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Chapter 67: I heard that Lydney was bitten by Carl 

No matter how much he doted on his brother, he would not allow Colin to challenge his authority as a brother in the presence of outsiders. So Corson relentlessly refused Colin’s request and bought him only ten strings…

“You’re getting JianJianer and JianJianer. You won’t find someone.” Colin was eating tanghulu candies and mocking Corson.

“Ha-ha.” Corson didn’t want to listen to Colin anymore. He went straight ahead, turned around and then saw Auguste standing near the railing of the bridge with Hai’an in his arms.

Corson stood there in a daze, Colin walked behind him, couldn’t stop in time and bumped into Corson’s back.

“What are you doing?” Colin’s hands were full of tanghulu candies, and he was rubbing his sore nose that had just smashed into his brothers back.

Instead of paying attention to him, Corson strode forward. “Auguste, where did you leave JianJian? You should get him back soon.”

Auguste: “…”

“Ah!” Colin listened to Corson’s words and immediately came up to him. “You really do have a fetish, don’t you, Auguste? Where did you pick up the baby?”

“It’s JianJian,” Auguste raised his right hand and gently pinched Hai’an’s ear. Hai’an shook and almost couldn’t hold the tanghulu candy. He clapped Auguste’s hand. Hai’an wrinkled his small face. Auguste was so bad. He told Auguste not to touch his ears, but instead of touching it, he pinched it.

“JianJian?” Corson remembered that they had just walked out of the church, and JianJian had seemed to faint. He had no response to Auguste shaking him. Just when Auguste was so angry that he almost kicked something, Uncle Ye opened the door and told him that JianJian was only growing and would wake up in a moment.

They had to go back to the Inn first, and Auguste stayed with JianJian and let them play by themselves. Unexpectedly, after such a period of time, JianJian grew so big.

“JianJian grew up.” Colin came over and saw Hai’an holding the tanghulu candy in his hand. “Why not eat it?”

Hai’an raised the tanghulu candy in his hand, shook it and asked Colin, “Colin, how do you eat this?”

“Eat like this!” Colin took a bite of the tanghulu candy as he spoke. “Sugar and pulp must be bitten down together before they taste good. If it’s licked, the sugar on the outside will disappear and you will be left with the sour fruit on the inside. It will be very sour if you eat it that way. I used to be silly and almost died from the sourness when I ate it for the first time.”

Auguste was deceiving! Hai’an turned and looked at Auguste with accusatory eyes.

Instead of feeling the slightest sense of shame after the lie was seen through, Auguste lowered his head again and bit the tanghulu candy directly from Hai’an’s hand, “Eat it again.”


“Ah, Auguste, you’re mean. How can you bully a child?” Colin was fascinated by Hai’an’s soft voice. Auguste looked serious, but, in fact, his interior was black. Otherwise, he would not survive with Carl as a cheeky brother. “Are you ashamed that you are teasing JianJian so much and he hasn’t even reached the age of one yet?”

“I’m fifty years old.” Hai’an listened to Colin’s words, then subconsciously refuted that he was indeed fifty years old, and in a few months he would be fifty-one years old.

Colin: “…” JianJian is so old! “But… Aren’t you only a few months old?”

Hai’an frowned and thought for a while before continuing to say, “I am an adult.”

Colin couldn’t accept the fact for a while. “I don’t believe that… I don’t believe that…” Although Colin kept mumbling, his mouth kept moving, and ten bunches of tanghulu candies were eaten in one fell swoop.

“Do you want a trash can?” Suddenly there came a man in a cloak with a broom in his right hand and a dustbin in his left.

“Yes.” Colin threw the bamboo stick in when he saw the trash can.

“Uncle Ye?!” When Corson heard the man’s voice, he bent his neck and looked down at the man’s face under his cloak. Then he exclaimed, “Why are you here?”

The man raised his head and showed a pair of eyes as bright as sapphire. His ears had a few strands of curled and disorderly blonde hair. His tightly gray-white lips were as beautiful as sculptured features. It was indeed Uncle Ye.

“Sweeping the ground, can’t you see it?” Uncle Ye’s voice was flat and light, without any fluctuation. Was sweeping the ground strange?

Corson didn’t understand why Uncle Ye had to sweep the ground in this era when no human cleaners were needed. Couldn’t a big star find a cleaning robot?

Uncle Ye lowered his head, pulled his cloak, and covered himself more tightly. “I am the sweeper of the world, you don’t understand.” After that, he pushed the garbage can and left. In the wind came another sentence of his, “Remember not to litter.”

Corson: “…”

After watching Colin’s demonstration, Hai’an began to chew on the tanghulu candy. The tanghulu candy was very good. The sugar layer had a moderate thickness, not too hard, and very crisp. It was sour and sweet, very delicious to bite down with the pulp.

“Augu~ You’re so good ~”

Hai’an chewed the tanghulu candy and was shocked by the sudden sound. Isn’t that what he said to Auguste the other day?

