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Chapter 101: Brother and Brother

When Hai’an heard Auguste’s words, he felt blood choking in his throat. He was too angry to speak. That thing stood upright. Did he have to put it back in his trousers with his hands?

“You, that thing of yours can’t be stuffed in at all!”

Auguste stared at Hai’an’s face for a long time and did not speak. Suddenly, a smile appeared. But when Hai’an saw that smile, he felt all the goosebumps explode. The next moment, he heard Auguste’s devilish words, “You can soften it. Come here -“

Auguste grabbed Hai’an’s wrist and pulled him out of the chair next to him, but when Hai’an stood up, he tripped over the corner of the chair, knelt down between Auguste’s legs, and even accidentally touched the hard object with his lips.

“Ah-” The slippery touch and hot temperature touched his lips, and the little fishy smell inadvertently got into his nose, frightening Hai’an into quickly closing his eyes.

When Auguste saw how angry Hai’an was, he sneered, “It’s not the first time you’ve seen it. What are you shy about?”

[Edited out by the author]

Corson was helping Winchester test-drive the armour, and on the way down to rest, he saw Colin still holding the energy-storing cannon affectionately stroking it, looking around without seeing Auguste and Hai’an, he asked, “Where have Auguste and JianJian gone?”

Colin was full of eyes on his gun. He didn’t listen to Corson very well. He casually said, “Let’s play with guns…”

Corson: “…”

“You play with guns!” Corson went over and patted Colin on the head and grabbed the cannon in his hand.

“Ah! Don’t touch my gun! There are so many guns by Cessie. Go and get his guns!”

“Colin.” Corson lifted the cannon high and looked carefully into Colin’s eyes.

Colin saw his brother’s stern look, sighed and curled his lips. “What do you want to say to me?”

“After the war… Do you want to go back to Titus to see…”

“Not going.” Colin did not want to think about it, but refused Corson’s proposal.

“Colin…” Hearing Colin’s unhesitating refusal, Corson opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Colin. 

Colin stared into Corson’s eyes, bit his teeth and said, word by word, “I will never go back!” Colin shook off Corson’s arm on his shoulder and took a deep breath. “Since I came out of Ditu Star, I will never go back!”

“But the Fernando family has long been destroyed. You don’t want to go back… Look for father?”

“He’s not our father! He is a madman, a foolish fool!!!” Colin’s eyes were red with anger. He took a few steps forward and grabbed Corson’s collar. “Are you so blind to what he has done for Patrick these years? If we go back, how will you face Jamie? What do you want Jamie to think of us again?!” Colin spoke quickly and he shouted loudly, which attracted the attention of many soldiers around him. But soon his anger disappeared like a leaky ball. He hung his head and was tired. “Brother, I can’t forget how my mother died. You were not there at all. You don’t know…”

Corson’s pupils shrank sharply, and he staggered back a few steps. “Colin… I’m sorry… I just…”

“You don’t have to explain, I know… You experienced the time when father was a normal person, but I haven’t. You can’t forget that, and I can understand. But from the day I remember, I’ve resented that hypocritical man so much. Colin raised his head and took a deep breath. His eyes were red and glistening with tears.

Corson’s adam’s apple slid up and down, but nothing could be said. He looked like Colin. Everyone saw them and thought they were twins, but only a few people knew that he was ten years older than Colin.

Ten years apart, this number had been a long time for pure humans, but only a short time for evolutionary humans. But such a short period of time, in his eyes, changed the fate of their family.

When he left, Colin was a kid who could only hold his thighs, open his mouth with only a few deciduous teeth, exposed his rice-colored gums and shouted “Brother”. Their father and mother smiled at the door and sent him away to a closed training camp for ten years to shoulder his responsibility as the son of the guardian of the Fernando family.

Corson liked Colin very much. That was his brother; his close relative. So he did not hesitate to go to the underground training camp set up by the imperial nobles, because the next generation of the guardian must have someone to take over the position and do some dirty business. His father kept saying that this loyalty was a hereditary honor, but in Corson’s view, it was more like a curse. Unlike their father, who had an obsession with the Fernando family almost a crazy worship and loyalty.

When he was young, he asked his father, ‘Why do we do those things? It’s clear that they are all wrong.’

But in exchange, he received a loud slap, he even lost a tooth. It was the first time that he saw his gentle father angry, his mother rushed over and cried and took him into her arms. ‘He’s young, he doesn’t know anything, you can teach him! Why hit him?!’

However, his father just gave him a cold look, turned around and left without saying anything. After that, his father treated him as well as before, almost letting Corson forget that hot slap. It wasn’t until a year later that Colin was born.

Corson saw his father holding Colin with an infatuated smile and realized that his father had abandoned him. All he needed was a dog loyal to the Fernando family, not a son.

