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Chapter 28: Smile is yours. Love is mine.

Hai’an didn’t understand what they were talking about. He only knew that this time he was going to the black market because of what Auguste was going to buy.

But Jamie looked very sad.

Since he couldn’t help with anything, Hai’an had to wait quietly for Auguste to give him milk powder.

Hai’an has refused to drink water since he found he could drink milk in the hall last time.

Hai’an: I want to keep my stomach full and drink fresh milk.

As soon as Hai’an was given water, he twisted the vines around Auguste’s fingers and shook them gently. Auguste knew he didn’t want water and had to prepare a bottle of milk for Hai’an.

Whenever Hai’an wanted fresh milk, he could drink it by stuffing his vines in the bottle.

Happiness came too easily.

Hai’an could drink fresh milk any time he wanted now. He thought that he may be able to try something else when he came back from the black market.

The little thing of grass began to look forward to something.

Auguste tested the milk’s temperature, making sure it would not scald Hai’an, then he opened the small hood next to Hai’an and put it inside. After all, Hai’an could drink the milk, but he could not touch things that were too hot.

When Hai’an saw Auguste bring over the bottle, he put vines around it and put it in the back basket. He didn’t want to drink it yet, he would take it out when he wanted to. Anyway, even if it was cold, Auguste didn’t have to worry about Hai’an not drinking it.

The spaceship was flying very fast. From the ship, not far away, they could see a circle of meteorites around the mineral belt which was the natural protective barrier. This circle made it difficult for large starships and spacecrafts to enter, so they could only use a small spacecraft as means to enter the mineral belt.

Inside, there were all kinds of mineral asteroids/planets, big and small, all belonging to different owners. The main one of the mineral belt was Pyrenean.

Even though it was small, it became the main planet because the black market was on the planet.

At one time, ninety percent of the planet’s surface was tungsten and gold deposits. Now, its interior had been hollowed out. The planet’s crust has become a natural protective shield. One third of its surface had completely disappeared while the remaining crust was pitted with traces of mining. Buildings were built in the interior of the planet.

All the buildings were inside the planet and the middle part was a landing platform for the spacecrafts. So when one stood on the left side of the planet’s crust and looked up, they could see not the sky, but the buildings on the inside of the planet’s crust.

The planet belonged to Cessie, the largest miner on the black market and the most famous collector in interstellar space. This man owned nearly half of all the planets within the mineral belt.

But his wealth did not come from mining.

Cessie liked to collect all kinds of mysterious things in interstellar space. When someone wanted to find something secretly but couldn’t find it, they could pay Cessie to help find it. And if the person was looking for something they had never even heard of before, he would help unconditionally, using all means and all the resources he had.

It was said that he could find anything.

But after Cessie found the client’s items, he would often sell them to the client at a high price. Maybe he would not sell them even after he died, just to keep them in his collection.

He was the biggest miner in the StarCraft and had numerous talents with a huge underground network. He could help solve unseen problems. The clients who were forcibly rejected by him could only suffer their losses in silence.

Auguste was not very strong hundreds of years ago, and when he went to Cessie, he was not yet an adult. Later, after he joined the Emperor, because he had been learning to pass on knowledge and the teachings of his race to Carl, his strength had gradually rose only fifty years ago.

During these fifty years, Auguste also learned one thing – Cessie was an Empire man.

Think about it, why did the Empire never have a black market? Nearly half of the Empire’s raw ore came from the Miner Belt, where there was the largest black market in all of the galaxy.

But no matter who Cessie was, Jamie volunteered to ask him to help him find the Moonlight flower. Every wage and every penny he earned over the years was handed over to Cessie.

He missed his Cedar so much. More than a hundred years had passed, and time had not diluted his love for Cedar in his heart. On the contrary, as time went on, his thoughts kept going, never stopping, until her death snuck into his dreams every night and he began to be more and more afraid to sleep. In the dreams, he and Cedar were still living on that beautiful planet with a plain and stable life like ordinary couples.

Unlike in reality where he lived as a solitary soldier.

When Hai’an put the bottle in his trunk, he found the spaceship was very quiet. Jamie turned the ring on his ring finger and was silent, while Auguste looked out of the window and he did not know what he was thinking. His eyes were drooped and his long eyelashes covered his eyes.

Hai’an looked at them, felt that they were sad, and his heart was filled with some astringent feelings.

