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Chapter 40: Can’t you hug me? 

The ship stopped in a relatively flat place on the grey-black planet, which was backed by a big mountain, and had a wide view ahead. If anything really happened, it would also be convenient for the ship to take off.

“Will Lydney go down too?” Corson was curious to see that Carl was using the light shock gun that Alia had specially developed for him for Lydney. He was checking his equipment with Colin’s help. The atmospheric composition here was unknown, and there were unknown species. They were all sloppy.

Lydney looked up and laughed at Corson. “Yes, I can’t always rely on your protection. I’m a part of the Vagrant, sooner or later I’ll get used to this kind of life.”

Corson nodded after listening. “Okay, then you’re safe.”

“Ah, don’t be afraid,” Colin ran over and hit Lydney’s shoulder with his, winking at Lydney. “Isn’t Carl protecting you? He sees how much of a cherry you are.”

“Ah?” Lydney did not immediately realize the meaning of what Colin said, so he looked at Colin in an uncertain way.

But Carl was a little unhappy to see Colin’s intimate shoulder-bumping gesture against Lydney, and got between Colin and Lydney to separate them. “Colin, what are you doing so close to Lydney?”

Colin immediately raised his hands. “I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go. Brother I love you!” With that, Colin opened his hands and chased his brother, who had reached the bottom of the cabin, and hooked an arm around his neck.

Carl: “…”

When Carl saw Colin running away, he turned around to help Lydney check his equipment. But when he saw Lydney’s clear smile, Carl was a little bit speechless. “I… Let me check your equipment.”

“Okay,” Lydney opened his hands unguarded and asked Carl to examine them. As soon as Carl bowed his head, he could see his white chest from Lydney’s untied protective clothes, and the gesture looked like Lydney was hugging him.

So Carl’s face turned red all of a sudden, from neck to ear, and his whole face was red and hot.

Hai’an, who was reassuringly playing with Auguste, saw Carl and Lydney’s movements, and found that Carl’s face turned red after hugging Lydney. Hai’an looked at Auguste, who was standing in front of him with a stoic face, and suddenly extended two vines.

Hold me.

Maybe then I can see Auguste blushing.

When Auguste saw Hai’an shaking up two green vines, he thought he wanted a bottle so he immediately took the warm milk bottle next to him. He put it in Hai’an’s bed, pulled out a YangYang flower, and filled a small bag of zirconium and gold as snacks for him, throwing it into the storage tank behind him.

Hai’an was given milk bottles, using his vines around the bottle, he wanted to pull Auguste into his nest.

Hai’an was eventually embraced by Auguste, but through the glass cover of his little nest.

Hai’an took a sip of milk: Don’t you want to hold me? Forget it, there will be more opportunities in the future.

Everyone’s equipment was almost checked. Except for Carl and Auguste’s original battle suits, the others were wearing large, bulky protective clothes like space suits.

As soon as the ship’s bottom door was opened, a cold wind with ice dregs poured in, smashing into their protective clothing and helmets.

Auguste jumped down one step with Hai’an in his arms, and the others went down the stairs to the ground after all of them, Corson descended.

Alia sat in Red Shield, the last to come down, she followed at the end of the line, responsible for the safety of everyone.

The wind was so strong that even though the shoes in the protective suit had gravity-enhancing devices, Lydney was still unstable in the wind, and Carl had to grab his belt and walk with him.

“Gee, Gee, brother.” Colin stuck to Corson. “If Auguste turned into his Ayulon form, could he still fly here?”

“Why do you think about these strange things all day long?” Corson looked at Colin with reproach. “What advantages do you have besides good eyesight?”

“Brains count for nothing?” Colin responded seriously.


Hai’an was also curious about Colin’s question to Corson. The Dragons of Nore could stand still through the buffering of the Great Demon Master’s magic. He had also learned high-level magic, but now that he was shaking grass, many of his magic spells were not easy to cast. Auguste was always by his side, and Hai’an had no time to practice magic except for his bath time.

What if a fire suddenly broke out in his pot? Maybe he can try to control the elements of wind here.

