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Chapter 99: Was he really fat?

The intelligent armor’s casing was purple. It may be Oliver’s childlike innocence, or that he wanted to design a toy for his son. But for no specific reason, he designed a fat system… Round and rolling, and the simplicity of other original machine armor fighters were in two painting styles, and he was the heaviest machine armor of the twelve original machine armor fighters made by Oliver, but also the smallest mind, so the other machine armor jointly gave him a nickname – Fat Purple Pier.

Black Raven, “Fat Purple Pier, can’t fight? Oh, wait, forget it. I’m afraid you’ll crush me.”

Nightmare, “Fat Purple Pier, you cut off your arm, see if I can cure you, can’t cure, it’s okay, should lose weight.”

Red Shield, “Fat Purple Pier, come and play hide-and-seek, ah, forget it, I am a kind machine armor, can’t delay your weight loss, you just fart when I just said it.”

“Fat Purple Pier…” Pier said. Fat, fat, fat, you’re paralyzed, old man is not fat!

Looking back on his life, the most hated thing was that someone said he was fat. Red Shield shouted his nickname directly in front of all the people. It was like poking a beehive. A small fat face was red with anger, hand forming a small fist, and the air made people feel that the next moment he would tear off his skin and fight with Red Shield.

Just at this moment, a nice bass voice appeared: “Fatty.”

This voice was a bit mute, but very magnetic, such as euphemistic violin music, pleasant to hear, Auguste and they are a little familiar with… But listening to the sound, Fat Purple Pier was like a deflated balloon, sniffing and muzzling, squatting down and crying. He held the light brown bear in his arms. His eyes were red and his tears were pouring down like no other. He cried like a child who had been beaten so hard that he could only sit on the ground and kick his legs.

“Whaaa, whaaa, whaa…”

“What’s wrong fatty?” The man heard the cry, a little anxious, drove a dilapidated car to the side of Fat Purple Pier, opened the door and came down. As soon as he saw the man get out of the car, he stood up and rushed to his thighs. But one could see that he had lightened his strength. Obviously, he also knew his “fat” thing. He buried his head in the man’s abdomen and blurred his voice: “Even you say I’m fat, don’t call me fat…”

“Okay, no more crying. We must go back.” The man lowered his head and rubbed Pier’s curly milky hair back to comfort him gently.

Yes, that’s why Red Shield dared to provoke Fat Purple Pier actions directly. Every time someone said he was fat, if there was nobody around, he would fight. But if there was someone he knew and cared about, he would only cry and act like a spoiled child.

Uncle Ye told them that there were two people living on the planet, and they seemed to be the masters of these robots. Fat Purple Pier was loyal to these masters and since someone was there, Fat Purple Pier would surely cry like a baby.

Red Shield, “Oh, and I forced people to die.”

But Colin saw the man’s face and exclaimed, “Cessie?”

It was no wonder they didn’t recognize Cessie for a while. It was really because he looked like a completely different person than he did on the black market. He was no longer wearing a sophisticated dress decorated with precious silk and gemstones. Instead, he was casually wearing white washed jeans and a dusty shirt, a worn sweater, and even shoes. His long purple hair was casually tied to the back of his head with a rope, without a care, it looked messy.

When Cessie heard Colin’s exclamation, he raised his head around Pier’s body and nodded to Auguste, “Fat… I’m sorry to trouble you Pier.”

“Ahh… You idiot, they’re coming to take your stuff…” Pier seized Cessie’s clothes, swaying, then they were torn, revealing his white belly inside.

He looked down, stunned, Cessie somewhat embarrassingly buttoned up his sweater, “Please follow me, I will give you weapons.”

“Weapons? What weapon?” Colin didn’t understand. “Why are you here? I heard that it’s true that you donated all your property. Aren’t you very stingy?”

Cessie chuckled and shook his head. “How can I donate it all? I still have some savings left. Those weapons were made by Uncle Ye. He said they were part of his contribution to interstellar peace.”

“At that time, Raven and Dean took away the memory centers of the eight primitive mechatron fighters, but they did not take Pier’s… But Pier was badly damaged. I asked Uncle Ye for help and got a human skin for Pier. Then we came to the planet to settle down.”

There were two tears in Pier’s eyes and occasional sniffles, but he had been nesting around Cessie, like a little quail, totally unable to see the way he was just overbearing. Cessie said this in a gentle voice, while gently stroking Pier’s head, combing his curls with long, slender fingers.

“Did you help transform Pace’s body?”

“Yes, after all, there are only two of them living on the companion star. I think they may not have it easy to hunt, so I transformed Pace’s body so that he could protect Mian.” Cessie took them to his residence. Along the way, many robots greeted Cessie. It seemed that they liked Cessie very much.

