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Chapter 102: Playing with Guns = Sleep = Philosophy 

When Corson brought Colin back, he saw his bony body and extensive burns. The scars were from when Colin left the burning Castle of Fernando. Corson took Colin to the best hospital and treated all his wounds. Colin never cried or showed any sadness when he saw him. He was just happy for his brother’s return, except that he had to huddle in his arms every night and clutch his hand tightly to fall asleep. He didn’t seem to have changed anything.

They way they slept lasted for nearly a hundred years.

Colin never said what had happened after Corson left, nor did Corson dare ask him, fearing that he might recall his brother’s sad memories, and could only investigate the Fernando family’s past in private. The days passed quietly, day by day, until Colin’s twenty-second birthday, when he told Corson that he had decided to join the army. It was only through this that Corson realized that he had never forgotten the events of those ten years.

The empire was very peaceful at that time, and the only task was to hunt down the rebels led by Patrick Fernando. It was self-evident why Colin joined the army.

In the army, they met Auguste and Carl, Alia and Leston. They were a small team. At first, he thought that Auguste and Carl were just good friends. After all, Carl never called Auguste his brother, but always called him by his name. Carl always called him and Auguste good friends.

Later, when their brotherhood broke out in the team, they realized that it was just a strange gamble of Carl’s, a bear like boy. After all, he was still a small fat boy at that time. Bone age tests showed that he was over three hundred years old. As to why he was still a child, Auguste declared that he had been born with a condition…

At that time Carl was unhappy, and he stopped calling him Brother Auguste. He taught Colin badly and let Colin learn to call his brother’s name directly. As for how Carl got into the army, Corson realized after watching a fight between Carl and other fighters that he was too strong and very flexible, and that the innocent children were also valued by the army as undercover agents.

Colin’s face became more and more cheerful after joining the army, but he kept silent about that decade. Later, the Star Hijack broke out. They and Auguste went to rescue the people on the merchant ship, but Colin was stunned when he saw the weapons used by the pirates.

‘I’ve seen the pirate weapons, and I’ve seen the design of the weapons in Abbott’s study. Mother was killed by Abbott. I think he might want to take me away, but Mother didn’t want to. She said she wanted to divorce him and take me away from the Fernando family to live on other planets, but he disagreed. Mother hid me in the cupboard. I saw him twist mother’s head off before he left and lock the door and window. He knew I was hiding in the cupboard. I hate him. He’s not our father.’

Years later, Corson spoke of their father again, calling out his name, an indifferent title.

“Why did you suddenly mention that man?” Colin watched Corson fall into a state of painful memory, somewhat speechless.

Corson sighed. ‘”My friend in Titus said he saw… Abbott appeared beside Ivan.”

“How could he be around Ivan? Is it your friend who misread it?” If Corson was also fooled by the news was there any mistake? Abbott was the most loyal running dog of the Fernando family, and what was the status of the Freedom Alliance and the Empire now? How can he be around Ivan?

“I didn’t believe it at first, but the image from him showed that the man was Abbott.” Corson said, pulling out the picture on his nano computer, and Colin leaned over and looked at it carefully. As a result, the people around them saw that the two men who were supposed to fight suddenly came together again. 

“It’s better to tell Auguste about it quickly.”

“That’s why I came to ask you where Auguste and JianJian went.”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to look for them when Auguste and JianJian disappear at the same time. We have to wait for them to appear.” Colin raised his chin and winked his left eye at Corson, saying meaningfully.

After a pause, Corson quickly understood what Colin meant and nodded helplessly.

Colin grabbed the stored-energy cannon from Corson and continued to touch the gun. “You can talk to Winchester about this now. Maybe he knows something about it.”

“Yeah.” Corson answered, opened his mouth and continued, “This is not for him…”

“I know, I know.” Colin shook his head and interrupted Corson. “I’m not sorry for a fool. I told you a long time ago, don’t you think I’m doing well now?”

“So you’ll sleep by yourself tonight?”

“…” After a moment of silence, Colin quickly became angry and scolded, “You’re going to die. Why are you talking about it outside? What a shame!”

“All right, I’ll shut up.” Corson raised his hand, made a move of surrender, and came over with a smile and hugged Colin.

