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Chapter 100: There’s no shame!

“This is my lover, JianJian.” Auguste pulled Hai’an into his arms and bent his head to kiss him.

Cessie raised his eyebrows and said, “He’s your…plant?”

“Yes, but now he’s human.” Auguste admitted generously, “And we are married, as witnessed by Uncle Ye and Palatine.”

“Married!” Looking back on the news that Auguste and Hai’an had married, Pier opened his eyes wide, grabbed Cessie’s clothes and shook them vigorously. “He’s married to a potted plant. Why don’t you marry me?!”

Cessie was shaken back and forth, but he still made an excuse, “You’re still young…”

“Don’t try to dodge me! Auguste kept the plant for no more than three years, and the pointed ear child isn’t even three years old!!”

Auguste: “…”

Although all the people on the Vagrant knew that Hai’an had grown up, no one outside knew. If it hadn’t been for Pier revealing the truth, Auguste would not have known that his perverted reputation had spread so widely.

“I don’t care, I don’t care! I’m going to get married too! ” Back on the ground, Pier began to roll around and splash in the dirt. Fortunately, he was now covered in human skin. If he appeared in his prototype, the picture would be too awful to look at.

Winchester bypassed Pier lying on the ground and went to Cessie and said a few words to him, “I want to ask you a favor…” 

Cessie was stunned and hesitant for a moment before he said, “But this still requires Pier’s consent, although I am his nominal owner… But I have never given him a mandatory order.”

“Are you going to sell me?” After climbing off the ground, Pier did not see Cessie come to his aid as usual but talked to the weak chicken who had blown himself up. In a hurry, he rushed to him and whined with tears in his eyes. “Woo…”

“Not to sell you. Uncle Winchester wants to ask you for help to keep training them on file.”

After a short silence, he readily agreed, “OK.”

But somehow, Winchester suddenly had an ominous premonition.

“You should be living on this planet, right? But there seems to be no place to sleep here…” Cessie moved aside and asked Winchester’s soldiers and Colin to take their weapons.

“That’s all right. We can build a temporary place here.” Winchester waved his hand and said indifferently.

“By the way, the planet will have magnetic storms, and, in severe cases, you may need to go underground to escape.”

“The bodies of those robots outside…” When it comes to magnetic storms, Hai’an recalled the robots outside who lacked arms and legs, and couldn’t help asking.

“I’ve repaired them, but the magnetic storm here is too serious to be caught off guard. Some robots can’t find a place to hide temporarily, and that’s what happened afterwards.” Cessie built a staircase at the entrance of the cave where they jumped down to transport weapons. After setting up the staircase, Cessie went up and stepped on two feet to make sure it was in good condition. “Well, I haven’t done it for a long time. If it breaks, you remember to tell me.”

After they left the cave, Winchester sneaked up to Hai’an, who was walking on Auguste’s right side, laughing in a low voice. Auguste saw Winchester’s frivolous posture and pulled Hai’an into his left hand.

“No, Auguste. I’m on business.”

Auguste did not speak, but his cold face was covered with four big words: You better hurry up.

“JianJian, what did you do to those two robots? Why did they have hands and legs all at once?”

“Oh, that’s magic.” Hai’an was stunned for a moment before he came to the conclusion that Winchester was talking about the ice magic he used on At-6765453.

“Magic? What is that?”

“Magic is magic… I don’t know what to say even if you order me to explain it. It’s a very magical thing…” Hai’an hesitated.

“Wow.” Winchester nodded knowingly and continued to ask modestly, “Where can I get this magic?”

Winchester was not foolish. Hai’an’s ice magic was amazing. If his subordinates got it, they could have an extra guarantee against Ivan.

“I can teach you. I’ve been sorting out my magic transcripts lately, and I think I’ll finish them the day after tomorrow.” Hai’an had recently asked Auguste for a lot of paper and pens. Auguste didn’t know what he was writing. He thought he was writing a love letter to him because he was a cheap man, but he didn’t know what magic record he was writing. He had never been so mean to him.

Hai’an was sensitive to Auguste’s emotional fluctuations. He felt that the atmosphere around Auguste had become somewhat decadent and angry. Hai’an quickly pinched Auguste’s palm, waved farewell to Winchester, and returned to the shuttle cabin with Auguste.

Hai’an leaned over to Auguste and whispered, “What’s wrong, Augu?” 

As soon as Auguste entered the cockpit, he sat down in his chair and closed his eyes, but Hai’an could still feel Auguste’s gloominess.

