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Addis promised Rara a scene of kinky stockings, but somehow it turned into a kinky LMW NMA crossover.

This has nothing to do with either story. It was just for fun.

Kichirou stared at the many options before him, wondering why there were so many different options and colors. He was still dreading the bet he had made with Jun. Why had he promised to crossdress if Jun scored first place in his exams? That was the stupidest thing he had ever done. So now, here he was, staring at the many different options of stockings, looking like a creeper.

He bit his bottom lip and sighed. Did it really matter what color they were? He reached out toward the pair of thigh high black classic stockings only to bump into another hand.

When Kichirou glanced up, his eyes fell onto a man the same height he was. The man was more of a boy. Maybe Jun’s age at seventeen. He had almost pitch black eyes and hair that was pulled up into a small bun at the back, indicating it would probably fall down to his shoulders if it was down.

“Oh,” the boy muttered, his face flushing a bright red. “Sorry.”

“No problem,” Kichirou muttered back, embarrassed as well. Suddenly from behind the boy appeared a larger man. He was around Jun’s height with long flowing black hair and eyes that sparkled like the night sky.

“Xiao Momo, are you done yet?” came his husky voice. It was laced with innuendos and heat. Kichirou knew, at that moment, that the boy seemed to be in the same position as him.

Looked like bets were hitting everyone hard.

Fingertips traced up the back of Kichirou’s neck, sending shivers throughout his spine. Glancing back, Kichirou’s eyes fell on Jun and a small happy smile appeared. Jun glanced over at the two men beside Kichirou, saw the stockings in You XiaoMo’s hand and a grin bloomed on his face.

Ling Xiao stared at Jun and it seemed as if something clicked in their heads. They instantly moved toward each other, clapping hands.

“Brethren!” the both yelled out at the same time. Kichirou and XiaoMo both jumped and edged away, their glances catching each other. They both instantly felt sorry for the other, knowing, in their hearts, that they must be in the same predicament.

The two could not follow the conversation so they quietly, and quickly, went over to the register to buy their stockings. Once done, they both quickly ran out of the shop, too embarrassed to stay in there any longer.

It must have been only a few minutes later when the two semes walked out of the store, their eyes sparkling with mischievous intent. The two ukes were then whisked away and somehow they both ended up in the same hotel room, stuck in the bathroom as their lovers stood on the other side waiting for them to come out in their newly acquired outfits.

Kichirou and XiaoMo stared at each other, wondering if this was all just a dream. Where was their lovers’ jealousy? It seemed as if the two had been possessed as soon as they laid eyes on each other.

“Can I escape?” XiaoMo asked, staring at the outfit on the bathroom counter with a forlorn look.

“We could try the window?” Kichirou muttered looking behind him at the small window. But, he thought, it might be hard to fit through. They weren’t exactly small.

“I think they chose the 14th floor on purpose.” XiaoMo sighed, holding the stockings in front of him. He knew that even if he went into his Space, that Ling Xiao would just follow him in and drag him out. It was better to…

“Get it over with.” Kichirou finished. XiaoMo looked up, and realized, rather late, that he was doing it again. Talking out loud that is. “Yeah, but I’m kind of mad.”

“Why?” XiaoMo questioned.

“Aren’t you?” Kichirou stated, “That they aren’t showing any jealousy?”

XiaoMo’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought about it. As if he just realized it. “It is strange. Ling Xiao would never let me change in front of anyone. So why is it ok with you?”

“Same with Jun. It’s rather odd, and I don’t like it.” Kichirou looked at the other man, his eyes twinkling. “XiaoMo, right? I think I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it?”


Jun and Ling Xiao were both sitting on the bed waiting for their lovers to appear in all their glory however, it was a rather long time before they both looked at each other and wondered what their lovers were doing.

“What’s taking them so long?” Jun pondered. Ling Xiao’s eyes furrowed and he stretched out his senses toward the bathroom. Immediately he shot off the bed and threw the bathroom door open.