Camp was a cannibalistic place where no one knew which family you came from and you needed to be alive. To inherit the position of guard chief, you had to go there for training. But in a dark place like that, how could Corson be willing to let Colin suffer there? 

He didn’t want Colin to bear these dirty things. He just wanted his brother to grow up healthy and happy. If only one of them could be free, he wanted that person to be Colin, because he was so young and he didn’t know anything.

His life shouldn’t have been decided by their father so early.

So Corson talked with his father all night, maybe because he was afraid that Colin would be used like him. The man agreed to Corson’s request. When Colin was five years old, his father sent Corson to training camp at the age of fifteen.

But when he returned, the Fernando family was killed on the charges of conspiracy with other galactic empires the year he left. Corson went crazy.

What about his brother? What about his mother and father? Where were they?

Corson didn’t believe they were dead, at least he thought his father, the mean man, would not be willing to die, but he looked for many people and spent a lot of money until the rebel news came.

It turned out that Patrick, the son of Count Fernando, was not dead. With the help of his housekeeper’s daughter, he escaped with the guards, and his father was a member of the guards. Corson bought the ticket and was ready to leave Titus to find his father.

But he saw a child near a garbage dump out by the bar. The child’s long hair was clotted, naked and exposed to dirty skin. In the early winter season, he wore only an ill-fitting coat. At first glance, he was thrown in the garbage dump. He lay on the ground, hunched over his head, and was beaten by other vagrants.

The vagrants hit him and kicked him with one punch and one foot, but he never said a word from beginning to end, nor made a painful plea for mercy. He just kept silent and did not struggle, just like he died.

Maybe because he didn’t resist, the vagrants stopped fighting for a while, and a man spat on him, ‘You said you had a brother? Why didn’t he come to save you?’

‘Haha, I said he was deceiving us. He used to say that his brother came back to rescue him. My mother thought it was true and frightened me. He had been deceiving us for half a day.’

‘Look at him like this, after all, he looks okay. Maybe he really has a brother, who sells his butt in Hongshan Street (gay brothel sub-district). Haha ha!’

Corson frowned. Perhaps it was the vagrants who reminded him of Colin when they mentioned that the child had a brother. He went up to save the child. But he didn’t realize that the child heard the vagrants insulting his brother. He suddenly burst out from the ground and jumped on the man who insulted his brother the most fiercely. He grabbed him in the face and scratched his lips and eyelids. ‘Don’t insult my brother!’ he shouted. ‘He’ll come to me! Am I kidding you? If you dare to swear again, I’ll tear your mouth!!!’

In this way, the child’s face was all exposed, and with one glance, Corson recognized who he was – even though his face was covered with stains, Corson could recognize him. Colin, he always wanted to protect his healthy growing brother.

‘Ah! Pull him off!!!’ The other vagrants were shocked by Colin’s sudden outburst. They did not respond for a moment. They saw Colin suddenly go mad and shrank.

But the leader of the vagrants relied on their crowds, a group of people came forward and pulled Colin back by the arm, Colin was still frantically struggling. The man lying on the ground was kicked hard with his legs. His mouth was still swearing and swearing, but there were transparent tears in his eyes, and traces were flushed across his stained face.

Because he did not know whether his brother would ever come back. He waited for ten years. Ten years, clearly should be so short a time, but it felt very long. As long as he grew, he would be able to persevere.


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August 15, 2019 7:29 pm

We finally know the brother’s past!! And it’s truly sad! Poor Colin, but it’s so beautiful he trusted his brother all along. Now I understand why Corson dotes on him. And it’s a miracle Colin has that bubbly personality.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 16, 2019 7:20 am

Oops.. where’s the smutt part hiding? 😅😅

August 19, 2019 9:33 am

OK, the part was probably a service by Hai’an. Auguste, how could you…

So Coling and Corson are not twins, they look like twins but they are not… And their story is also very sad. Now I know, why it is always “Brother! I love you!”, when Colin is bullied by someone stronger.

I kind of think that the Vagrant crew is that strong because of what they’ve been through.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 30, 2019 10:21 pm

This novel…never gives us a break.  (இ﹏இ`。) So sad! Colin with his filthy mouth and always being cheerful. Didn’t have a happy childhood. *sniffles* Aaaah, they’re all so precious. My heart hurts.

January 15, 2021 2:14 pm

ah!? Just when it was getting good it gets cut smh

September 24, 2021 10:48 pm

Author edited out a too steamy scene?
So many tragic stories in this crew.
This explains a lot about Colin’s clinginess to his brother and his sometimes immature and unrefined manner. What happened to the parents for him to end up a child on the streets? It sounds like his father was responsible.
Thanks for translating.

October 23, 2021 3:37 am

Protect these brothers QAQ

Best novel on ExR (as voted by fans)

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