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Chapter 43: The way in which everyone becomes human. 

The planet was called Pyramid. It wasn’t what it used to be with extremely cold whistling winds, hard stone fields, and never-ending ice ballasts that struck every life outside. These harsh living environments did not exist in the previous Pyramid system. There used to be green vegetation, and they were not aggressive mutant plants. Most of them were edible fruit trees. Pyramid used to be like a primitive forest, with all kinds of animals and plants. Everyone lived in peace on it.

Later, a strange planet appeared. It was the flesh-pink planet that Auguste saw on the ship.

No one knew what was on that planet, except that it had a huge gravitational field. Any planet near it was either pulled in by its gravitational field and destroyed by collision, or it would fall vertically onto the surface of the pink planet and melt as it was slowly eaten.

There were many asteroids around the planet Pyramid, which were eaten by the flesh-pink planet. Then the flesh-and-pink planet began to approach Pyramid, and the creatures living on Pyramid were terrified that the end was coming.

But strangely, the planet Pyramid wasn’t gone.

Pyramid began to move away from its original trajectory, but remained in a zigzag state with the flesh-and-pink planet. The flesh-and-pink planet could never catch up with Pyramid, but Pyramid could not escape the gravitational field of the flesh-and-pink planet.

The creatures living on Pyramid thought that it was okay to live like that since it didn’t have a big impact on them. After all, the Pink Planet couldn’t eat them. Then, one day, the sun on Pyramid never rose again after sunset, they knew that their sun had been eaten by the flesh-and-pink planet.

Without the sun, the temperature of Pyramid began to drop, and only the cold winter remained in all seasons. Animals and plants died out in large numbers. Snow and wind covered their bodies and gradually merged into the soil. The wolves were a family of snow wolves and the cold was nothing to them. Some plants and small animals that could live in the cold with no light were enough for them to survive off of. 

But a strange bunch of insects suddenly appeared on Pyramid. Their bodies were pink, strange-looking and full of strong acids. Once they were killed, strong acids was sprayed out. More importantly, their bodies become hard stones, covering the ground, hindering the growth and survival of other cold-tolerant plants and animals.

If they were not killed, they would eat the creatures on Pyramid, and they would eat an astonishing amount of food and be able to walk freely through the corpses of their soil-transformed siblings. The snow wolves had to dig holes in the ground, because there were natural soil and stones where the insects could not enter.

As the number of corpses of insects increased, their food decreased. Snow wolves who went out to look for food also suffered heavy casualties. Even if they were rescued, their corroded fur could no longer grow new fur and they could only freeze to death.

“We’ve had other ships here. An interstellar businessman. He said this place had never been found before and that maybe he can make a fortune.” The man whose face was destroyed, Siang Liang, leaned against another werewolf stronger than him, said to be his husband, and sobbed softly, “He taught us the common Star Language, but he didn’t listen to our advice and went to the planet.”

“Then he died.” Colin took Siam Liang’s words from his mouth. As soon as Corson saw that his brother was acting cheap again, he stepped on Colin’s foot.

“Yes,” said the man, his voice was very low. “His spaceship fell into the gravitational circle of the unknown planet, and we never saw him again.”

“Then what can we do for you?” Jamie listened to Siam Liang’s words, “From your narrative, planets that can devour stars, gravitational field strength that is no less than black holes. No spaceship can escape, so even if our spaceship is a warship, it is impossible to do so.”

Siam Liang was silent. He didn’t know that.

“I have a question,” Lydney stepped out. “Why is that planet chasing you? Have you ever thought that it is not your sun that has been eaten, but that you have been taken away from your original position by it?

“Yes,” Carl was also surprised. “Since the interstellar merchants can come to your planet, it proves that your planet must be included in the star map. Only interstellar expeditions can reach the stars that are not in the star map. How can an ordinary merchant come to an unknown star field?”

“Is there anything special on your planet that attracts it?”

Siam Liang thought, “The only special thing we have here should be the human fruit tree.”

“Human fruit tree?” Lydney’s face was full of questions.

“Yes, we can become human because of this fruit tree, as long as we eat its fruit, we can become human.” Siam Liang said, shaking his head after thinking of something. “But this fruit tree should be extinct. It can’t adapt to such cold weather. Without sunshine, it can’t live at all.” Siam Liang looked back at the little wolf. “That’s my child. Because we can’t find any fruit trees anymore, he can only keep the wolf shape. Now he’s still young and can live in a cave. When he grows up, he can’t live at all.”

