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Chapter 56: Start a gourmet planet

“Colin is just looking at the translation of the ship’s records.” Lydney hurried to help Colin explain.

It’s good that Lydney didn’t explain further. As soon as he explained, Carl was even more unhappy. “Just ask me for the translation. He can’t understand anything.”

“Colin’s afraid you can’t read.”

Carl: “…”

Colin began to think it was better for Lydney not to help him. Carl looked at him like he wanted to tear him alive.

“Brother!” Colin immediately took three strides, ran to the side of Corson, grabbed Corson’s sleeve and said, “I love you.”

Corson: “…”

Carl didn’t want to talk to Colin to lower his IQ anymore. He went to the electronic screen and pulled out the ship’s incident log. “This ship was not going to intercept the expeditionary army of the returning legion. They had other tasks.”

“What task?”

“Find the star flower, then take the seed back to the main star.”

On the electronic screen, a fully blooming moonflower was emitting a faint light, just like the moonlight of the moon.

“But they’re looking for star flowers. Why does the screen show moonlight flowers?” Jamie didn’t understand. “And what is a star flower? I’ve never heard of it.”

“There are records here,” Lydney reminded, pointing to a note in the lower right corner of the electronic screen, in small letters——

[Use of Star Flowers: Controlling the bloodthirsty nature of an Ayulon after its transformation.]

Suddenly Auguste came up and said, “Search if the main star map of this spaceship is still there.”

Lydney’s fingers tapped several times on the keyboard.

[Search results: none]

“The map of the spaceship has been destroyed, but there are copies of the records, probably at the time of… More than two hundred years ago.”

One hundred and fifty years was the childhood of an Ayulon. The expedition had landed on the planet at least five hundred years ago, but the master system had copied records from two hundred years ago, and the copies were still maps of the main stars. It must have been Jerry and Bolink’s children. There were no bodies of Jerry and Bolink, and no traces of other Ayulons. It was quite possible that their children found moonlight flowers and brought them back to the main stars.

This was the best idea, and Auguste hoped it to be the truth.

“There’s another record, about four hundred and fifty years ago.” Lydney clicked on the recording file. 

A crisp little boy’s voice came out in an instant, “That meteorite brought life. I found many seeds in the ice. I planted them today. Maybe many years later, there will be a forest here. When I grow up, I will bring my father and mother here to play, oh, but there are many insects, I don’t like them, will they eat my seeds?”

“Enough,” Auguste picked up Hai’an. “We can go.”

This planet is not the place of death and despair. Somebody left it with hope.

Auguste finally reset the strong gravitational field brought about by the expedition ship, but did not close the warp slot, and adjusted the warp slot’s location – the doorway of the fruit tree goblins.

“Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute,” Lydney suddenly grabbed Carl’s sleeve. “Carl, don’t you want your eggshell…”

Carl looked up at the spaceship and opened his mouth with a brilliant smile. “I have enough dragon dolls. Childhood without dolls is incomplete. My life is more complete than most people.” He waved his hand indifferently. “Besides, Auguste will keep me for life.”

When Auguste heard this, he looked at Carl, with a slight twist in his lips, he said nothing.

But before they got out of the expedition, Auguste received an electronic message from the ship.

“Hey! Auguste, Carl, did you miss me?” There was a huge worm face on the screen, but by the familiar voice they could tell that the man was Tanamo.

Tanamo was waving his sexy, densely hairy insect feet to say hello to Auguste and Carl, “Oh, is that your plant? Has he become a man? It’s so small.” It was so obvious that it was Hai’an, who was embraced by Auguste, at a glance, and Jamie mentioned it to him when he contacted him.

“Tanamo? Why are you here?” Before Auguste answered, Carl spoke.

“I wanted to give Auguste cloth and needles.” Tanamo raised the needle box in his hand, then slightly tilted his head sideways. Behind him with a pile of cloth, stood Bena. “Jamie told me that JianJian has become a human being, and that Auguste can’t wait to buy the most popular material in interstellar today to sew new clothes for him.”

Auguste: “…” He clearly said nothing.

Jamie: “…” He just talked casually, but Tanamo took it seriously.

Only when Hai’an listened, his eyes were bright, his two sharp ears shook, and he held Auguste’s arm up and stared at him. Hai’an felt that Auguste was so fond of him that he had to sew his clothes himself. Auguste looked at Hai’an’s blinking anticipation without refuting it. It seemed that he really needed to learn sewing skills…

“I ran this way along the map given by Jamie. As a result, the planet was full of worms. It was hard for me to find out where your ship was.” Tanamo was yapping again and again. “What are you looking for me for?”

