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Chapter 18

Kichirou opened the door to find Ren standing there with a confused look on his face. He looked behind Kichirou to the hallway. From where Jun stood, Ren couldn’t see him, but he looked into the room as if he was searching for something.

“I thought I heard you…” Then all of a sudden, he stopped mid sentence. His eyes went wide and he glanced at Kichirou. Unknowingly, Kichirou’s pheromones were stronger than ever before and the moment he opened the door, the scent hit Ren with all of its strength. No alpha can resist the scent of an omega’s pheromones, it didn’t even matter that they had no sexual feelings for each other.

Ren’s pupils shrank at the smell and he tried to cover his nose with his hand, however, unconsciously, his had streaked out, trying to catch Kichirou, to mark him, to make him his. There was a loud growl from behind Kichirou, and then there was a blur.

Jun smashed Ren into the wall behind him, his forearm covering Ren’s throat. Ren clutched at the arm, his eyes wild and unclear. His fingernails tore into Jun’s skin, leaving streaks of blood in the process. Jun’s pupils were wide, he looked behind him at Kichirou, for some reason, he was getting use to Kichirou’s pheromones and they didn’t affect him like they use to.

“Go take a shot, Ki.” Jun ground out, pressing his forearm into Ren’s throat, holding him still.

“But…” Kichirou began to protest.

“Do you want him to rape you?” Thinking of this possibility, Kichirou shuddered and dashed away, leaving only the scent of lilacs behind.

Twenty minutes later, Ren was sitting on Kichirou’s couch with a pack of ice on his throat, glaring angrily at Jun. Kichirou was sitting on the floor, his hands in his lap, glancing everywhere but at Ren. Jun was lazily leaning against the wall, his hands crossed over his chest, his left eyebrow lifted as if asking, what are you going to do about it?

“What is Arimori doing here, Kichi?” Ren growled, his eyes never leaving Jun. Kichirou glanced at Jun, who just gave an offhand shrug as if saying, you got us into this mess.

Kichirou looked down at his hands as he laced and unlaced his fingers. When he finally got enough courage to look up at Ren, he found that both the alphas in the room were quietly watching him, waiting for his response.

“Jun…I mean, Arimori is…well…living with me?” Kichirou questioned his own answer as he said it. Jun gave out a quiet chuckle and covered his mouth so Kichirou wouldn’t see him smiling. Ren’s eyes went wide and he sat up, the ice almost falling away from his next. He squinted his eyes at Kichirou.

“And why is he living here?” Ren bit out. His eyes serious.

Kichirou chewed on his lower lip as if trying to find the right answer. “Because it’s…convenient?”

Sighing, Ren ran a hand through his hair, remembering all those times back in the day where Kichirou would evade every question thrown at him. “That’s not an answer. Why is he living here?”

“Because I’m his mate.” Jun said loudly into the quiet room. Ren’s eyes snapped over to Jun then back to Kichirou. Noticing the way Kichirou didn’t deny this fact, and the way his blush stained his cheeks, Ren knew this to be the truth.

“Well…” Ren whispered. “I seriously wasn’t expecting that answer.” Glancing between the two, he thought of the pheromones that had assailed his senses when he had first walked in. “So have you paired as well?”

Kichirou stuttered, “…” Sighing, Jun moved away from the wall and leaned down toward Kichirou. Against Kichirou’s protests, he pulled his shirt down slightly, revealing the collar around his neck.

“He won’t let me.” Jun supplied.

“At least he’s that smarter than you.” Ren observed.

Furious, Jun snapped, “What do you mean by that?”

“You’re too young Arimori, to have a mate. Think about how this makes Kichirou feel.”

“I know, but I’m his mate. He belongs to me.” Kichirou shuddered at the statement, then he became mad.

“I’m right here you know…” He said out loud.

Both Ren and Jun looked over at him and said at the same time, “You be quiet.”

“What are your intentions?” Ren interrogated.

“I want to be with him forever.”

“Are you just saying that or are you being truthful?” Ren was serious about his friend, he wanted nothing bad to happen to him. Jun strode away from Kichirou and began to get closer to Ren.

“Why don’t you find out?” He angrily whispered.

“Okay, stop,” Kichirou jumped up and stood in between the two alphas. He looked at both of them, “stop you two.”

“Kichi…” Ren whispered, realizing in his heart that even if Kichirou wouldn’t admit it, somewhere deep down, he did indeed have feelings far larger than he dared to admit.

