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Chapter 39: Meaty-pink Monster Planet 

In order to better display the map, the hall’s lights were all dimmed, and countless speckled particles were scattered and combined into planets and orbital routes, showing a light-year interstellar map around them. Light blue spot particles shone in the vicinity of everyone, making people feel as if they were in the starry sea. In front of Hai’an, there was a projection of a planet about the size of him, which was slowly rotating around a circle of stars. He could not help but stretch out vines and touch it.

Hai’an’s vine threw itself through the speckle particles and fluttered into the air. Nothing could be touched, but it was really beautiful.

Auguste’s featured information about that meteorite belt, and other planets instantly dispersed, leaving only the planets around that meteorite belt. This was a newly discovered meteorite belt.

Man had never fully explored the whole universe. Over the years, as pioneers, interstellar expeditions have stepped into the unknown interstellar domain step by step, exploring each route bit by bit, collecting information from each planet, and drawing a complete map of the universe. Every corner of the universe was full of opportunity and wealth. Star Exploration Teams were the first group to master the wealth of new resources, but the new map was very expensive, so some businessmen would keep a group of Star Exploration Teams to find new resource planets and map them, so they can get the latest news first.

Leston’s map showed only the approximate range and the number of meteorites around the Mu 1892 meteorite belt, and then it was dark and invisible.

There had been no expeditions there. It was a completely unknown field. The number and density of meteorites, as well as whether there were planets that could be found to supplement energy, and the danger of the planets were unknown. But they had no other retreat, no breakout team, and they were blocked by the Hammer Legion and could not come out any more.

“Drive in.” Auguste studied the distribution of meteorites in the lower meteorite belt, “sending some mechanical fighters to explore the way first.”

“Yes!” Alia immediately pulled out her nano computer on her wrist and entered instructions. The Lower Door of the ship opened, and a thousand mechanical fighters flew out, flying forward. Within a few minutes, they could not be seen.

At the same time, the map of the Mu 1892 meteorite belt in the hall was quickly supplemented and appeared in the hall. With the deepening of the exploratory mechanical warriors, dense meteorites were gradually projected into the hall. The more that appeared in the hall, the more dense the meteorite belt was, it quickly reached the upper limit of the ship’s hull passage.

“Should we go further?” Leston looked at the map. “There’s a good chance that you’ll be hit by a small meteorite again.”

“Keep going, follow the route of the Exploration Team, and don’t stop until you reach the limit.” Auguste ordered calmly.

The ship continued to go forward, reaching the edge of the Mu 1892 meteorite belt, then they could see the Hammer Legion coming after them. Without further pause, the ship slowed down and entered the meteorite belt along the route of the dispatched Mechanical Soldier Exploration Team. At first, there were only scattered meteorites around, but as the ship went deeper, some asteroids suddenly appeared in the meteorite belt, and the initial information from the Mechanical Soldier Exploration Team showed that the density of meteorites here should be close to the upper limit of the ship’s hull passage.

But strangely, the meteorites here were loosely aligned, completely different from what was shown on the map. The team flying ahead was continually transmitting new map data, and the general pattern of the Mu 1892 meteorite belt was gradually becoming complete. But they soon found that the more the Mu 1892 meteorite belt went to the middle, the less meteorites there were, and then there were no meteorites at all. The map showed that it was an empty place.

If it hadn’t been for the mechanical warriors, Auguste would have thought they had fallen, but that wasn’t scientific. In the middle of a large meteorite belt, there would never have been such a large blank area, unless there were black holes in it. But the robotic warrior team did not find the intense radiation and heat from the black hole accretion disk.

Lydney also found that the field was wrong, and thought of something. Lydney quickly opened his own nano computer for computing.

At this time, the team also had an accident, suddenly two giant planets appeared on the map, and then a thousand mechanical fighters lost their connection, so the exploration of the Mu 1892 meteorite belt ended.

Auguste frowned. “Leston, play the final video records of the Exploration Team.”

Leston’s finger flicked on the operating table. “Right away, I’m downloading it.”

