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Chapter 41: How dirty you are! 

Hai’an was worried about Auguste and wanted to see what was going on over there, but he was covered in Jamie’s clothes and there was only darkness around him.

The planet had no sunshine, no moon; only endless gales and broken ice slabs. The whistling gale still roared on in their ears. But besides the sound of ice hitting the red metal shell, Hai’an also heard the sound of a dragon coming from afar.

When Auguste returned to his Ayulon form, he stepped on the worm with one foot. With a snap, the worm became paste. The worm’s body exploded and its juice sprayed all over the place. The liquid in its body was indeed a strong acid. If it dropped on a metal object, no matter how strong the metal may be, it would melt. Auguste was covered with scales, and strong acid had no affect on him.

The insect’s body shrank in the cold wind, and soon was frozen into ice. Then the ice covered the ground with hard stones turning into the same material as the original land on the planet. If Auguste hadn’t been here at the time, he would not have believed that in a few minutes, the insect had become part of the land as if it had never existed at all.

It was better to go and find JianJian first.

Auguste raised his head and let out a long dragon roar. He flapped his wings and flew to Hai’an and the others. Red Shield took them to the spot where the dots were. The radar showed that the life was at their feet.

“Here it is.” Colin raised his wrist and looked at his nano computer.

“Of course I know its below.”

“Then why don’t you dig first?”

“Why don’t you dig first?” Corson disagreed.

Colin was unhappy. “I’m your brother. You should dig the hole!” And how dirty you are! You are so dirty!

As Colin and Corson bickered, Auguste caught up from behind, “Roar!” 

Colin felt himself jumping as he fell to the ground with a loud bang.

Auguste’s enormous body sat there, blocking the wind in that direction, almost better than Hai’an’s wind magic.

“Auguste… Are you too fat?” Colin hesitated to speak.

Auguste: “…”

What Auguste’s response to Colin was a dragon’s breath. A small flame burst out onto Colin’s face, reflecting his handsome face in his helmet.

Without the helmet for protection, Colin now had no hair or eyebrows. Colin chose to shut up tactfully. “I can’t be uglier than my brother. I didn’t say anything just now.”

“Ah, the dot is moving. It’s running away!” Jamie shouted, “Auguste, you just scared it.”

The spot on the nano computer was actually moving. Auguste didn’t want to continue wasting time with Jamie and Colin. His front paw hit the spot and began to dig at the ground.

Hard stones were cut easily under Auguste’s paws like fluffy soil. After digging and digging, a wolf’s head suddenly appeared in the ground, whining and whimpering at Auguste.

Auguste was stunned and stopped digging.

What was dug up was a wolf with thick gray-black fur. The fur on his head was cut off by Auguste’s sharp claws, and if he had gone any deeper he would have scratched the wolf’s scalp.

Auguste removed his paws and returned to human form. The first thing he did get JianJian from Jamie.

Everyone looked at the wolf. He “whined” a few times, retracted his head a little, then suddenly turned around, left his wolf’s tail outside, shook a few times inside, and then turned his head out. The underground road he returned to was crushed by the vibration caused by Auguste’s jump. It couldn’t go back now.

In terms of force, it was obviously not the opponent of the group outside, so the wolf had to continue to shrink in the cave, leaving only a pair of green eyes exposed, two pointed wolf ears with a bunch of white hair laid back against it’s skin. With his head just shaved by Auguste, it gave a pitiful look.

Hai’an was held by Auguste with one hand. He could not see what was going on outside, so he shook and straightened up the branch a little to see what Auguste had pulled out.

It turned out to be a small gray-black wolf, huddling piteously there with watery eyes.

Hai’an gave a small movement, the YangYang Flowers atop his head also followed the shake, showing a ray of sunshine, and in the dark night, it was very obvious.

It immediately caught the wolf’s eye.

The wolf saw not only the glowing YangYang flowers, but also the bud on top of Hai’an. His eyes went wide and the ears that were hanging back on his head stood upright at once.

Then the “wolf” jumped out of the cave. “Aroo!” He jumped up and threw himself at Hai’an with a shout of joy.

Hai’an was startled by it and twisted quickly.

When Auguste saw that Hai’an was frightened, he lifted Hai’an high. The wolf could not reach him, but still jumped there, jumping up and down.