Kichirou sighed, then said, “Ren and I will go to the store and I will explain this on the way.” Jun opened his mouth about to say that he would join in, but Kichirou turned to him with a glare and snapped, “Without you there.”

“Fine.” Jun grumbled, flopping down onto the couch and crossing his arms over his chest. Kichirou looked at the sulking Jun and couldn’t suppress a smile. As Ren and Kichirou moved towards the door to leave, Jun stood up and followed them like a puppy. Kichirou turned around at the entrance and looked at Jun.

“So we will be going now.” His eyes danced with slight laughter. “Are you okay by yourself?”

“Yes, mom.” Jun grumbled. Ren and Kichirou began to leave, the door was wide open and Jun watched with a smile in his eyes. Suddenly, Kichirou stood up on his tiptoes and gave Jun a quick kiss on the lips. Jun grinned, his eyes bright and unwavering.

“Be good.”


Out on the street, leaning against a light pole stood Natsuki. He was in dark clothes, his smart phone dangling lazily in his hand. His eyes watched as Kichirou gave Jun a quick kiss on the lips before walking away with Ren. Natsuki watched the entire exchange with a small smile on his face.

As soon as Jun went inside the apartment, and the other two were long gone, Natsuki smiled to himself and also began to find his way home.


Kichirou walked into the school building as he always had, before Jun with a small smile in his step. There were already students around the school, and several of them would stop and watch Kichirou as he passed, as if he was a creature they had never seen before. Oblivious, Kichirou didn’t notice this action.

Jun immediately noticed when he got to school, though, because his classmates were talking about a rumor that had spread over the internet during the night.

“Did you hear that Ki-sensei was seen?” Dai asked Jun as soon as he sat down in his seat.

“Seen doing what?” Jun responded. Suddenly he had a bad feeling about this.

“They say he was seen kissing a student from here.” From there, all the students began clamoring about it. Leaving Jun unable to even speak as he heard all the vile things he never knew his peers had even thought.

“What is he a pedophile?”

“He’s an omega, who would want to hook up with him anyway?”

“Haha, you’re right. No one would even touch him with a ten foot pole.”

“He’d probably infect you with his pheromones.”

“Why is he even still here?”

“He should just go disappear.”

“No one wants him here anyway.”

“Omegas are all worthless.”

He didn’t even know when he had moved, but suddenly Jun was standing, and his chair was hitting the floor with a loud THUD. Every student shut their mouths and looked at Jun as if he had lost his mind.

“What’s wrong, Jun?” One of the girls asked. Realizing that he couldn’t defend Kichirou without getting the both of them buried even farther, Jun just said, “Nothing, I’ve got to take a shit.” And then he was storming out of the classroom, intent on finding Kichirou to warn him before this got too far out of their control.

Little did he know that in the principal’s office, on Batou’s desk lay a picture, one where Kichirou was clearly recognizably kissing a smiling Jun.

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aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 4, 2017 2:05 am

Ughhh here we gooo… The strom is coming…

July 4, 2017 2:11 am

wth natsuki

July 4, 2017 7:28 am


January 3, 2018 3:55 pm

Natsuki, you little shithead. This is why you’re single and no one wants you…and you’re just a beta. What’s the point of picking on Kichirou, if he got the gut go pick fights with the alphas. Spineless coward…should let Jun & Ren kick him in the kidney. (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻

December 9, 2018 10:09 am

I love betas in omegaverse, too bad the only important beta is a freak…lol My opinion of him went through the floor, if he keeps stalking Kichirou and stuff. Though I guess he isn’t a professional stalker, it was a one time thing because he was on to Kichirou and Jun’s relationship, but really, why does he hate him so much..I guess because he hates omegas in general I just loved Ren in this chapter, and he and Jun seem like they’d get along well with him, like two brothers.. I’m wishing for that cute future. I loved the scene… Read more »

March 29, 2021 8:02 pm

Natsuki is just too critical!! I can’t! Poor K and J!

May 7, 2021 3:32 pm


August 8, 2021 5:48 pm

To hell with Natsuki. Like really. If he found omegas and alphas disgusting then there is no reason for him to do any of this. I mean he could have stayed away from kichirou if he felt that way. There was absolutely no reason to do that but he just had to, didn’t he? In my opinion he is more disgusting for doing all this.

July 31, 2022 4:29 pm

This is obviously Natsuki’s doing. What is it with this loser?? Thank you for the chapter.

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