Hai’an sat beside him and waved his right hand in front of Auguste, but Auguste did not respond. His dark eyelashes covered his crimson eyes. When he was with Hai’an, Auguste’s expression was always unconsciously softening, but he might not have noticed it himself.

Seeing Auguste ignore him, Hai’an straddled Auguste’s lap, put his hands on the back of Auguste’s neck, approached him and whispered in a lengthened voice, “Auguste – are you asleep?”

Auguste did not say a word, his lips were tight, and somehow, Hai’an remembered the picture of him and Auguste in the Rose Garden at dusk. At that time, Auguste kissed his body with his lips, bit by bit… Hai’an’s face was red but he still licked Auguste’s mouth.

First, he stretched out the tip of his red tongue, licked a circle on the soft and elastic lips beneath him, then gently bit, penetrated his mouth with the tip of his tongue, but hit Auguste’s teeth. Hai’an’s hands, which had been clinging to the armchair, were unknowingly pressed on Auguste’s chest.

At last, Auguste moved. He put his left hand on Hai’an’s chest and used his right hand to grab his waist, deepening the kiss. As the kiss became more and more intense, Hai’an felt a hard object poking against him. Hai’an, who had experienced sex, certainly knew what it was. He immediately opened his eyes, but was caught by Auguste’s deep eyes.

“Are you hungry?” Auguste finally spoke, but at the same time he slapped Hai’an on the buttocks, the meaning of the action too obvious.

“I, I…” Hai’an hesitated for half a day, his face was red, he felt that the dusk rose garden was more comfortable, if Auguste wanted to send a message at this time, he would not refuse it.

But after Auguste kissed him, he just patted him on the butt and then carried him to the chair next to him. “Sit down, I’m going to sleep.”

Who are you cheating on? Was it a gun that you were carrying just now?

But Auguste closed his eyes after he moved Hai’an. There was no extra movement. He put his hands on the armrest and sat in a correct position.

It was decent enough, but it was not decent at all.

Hai’an looked at Auguste’s crotch, where a bulging mass was visible. He didn’t know how many times Auguste and he had done it and that thing had been in such deep contact with him…

So Hai’an moved again. He touched the place where Auguste grew, felt the hot temperature and the upward force, and then unfastened Auguste’s belt. The clash of metal was obvious in the silent cabin.

God, what am I doing? Hai’an looked back at Auguste’s untied belt then took back his hand as quickly as a burglar, but Auguste did not respond. His eyes were closed and he did not even breathe a little harder, as if Hai’an had not unbuckled the belt of his trousers.

The rest of the cabin was quiet. Hai’an could only hear his unsteady breathing and violent heartbeat. Auguste’s belt was thrown to one side, leaving only buttons and the zipper in the middle of his trousers. Hai’an gritted his teeth and took off half of them. It didn’t matter if he took off any more. So he carefully unbuttoned Auguste’s trousers’ buttons and slowly pulled down the zipper…

Suddenly, a thick, big, hot, hard and stiff member popped out from the seams of the trousers and hit Hai’an’s hand. The hot temperature of the member and the velvety touch made Hai’an snap back his hand.

But then Hai’an stared angrily. “Auguste! You don’t wear underwear!!!!”

Before going out, Auguste forced him to put on his underwear and ordered him not to pull them off, but what did he see now?

A slippery member!!

Auguste’s pants were so bold that he thought that Auguste must still be wearing underwear. Hai’an almost put underwear on Auguste out of anger. Who knew that Auguste never went out in his underwear?!

Auguste listened to Hai’an’s roar, but opened his eyes and looked at him. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You still have a reason to take off my pants?”

Auguste’s present posture was really too obscene and shameless! 

His straight member was so naked and he had no intention of hiding it.

There was no shame!

“You, you zip and button your pants back first!”

“You unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, so you should zip and button them back on.” Auguste shook his head. “I dress you when I take off your clothes.”

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August 14, 2019 10:15 pm

I’m glad Hai’an is going to teach magic to the others finally! He’s being speaking about it, but we didn’t see any progress. Now it’s time for the classes!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 15, 2019 9:36 am

It was all because love letters were not love letters? Jesus Christ!!!
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August 19, 2019 9:14 am

Now Auguste knows what kind of reputation he has in the stars…

Auguste… you are really a shamless man!!! Just imagining how he looks makes me blush, seriously! Auguste is shameless and… petty, just because the love letters turned out not to be love letters. What will Hai’an do???

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Hai’an reactions reminds me of lan zhan and Auguste reminds me of wei ying(from the “the grand master of demonic cultivation novel) xD

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