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Chapter 57: Bite your finger 

They spent a few days in the forest. Fortunately, those from Lota beta 11 did not eat much, and they could survive without food for a year. Tanamo and Bena were not in a panic. As a result, they walked around the forest for a while and saw a wandering sign parked in a clearing of worms.

“But what does that meteorite layer have to do with my business?”

“Great relationship!” Colin patted his thigh, put his head close to Tanamo and whispered, “We have a film on our hands!”


“Yes, it’s a record of the Hammer Legion entering this meteorite layer. You put it on the Interstellar Network and say that as long as someone can cross this meteorite layer and come to this planet, you will invite him to eat the special delicacies of this planet!” Colin talked and danced.

Tanamo pondered for a while, and the two worm arms clapped. “You’re right. The meteorite layer that the Hammer Legion can’t pass through is an attractive gimmick, but are you sure people can eat the worms?”

“This needs the help of the vegetative people. These insects will become super delicious after eating their fruits. I fell in love with this food after eating it once.”

But when it came to Tanamo, he was a little sad, “What if people don’t want to help?”

“So you need the help of the werewolves of Pyramid. Let me talk to you about that.” Jamie volunteered. After all, he also had the blood of the wolf race, and the snow wolf exchanging such things was, of course, more appropriate for him.

Hai’an was worried because the two goblins didn’t listen to the werewolves.==

I should be able to help. Hai’an remembered what had happened when he was shaking grass on Auguste’s bedside table. Plants in the world could use leaves to send messages. He went to pull out a leaf to record the information and leave it to Tanamo. Plant goblins liked forests full of green plants. If they moved to this planet, they would be very willing to help.

“Okay, then I’ll stay here. I can’t go back to Lota Beta 11 anyhow, and I can continue to do business.” Tanamo eventually decided to stay on the planet and do the “gourmet” business he had never done before. Tanamo originally thrived on minerals among interstellar merchants, but then Cessie pushed Tanamo back to Star Lota Beta 11. But Cessie did not know what to do now. He announced that he had withdrawn from the interstellar merchants organization and donated half of the property for interstellar welfare and then the rest had disappeared.

Tanamo was now in need of a comeback opportunity, and this meteorite belt was a very good chance.

“I’ll leave you a map of the meteorite belt and you’ll have some startup money when you sell it.” Auguste uploaded a map of the Mu 1892 meteorite belt from the ship’s nano computer and sent it to Tanamo.

“Okay,” Tanamo said to Auguste after confirming the map. “What are you going to do next?”

“Of course I’m going to look for flowers.” 

Jamie took out the moonlight map they bought on the black market and spread it on the round table. “I haven’t seen this kind of paper map for a long time. I’m used to star maps. It’s really not easy to look at such maps again.”

Hai’an lay on the round table, saw the paper map, rubbed hands and knees together, climbed to the edge of the paper map to study it.

The words at the top of the map were somewhat familiar, but Hai’an just couldn’t remember where he saw them, and he didn’t know them.

“No, we need to find someone first.” Auguste stood up and pointed to the words above and said to Jamie, “Do you know these words? I can recognize it as a map, but I don’t know the text on it. It’s different from what I read in that book.”

As soon as Jamie heard this, he withered. “You don’t even know, who else knows?”

“Dean’s teacher.”

“Father Palatine?” Jamie couldn’t help wanting to reconfirm, “But he’s at Flower Street Star.”

Dean’s name was hardly unknown throughout the stars, but few people knew that his teacher was a priest in a church on Flower Street. And this priest was once the most famous Imperial interpreter in the StarFleet.

Jamie shook his head. “Are we going to find him? Ivan and Ariella are preparing for their wedding on Flower Street Star. The Empire has sent so many soldiers to chase us. Are you going to join them now?”

Auguste looked up at Jamie. “Only Palatine can translate this text. In such a short time, we can’t find another person who can translate this text and help us keep our secrets. And…” Auguste frowned, hesitated for a moment, but did not finish.

“But… To Flower Street?” And Jamie still hesitated.

“Flower Street is very safe.” As Tanamo took out his brush and brushed his feet, he said, “Flower Street is the joint territory of interstellar merchants. Neither the Emperor nor the Freedom Alliance can cause any disputes on Flower Street, which is explicitly stipulated in the regulations of the Star Convention. Besides, Ivan can’t really fight there, because there are so many Caine industries on Flower Street.”

