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Chapter 17: Let me take you for a walk.

Auguste likes dragons, too?

Hai’an also found that Auguste had a transparent glass cover in his right hand (referring to the Little Prince’s Rose), which was obviously for his use. Auguste reached for the YangYang flower floating over Hai’an’s head and put him in the protective cover. The sucker under the protective cover firmly fastened the flowerpot then it dropped a metal string from the top. Auguste grabbed the small ring above the string and put it around his index finger. Then he took Hai’an and went out of the room.

Hai’an:… This looks really embarrassing…

Lota Beta 11 was a desert planet with eighty percent of its surface covered in sand. There was no water or plants on the planet. But those on Lota beta 11 did not need water to survive and they were not welcomed by others within the stars. This was because they didn’t accept human mimetic evolution. It was about preserving the original look of their race and bio-engineering it.

In the highly developed era of interstellar civilization, people gradually formed more unified aesthetic symbols, which were mainly human-like forms. Even with a little evolution of species characteristics, one could understand that the characteristics of their own planet needed to be retained. But there were very few planets like Lota Beta 11 that were totally unaccepting of human mimetic evolution. They completely retained all forms of their own planet, which was incompatible with interstellar culture and seemed to be very backward.

Although such a planet should not be included in the list of communicable civilizations, it was discovered 30,000 years ago by Mirror Origin’s people. They discovered a special metal on the planet, which was very expensive in the interstellar space system and was buried under the diffuse yellow sand of Lota Beta 11. Mirror Origin left after helping the people of Lota Beta 11 settle in the interstellar chain. For Mirror Origin, where their whole planet was water, eighty percent of Lota Beta 11 being yellow sand with no drop of water in the planet’s environment, scared them of dying of thirst on the planet.

Auguste came here to trade with the people of Lota Beta 11 and often bought special metals. And along the way, he would bring them something in exchange.

This was the life of a wanderer.

Auguste’s party had been sorted out, and with Auguste holding Hai’an as the leader, the rest of the crew stood behind him in two rows. Carl handed out round badges one by one, and the badge on Auguste’s right breast looked like the one on Hai’an’s cover.

As this was Lydney’s first time traveling on the Vagrant, he didn’t know what it was.

“It’s a self-exploding bomb,” Carl said to Lydney. “Throw it out when you’re in danger and it will make the enemy scream in fear!”

Lydney: They really aren’t simple people on this ship.

“It’s just a translator.” Alia was fiddling with her weapons, dismantling an electronic gun and placing it on her battle suit. In a few seconds, a large machine gun turned into something like an ornament on Alia’s clothes.

She clearly could not allow Carl’s continued deception towards the harmless new crew member, “Lota Beta 11 does not talk in normal interstellar words.” Carl coughed uncomfortably as he looked at Lydney’s accusing eyes. “Then I’ll give you a real bomb.”

“No, thank you.”

The ship had passed through the atmosphere of Lota beta 11 and began to land. It had stopped at the port of trade on Lota beta 11 called Oasis. It was the only open port on Lota beta 11 and also had the same name as Mirror Origin’s Star. But the port was very quiet, unlike Freeport, where there were spaceships taking off and landing at any time.

Lota beta 11 people did not like to leave their planet to travel to other planets because their appearance was easily mistaken by other planets as alien beasts. Other planets did not like coming to such a planet for holidays, especially after a mild and kind Mirror Oriental left a “terrible” comment about the planet on the network. Since then, fewer people visited, although they were often called a black pot. Lota beta 11 held back their grievances.

The cabin to the ship opened gradually and Hai’an finally was able to see the whole picture of the Oasis port. The architectural style of the port was similar to that of Freeport. After all, Lota Beta 11 did not like to communicate with other countries anymore. However, the construction standard of the port was uniformly stipulated by the Star Trade Union. If the port facilities were not safe enough, what would happen during landing and takeoff for a spacecraft?

There were not many bright spots in the whole oasis port. Except for the “people,” it was only a little different.

“Hello, welcome to Lota Beta 11.” The mechanical electronic female voice came from a square translator, the one speaking was an insect of almost equal height to Auguste’s giant chest. Her giant tongs were fitted one by one. Hai’an could even see her sharp mouthpiece clearly. “I’m Bena, your diplomatic guide.”

Hai’an was shocked to see the beetle-like magnified version of Ms. Bena, so these were the primitive creatures first seen here. He thought all those in the entire interstellar space system were mechanical products like robots or the iron-box cars.

It was just that Bena really looked like the beetles that were manipulated by the necromancers of Nore.

“Boss Tanamo has booked a hotel for you. Follow me, please.” Bena said and bowed, although in terms of her figure, the bending curve could be neglected.

“Thank you.” Auguste said, “Carl, you and Jamie are going to deliver the goods.”

Hai’an: What’s with the tone of a robber?

Carl and Jamie left with their cargo boxes, followed by several other Lota beta 11 aliens. Hai’an looked curiously over there and found that Carl was carrying only a few small boxes, as if they had not seen them on board the ship. Hai’an looked back at Carl until he realized that the oasis harbor of Lota Beta 11 was disappearing. Except for the terrace where the ship was stopped, the other superfluous buildings that were like stacked blocks, were folding up and turning into square blocks.

Like the name of Oasis Harbor, if Hai’an hadn’t just come from there, he would never have imagined that these blocks could become a huge port.

But Auguste did not seem to be curious about it.

Lydney saw all this too, but Carl was absent, Auguste was silent and the other crew members were not familiar with him and he dared not talk to them. Although Carl talked a lot, it was clear that it was better to have a voice present at such a time.

Let’s wait to ask once Carl comes back.

Hai’an stretched out the vine and scratched it on the crystal cover. Auguste thought he was bored, so he loosened his grip on the metal string, but Hai’an did not fall down. The plant shield rose like a balloon, but because the chain under the shield was connected to the ring on the forefinger of Auguste, he did not fly away.

And so Auguste took Hai’an with him as he floated in the sky like a balloon.


Thanks to Ana for this fan art from a scene in Chapter 6!

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July 2, 2019 12:38 pm

Thank you for the chapters! I was right it’s a glass ball on a stri… I mean, on a leash. Now I know, what Hai’an meant about it being embarrassing.

July 10, 2019 10:10 pm

What a cute story! 🙂

July 26, 2019 5:26 pm

So cute, he’s taking his plant as a Pet.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 14, 2019 8:13 pm

insect alien have pride, dont want to look like humans

April 30, 2021 10:04 pm

“Human mimetic evolution” is a pretty interesting explanation for why intelligent alien life forms would all look like variations of humans. It’s definitely the most plausible explanation I’ve seen.

Although I do like it a lot when stories have non-human sapient species that are completely different from humans like the Lota Beta 11 residents.

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