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Chapter 34: Trying New Things and Being Ripped Off

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

OuYang Long had been extremely busy lately as Ren Rui was looking for locations to open new shops in neighboring areas. He had originally thought that once he had finished concluding the project he could go home but an employee wanted him to look through a PPT for them. Once it started, it took a full half an hour.

Su XiaoNuo was waiting in the carpark all by himself and dying of boredom!

Why the heck isn’t he picking up my calls or replying to my messages!!!

He felt extremely wronged!

And he was extremely hungry!

He felt like being kind and brought food but ended up being cruelly ignored, this type of despair was crippling!

Su Nuo angrily opened the bento box, planning on driving home after he had a full stomach.

Something so mean could definitely not be forgiven!

Who exactly said that the most wonderful thing in the world was love?! They weren’t right at all, it should definitely be sweet and sour pork ribs! Number one because it was delicious and number two it would never leave you for a meeting!

It really did make so much philosophical sense!

Once he had finished talking with the last employee, OuYang Long felt dizzy with a bloated brain, his stomach was also hurting a little so he went back to the office and hurriedly ate two biscuits and packed up to go home only to see a familiar little car in the carpark.

“Nuonuo?” OuYang Long walked over, knocking on the car door bemusedly.

“Ke-ke!” Su Nuo was in the middle of devouring pieces of fish and hadn’t been prepared for the sudden of appearance of anyone so he was so frightened that he almost choked.

“How come you’re here?” OuYang Long pulled the car door open and sat in the shotgun seat, his brain foggy.

I never told you to come in, do you need to be so self-absorbed, it’s so annoying! Su Nuo was extremely annoyed.

“Did you come to bring food for me?” OuYang Long was surprised.

“Of course not!” Su Nuo wouldn’t have admitted it for his life. “I came especially to eat it in front of you!”

OuYang Long was so moved that his heart melted into a puddle, he pulled Su Nuo over and gave him a rough kiss. “Baby.”

“My mouth has oil on it!” Su Nuo hurriedly pushed him away, what was with freaking coming onto me all of a sudden and whatnot, I’m still angry! How could you just kiss me like that! This doesn’t make sense!

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” OuYang Long pulled his hand over.

It would’ve been better if he hadn’t asked, Su Nuo’s nostrils flared in his fury. “You’re the one who wasn’t picking up my calls!”

“Impossible.” OuYang Long pulled his phone out. “I don’t believe you —- I’m sorry. I was wrong, babe.” A whole mountain of missed calls showed themselves and appeared extremely cruel! He had put his phone on silent as he had presented the conclusion for the meeting so he hadn’t heard any at all!

Hng! Su Nuo was furious.

So Mr Director made a whole tissue wet with his tears as he promised that he would never do it again, and even said that once he got home he would spend three hours rubbing the clothes-washing-board as he balanced a bowl of water on his head?!

How was that possible! This was all Su Nuo’s imagination, the reality was a lot harsher as he just been dragged over and was being French-kissed!

There’s still food in my hand!! Su XiaoNuo complained in his heart!!

If it’s spilled in the car I’m going to fight you to the death!

Although taking rice to him and whatnot was kind of clichéd, but the whole thing was extremely mood-lifting! Because Mr Director managed to successfully kidnap the other man and take him home!

It’s obvious that I’m still furious! Su Nuo threw fits on the inside as he heated up the food in the microwave, how did he end up preparing dinner in the kitchen, this didn’t scientifically make sense!

OuYang Long hugged him from behind, “It smells good.”

“…How about I make a bowl of noodled instead.” Su Nuo felt that given him his left-overs was a bit cruel! Even though it was supposed to be his in the first place, but he had already made a mess of eating it in the carpark earlier and even the heart-shaped fried egg had turned into a crescent moon!

“I’ll just eat this.” OuYang Long placed his chin on the other man’s shoulder, feeling his fatigue weighing down on him heavily. “Today was so tiring.”

Don’t use this tone! Su XiaoNuo could feel his heart softening, such a big company seemed to be extremely busy!

So missing his calls and whatnot, didn’t really count as much did it…

He really was so understanding!

The air was once again filled with the pinkness of love and once the couple finished dinner they watched San Su series for a while before rolling onto the bed!

Actually Mr Director had originally planned on showering with him but Su Nuo was too firm and just chased him out of the bathroom, even going as far as locking the door from the inside!

I’m still not ready yet! Su Nuo’s thoughts went wild as he showered. Judging by his build and height, there was no chance of him being on top! Ignoring the times to come, it definitely wouldn’t happen on the first time! If he’s the bottom th-th-then it would definitely hurt a lot! And once, early in the morning while the other man was still asleep, he had pulled up the blankets to take look! Even though doing this sort of stuff was pretty despicable, that wasn’t the main focus, the point was that he could see the size of that thing even through the underwear!