It was hard to say that Caine directly declared that he was on the side of the Freedom Alliance and that he was going to die with Ivan. Caine’s sister, Ariella, did not even want her brother for Ivan’s sake, while Caine was still a brother-in-law, who transferred more than half of his property ownership to Ariella. Half the country was run by her. 

Colin was confused by Jamie and Tanamo. He scratched his hair. “If you don’t go to Palatine, you won’t find the moonlight flowers. Anyway, Flower Street is sure to be crazy. I think you’d better think about how to get rid of the Hammer Legion outside. They’re still out there.”

As soon as Colin’s words were uttered, the whole hall calmed down. The ship’s speed was very fast, but it was a spaceship after all. If the Hammer Legion fired directly behind them, the ship was a big target to the live shells.

Lydney looked at the silent faces, opened his mouth and stopped, but at last he closed his mouth, bowed his head and remained silent with everyone.

Hai’an was also in a hurry. If he had a magic scroll, he would not have found it to be so troublesome. But this was not Nore, and his current magic was not enough to support him to draw a lowest magic scroll.

“Or not… How many more days do you think it will take?” Tanamo tilted his head, and a pair of insect feet learned Auguste’s movements, crossed under the mouthpiece, but the second pair of insect feet tapped the table in imitation of Carl’s movements. “You don’t have to be in such a hurry.”

Auguste thought for a moment. “Everybody’s tired today. Go back and rest. I’ll discuss it with Alia again.”

“All right.” Colin stood up from his chair and stretched out. He pulled his brother up and went back to where they lived.

Lydney, on the other hand, sat still and did not move, not even responding to several of Carl’s calls.



Carl put his face in front of Lydney and almost kissed him. His hot nose hit Lydney’s face. Lydney was shocked when he saw Carl’s enlarged face appear in front of his eyes, and he suddenly looked back.

“What are you stunned about? Let’s go.” Carl looked at Lydney with concern, this is the first time that Lydney’s mind had wandered off in front of him.

Lydney just responded to Carl with a blank, “Oh.” So he stood up and went away in a daze.

Auguste and Alia sat in the hall and talked about everything until the middle of the night before they had to go back to their rooms.

Hai’an couldn’t stay up so late. He had fallen asleep in Auguste’s arms. Two small and tightly clenched hands gripped at Auguste’s shirt. His red mouth was slightly open and he was quietly breathing. When Auguste stood up, he inadvertently woke Hai’an up. Hai’an opened his eyes, but tears flashed due to the brightness of the hall lamps.

Hai’an pulled Auguste’s clothes in one hand and straightened up slightly. He rubbed his eyes with the other hand and yawned, revealing the pink gums in his mouth that had not yet grown teeth.

“Uh -” Hai’an hummed, wriggling in Auguste’s arms, trying to sit up.

Auguste adjusted his posture and let Hai’an sit on his arm. Hai’an sat up and looked around blinking. He was on his way back to Auguste’s room.

We can’t sleep yet! He hadn’t picked the leaves yet.

Hai’an became more conscious. He looked up at Auguste and recalled the way Carl’s lips moved when they called Auguste’s name. He moved his mouth and tried to pronounce the syllables. “Ah ~oh.”

Auguste heard Hai’an’s tender voice and looked down into his arms. Hai’an was muttering and he did not know what he was trying to say.

After calling for half a day, Hai’an still failed to call Auguste’s name. But Hai’an did not give up, so he tried all the way, until Auguste took him back to the bedroom, Hai’an had finally got the “ah ~”.

Was he hungry? Auguste was distressed. JianJian could not drink from the bottle now, and the new bottle was not ready yet so he could not feed JianJian. But when he looked at JianJian’s mouth that begged for food, Auguste took a brain puff and stuffed his index finger into Hai’an’s mouth.

Both of them were stunned.

Wet, hot and humid… Soft and slippery… It was a bit hard…

Hai’an’s teeth were small, though a little hard, but they could not puncture Auguste’s skin. The gums that did not have teeth yet were very soft and so was the soft tongue against his finger.

Auguste was overwhelmed by this strange feeling, but Hai’an had already spit out Auguste’s fingers and a small line of silver came out as well. Hai’an looked at the sticky, transparent, silk pulled liquid, and his face turned red all at once. Even the elf’s long ears were tinged with light pink.

This is my own saliva ah ah!!

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