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Chapter 14: Entanglement to hold hands

Carl looked at Lydney intently and felt a little uncomfortable. He could not help straightening up. “Do you know the bill that was put forward in Congress some time ago on the establishment of a federal system?”

Lydney quickly answered, “I know that the bill was not passed, and I heard that a legion had been disbanded for that reason.”

Carl: It’s over. Our family is ugly. But now Lydney is also family, everyone together ugly.

At this thought, Carl was delighted and went on to say, “Yes, but there is no need to pass a bill to build a coalition now. That bill is just a cover for the Freedom Alliance to test the Empire.”

After listening to Carl’s explanation, Lydney was still puzzled, “But what does this have to do with Freeport, and what is the Freedom Alliance?”

“Oh, yeah, you don’t know about the alliance yet,” Carl continued to explain to Lydney. “The Empire tried to assassinate the main legislator who proposed the bill because he aroused discontent. Among the association are supporters of the federal system, and are sweeping through the Empire for supporters of the Federation leading to a larger association.”

“Why don’t we know about it?” Lydney was surprised that such an event had not been reported.

Carl didn’t say it explicitly this time, “You’ll know tomorrow.”

Auguste took Hai’an out of the hall and began to walk towards the stairs to get to his room. The ship had seven floors, each of which was very large. Auguste lived on the sixth floor which spanned the entire floor. A spiralling staircase went through the center of all of the floors. Only the top and bottom floors were restricted and Hai’an had not been to the top.

The top floor was the ship’s command center. There were all kinds of instruments and pieces of equipment everywhere. There were many buttons on the console that Hai’an couldn’t understand. Besides the opaque roof and floor of the ship, the spaceship was surrounded by transparent glass. Moreover, using a high roof as the ship’s parking made it possible to see all of Freeport clearly.

Auguste went to the console and pressed several buttons. Hai’an felt the vibrations coming from the bottom of the ship.

The spaceship was about to take off.

Auguste sat down in a chair in front of the console with Hai’an in his arms and looked quietly at Freeport.

Suddenly, Auguste spoke, “It’s called the Vagrant.” There was no one else here. Obviously, Auguste was speaking to Hai’an. “I created this spaceship.”

Hai’an was shocked. Everything in the world was new to him since he only knew about things in the Elune Forest. Only the dwarfs in Nore were any good at forging. Auguste could make such a huge thing by himself. It was just like seeing the ancient dragons.

Giant Dragons were the most peculiar race in Nore. Everyone knew about the Giant Dragons, but few people had ever seen them. They lived on the Dragon Island and didn’t like to go out even more than the Elves. Although they were arrogant and rude, they still had great power. It was said that the newly born baby dragons had the power of an Elvish Master, let alone the power of the Devil’s Master. Their scales were so hard that even swords made by dwarves could hardly hurt them. They were cruel by nature, but they never took the initiative to attack others.

Hai’an was originally interested in the Dragon race but now that he had a more mysterious master, the interest in the Dragon race faded. His master was still a bit depressed, Hai’an decided to comfort him. So Hai’an quietly grew vines and wrapped them around Auguste’s left thumb, which he inadvertently placed on the console.

Auguste did not know why he said these words to a potted plant. Even though the plant might have a high IQ, he probably could not understand at all. There was no outlet for his depressed feelings so he looked at the bustling night scene of Freeport.

Being in a daze, he suddenly felt a strange feeling coming from his finger. He looked down and saw that a green vine had stretched out and wrapped around his thumb.

Auguste was grateful to Carl for such a birthday present. He picked Hai’an up and touched the pot to his forehead. Deep laughter escaped his lips and it caused a tremor to go through Hai’an.

“Thank you, JianJian.”

Hai’an was a little shy and shook embarassedly.

Thank you for your thanks, but please move your hands.

At dawn in Freeport, when the first light appeared on the white fog line, Hai’an woke up to find the ship was speeding up its flight into outer space.

“Good morning, JianJian.” He heard Auguste’s murmured greetings.

Oh, his master was so unrestrained that he had to seduce him every day.

The ship was so fast that, in a few minutes, they had flown out of Freeport’s atmosphere and into orbit, heading for Lota beta 11 as their planned course.

Auguste did not need to stay in the main control room with the autopilot on, so he took the seedling back to the hall.

Carl had gathered everyone in a circle for breakfast and Hai’an glanced at it.

Hai’an: Every day the food is delicious, but I have no mouth.

After Auguste sat down with Hai’an, a holographic projection appeared on the big round table.

It was a panoramic view of Freeport.

At this time, the sun just crossed the horizon, but, even with the sun, there was a soft yellow transparent shield immersing the plant and, immediately, Freeport was closed off.

“Ha, thankfully we’re going fast.” Jamie said vaguely with a lot of barbecue stuffed in his mouth.

This pale yellow cover was not unfamiliar to anyone except Hai’an. It was a protective device for every city. When foreign enemies invaded, the city usually used the protective shield to keep away from the outside world. The protective shield used in large interstellar ports such as Freeport was also more advanced.

If Auguste left a little later, they might be stuck in Freeport, and it would be very difficult to get out again.

Every city’s protective shield was opened by the empire’s commanders, but Freeport had not been attacked, so it was clear that some people wanted to trap everyone in Freeport.

“Indeed, the Freedom Alliance has taken control of Freeport.” Carl drank the probiotic milk and left a circle on his upper lip. Auguste did not want to see his foolishness at all. Even Lydney could not bear to look at him.

“Why can we still see what Freeport looks like?” Lydney was surprised that they had left Freeport, but could still see such a clear projection.

Carl took it for granted as he said, “Of course, our satellite is outside Freeport. How else can we see it?”

Lydney:… It’s certainly not an ordinary spaceship.

“It will soon be out of sight, and the alliance will not be foolish enough to let satellites out of their control appear.” Sure enough, after Auguste had finished, the holographic projection began to scramble and then disappeared.

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haian seducing auguste!! they clearly have a bond

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The plot begins to make sense. Thank you

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I’m glad there were some explanations in this chapter. I didn’t understand the free dom alliance Stuff.
Thanks for the chapter!

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Is it just me? I can see baby groot in Hai’an and star lord in Auguste 😊 Carl is Drax and Lydney is Mantis 😂

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