If he didn’t have anything to do with it what was the point of being so big! It wasn’t as if he could take it out to show off! Su Nuo lowered his line of sight to look at tiny XiaoNuo and felt some sort of emotional impact.

He could feel envy, jealousy and sourness!

Once he had finished showering, Su Nuo put on the new pajamas that OuYang Long had bought for him and went straight to the spare room but was stopped midway and taken back to the master bedroom!

However this sort of thing was completely anticipated so Su Nuo didn’t put up any strong defenses! Even if he had slept in the spare room, the other man would still have snuck in to his blankets. In this case he might as well sleep in the master bedroom since the bed was bigger!

“You’ve been so obedient today.” OuYang Long was obviously very pleased with him.

Su Nuo’s arms were wrapped around his neck, throwing a fit on the inside. Even if I’m not obedient usually, I still have to share a bed with you! Since it’s like that, what’s even the point of resisting!

“Thank you for bringing food for me.” OuYang Long’s eyes were especially gentle!

Su Nuo’s face went red, don’t look at me like that! I can’t take it at all!

OuYang Long lowered his head, nibbling the tip of the other man’s nose softly.

Goodnight kisses and whatnot… Was especially heartwarming! Su Nuo kissed his chin before using an extremely gentle voice to say, “Goodnight.”

The sweetness level was through the roof okay!

Within the next second, OuYang Long leaned forward and blocked his lips.

Huhhuh, Su Nuo was confused beyond measure, shouldn’t goodnight kisses be as gentle as a dragonfly touching water! Why was there tongues getting involved! This didn’t make sense!

But Mr Director didn’t seem to care about this. He used his tongue to open Su Nuo’s lips and began to explore his mouth, hurriedly trying to find that smooth and soft little tongue to engage it in the kiss.

If this continues something’s going happen!!!!!!! Hurry up and stop!!!!! Su Nuo began to complain on the inside!!!! But it didn’t have an effect at all!!!!!!! Because he was already dizzy from being kissed!!!!! Even if he kept pushing it would only seem as though he was trying to rile the other man up through his refusal!!!!

“You’re so sexy.” OuYang Long put his earlobe in his mouth and used his teeth to graze it slightly.

You’re sexy, you’re whole family is sexy!!!!! Su Nuo had endless tears and turned his head away, attempting to escape but his pajama’s button came off in the struggle, revealing a small part of his snow white skin.

Of course Mr Director’s attention was immediately redirected and left a red mark on the pale skin!

What sort of crappy brand are these pajamas from! Su Nuo felt his despair grow! As soon as he struggled the button fell off! It must have been bought at a sex toy shop!

Planning and whatnot was extremely despicable!

“Be good, don’t be scared.” Seeing that he was a bit helpless, OuYang Long set the bedside lamp to the darkest setting, leaned down and took him into his arms, “ I won’t hurt you.”

Of course I know that but I’m still super nervous!!!!! Su Nuo just wanted to disappear on the spot!!!!

“”Just hand yourself over to me a little, okey?” OuYang Long whispered into his ear, “I’m won’t go all the way, so don’t worry.” His voice was deep and husky, it was extremely seductive!

Su Nuo closed his eyes and pretended to be dead.

Seeing his trembling eyelashes, OuYang Long’s heart went soft and his kisses after that were much gentler. As teeth and lips clashed, Su Nuo hung from the other man’s neck and felt his body growing jot.

OuYang Long moved a hand downwards, feeling around his pajama trousers/

Su Nuo’s face immediately lit up a scarlet red before comforting himself by saying that he should just treat this as an underwear advertisement!

And he even had an additional piece of clothing compared to the endorsement filming! Even if a button had come off, it was still a piece of cloth!

So it wasn’t revealing at all!

Once he went with this thought process, he felt much more comfortable!

But the next second, he was suddenly palmed by someone through his trousers!

Su Nuo fell deeper yet into the pit of despair, he didn’t know at all what he should do! And for some bizarre reason even began to think of ‘Love in Troubled Times’! Because in Su Nuonuo’s first time, his flower was invaded by Wangye! That was when he turned from a man into a delicate bottom! Panting as he cried out things like ‘Please, no, Wangye’, the result of that was the love making becoming even more passionate!

From this it was obvious that he definitely could say ‘please, no’ but if he said ‘yes please’, th-th-that would seem even stranger! So it would be best if just kept his mouth shut.

As Su XiaoNuo also really, really liked Mr Director in his heart, so under the circumstances, tiny XiaoNuo stood to attention especially energetically.