Without the warmth of the underground cave, to live outside all the time, but also to avoid the attack of worms, the wolf alone can not last long.

“I will accompany Pitty,” said the man holding the wolf, who was the big wolf licking the wolf’s hair outside. “Whether Pitty can become a man or not, I will accompany him. If he grows up, I will accompany him to live outside.”

Siam Liang’s only eye was in tears again. He choked and could not speak. Although he said he was living outside, maybe they would die earlier than him. The outside environment was so cruel, and they were so young.

Auguste gently stroked the cover of the little plant. He was interested in the fruit. What if JianJian could drink it? What would happen if JianJian drink that fruit juice?

Hai’an was more interested in fruit. He always wanted to change back to his original shape. If they found the fruit, would he be able to restore his human shape? He could use wood magic to stimulate the germination and growth of the seed. As long as there was a living fruit seed, he could certainly make the fruit tree bear fruit.

But the biggest question at the moment was the pink flesh planet. If the pink flesh planet really aimed at the fruit tree, would it become human after eating the fruit?

This question was extremely frightening.

Finally, Auguste decided to look for fruit on the planet, and to think about how to deal with the fleshy pink planet when looking for fruit.

There were many small caverns in the cave. Siam let them stay for one night, and then the next day let a wolf familiar with the Pyramid terrain accompany them to search for fruit trees, which could also save a lot of time.

When Carl heard that he was free to choose a cavern, he was so happy that he jumped next to Lydney and said, “Cough… Lydney, let’s live in a cave together. I’m afraid of the dark!”

Lydney doubted the credibility of Carl’s statement, but after all, they weren’t on the Vagrant. It was okay for everyone to stay together for a night, so he entered a very small hole (???) with Carl.

Auguste took Hai’an to a larger cave alone, and Alia ran back to Hong Hu to live there. Only the Colin brothers and Jamie had not chosen a cave yet. Everyone else were all in pairs. How do they divide themselves?

Jamie looked at Colin and was ready to speak.

“My brother and I are single dogs, so we don’t want to live with you.” After that, Corson took Colin and left.

Jamie: “…”

Auguste chose a cave that was little larger than others, about fifty square meters.

There was no blue glowing insects in the cave, it was dark, and only a “whoosh” was heard. Hai’an made a small fire. A faint light illuminated his face, against the bright warm light, Auguste’s face was very gentle.

Hai’an circled the broken YangYang flower with his vines, stretched out the vine from the little nest and put it in Auguste’s palm.

“It’s dead?” Auguste said to Hain warmly.

Hai’an shook his leaves quickly. Auguste checked and found that there was no power left in it, and they could continue to use it when they charged it on the ship. Auguste put the YangYang flower in his pocket, then took out the spare YangYang flower from another pocket and handed it to Hai’an.

Hai’an put out his little flame after the YangYang flower was handed over. He held the YangYang flower then flipped the switch, lighting it up, emitting a warm feeling of belonging to the sun. The heat hit Hai’an’s leaves, causing him to be very comfortable. Hai’an straightened up his branches, happily shaking his leaves.

Looking at Hai’an’s excitement, Auguste burst into laughter, revealing eight big white teeth. Hai’an was so happy to see Auguste laugh for the first time. In the warm sunshine, Hai’an saw Auguste’s dark red eyes looking at him tenderly, as if he were looking at his most cherished treasure. The tenderness in his eyes could not be changed, and Hai’an’s heart suddenly throbbed. But there was a gush of sweet warmth, and he could not explain how it felt.

Hai’an was so stunned that even the vines around the YangYang flowers were hanging down.

“Shut it down first. I’ll show you something.” Auguste touched the cover of the little nest. He couldn’t open the little nest to touch Hai’an now. Although it was not as cold as outside, he was reluctant to freeze his little JianJian.

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So sweet ^_^

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Thanks for the chapter! The tenderness between the 2 is so amazing, especially when you consider that our MC is a plant. August is so open-minded…

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OK, so the wolfs were native to this planet before that monster planet appeared, and the acid worms were the invaders. Human fruit tree… hopefully, please let it work.
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