On the cushioned floor, much to Jun and Ling Xiao’s surprise, were Kichirou and XiaoMo. Both of them were in nothing but black lace underwear and thigh high stockings. Kichirou was on his knees before XiaoMo, his hand lightly touching the edge of XiaoMo’s thigh. The most surprising this, was that the two of them were kissing.

To Jun and Ling Xiao, it seemed as if the both of them had just walked into a porno scene. Both of them were frozen in place unable to move as the scene unfurled.

Their moans echoed in the bathroom, reaching all the way to the door. Ha Ha

Nn Ah Mmm. Ngh.


“That’s pretty bad XiaoMo.”

“You look unfrayed just from kissing me.”

Kichirou pushed XiaoMo down until their bodies were touching, even their cocks.

“You…you’re rubbing against me.”

“Mmm. And you’re rather hard. Has Ling Xiao been neglecting you?”

Kichirou bent down and took one of XiaoMo’s nipples into his mouth, sucking their perky peak. Beneath him, XiaoMo shuddered.

“Ngh…wait…Kichirou…ngh.” As he pulled away, their legs tangled, dark black against each other. Their positions never changed but, even though Ling Xiao could move faster than even the blink of an eye, somehow, Jun was faster. He was behind Kichirou, putting his hand against his chest, and pulling his lover away from the other man’s nipple, only to capture his lips in a fierce kiss.

Ling Xiao was behind XiaoMo, his hands beneath his arms, hauling him up until he straddled his waist, their kisses loud and wet. Kichirou and XiaoMo’s legs were still tangled, the black showing their long, smooth legs.

Under the strength of their lovers, the thin fabric covering their entrances was ripped open and then, without warning both of them were filled to the brim with their lovers warmth.

They both let out loud groans, their eyes closing. Each thrust was like a man starving for water, it ignited the passion. Jun bit Kichirou’s shoulder as he thrust in and out, his hands moving his hips to push in farther.

Ling Xiao was thrusting into XiaoMo at a rapid pace, he bent down and bit him on his stomach, leaving a red mark.

I’m having sex…XiaoMo thought…with Ling Xiao in front of others. What do I do? But I can feel Ling Xiao even more than normal.

Feeling him tightening above him, Ling Xiao flipped XiaoMo over until his chest was to the floor and he was being taken from behind. With a long, hard thrust, Ling Xiao began to pump in and out of XiaoMo faster than he ever had before. Beneath him, XiaoMo was twitching and moaning with every thrust.

“Don’t tighten up from watching others have sex, Momo.” Ling Xiao whispered threateningly into XiaoMo’s ear.

“That’s not…”

“The one inside you right now…is me!”

Right nearby, Jun was also pounding fairly into Kichirou. His hands stroked the thin piece of lingerie as each thrust pushed him deeper. Kichirou moaned and panted under the thrusts.

“Why…ahn…are you being so rough?”

“I’m insanely jealous.”

“Why? I only…ahn…belong to you. Go deeper. Hit the deepest part of me. I want your everything.”

“Can I go harder?” Jun whispered, his hands roaming Kichirou’s body.

“It’s fine.”

Ling Xiao thrust in deeper, putting his hands on XiaoMo’s stomach to hold him in place.

“Don’t…angh…press on my stomach…” XiaoMo whimpered.

The ukes pants mingled as they fell on the floor at the same time. Their hands touched as they rocked together and slowly their fingers intertwined. Their holes tightened around their partners and the two semes knew that they were more than ready to explode.

“Mmm.” Jun moaned. “Go on.”

“Come for me.” Ling Xiao ordered.

As they came, Kichirou and XiaoMo looked over at each other. Their faces were covered with sweat, blushed red from the heat, they leaned toward each other, as if going in for a kiss. Hands wrapped around their mouths, pulling them away from one another.

“No flirting.” Ling Xiao admonished.

“I don’t like it.” Jun whispered.

The cocks inside them grew large once more and they both thrust deep, causing screams to echo from their lovers throats.

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July 31, 2022 4:18 pm

This is just too funny. I’ve read LMW and in fact I’m in the process of reading it a second time. It’s a great novel as well and very lengthy. Ling Xiao is very much in love with Momo and takes great care of him. It really is a sweet love story. Thank you for this hilarious take on both novels.

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