When the lights came on, the star map disappeared, replaced by the final video before the Discovery team lost its connection.

At first it was normal, the meteorites were very dense, but when the team flew through another dense meteorite belt, all the meteorites disappeared, and the mechanical fighters still flew forward, in front of which there was darkness, and not a star could be seen.

The team did not encounter the asteroids they had seen on their way at all. Finally, the team met the two giant planets. One of them had a gray-black sphere with no atmospheric occlusion, but they could not see what was on the surface.

The other planet is a weird meaty pink color.

The team kept the same distance from the two planets, but as they passed through the middle, the mechanical warriors suddenly lost control and were pulled down to the fleshy pink planet.

Obviously, it was a very magnetic planet.

From then on, the video from the Exploration Team began to frame randomly, one flash at a time, and then it showed an error screen all the time. They could only hear the roar of the mechanical fighters when they fell. Finally, there was a huge explosion, and the video was over.

There was a moment of silence in the hall.

Lydney was pale, his forehead was full of fine cold sweat, and he was still calculating the data.

“Quickly, get out of the meteorite belt and fly to the center.” Lydney suddenly stood up and shouted.

Auguste did not ask Lydney why he wanted Leston to accelerate out of the meteorite belt. There were fewer and fewer meteorites around, which gave them a very good flight area. The ship had been set to the maximum speed. The open area was not far ahead and because there were no meteorites, it was very easy to identify.

A short distance away from the open area, those on the ship suddenly felt a violent shaking. Hai’an almost rolled off the table. As soon as Auguste moved, he hugged Hai’an in his arms. Hai’an realized that he was holding two vines tightly around Auguste’s hand.

The ship had been hit by a small meteorite, these small meteorites were not there originally. They did not know when a small crowd of meteorites had suddenly gathered. From both sides, they were quickly surrounded, several larger meteorites collided, causing multiple broken meteorite fragments to float about.

A large number of fast-flying meteorite debris hit the ship, causing tremendous vibrations along the hull. Fortunately, the ship was about to leave the meteorite belt. Otherwise, these fast-closing meteorite layers would surely pummel the ship.

Shortly after entering the open space, two giant planets appeared. They were to one side, moving together as if they were chasing each other.

The place where the grey-black planet flew was quiet, while the place around the flesh-pink planet brought out a huge gravitational wave, which drove irregular waves of meteorites around it as they collided with each other. Large meteorites collided with each other to form small meteorites, which made the density of meteorites in that area extremely large.

Auguste looked out at the projection and said to Leston, “Fly carefully around the gravitational field of that pink planet.”

“We can’t go straight through this area. We have to land on the gray-black planet. The gravity of the other planet is so great that if we fall into its gravitational waves, we may never come out again.” Lydney was still calculating fast here, his breathing was short and his eyebrows frowned tightly.

The planet was so strange that he had never seen a record of it.

It was not a black hole, but a huge gravitational field. It was just like a greedy monster, not letting go of any prey falling into the gravitational field, tearing and chewing heartily.

The ship traveled slowly around the meteorite layer and made an emergency landing near the gray-black planet.

Alia sent a spider to collect near-surface atmospheric data of the planet. Soon, the spider sent a message and projected it onto the round table. The planet has almost no atmosphere. Near the ground, it was full of towering rocky mountains and hard rocky fields. There were also nonstop strong hurricanes. The planet’s environment was very bad.

However, it was amazing that there were still living species in such places.

Hai’an could not help but think of fungi that live in the Dead Marshes deep in Elune Forest. The marshes were very corrosive, and corroded wounds may not be cured even by advanced white magic healing. So the Queen ordered that no elves were allowed to go near the marshes.

It was a paradise for the growth of large fungus mushrooms, and another kind of giant ant. The giant ant and fungus mushrooms were not only nontoxic, but also the main ingredients for antidotes. For thousands of years, many explorers had been attracted to the idea of going deep into the swamp to find giant ants and fungus mushrooms, regardless of their lives.

“Holy shit, there are living species in such a harsh planetary environment?” Colin shook his head and looked shocked after reading the planet’s data.

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