“There’s business I want to talk to you about.”

“What business?”

“I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

“What, do you want me to stay here? This planet is full of flesh bugs? How can you say that? Are you still human?” Tanamo became calm after hearing Auguste’s words.

Auguste wanted him to stay on the planet, hire the werewolves on Pyramid, and work with the fruit goblins to create a gourmet planet.

“You think,” said Tanamo, pointing at the dense insects outside. “Will anyone come to eat this kind of thing?”

“Not necessarily, the two plants of Pyramid say it’s delicious.” Colin was gobbling at Lydney’s freshly cooked meal.

Tanamo looked at Colin with a firm face and was curious. “Have you ever eaten it?”

“Yes.” Colin wiped his mouth and lied without changing his face. “Very delicious.”

Hai’an listened to Colin’s lie, “Pfft” and squirted porridge out from his mouth.

Auguste has just built a small table for Hai’an with several small cups and plates, tied a paper towel as a bib for him, and was feeding Hai’an porridge spoonful by spoonful. Lydney searched the entire kitchen before finding a spoon suitable for Hai’an.

“Open your mouth.” Auguste scooped a spoonful of porridge and whispered to Hai’an.

“Ah ~” Hai’an took a spoon in his mouth, swallowed the rice grains inside, bulged his cheeks and chewed hard. His teeth were not long enough, so he could only eat some soft things. The bowl of porridge was boiled with milk powder. It was full of rich milk and sweet. When Auguste gave him a spoonful of food, Hai’an would hold Auguste’s finger until he had finished eating it.

This meal was a very pleasant meal, except that Auguste actually never ate himself, which made Hai’an a little moody. Although I look small, I do not need someone to feed me my meal.

But Hai’an soon found that Auguste was right. He had eaten smoothly, but he heard Colin’s nonsense all of a sudden. A mouthful of porridge sprayed out without holding back. It splashed all over his chin. If Auguste hadn’t tied his bib to him, he would have needed new clothes.

Hai’an wrinkled his small face, looked at the stains on his bib, and looked at Auguste. He looked innocent and pitiful. Auguste could not wait to be able to get him into his arms and take a bite out of him.

“Oh, Auguste, you and JianJian are so lovely.” Tanamo looked at JianJian and wanted to touch him, but Auguste was there and he dared not go wild. Originally, he couldn’t agree with the “strange” aesthetic of the human figure in the interstellar space. They didn’t have sexy and dense foot hair!!! Where on earth was beauty?

But Tanamo saw the beauty of humanity today, and he felt that he was beginning to understand it. Because of JianJian!

Auguste pulled a new tissue out and wiped Hai’an’s face, saying, “If you want to stay, Carl and I will modify the expedition’s authority to make it your starting point.”

Hai’an was dressed in a fat dragon suit and sat obediently on an upside-down tea cup, with two small hands on his knees and a small face up for Auguste to wipe. Not only Tanamo was surprised to hear Auguste’s words, but Hai’an was also surprised.

“Isn’t this spaceship your Ayulon thing? You don’t want to take it with you?”

“It almost destroyed Pyramid.” Auguste paused as he wiped Hai’an’s face. “The mistakes made by our ancestors involve other people. I want to pay my debts.”

“Let me work as a coolie when you pay your debts.”

Auguste took off Hai’an’s bib, then placed it in his pocket. He put a cherry before Hai’an for him to chew. “It’s not hard work. Cessie’s exclusion of you has made it impossible for you to gain a foothold as an interstellar businessman. You can’t be a zirconium businessman all your life.”

“Yes,” Colin saw Hai’an grabbing a small mouthful of a cherry and grabbed a handful of cherries on the fruit tray for himself. “There are many meteorites near here. There should be some minerals on them. There are also many minerals on Pyramid. Not only can you sell food, but you can also sell stones!” Colin stood up and sat down next to Tanamo and said something in a low voice. “Are there many meteorites outside here?” 

As soon as he mentioned this, Tanamo patted down the table and said with great approval, “Yes, I almost crashed into the meteorite layer when I came.”

The Hammer Legion couldn’t pass through the meteorite layer, but Tanamo could still pass because he was now rich and had built a special spaceship on his own planet. It could make small wormholes and space jump. He relied on this, jumped over several meteorites, and finally jumped directly into the gravitational layer of the pink planet, falling to the surface of the planet.

The worm monsters did not eat him and Bena. Since they were all shells, they didn’t have much meat at all.


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