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Chapter 16: The world is so beautiful.

The world is so beautiful!

Hai’an stayed in the Elune Forest until he was an adult, because if the immature spirits came out of the forest, they would be taken away and sold by humans. They would then find magicians to seal their magic so that they could not escape, and then throw them into the underground auction hall and sell them to nobles as toys.

These stories were later told by a successful fleeing elf. Since then, the queen forbid minor elves from approaching the edge of the forest. He came to this world before he was an adult, so he had never seen the scenery outside Elune Forest. The most beautiful place Hai’an had ever seen was where the tree of life grew.

The elves’ tree of life grew on a small island in the center of Lake Ferra, surrounded by moonlight flowers. The elves were born from the tree of life and would never die. When their body died, their souls would return to the moonlight flowers and wait for the next rebirth and return from the tree of life again. And the stars in Elune Forest were beautiful, but too far away to see. It was like being separated by a layer of fabric, forever flickering, never seeing clearly.

Looking up at the stars was different from being in the stars.

Auguste looked at Hai’an quietly, his face relaxed,he was looking forward to what the seedling would look like in his mature years.

He would not be lonely when he had JianJian, just like when he was on the mirror star as a teenager. He and Carl depended on each other for survival, but having grown up, they should have their own life. Their race originally had lives filled with loneliness without a companion.

After last night, Auguste’s heart was suddenly crammed full of worrying for the seedling’s safety. If Carl and the other crew were the only ones he cared about before, now there was an extra little seedling. Even though it was only a potted plant, for Auguste, the seedling now meant much more to him than when he thought it was only decoration.

The seedling had wisdom and could think. It even had the capacity to care. It didn’t matter if it couldn’t speak.

Auguste liked this little one more and more.

As the ship gradually entered the jurisdiction of Lota Beta 11, the crew began to don their biomechanical uniforms. Although, with their physique, it was completely unnecessary, it was better to wear them in order to avoid trouble.

After changing his clothes, Auguste stood by the window and stared at the cosmic scenery outside. He was used to the scenery when he was drifting between stars as it was mostly the same. Although he could never see the same scenery, it was not very different. These stars could be seen everywhere and they felt close to each other. In fact, they were very far apart as the whole universe was so large. He and Carl wandered from the mirror star to various minor planets. Later, they joined the army to meet up with other family members on board a ship. After the disbandment of the Legion, they had planned to find a planet for vacation and gain their pension, but now they were starting to wander again.

As they got closer to Lota Beta 11, Carl was about to go change his clothes. As a result, he saw Auguste staring at the starry sky outside the ship with a transparent shield for JianJian in his hand. He walked by and elbowed Auguste.

“Quickly get ready, ah. We are immediately going into the harbor. Did you turn stupid?” Carl looked at Auguste in disgust.

Auguste: Oh.

Soon Carl paid for his cheap mouth. Auguste put on his mechanical suit without incident. He put his right hand in to hold the plant shield for Hai’an and turned away. When he turned around, he dropped an anti-gravity ball with his left hand.

The small ball rolled to the ground and the blue light flashed instantly. It clung to the ground firmly, spouting out in a hexagon shape.

Carl looked at the ball and yelled, “Ah, fuck,” before hurriedly putting on his mechanical uniform. He was sucked up into the anti gravity ball and fell down, hitting the floor with a loud bang. A big hole was cracked in the floor by his chin. Carl looked up and saw Lydney, neatly dressed, looking at his chin in horror.


When Hai’an woke up, Auguste was no longer in the room. He did not know how long he slept. There was no way to distinguish between day and night in the universe. Hai’an felt the humidity of the soil and found that Auguste had watered him.

Now Auguste watered him only one-third of a cup a day.

That is to say, it was the second day?

Hai’an stretched out his vine and plucked the YangYang flower that had fallen off the top of his head, shaking comfortably, basking in the sun.

Yesterday, he watched the cosmic scenery outside and fell asleep. Now that he thought about that, Hai’an was a little guilty. Auguste took care of him dedicatedly but he didn’t care about Auguste last night. He seemed to have not rested for two days and didn’t know if he had slept last night.

Alas, there seemed to be no other use for him than to grow vines and hold Auguste’s fingers. Well, he could also spray water.

To tell the truth, Hai’an was not sure what he could do now. Since he became a shaking grass, the magic of his past couldn’t be used. It should be said that he couldn’t afford to spend so much energy now. Hai’an could feel that every time he mobilized his energy, he was wasting his strength. But such consumption could be replenished with sunshine, water and so on. Even if the nutritional level of the soil was different, it would also affect the recovery rate of his physical strength.

In the past, when he was a young seedling, he had little power to use. Now that he was growing, he had more power to mobilize elements. If he was right, his power recovery was proportional to the growth of the plant itself. His infancy passed quickly, but he did not know how long it would take to grow up entirely.

Oh, without his owner around, it was boring.

When Auguste returned to his room, he saw Hai’an basking in the sun. Raising the trembling grass was on the right track. Every day, he watched [How to Take Care of Your Plants While Traveling.]

Look at JianJian’s tender, emerald leaves. He could see that JianJian was well raised by him. Maybe he could think of a guide for trembling weeds instead of using the brochure sent by the merchant.

Hai’an missed Auguste for a few minutes and Auguste appeared. At that time, Auguste was not wearing the usual rigorous military uniform, but an all-black dress similar to the Knights Armor in Nore. Obviously the design for Auguste’s body was more concise and generous.

But Hai’an looked at the circular badge with the small version of a dragon on Auguste’s right chest and then looked around at the dragon figurines in Auguste’s room. Hai’an felt as if he just found out something important…

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July 5, 2019 6:33 am

Thank so much for this chapter

July 11, 2019 7:09 am

Childhood friends. That explains the relationship between Auguste and Carl.
Thank you

July 26, 2019 5:21 pm

Hai’an was so curious about Dragons and now he’s found one.

Thanks for the chapter!

May 27, 2020 11:42 am

[When their body died, their souls would return to the moonlight flowers and wait for the next rebirth and return from the tree of life again. ]

Makes me wonder.
Were the other ‘trembling plants’ also elves?
And that the merchant’s actions killed them off?

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