So Hai’an saw a bald wolf with a tongue hanging out “whining” and jumping up at him. Hai’an stretched out a vine and waved at the wolf as if he were greeting him. The wolf was even more excited when he saw Hai’an greeting him. It stopped, did not continue to pounce on Hai’an, but ran a few laps around Auguste’s leg.

“What is it doing?” Carl looked at the wolf’s strange movements and asked Jamie.

Jamie was surprised. “Why ask me? I’m not it. How would I know?

“Aren’t you a wolf, too?”

“Neither of us are the same breed, okay? Besides, I am an evolutionary human being awakened by blood, not a transformed creature like you and Auguste.” Jamie turned a white eye to Carl. He also wanted to transform. The snow wolf’s prototype was more than ten meters long. If he could, he wouldn’t have to fight by hand.

He could just go straight up and bite.

After a few laps, the wolf suddenly turned around and ran, but did not run far. Instead, he ran to a higher slope and howled at the sky in the cold wind, making a long wolf howl.

After hearing the wolf howl, Jamie put down his hand in front of his chest. “I understand this sentence. It’s calling his kin.”

Wolf howling could convey a lot of information, which only wolves could understand. After the wolf howled a few times, on the distant horizon, suddenly appeared several pairs of green eyes in the dark.

These were the adult wolves of this planet.

The shining eyes moved rapidly towards them, and the radar showed that there were five dots, but Auguste clearly saw eight green dots. Adult wolves ran very fast. Within a minute, five large grey-black adult wolves came to Auguste.

Compared with them, the other wolf was too small to see. They were also covered in grey-black fur, which looked very dense so that it could withstand the cold of the planet. The little wolf was about one meter long, while the giant wolves were more than ten meters long and thirty four meters high.

The wolf ran to the middle of the wolf’s circle and rubs along one wolf, whining coquettishly. The big wolf rubbed the small wolf with its face. As a result, when it bowed its head, it found the little wolf’s bald head. The big wolf was obviously stunned, and then gently licked the little wolf’s bald scalp.

Were these the child’s parents that had arrived?

Before Jamie could figure it out, the wolf in the middle looked up and stared at Auguste. It sniffed out the man who shaved the little wolf’s head.

But then he discovered Hai’an in Auguste’s arms.

The glowing YangYang flower was so obvious in the darkness, but Auguste was afraid that Hai’an would be cold so he had insisted on putting YangYang flowers on Hai’an.

Hai’an shook his leaves, turned to look at Auguste and then turned to the giant wolf.

Hai’an had eaten a little more zirconium and gold than usual today. The bud on his head had grown a little. The tip of the calyx leaves had slightly split, revealing the form inside, but he could not see the color, it was just a white mass.

When he saw the wolf’s eyes staring at Auguste and him, Hai’an felt a little nervous. He touched the bud on his head with a vine.

Was it because Auguste shaved the wolf’s head, so now the wolf was going to shave its own head?

No… It was not easy for me to grow a small flower bud.

Instead of attacking Auguste, the wolf howled a few times at Auguste, then lowered its head, grabbed the back of the neck of the little wolf and walked in the direction they came.

“Follow them.” Jamie said to the others, “The roar he just shouted means follow him.”

The wolf took a few steps forward and looked back to see if they had followed. He saw that Auguste was indeed following him. The wolf shook the crushed ice off it’s fur and began to run fast.

The others also climbed onto Red Shield and ran with them.

Hai’an was sitting on the shoulder of Red Shield in Auguste’s arms. The cold wind was blowing, but the YangYang flowers on his head were emitting heat.

As a result, after a short walk, the YangYang flower went out after a few flashes, and could not continue to float. It fell down from mid-air and hit Hai’an’s bud. Hai’an was hurt. He stretched out a vine and rubbed it where it had fallen. Using another vine, Hai’an picked up the YangYang flower with a vine and shook it vigorously.

Why would it not light up?

Hai’an did not know that the YangYang flower needed recharging. He thought the flower was broken, so he wanted to stretch out the vine and pull Auguste’s finger to tell him that it was broken. But Hai’an soon remembered that the cold wind was blowing outside, and that it would die if he stretched out the vine.

There was a constant temperature system in his little nest, even if there was no YangYang flower, it would not be too cold.

I can also use fire magic. Should I try it?

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