OuYang Long sat up straight, his fingers catching onto the hem of the trousers, then Su Nuo didn’t even realize what he was doing when he actually lifted his waist by himself to help the other man expose his lower half to the open. This was really… He didn’t even have the words to describe it aaaaaaaaah!

I have already sunken to this level! Su Nuo’s tears covered his face!

“So cute.” OuYang Long laughed softly, using his fingers to flick it gentle.

Are you insane! Su Nuo complained in his heart, what sort of action was that!

OuYang Long moved down further and settled between his legs, lowering his head to place the little thing into his mouth.

Th-th-this was way too forward! Su Nuo could only watched with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, shouldn’t he be using his hand! Doing this right away —- was this really alright!

You better not be learning from ‘Love in Troubled Times’, that’s a novel for readers with a heavy taste!

And even if you’re doing what OuYang JinLong does, I definitely won’t learn from Su Nuonuo. All that about gentle bottoms that are delicate and whatnot it’s not me at all… Actually it wasn’t good at all!

Su XiaoNuo’s foggy brain ran wild as his hands clenched the bedsheets tightly.

A few minutes later, he felt so good that he could practically feel himself floating towards the heavens!

The moment his voice came out, it must have been the most embarrassing moment of his life!

His unravelling came swiftly and powerfully, it was as though his spirit was leaving his body.

Once he returned to the mortal realm, Su Nuo’s ears burned red and he sprawled himself out on OuYang Long’s chest as he pretended to be dead.

“Did it feel good?” OuYang Long murmured beside his ear.

Don’t ask it out loud! Su Nuo’s face was practically glowing as he changed his position. In this new position, he suddenly felt Mr Director’s thing against him!

So he continued to pretend to be dead!

“Go to sleep.” OuYang Long patted his butt.

Not wearing underwear and whatnot was so caveman-like! Su Nuo’s voice was as quiet as a mosquito’s as he asked, “How about you?” It wasn’t as if helping the other man with his hand was completely out of the question… But as to the size and whatnot he couldn’t even dare to look!

“Help me, babe?” OuYang Long could hardly contain his laughter.

It’s not impossible! Su Nuo could feel himself beginning to lean towards the idea.

“I’m just joking.” Seeing how red he was, OuYang Long was worried that doing too much would scare him off, so he lowered his head and kissed him, “You deserve a good rest.”

Nani? Su Nuo was slightly bewildered and could only watched him go to the bathroom. This sort of plot-twist was really the most annoying!

If this is it then didn’t I just get completely revealed for nothing!

Being ripped off was as though ripping off the skin of your face! Evil businessmen and whatnot were way too sneaky!

Once OuYang Long came out from the bathroom, Su Nuo was on his phone.

“Do you have messages?” OuYang Long leaned on his side.

“Hng, it’s an ad.” Su Nuo hurriedly turned his phone off, actually he was just checking the time since he felt that the time OuYang Long spent in the bathroom was too long! According to commonsense he would have been doing that something for himself… He definitely couldn’t say that he was timing him!

“Go to sleep.” OuYang Long turned off the bedside lamp and pulled him into his arms, “Good night, baby.”

Su Nuo found a comfortable position for himself in the other man’s arms and yawned like a kitten.

The summery night with a cool breeze was actually extremely suitable for sleeping with the person you liked.

The phone next to the head of the bed lit up and went back dark again, OuYang Long picked it up and had a look, it was a message from Mu Qiu —- I got director Zhong to stay with me tonight at my place! Do you want to know why he agreed?!

How can he still have the heart to boast with this sort of progress? The director didn’t bother to pay him any attention and replied with a single word ‘scram’ before powering off the phone!

This was definitely jealousy! The shutdown of Mu Qiu’s attempt to show off made him extremely unhappy! And once the sound of water had stopped, he immediately raced back out to the living room to watch TV.

He was really so completely fake!

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June 30, 2019 3:36 pm

That was the funniest sex scene I’ve ever seen. Like, is it normal when you laugh your ass off while reading smut?

June 30, 2019 7:38 pm

NuoNuo is an absolute gem hahaha

June 30, 2019 8:54 pm

😂😂😂😂 silly nuonuo.. his inner thought tho..priceless 💖

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Thank you for the update!
My ranking of 3 couples_

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2. Other model x Tang guy (Still very sweet but not hooking up yet)
3. Mu guy x film director ( Eager top is still bearable, I just can’t deal with art crazy bottom. Not all artists are lunatics like him okayy??)

July 2, 2019 3:41 pm

You’re sexy. Your whole family’s sexy!
I literally laughed out loud. Love him.

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