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Chapter 66: tanghulu candies are eaten by licking. 

What a shame!

Hai’an’s face and ears were all red, until his neck was bathed with a faint bright red. His water-green eyes were wide as they stared at Auguste, who just licked his lips of the silver saliva. His lips were like a pink jelly, making people not help but want to take a bite. 

Although… He had identified Auguste as his, but he hadn’t brought a wreath to Auguste yet. It seemed so unreasonable… Hai’an wiped his lips, but he did not slow down.

So Auguste half knelt before Hai’an, and suddenly said Hai’an’s name, “Hai’an.”

“Yes?” Hai’an subconsciously answered, but then Hai’an immediately realized that Auguste had said “Hai’an” rather than “JianJian”.

What should I do? He didn’t know how Palatine knew he was an elf, but if he did not tell Auguste that, Auguste would blame him? Hai’an bowed his head, clenched his small hands tightly into fists, nervous and sad, even his pointed ears hung down, pressing down, looking pitiful.

At that moment, Auguste suddenly stood up and went back without saying anything. Auguste’s legs were long and his steps were big. He walked a long distance in a few seconds. Hai’an was shocked and thought that Auguste was going to leave. He got out of bed one step at a time and ran to Auguste staggeringly with his hands open.

“Woo… Augu…” Hai’an cried out Auguste’s name, and Auguste stopped when he jumped out of bed, but before he could turn around, Hai’an fell on his leg and hugged his calf. Hai’an looked up at Auguste with tears in his eyes. “Don’t go…”

Auguste was directly amused by Hai’an’s tragic look. He squatted down, put Hai’an in his arms, stood up again, kissed Hai’an on his forehead, and then put his forehead against Hai’an’s.

“I’m not leaving. I’m just going to get you a comb.” Auguste’s breath gently brushed Hai’an’s face. “How can I leave you…”

Hai’an could not bear Auguste’s love word. When he heard Auguste’s words, his whole body began to be confused and his face was hot.

“I, I…” Hai’an was so ashamed that he couldn’t even get his tongue to work properly.

Auguste went straight to the mirror with Hai’an in his arms, pulled the wooden chair out from under the table, put Hai’an on the chair, picked up the wooden comb in the box and began to comb Hai’an’s hair.

Hai’an’s hair was slippery and bright, and Auguste’s hand felt very good. Auguste held a strand of Hai’an’s hair and combed it gently down. Suddenly he said, “One comb to the end, two combs of white hair and eyebrows.”

Hai’an did not understand the meaning of this sentence. He pointed to his head and said earnestly, “But my hair covers my eyebrows.”

“That’s better,” said Auguste, lowering his head to Hai’an’s face. “Whatever you used to be called, now you’re my JianJian.”

Hai’an lowered his eyes and his ears were hot. He dared not look at Auguste’s face in the mirror, but the corners of his mouth were bent out of his control.

Auguste divided Hai’an’s hair into two strands in the middle. He took the upper part of his hair and wrapped it around it. He tied two bundles with red hair bands. Hai’an looked in the mirror for half a day, reached out and touched his hair, hesitated, looked up with his small face and said, “It’s not good… Like a girl.”

“Carl’s hair is more like a girl’s than yours.” Auguste quickly retorted, blackening Carl.

Hai’an thought for a moment. Carl’s long red wavy hair seemed to be more like a girl’s than his was. But no one could mistake him for a woman, whether he looked at his back or in front of him. Because Carl was too tall, he was known to be a man at first glance.

He was a little sad. Auguste took advantage of Hai’an’s entanglement and went out with him.

He put his arm around Auguste’s neck and asked softly in Auguste’s ear. “Where shall we go?” Hai’an could now speak fluently, but still had a soft childlike voice. “Take you to play.”

Hai’an turned to look around and wanted to see what Carl looked like tonight. He had his hair tied. Would Carl braid his hair? As a result, Hai’an looked around and found no one else’s shadows. “What about Lydney and they?”

“They went out first, and we’ll look for them later.” Auguste did not reserve an alternative walking tool, but walked directly along the street with Hai’an, carefully guarding Hai’an and carefully avoiding pedestrians.

Long Street was actually a long ancient wind bridge, from the inn to the sky garden, the street was lined with shops, the street canoes slowly passed, the lake lights dazzling. The stars and rivers turning, the sky fireworks falling like rain, like the stars in the sky were blown down, such as comets falling to the ground.

This planet gave people a wonderful feeling. Ancient buildings could be seen everywhere. Except for the flying pedestrians in the sky, there were hardly any shadow of science and technology. It seemed that the planet had never been attacked by science and technology.

