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Chapter 40: The Paparazzi and I Want to See You

Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The person that Mr Director was meeting was named Gou SanMao, his name was quite wretched and his occupation was the same —– he worked as professional paparazzi, he was extremely skilled at snapping shots of all sorts of scenarios! Just two years ago, Gou SanMao had been a senior fashion reporter, mainly in charge of the commercial sector; he used to try to pull in all sorts of advertisements in all sorts of major shopping centers. It was exactly this that enabled him to become acquainted with Ouyang Long.

“It’s been a while.” Gou SanMao’s clothes were really extremely paparazzi-like, wearing a baseball cap while a camera bag was slung over his shoulder, he looked extremely professional!

Ouyang Long handed a cup of tea to him, “What did you want to meet up for?”

“It’s not anything big, my nephew is graduating from university this year and wants to be an internb at Ren Rui for three months.” Gou SanMao said, “I promised him that I’d ask, is it alright?”

“If it’s just three months, there’s no problem.” Ouyang Long was always decisive when it came to friends, “Tell him to come to me directly next Monday.”

“I knew I was looking for the right person.” Gou SanMao let out a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but spill some bitterness. “You don’t even know. He wanted to get into Tian Chen Entertainment before, saying that I knew plenty of celebrities and that I had to have some trick up my sleeve. What tricks could I possibly have? I know quite a lot of celebrities but I’m betting most of them want my skin!” After all, even normal people couldn’t possibly bear having their pictures of scratching their ass, sneezing, pulling up their trousers and face planting like a dog eating shit posted online and passed around! And that’s not even talking about the people whose income depends on their face!

Ouyang Long broke out laughing, asking casually, “Who did you go take pictures of today?”

“Su Nuo!” Gou SanMao’s words were groundbreaking.

Ouyang Long’s hand suddenly tilted and more than half of his cup of tea came spilling out onto the table.

“What is it?” Gou SanMao was bewildered.

“It’s nothing. Lately my hand has been unsteady.” Mr Director was extremely calm.

“Your work is too busy, you should set date to see a doctor!” Gou SanMao suggested passionately. “I know a great doctor, just her chest is 34D and when she bends over to give the medicine it’s damn fine, do you need me to introduce you?”

Ouyang Long wasn’t in the mood to chat about female doctors at all. “The one you said before, is it the Su Nuo that helped Ren Rui to take pictures for the shopping magazine?” His acting was extremely real!

“That’s right, that’s the one!” The topic had been changed to his strong suit and Gou SanMao’s attention was immediately captured.

“I heard that he had recently went into hospital because of an incident, what photos could you take?” Ouyang Long continued to ask.

“I’ve always wanted to sneak into the hospital to take some unique photos but I just get kicked out again every time by security.” Gou SanMao sighed before his eyes gleamed as he continued. “But even the heavens won’t give up on people who try hard and I finally got some pictures!”

“You got pictures of Su Nuo?” Mr Director immediately had the desire to see them as well!

Gou SanMao was extremely mysterious, sticking out an index finger and waving it from the left to the right. “That’s not entirely correct, keep guessing.”

Ouyang Long extremely wanted to give him a beating, I’m entirely not in the mood of playing guessing games with you, if you keep going around in circles, be careful! I might reposition your nephew to the sanitary department!

That’s right, taking personal revenge through work! Real men were exactly this carefree!

“I got a picture of Qiu ZiYan!” Seeing that he wasn’t playing along, Gou SanMao couldn’t take it anymore and offered the answer.

The hand that Ouyang Long was holding the cup with tightened in an instant. “Who?!”

“Qiu ZiYan, the one that endorsed the Ren Rui shopping book before Su Nuo!” Gou SanMeo explained.

Of course I know who the hell Qiu ZiYan is! Ouyang Long put the cup back onto the table, “Let me see the picture.”

“You’re also interested in this sort of gossip?” Gou SanMao was a bit surprised but still pulled his camera out of its bag.

