tossed the question back at him.

You XiaoMo contemplated for a while before deciding, “I still want to go and see them.” His goal of coming here was to go and see his family, and find out of the You Family was the You Clan. That was secondary though. The TongTian Continent was very peaceful now, so this issue wasn’t very important anymore.

He just wanted to know how his family was doing!

“Then let’s go and see them.”

Thus, they went to the capital to gather information on the You Family. That was when they found out that the You Family was famous in the capital. However, they weren’t officials in the capital, but entrepreneurs.

This had You XiaoMo letting out a breath of relief because in his memory, the You Family didn’t have any members that took the government route. This meant that the You Family was still that same You Family from his memory. Apart from concealing the fact that they were cultivators, they hadn’t concealed anything else from him.

However, the You Family’s position in the capital really was very high. They might not have a background with the government, but they were a top tier powerhouse family, especially in the most recent ten years. You Lu and You Bo continued to shine, pushing the You Family to new heights. However, the real reason they commanded so much respect and gear was because they were a cultivator family, and no ordinary cultivator family either.

Now You XiaoMo understood why the vice principal of the academy had made an envious expression when You Bo gifted them two magic pills. It wasn’t without reason.

Apart from having extremely powerful experts, another reason the You Clan was so powerful in ancient times was because of their famous family mage lineage.

The You Family here had clearly inherited the You Clan’s talents as well. Though there were much fewer pill recipes passed down, it was far better than those clans with very few mages that could only refine low level pills, and the rare mid level pill.

That vice principal was so envious of them because the You Family was one of two families in the capital that could refine mid and high level pills. The other family was the You Family’s archrivals, the Song Family. They had some high level mages too, but they had less pill recipes, so many high ranking officials in the capital all wanted to get on the You Family’s good side.

The You Family’s reputation in the cultivation world was built long ago.

You XiaoMo’s expression was conflicted. The You Family had only really shone in the capital after he died. Before that, they had kept a low profile. As expected, they had been keeping secrets from him. It was just that he didn’t understand why You Bo and the others kept this from him. Could it be because he was a normal person? But that wasn’t right. He was mage right now. Unless it was like Ling Xiao said… he was adopted?

At this, You XiaoMo’s spirits plummeted.

He was definitely adopted.

“Dear wife, even if you were adopted…” Ling Xiao seemed to want to comfort him, but he didn’t get to finish before You XiaoMo grabbed him around the neck with one arm.

“Shut up, you! This is all your fault. Now even I’m starting to think that I was adopted, wuu…” Lady You, who had managed to gain this rare upperhand, was now looking like a bullied rabbit, eyes red and tears welling up.

Ling Xiao hugged his head. “My dear wife, if you want to cry then cry as much as you want.”

You XiaoMo burst into tears. This guy didn’t even comfort him!

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March 16, 2019 3:36 pm

I think Ling Xiao was comforting Momo in his own way.

Momo wanted to be told everything will be fine and not to cry. But, Ling Xiao knew it was better for Momo to let out his sadness.

So, he hugs Momo and let him cry. LX doesn’t want him to hold in those feelings.

March 18, 2019 7:40 am

Thank you for the update! I just Momo to meet them and demand the answers.

April 4, 2019 2:20 am

[You XiaoMo burst into tears. This guy didn’t even comfort him!]

Hahahhahaha.. awwwww😘😘😘

April 6, 2019 3:08 am

Ahahah, bullied rabbit! Really cute!

RenTheWitch (@RenTheWitch1)
May 1, 2019 8:04 pm

to realize his whole mortal life was a lie… at least it seems is family cared enough but…they seem to be doing better? wtf

September 15, 2020 7:24 am

🤣 They’re so stupid! Maybe it had something to do with his body?? Maybe his family (grandad??) recognised his soul as one of theirs or smth and adopted him? Ahh, or maybe not.

March 16, 2021 10:26 am

I mean, this two entity are already a higher entity right? Does momo pill loose with this pill the You family created?

September 1, 2021 2:17 pm

I don’t doubt You Family for keeping secret as such. They must loved him dear to leave and start new life. Still ten years later to think back…

September 17, 2021 7:49 pm

This is a kind of prequel of Momo’s personal story; giving earth a secret society of practitioners and mages with knowledge of cultivating etc., that YXM’s family were aware of, but he wasn’t.
I hoped for some extras on characters that all but disappeared from the story and the ball team. Maybe that’ll come.
Thanks for translating.

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