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Chapter 58: White things overflow the corners of the mouth

Hai’an was dying of shame, especially when he saw Auguste wiping his hands after taking them back. Both of Hai’an’s hands pulled Auguste’s shirt out as he quickly buried his face in Auguste’s chest and decided to hide.

What an embarrassment…should he have licked it back? But that seemed more shameful…

Hai’an’s head was still turning around in circles while Auguste took him back to the bedroom. Auguste grabbed Hai’an’s collar and pulled him off his chest. Suddenly the protective layer of the clothes he had grasped disappeared. Hai’an reached forward with two small white hands and kicked his legs. When he saw the familiar decoration in Auguste’s room, Hai’an was able to calm down. It was quiet.

He was shy… Why he suddenly have to see the light? Hai’an drooped, leaving Auguste to carry him to bed. But when Auguste began to take off his clothes, Hai’an was not calm. He was embarrassed, grabbing his clothes, his pale green eyes were wide and his red mouth was tight.

What was this about?

“Don’t make any noise.” Auguste moved Hai’an’s hand, but Hai’an’s hand pulled tighter, and Auguste’s low voice sounded very magnetic, causing Hai’an to be somewhat confused and he stared, “You have to take a bath to sleep.”

Did that mean he had to be seen again? Hai’an actually wanted to refuse. So he turned over, knelt on the bed and began to climb forward, slipping away for a long distance while Auguste undressed. But because the zipper of the dragon clothes was on the back of it, Hai’an’s gesture was just like that of a cat showing its belly on its own initiative, so that its owner can scratch it. Auguste’s finger flicked gently behind Hai’an’s back and the zipper opened.

From the neck to the buttocks, all of Hai’an was exposed like a gentle white flower. Auguste pinched Hai’an’s waist again and easily pulled Hai’an out of the dragon clothes. Hai’an was held by Auguste, but this time neither of them was dressed. Under Hai’an’s bare buttocks was Auguste’s arm, and he was leaning against Auguste’s strong chest muscles. Hai’an was afraid to touch him so he sat unsteadily.

Auguste put Hai’an on the washstand and took him a cup of hot water to soak in. Hai’an grabbed the edge of the cup and watched as Auguste took a small brush and squeezed a little paste on it.

What? What was that? Hai’an had never seen anything like this before. Auguste’s paste was green and transparent. Hai’an’s nose moved. It smelled like an apple, sweet and fragrant. Was it edible?

But why not use a spoon instead of a brush?

“Ah ~” Before Auguste could speak, Hai’an opened his mouth and asked Auguste to put the brush in his mouth.

Uh huh? Good?

Auguste was still worrying that Hai’an had just taken off his clothes and was struggling to keep calm as he brushed his teeth with his mouth open. But then Auguste saw that Hai’an had a toothbrush in his mouth, his throat moved, and when he took the brush out, the toothpaste was gone.

Auguste: “…”

“GEHH ~” Hai’an was crying and mourning. What was this?! It was terrible!! He had a strange taste in his mouth now.

“This can’t be eaten. You need to spit it out.” Auguste took his toothbrush, squeezed the toothpaste onto it and demonstrated it to Hai’an. “Today, I’ll help you brush your teeth, you have to learn. Every day you must brush your teeth, okay?”

Hai’an grabbed the rim of the cup and nodded obediently.

Auguste re-squeezed toothpaste on the small toothbrush specifically for Hai’an, “Open your mouth.”

“Ah ~” Hai’an opened his mouth and showed eight small teeth. Auguste carefully held Hai’an’s back, probed the toothbrush into his mouth and gently brushed his teeth. This toothbrush was the smallest toothbrush on the Vagrant. He also helped Hai’an cut it a little, but even so, Hai’an still had a lot of difficulty holding it.

“Hmm!” Toothpaste was rubbed for a while, and then it spilled out of his mouth as a pile of white foam. It was dripping all the way to Hai’an’s chin. It was dripping continuously. Hai’an’s hands had climbed up Auguste’s fingers because Auguste sometimes brushed his gums carelessly, causing his tears to come out. Hai’an grabbed his fingers and thought, make him brush lighter.

When Hai’an finished brushing his teeth, not only was his mouth red, but so were his eyes. There were tears in his eyes and he could not close his mouth for a while. Hai’an had to hold his chin closed and let Auguste bathe him gently.

Auguste raised his lips and looked at Hai’an’s miserable appearance with amusement. He bathed him first. When he separated Hai’an’s legs, he saw a small ball of flesh between his legs, and even grinned with his white teeth.