The photo was taken from a skyscraper opposite the hospital and even though it was a bit blurry, once zoomed in, the image of Su Nuo lying in bed and Qiu ZiYan sitting at the bedside was clear enough.

“It took me a lot of trouble, including using my looks before I could finally get the room number out of one of the nurses!” Gou SanMao was still rattling on without stopping, feeling fucking awesome!

Then he watched as Ouyang Long opened the lid of the camera and took out the memory card.

“What are you doing?” Gou SanMao was extremely shocked.

“Keep this incident a secret.” Ouyang Long opened his wallet and slipped the memory card in.

“Why?” Gou SanMao asked hurriedly, it had taken him an immense amount of trouble to get those shots!

“Qiu ZiYan and Su Nuo are both Ren Rui’s contract models, we’re about to open new shops, we don’t this sort of gossip being passed around!” Ouyang Long was extremely firm.

“… But those are my photos.” Gou SanMao could feel his heart itching. As a qualified paparazzi, having gossip in hand but not being able to pass it around and whatnot was extremely unacceptable!

Ouyang Long put his cup down, his domineering side revealing itself as he said, “If someone else finds out about this, I’ll beat you up.”

Gou SanMao instantly had rivers of tears running down his face. How could he say something like ‘I’ll beat you up’ with the same tone as ‘I want to eat a meal with you’, rich people were really scary!’

Once he had sent the paparazzi off, Ouyang Long plugged the memory card  into his computer, opening the photo once again.

No matter how he looked at it, this was definitely Su Nuo and Qiu ZiYan, there was no way he could be mistaking it!

Mr Director frowned and made a call over.

Su Nuo picked up almost instantly —— In reality, he had wanted to wait for a little in order to put emphasis on how ‘I wasn’t staring at the screen of my phone and waiting for you to call’ but his right hand betrayed him as he kept telling himself not to answer too quickly! Once he saw the handsome name flash onto the screen, he couldn’t bear it at all ok!

“You finished your meeting?” Su Nuo’s voice was obedient.

“En.” Ouyang Long moved his mouse and closed the photo that had previously covered his screen. “What are you doing?”

“I’m reading.” Su Nuo wasn’t lying, he was actually reading a book. ‘Love in Troubled Times’ and whatnot hadn’t been updated in too long so he could only reread it from the start! It wasn’t even that the book was written well but because the names Ouyang JinLong and Su NuoNuo were extremely familiar so he couldn’t help but want to reread it again and again!

“Can I come see you?” Ouyang Long asked, his other hand unconsciously pinching his pen.

I-I-I also really want to see you!! Su Nuo felt quite hopeless. “I’ll go ask my brother.”

“You can’t be forbidden from seeing any friends at all the entire time you’re in hospital.” Ouyang Long tried his best to soften his voice. “Be good, let me come see you, okay?”

“Don’t be so forward! He couldn’t take it at all! Su XiaoNuo was extremely flustered, it didn’t make sense that there wasn’t a French kiss here! And not just a French kiss, there had to be a pec touch somewhere in there too! Even if he wanted to touch Xiaoxiao Nuo it was fine! It would even be okay to get naked! He really was open!

“Are you listening to me?” Seeing that he still hadn’t replied after a while, Ouyang Long had to pose question.

“I’m here.” Su Nuo was jerked back into reality, “En, about that, it would be best to wait a few more days.” Having an older brother was really extremely annoying! He was living the good life as he was married! Being able to fall asleep every night with the person you love in your arms and whatnot was extremely satisfying! But I still wasn’t married! It really fit that saying of full men don’t understand hunger!

Su XiaoNuo sighed, what was called meat and wine rots behind vermillion gates while the starved bones lie on the road*!

T/N: Describing how food and drink is allowed to go to waste in rich people’s houses as they have too much while the poor people out on the road are starving to death.

Wasn’t it perfect for this type of unfair of situation!

“Your older brother is still not allowing anyone to come see you?” Ouyang Long asked.

“En.” Su Nuo answered with no heart, thinking that the next time they met up, he had to initiate a kiss himself!