As long as a balanced state was reached, the wind speed can be lowered, and finally an area with no wind could be achieved…

The little plant felt the elements of wind around him quietly. They were very fast and furiously moving. What Hai’an needed to do was calm them down and make them gentle.

“The wind speed around us has slowed down and the temperature has started to rise. Now the wind speed is 5, the temperature is – 80c.” Jaime read the atmospheric information back from his feed to the public. “But there is no change in wind speed or temperature beyond a meter around us.”

Jamie thought this was a little strange. They didn’t carry anything special, and this area was like a natural protective shield, just enclosing all of them.

Hai’an stretched out his vines to the storage tank to pick up the small bag of zirconium and gold. In that short time, his physical strength had been greatly exhausted. If he was the same as he once was, magic of this degree would not consume all of his energy.

“It’s JianJian,” said Auguste, raising his hand to Hai’an, who was drinking the zirconium and gold, and was stunned at Auguste’s words. “There was more food before.”

Auguste installed a bag of zirconium and gold for JianJian, now it was already half empty. He remembered that he had filled it with so much weight for it to be enough for Hai’an to eat for a whole day. Only a few minutes after getting off the ship, he had shrunk the bag to half its size, which wasn’t normal.

“Isn’t it because of the new little bud?” Lydney asked, after all, as the growth and development of plants become more mature, more nutrients would be needed. It was normal for Hai’an to eat more.

But Auguste was adamant, “I added some more zirconium and gold. It’s impossible for JianJian to eat so much that quickly.”

It was obvious that Hai’an had to shake his leaves desperately to show that he had done it. Anyway, Auguste must have understood his body language.

“You see, a humble confession.”

Carl was stunned. He spent so many years with Auguste but he never saw Auguste understand his body language. Were they the same race or not?

“A trace of life was found 200 kilometers ahead.” Hong Hu, Red Shield, suddenly spoke, and the low voice of a mature woman resonated throughout the area.

Alia connected to everyone’s microphone. “Red Shield’s radar has found traces of life, but I looked at this data and it shows that this trace of life is underground. It is moving towards us at a speed of 15 kilometers per minute. It is expected to reach our present position in 10 minutes at the fastest possible time.”

“Can we run?” Jamie looked at the fast-moving dot on the nano computer on his wrist and asked everyone for their opinions.

Colin also saw the radar, “What are we running for? Aren’t we just coming down to see it?”

“We don’t know what it is. What if we fight?”

“Wait a minute, that spot doesn’t move!” Lydney’s wrist was also equipped with a synchronous nano computer. He found that a few seconds ago the light spot was stationary and stopped about 100 kilometers away from them.

Auguste’s ears twitched as he sensed something and he shouted, “Scatter away!”

As soon as his voice fell, the ground where they stood suddenly exploded. Hai’an and Auguste were suddenly blown by the win, but because Auguste tied a steel chain to his wrist on the base of the little nest, Hai’an just floated in the air and did not leave Auguste.

Lydney was knocked down by the shock wave of the explosion and lifted back by the airflow. Carl had not grasped his hand, and Lydney rolled several turns before stopping.

Hong Hu fought with the monster that ran out. It was a huge worm. It was not a shell beetle like Tanamo but an invertebrate mollusk worm. It was full of pink flesh and under its body were many small feet, sweeping the ground. The seemingly soft insect feet were very hard, it crawled over the place, leaving a gully in the ground as it went. Its body was also covered with many scales. At one end was a small mouth with dense teeth, row of rows. From it’s stomach, a green and unknown gas sprayed out.

It was disgusting.

“The gas is corrosive. Stay away from it!” Alia roared loudly.

They were equipped with metal and it was easily eroded by the acid gas. Auguste unfastened the chain from his wrist and handed Hai’an to Jamie.

“Hold JianJian. Go towards the direction of the dot.”

The life shown by the dot was not the worm attacking them. The worm had no life on the radar. The dot was moving towards them, but it stopped suddenly. It must know about the worm!

As soon as Auguste’s words were finished, Alia stopped her attack and retreated quickly. She picked up Jamie and Lydney, who were running on the ground with JianJian in their arms. Carl and the Colin brothers jumped onto Red Shield’s legs. Everyone except Auguste climbed onto her and were carried to the spot on the radar.

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