When Colin heard the voice, he stared at Auguste with a strange eye. As a matter of fact, Auguste was so perverted that he recorded Hai’an words with the voice recording function on his nanocomputer.

But Auguste still wore the same expressionless look. He did not hurry to open his nanocomputer, let Jamie’s big face appear on the screen. Jamie was gnawing on a baked sweet potato, shaking the camera, “Auguste, did JianJian wake up? Come over to where I am soon. Carl kissed Lydney on the lips.” Jamie’s voice was so noisy that Auguste could hardly hear what he was saying, but the image from his nano computer showed a crowd behind him, as if he was doing something. “I won’t say, hurry up and come!” After that, Jamie hung up the video and sent Auguste coordinates.

“Let’s go to where Jamie is.”

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with them?” Colin and Corson didn’t hear what Jamie was saying. The noise was so loud, and the crowd screamed from time to time. They could only vaguely hear Jamie mentioning the names of Lydney and Carl.

“It sounds like Carl bit Lydney?”

“They should have done that in the bedroom!”

Carl did bite Lydney. Although he was going to kiss him, he actually did it but it was almost like biting.

After Auguste returned to the room with JianJian in his arms, Carl asked Lydney to go out and play together, but before he left the inn, he met Jamie, who pretended not to understand Carl’s pleading eyes and went to play with both of them.

Carl was going to die of anger.

All the way there, he wore a bad face, pulling Lydney’s hand forward, walking along the road to find a lot of people gathered to play games, Lydney saw that Carl was not in a good mood and pulled him into the crowd, intending to let Carl play games to relax.

It was a famous game on Long Street called “Crossing Bridges”.

It was a game that only couples could play. The organizer built a narrow single-wooden bridge on the water and asked the couple to pull out one person to stand opposite the bridge and the other one to stand on the other side of the bridge. The one on the bridge had to drink the strongest wine of Flower Street, then would have to walk steadily across the single-wooden bridge. The first one to hold their lover on the opposite side wins.

Although the game looked simple, it was difficult to win. The name of the first rated liquor in Huajie Street was extremely strong. The single wooden bridge was ten meters long and thin. Even if someone doesn’t drink alcohol, they couldn’t guarantee getting to the other side. What was more, they had to drink a whole bottle of “Hey Hey Wine”. It was a problem to stand steadily after doing so, let alone walking across a bridge.

So there were many couples falling into the water, but this did not hinder the popularity of the game. So what about falling into the water?! After drinking “Hey Hey Wine”, nobody wanted to get out of bed the next day!

In addition, as long as the couples who participated in the competition, win or lose, got through half of the bridge, they could get the “one-night voyage” provided by the organizer, which would accommodate a five-star inn free of charge. It was very intimate, so the participants were more enthusiastic.

The Award for winning was more generous, but it was all a little ploy to enhance the feelings of both sides, such as limited edition underwear produced under the name of Caine, ultra-thin condoms and lube invented by Mirror Yuanyuan, or a dildo invented by Blue Animal Planet.

All in all, it was a famous “love-couple game” among stars.

When Lydney saw the name of the game, he was stunned. He thought it was just an ordinary game, but he didn’t expect it to be a famous game of Flower Street. He knew the game, but there was no guarantee that Carl knew about it, too. What was going to happen?

Lydney grabbed Carl and wanted to go out.

“Ah, where are you going, Lydney?” Carl thought his reaction was a little strange. Didn’t Lydney pull him to play the game? Why did they come just to leave? “We haven’t played yet.”

“Let’s play a different game. It’s too…” Lydney hesitated and could not explain why.

Carl waved his hand. “Let’s just play this. We’re already here.” With that, Carl pushed Lydney across the bridge. Lydney wanted to struggle again, but before he could speak, he was pulled in by the game host.

“Hey! We have another couple coming to the game, everyone give them applause!!!”

“Ohhh!!!!! Oh ~”


the crowd below was very excited, this time the competition was actually two humanoids! They hadn’t seen humanoids take part in this competition for a long time.

Flower Street Star was a famous tourist planet, where they could see a lot of very “planetary characteristics” of all kinds of creatures. This competition was actually difficult for humanoid creatures, because they only had one pair of feet and one pair of hands.

Last time, the winner was an octopus transformed into a human. In order to participate in the competition, he changed back to his original shape. His eight legs were tightly wrapped around the single wooden bridge. But because he drank “Hey Hey Wine”, he almost missed the bridge and slipped into the water. At last, his partner shouted at the other side, which made him a little sober. He crossed the single wooden bridge safely and got the Ultra-thin Water Moisturizing Lube invented by Mirror Yuanyuan.

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Angel Woods
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Everyone thinks August is a pervert! XD XD XD

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July 29, 2019 8:03 pm

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August, you’re a pervert. You can’t deny it!

Thanks for the chapter!

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Wow, O_O Auguste…is truly relentless when it comes to teasing Hai’an. It was probably a real emotional rollercoaster for him. No wonder he is this happy now.

As for the other couple. I just hope that this game with perverted rewards won’t end up with too many bruises for Lydney.

Thank you for the chapter!

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