“Then what about Qiu ZiYan?” Ouyang Long’s voice was gravelly.

“Ah?” Su Nuo’s attention returned as he heard the name of the ab-man being thrown into the conversation. “What did you say?”

“I don’t want to suspect you.” Ouyang Long was tired. Even if he had seen the photos himself, he still wanted to hear an explanation directly from the other man.

All this about Qiu ZiYan and whatnot, Su Nuo immediately lost his cool! Wh-wh-what was with this situation, hadn’t he told his older brother not let anyone else know! Could it be that Qiu ZiYan was insane and that he had gone to show off? This sort of crazy action seemed like something that a brainless ab-man would do!

“Call me back once you’ve thought things through.” Ouyang Long pressed the end-call button.

Shit!!! Why did he suddenly hang up!!! Su Nuo could only listen to the du-du sound as his eyes widened and his mouth formed an ‘o’.

He couldn’t possibly think that he was doing something being his back with ab-man, oh crap! That sort of thing was impossible! I only saw him secretly once! What was with ‘I don’t want to suspect you’! It was as if he was being betrayed! After all, even if he was the one who was seeing Tang XiaoYu behind his back that would have absolutely nothi… Wait a moment, it seemed like there was some sort of connection… No wait, there was an extremely strong connection!

Su Nuo’s thoughts went into turmoil as he sat on his bed, finally realizing something. If the other man was extremely sick and keeping him far away from him but allowed Tang XiaoYu to see him, then… Aaaaah what exactly did I do, it really was extremely cruel!

Su Nuo’s world spun as he gave his older brother a call.

“What is it?” Han Wei asked, “You’re sister in-law is making soup, I’ll bring some over after an hour.”

“I don’t want to drink soup!” Su Nuo threw a fit in his heart. I want to see the man I love!

“Then what do you want to eat?” Han Wei had always spoilt his younger brother, “Are dumplings okay?”

They’re not okay at all! Su Nuo said decisively, “I want to eat a Bavarian fried apple, butter, cheese and lemon pie!” This was completed fabricated okay, but something like fabricating the names of food was nothing to a foodie!

“Wait, say that slower, I’ll grab a pen to write it down.” Han Wei had a mountain of pressure weighing down on him.

“You don’t need to write it down, I only eat it made by one person.” Su Nuo was setting the bar extremely high.

“Which cook?” Han Wei asked.

You’re a cook, your whole family is a cook! Su Nuo clenched his fists tightly, “Ouyang Long!” He finally said it! It really was a moment worth going down in history!

“Ouyang Long? The director of Ren Rui?” Han Wei asked helplessly, “Did he change professions?”

Huhhuh, Su Nuo was curious, “How do you know him?”

“… I saw him on TV.” Actually it was because every time Su Nuo received a job, he would look over it extremely carefully but he couldn’t reveal that!’

“En, he hasn’t changed professions.” Su Nuo said, “He made desserts once before when we were shooting and took them over to the tent for us to eat as afternoon tea, the taste was really good! I want to eat it again!” Even though this reason was extremely childish but it was the only thing he could think of on the spot. He could only use what he had!

“How about we eat something else? Older brother can buy strawberry pastries for you.” Han Wei tried to comfort him.

“No!” Su Nuo was extremely stubborn!

“Be good.” Han Wei felt helpless, “How could just order a director to make dessert for you, you’re not that close.”

How were they not close, they were very, very close! He’d even let his butt get bitten by him! And his little flower also belonged to the man! Su Nuo was as stubborn as a mule. “I’ll call him myself!”

“Be good, I’ll…” Han Wei didn’t even get the chance to finish off his sentence when he was cruelly hung up on.

How could he be so stubborn? Han Wei face-palmed with no strength in the action, could it be that he hadn’t taken good enough care of him when he was younger so now the man was too scared of being hungry?

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The older brother is too overprotective but I think it’s kind of cute that he cares so much about Nuo Nuo. If his brother hadn’t taken such good care of him, I don’t think Nuo Nuo’s personality would be as silly and carefree as it is now.

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