“It’s small.” Although Auguste only muttered this softly, he was heard by Hai’an with his sharp ears. He grabbed Auguste’s finger in anger and grinded it hard with his eight teeth in one bite, but the strength was not enough to even hurt Auguste.

He gently scratched Hai’an’s left rib with his other hand, and Hai’an loosened his teeth, almost sliding into the water. Auguste took Hai’an out of the water, wrapped him in a towel and put him on the bed, but he did not dress him. Then he turned to the table and took the needles and cloth Tanamo had given him into the bathroom.

But Hai’an did not see this little action of Auguste. After Auguste put him in bed, Hai’an crawled onto the pillow and moved along it to the bedside table. On the cabinet was Hai’an’s plant, Shaking Grass.

The trembling grass’ flower was still in bloom, a very big and beautiful blue one. After Hai’an became a man, Auguste put the trembling grass on the bedside so that everyday, it could be watered and given sunshine. But now, he also had to take car of JianJian’s little human body, Hai’an.

Hai’an stood up next to the pot and stretched out his hand to pull his leaves. He had torn off his vines before and, at that time, Hai’an thought it was very painful. This time, Hai’an collapsed on the table, the pain made him want to vomit.

Hai’an lay down on the table for a while before the pain began to ease and sneezed two times. After the leaves of the shaking grass were torn off, Hai’an was much weaker. The red halo he had after taking a bath disappeared. His face was pale, and there were a few drops of cold sweat on his forehead.

Hai’an sniffed and decided not to abuse himself so much next time. He sat up with his leaves and looked at the flowerpot again. He thought of the soul stone hidden under the shaking grass roots. He closed his eyes and tried to control the body, shaking the grass and shaking the vines from the roots. He used his vines to grab Auguste’s soul stone, before handing it to Hai’an’s human body. Hai’an took the leaf in one hand, the soul stone in the other, and slowly climbed back to bed.

He decided to wait for Auguste in the quilt.

Hai’an: Auguste took a slow bath today.

In fact, Auguste had already taken a bath. He was currently sitting on the toilet lid and looking for some simple sewing steps. 

I’m working hard on it. The book says that the simplest clothes start with underwear.

Auguste was ashamed to see the little underpants he had in his hand, which had taken him ten minutes to sew together. The cloth was pure white, with the print of a little dragon on it. It was the cloth Tanamo had chosen for him.

He felt more and more perverted… This pair of underwear was the size of Auguste’s thumb nail, but because of the elastic fabric, Hai’an should be fine to wear it.

Auguste gave a dry cough, cleared his throat, pushed open the bathroom door and went out. When the door opened, Hai’an was huddled in the quilt, showing only half his head, pulling the corner of the quilt.

The little pair of green eyes were full of shadows.

Auguste’s heart suddenly felt like a dew rolling gently on the lotus leaf, which was incredibly soft. He approached a little and found something wrong with Hai’an’s face.

“Is it uncomfortable?” Auguste tapped Hai’an’s hair lightly, feeling that Hai’an’s forehead was a little cold.

Hai’an moved, sat up, took out the leaf under the quilt and gave it to Auguste.

“How did you pull out your own leaf?!” Auguste looked at the leaf and was very angry. He couldn’t help but raise his voice and shout at Hai’an.

Hai’an saw Auguste get angry, and he was a little overwhelmed, so he quickly grabbed Auguste’s finger, shaking it, blinking innocent eyes at Auguste.

Auguste was silent for a moment, before poking Hai’an’s forehead with his index finger, leaving a meaningful sigh.

“Who is the leaf for?” Auguste shook the leaf in his hand and said to Hai’an. Auguste knew that this leaf was definitely not for him. Last time Hai’an ripped off his vine and braided a bracelet for him, and he had made it clear to Hai’an that he could not hurt himself.

JianJian was not obedient. Auguste wrote a note in his mind.

Hai’an covered half of his ears and pointed to the shaking grass.

“For those two plants?”

Um-huh-huh!!! Hai’an shone his eyes and nodded his head vigorously.

Auguste was really in touch with him!

“Well, tomorrow I’ll let Jamie take this to Siam with him.” Auguste touched Hai’an’s head. “Let’s not do it again.”

Hai’an squinted with laughter and rubbed Auguste’s finger with an uneven tooth.

“Come on, dress up.” Auguste took out the printed dragon underwear he had made and shook it in front of Hai’an.

What was this?

Hai’an pulled down the underwear Auguste had made, which he pinched with two fingers, and brought it up to his eyes. Clothing with three holes was not wearable.

Hai’an looked at this strange shape, stunned, he had never seen such things. He would not wear it. So little cloth could cover what, ah?

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