He was very happy with the crew on the Vagrant and the strangeness and uneasiness that he felt after first coming to the world had gradually dissipated. If it hadn’t been for Auguste’s meticulous care, he didn’t know if his mind would be as good as it is now.

If Auguste only regarded him as a pot of insignificant leaves, maybe the view he could see would always be Auguste’s bedroom, or he would have even drowned after Auguste watered him too much.

Hai’an didn’t know if he could go back to his other world if he died, but nobody wants to die. What if he couldn’t go back? Besides, if he died, he couldn’t see the wonderful scenery of this world, nor could he see Auguste.

Hai’an glanced at the bottle in the basket behind him and suddenly came up with an idea.

He circled the bottle, sucked some milk out with a vine, smeared it on the glass, and then beat it on the shield, trying to make noise to attract the attention of both of them.

“JianJian.” Auguste and Jamie heard the sound of hammering on the shield from Hai’an’s side. They thought something had happened to Hai’an and turned to look at him.

They found that Hai’an had painted a smiling face on his protective cover with milk.

Auguste and Jamie were stunned and they looked at Hai’an in astonishment.

As Hai’an saw that they did not respond, he became a little distressed. He could not write the world’s text and could only rely on painting.

Is my painting too ugly? With that in mind, Hai’an held out two more vines and put them up high, mimicking a loving shape for Auguste to see.

Two thin green vines swayed in mid-air, trying to put together a pattern. Hai’an had just painted a smiling face in front of him, which blocked his body. Auguste could only see the green love symbol and the “tearful” smiling face which began to slide down due to gravity.

Hai’an also found that the smiling face began to cry. He quickly separated a vine to suck off the slippery milk. As a result, the smiling face became more and more beautiful, the leaves shook quickly, and the love on his head could hardly be maintained.

Auguste couldn’t help laughing when he saw Hai’an like this, but suddenly he stopped and tried to adjust his serious voice and said to Jamie, “Well, the smiling face is for you, the love is mine.”

Jamie looked up at the neurotic Auguste, shook his head and rubbed the goose bumps on his arms. “Auguste, fetishism is a disease and needs treatment.”

Auguste: “…”

When Hai’an saw that both of them were in a better mood, he took back his vines and took a sip of milk from the bottle. Then he looked at the milk stains on his shield. Hai’an was a little sad.

How do I get rid of this?

Auguste came over quickly, opened the cover and wiped it clean for him. Before closing the hood, he touched Hai’an’s leaves gently. Hai’an was shaken by his touch, and put out a vine, quickly wrapped around his finger and squeezed it.

Only you can touch me.

The spacecraft flew very fast and shuttled quickly through the miner belt, unlike other small spacecrafts that they left behind. They drove cautiously and were afraid of accidentally breaking the debris floating around and hitting the miners while they were mining, but Auguste was a soldier after all. These small stones were not enough to hinder him.

Soon, they approached the planet. From a distance, it was like a glowing ball. The traffic controllers who were in charge of piloting the foreign ships saw Auguste’s ship and turned on the guiding lights to lead them to the landing platform.

Hai’an created another vine. The original vine still encircled the milk bottle and the other one had already wrapped around the control stick of the small ship. As long as the door of the spaceship opened, he could fly out immediately. After all, he had not tried to really use the small ship to fly.

When he was on the Vagrant, Hai’an was all about drinking milk and following Auguste’s command to operate the ship. At that time, he was shocked by Auguste’s new flowerpot. He was so stunned that now, he didn’t know anything about it. He flew for a few minutes and then was held down by Auguste. He was not familiar with how to use the small ship.

What if he carelessly pressed the wrong key? There were missiles on his little UFO. Hai’an took a sip of milk and tried to recall what Auguste had said at the time, and which button was the launch button of the Little Woods missile?

Before Hai’an could figure out how to operate it, the three spacecrafts had already hovered and landed on the platform in the middle of the planet. Hai’an decided not to think about it. First, he needed to fly it to figure it out. He decided to just use the steering pole. He didn’t touch the buttons indiscriminately.

As soon as the door of the spaceship opened, Hai’an took advantage of the opportunity. The vine pulled down the steering pole quickly and was ready to move forward. But before he flew out of the door, Auguste took Hai’an firmly into his arms.

Auguste lowered his head and whispered close to Hai’an, “There’s no danger. Don’t run around.”

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