“How old are you, still being so sticky?” Colin lifted the cannon and pushed him away, frowning, “Okay, I know you can’t leave me. You care about me the most. Get out of here.”

Corson shook his head and turned to leave with a gentle kick in Colin’s knee. “Yes, I care about you most.”

Colin was overwhelmed, kneeling on the ground at once, and when he recovered his mind, he immediately shouted at Corson’s back, “Boy! Why do I have to have you as a brother?!”

“Haha!” Corson shrugged and did not look back. “Auguste often beats Carl. Look what you and Carl have learned. I’ll learn from Auguste, too.”

“Fuck off!”

Auguste and JianJian must be doing something unspeakable, so Corson had to go to Winchester and discuss it with others first.

Winchester, “What about Auguste and his partner?”

Colin, “Playing with guns.”

Corson, “Sleeping together.”

Alia, “Discussing philosophy.”

Hai’an was a little lucky when he came out of the spaceship with his waist not sore. Although he was not in bed when he was with Auguste this time, he was not as shy as he was in the Rose Garden at dusk, and nobody needed to know that. After all, everyone had their own business to do… But he soon found out that he was wrong.

Winchester frowned at the sight of him and Auguste, “Young people need to be restrained.”

But Auguste soon hit Winchester and said, “I’m a hundred years older than you.”

“Oh, then you’re an old man, so I can ask you to bribe me, or I’ll call the police.”

Auguste: “…”

Although Winchester finally shifted the topic under Auguste’s cold eyes, Hai’an knew that everyone knew what he and Auguste had done!!!

I have no face to see anyone. Hai’an sat with his head down beside Auguste, his pointed ears hanging down and his eyes empty. His whole person was like a loveless man. Auguste touched his head with amusement.

But when Corson saw the lowliness, he could not help complaining for him, “Auguste, JianJian is still so small, you need to take it easy.”

“You’re really idle. JianJian can cure people and you’re afraid of this minor injury?” Colin grabbed Corson’s elbow.

Hai’an: “…”

Corson was stared at by his younger brother and immediately took out the hologram and projected it into the air. “This man came out of the training camp like me, but he belonged to a neutral family on the noble side. His owner didn’t like Ivan very much, and he knew that I had been looking for news on Abbott. This photo was taken by him during his routine aerial patrol.”

Hai’an had a few minutes of silence for himself and adjusted his mood. This was not the first time anyway. He has to learn to get used to it. So Hai’an looked up at the picture with everyone.

Standing beside Ivan was a man who was seventy or eighty percent like Colin and Corson, but looked older than them. Behind him was Ariella, who laughed happily. Her eyes were bright and she stared at Ivan with an inextricable passion. She looked at Ivan as mad as a loyal believer could see the God he worshipped. Absolutely crazy.

Auguste saw Ariella too, frowned and asked, “Are there any short videos? There won’t be a lot of clues from just one photograph.” 

“Yes, but only five seconds. He dared not take long pictures. After all, Raven and Ariella were sensitive to the gaze on Ivan.”

As he spoke, Corson downloaded the video from Titus. The whole video lasted only five seconds. There was no expression on Ivan’s face and no change in Ariella’s expression. Only Abbott’s mouth was moving, as if he were speaking.

“Can you see what he said?”

“Ah, I saw that! He said ‘master,’” Queltan said, pointing to Abbott, as he excitedly pushed the crowd aside.

Hearing Queltan’s firm words, Hai’an couldn’t help looking at him, because Queltan was right, and his reaction speed was too fast, Hai’an was more convinced that Queltan must have excellent magic talent.

In Nore, only the Elves can use silent magic, and other races need to sing when using magic.

So it requires every magician to have a good “reading” ability. They need to see each other’s magician’s mantra through lip shape on the battlefield, interrupt the mantra before they finish singing, or sing faster, and kill them before they launch an attack.

And Queltan, his ability to read lip language was excellent, even better than Hai’an’s. He just looked at it and knew what Abbott was saying.

“Master?” Winchester did not understand that even if he was not involved in the struggle among the nobles, he knew Abbott’s name, because he was not only the guardian of the Fernando family that had been destroyed more than a hundred years ago, but also the apprentice of Oliver, the greatest mechanic at present.

The three remaining original machine-armored fighters were released.

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