But they also seem afraid of Pier, and when Pier saw Cessie laughing with other robots, he raised his cheeks, angrily stared back at them, and tightened the hand circled around Cessie’s waist.

Alia looked at the robots and frowned. She thought it was strange that ordinary robots could be so humane. She could not help asking, “Robots on this planet…”

“They all have a core of acceptance.” As soon as Alia opened her mouth, Cessie knew what she was going to ask. “I’ve studied the handwriting left by my father several times, but I found that several pages are missing, so I can only fumble for Nadine’s core. Fortunately, I have Pier, otherwise I might really die.”

Pier said after Cessie’s words, biting his lower lip, “You have died so many times, the pain will overlap…”

Cessie rubbed his head, but Pier angrily avoided him. Cessie still smiled, “A Nadine core’s production materials are a little expensive, so I really cannot afford other materials to create a complete body for the rest of the children. Here we are.” Cessie took them to a more open place and pinched Pier’s little face. “Fatty.”

“Humph! Don’t call me fat!” Pier angrily slapped Cessie’s hands, but accidentally used his weight. Seeing Cessie’s hand turn red made him feel somewhat helpless. He rushed to Cessie, handing over his little bear, “I, I did not intentionally… I’ll lend you my bear…”

Cessie took the bear and held it in his arms. “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt very much.”

After taking a deep breath, he began to dig the ground with his bare hands, and the metal debris was flying all over the sky. When he dug into the metal layer, it would go straight to his mouth, dig a small hole and gnaw the metal around it. It took him a long time to make a hole.

Hai’an: “…” It was better than Auguste.

“Alas…” Cessie sighed quietly. “I’m afraid Ivan or Dean will find traces of these weapons, so I have to hide them in the heart and absorb sunlight to store energy. That’s why the planet was darker. I live in movable tents.”

“You can’t even buy me a new bear, but you have the money to make weapons for them…” Hearing Cessie’s words, Pier looked back, his mouth was flat, his eyes were watery, and he was very sad.

“Well, I’ll buy you a bear when I sell the recyclables on the new planet.” Cessie squatted down, and shook Pier’s little fat hand. Perhaps because of his guilt, Cessie gave him the best things he could have now. If there were any requirements for Pier, Cessie would satisfy him.

“Humph!” Looking back, he made a face, but didn’t pull out the fat hand that Cessie held in his hand. “I don’t want a bear. You can buy yourself a new outfit with that money. You are ugly in these bad clothes every day. I digged, come down quickly.” Looking back, Pier grabbed Cessie and went into the cave, calling everyone down.

The underground cave was a large military base. Various types of energy storage cannons, high-explosive guns, grenade launchers were arranged neatly, and new types of armor never seen in the Star Arms Market were shining with care. Cessie looked at them as if he were looking at his children, and his eyes were filled with fervent love.

“AAAHHH!” Colin rushed up, hungry and thirsty, touching a giant stored-energy cannon. “Are these free?!”

“That’s right.” Cessie nodded. “You should need these weapons very much.”

Colin patted Cessie on the shoulder. “It’s not like you.”

“Now I have enough in Pier.” Cessie held Pier’s hand tightly. “I’ve done a lot of things in the past. Maybe it is my only way to atone. When the star wars are over, I can take him with me to other planets.”

“When we first came to the planet, were we traced by those things?”

“Yes, I was afraid that you would bully me, so I got the ‘archive’, but he later said that you were all garbage, and he could pinch you with one finger, so he didn’t go on.”

Spicy Chicken Head Winchester: “…”

“By the way, this is…” Cessie suddenly looked at Hai’an, a slightly doubtful opening. After all, Auguste’s fetish was well known. When Cessie last saw him, all Auguste’s tenderness was given to a potted plant.

Had his fetish been cured?

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August 14, 2019 10:08 pm

Ohh, Cessie is alive and cured of his greed!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 19, 2019 8:43 am

Cassie?! He changed, seriously!? OK, people can change, and after what he’s been through that is understandable. From greedy merchant to king and caring man. Good!

And again Uncle Ye. Just who is he, aside from being the sweeper of the world and Palatine’s lover? And he seems to be able to supress shapeshifting ability of Ayulons.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 30, 2019 9:56 pm

Ahahaha! I love how solid Auguste’s reputation as a fetishist is. Everyone knows and accepts. :’D Good for you Cessie. Behave like a human more. It suits you.

September 24, 2021 9:48 pm

Ohhhhh, it’s a reformed character Cessi!
Thank you for translating.

October 23, 2021 1:35 am

More like his fetish has been upgraded XD

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