But even if they didn’t look at the sky, just walked down the street, they would think they were back to ancient times. Hai’an was taken to the street by Auguste, only to find that Auguste combed his hair really simple, very ordinary. Hai’an believed that even if Carl went to the street and braided his hair with flowers, few people would notice him. Because Auguste only walked with him for a few minutes, Hai’an had seen at least ten very strange-looking “tourists”.

For example, the blue giant who had just passed them, whose hair was full of Octopus tentacle suckers, but whose body was hot, and a group of children with fish heads. They had a fish bowl on their head, which was filled with water. They were constantly bubbling with each breath…

Hai’an: “…”

Compared with these distinguished-looking pedestrians, his hair and Carl’s hair were perfectly normal and insignificant!

“Is there anything you want? I’ll buy it for you.” Auguste saw Hai’an open his eyes and kept looking ahead, thinking that Hai’an was interested in what was sold on the street.

Hai’an turned around and looked around. He had never been exposed to Oriental culture before. He didn’t know anything about the things sold on the street, nor did he know what they were useful for. Then Hai’an found that the group of fish-head children he had just seen ran to a man with strange straw handles, on which a string of red fruits appeared to be wrapped in a layer of sugar, and they looked bright.

The little fish-head people took several bunches of the red fruits from the hawker, then stretched out their wrists, showing their nanocomputers on their wrists. The man holding the candies bent down and swept their nanocomputers one by one. After a burst of blue light, the little fish-head people ran away happily with the red fruits.

“What is that?” Hai’an pointed to the candies and asked Auguste.

As Auguste looked to where Hai’an was pointing, he saw a snack dealer selling tanghulu candies.

Tanghulu candies were a very common snack in the Eastern Hemisphere of Huajie Star. It was a kind of food handed down from the ancient earth and was very popular with children of Huajie Star.

“Sweet gourd, eat it.” After answering Hai’an’s question briefly, Auguste took Hai’an to the tanghulu candy. “Which one do you want?”

Hai’an held up his little fat hand, hesitated, small face wrinkled. When the snack dealer saw Auguste and Hai’an’s clothes of the same kind and saw Hai’an’s lovely appearance, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Sir, your son is so lovely.”

Auguste: “…”

“This is my partner, not my son.” Auguste was not happy when he heard that. What kind of eyes could such an obvious Couple Dress up as a parent-child dress?

Snack merchant:!!! Should I call the police?

Hai’an didn’t know which string to pull on. He was struggling there. He didn’t pay attention to the conversation between Auguste and the snack dealer. Auguste pulled out a big string for him and stuffed it directly into Hai’an’s mouth. Then he quickly paid for it with his nanocomputer and walked to the railing with Hai’an in his arms.

“How do you eat this?” Hai’an held up the tanghulu candy and asked softly in his voice. The tender voice made people want to bully him severely.

Auguste looked at Hai’an and remembered what the snack dealer had just said. He felt a little unhappy, so he suddenly came forward and licked the top tanghulu candy.

“Lick and eat like this.”

Hai’an:!!! But was that really the case?

Although there was no expression on Auguste’s face, Hai’an smelled a slight danger from it, which made him less convinced of Auguste’s words. Hai’an moved away from the tanghulu candy and raised his neck to find out if anyone else was eating the tanghulu candy nearby. He wanted to see how they ate the tanghulu candy.

As a result, Hai’an saw the fish-head children again!

The aquarium on the head of the little fish head seemed to open, only to see a mouth opened at the top of the aquarium. The little fish head opened its mouth in the water and stuffed the tanghulu candy in from that mouth.

A long string of tanghulu candy was put into the mouth by a fish-head child, then closed its mouth, and in a few seconds it was pulled out with only a bare bamboo stick.

Hai’an: “…”

Hai’an swallowed, it seems that different species eat different ways. Anyway, he can’t learn how to eat like the small fish heads. Don’t say a whole string, even one could choke him to death.

“Tanghulu candy! I want to eat!! My brother will buy it for me!!!!”

Why did this voice sound so familiar? When Auguste and Hai’an looked back, they saw Colin and Corson’s brotherly faces. Colin saw the tanghulu candy as if it were a fire. He looked excited and was pulled to this side by Corson. Corson was so annoyed that he had to buy him a bunch of tanghulu candies to stop Colin’s noisy mouth.

“Just a bunch. Are you a beggar? I want it all!” Colin looked at the string of small tanghulu candies in his hand and roared with discontent.

Corson: “…”


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July 28, 2019 12:26 pm

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Lmao those brothers are the best side characters.

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