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Chapter 68: Lydney… I like you… 

“We’re not here to compete…” Lydney was pulled across the bridge by the host and tried to explain, but the screams of the crowd below were so loud that they drowned out his voice in an instant.

The host pulled Lydney’s arm. “You’re on the other side! Next, let this gentleman’s lover try the bottle of Hey Hey Wine!!! Walk across the bridge to save your beautiful and loving… What’s your name, sir?”

“No, we’re not here…” Before Lydney had finished, there was a louder scream from the crowd over Carl.

“Look, he’s finished that bottle of Hey Hey Wine!”

“Fuck! So fast!!!!

“Get him on the bridge!”

Carl was showing his white teeth and laughing happily. People here thought he and Lydney were lovers. Carl was laughing in his heart. A bottle of wine was handed over by someone beside him. “Drink it! Then go across the bridge and kiss your lover! “

He could kiss Lydney? When Carl heard this, he took the hey hey wine in his hand and finished the whole bottle in one mouthful. Hey hey was a spirit so strong that even as Carl put down the bottle, he began to shake on his feet.

“This bridge… It’s shaking.” Carl shook his head to sober himself up.

The audience next to him pushed him, “No shaking, you’re going to the bridge!”

Carl, who was unstable, was pushed onto the wooden bridge and almost fell into the water. But Carl immediately opened his hands, maintained his balance, and steadily stood on the bridge, his face expressionless, very serious, and his breathing did not change at all, as if he had not just drank a bottle of hey-hey wine.

The people around him also became nervous with his breathing. They stared at Carl and looked forward to his next move.

As a result, Carl stood in this position for three minutes.

People: “…”

You’re not moving!

“Er… It seems that this Challenger needs a little motivation!” When the host saw the crowd getting cold, he immediately shook Lydney and whispered in Lydney’s ear, “Sir, cheer on your lover!”

“No, we’re not here to compete. You made a mistake…” Lydney still wanted to explain that they did not come to the game, but did not say that Carl was not his lover, which is why Lydney did not think about it.

When the host heard this, he opened his eyes wide. You said it after drinking all the wine!

Lydney was also wronged, and clearly he had always wanted to explain, but the host did not give him the opportunity.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You all heard him. The gentleman said that as long as his lover runs across the bridge, he would kiss him in public for ten minutes!!!!”

“What! I didn’t…” Lydney also stared at the host with a shocked gaze.

The host suddenly burst out of this sentence and stunned him. He clearly did not say anything ah.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“I heard it!!!”

“Come on!” 

“Come on!!!!”

The conversation between the host and Lydney had been very quiet. The people around him couldn’t hear what they were talking about at all. But, if the host said so, would it be false?

In addition, during every open-air event, there were always a few audience members, who would always “echo” the host’s words to mobilize the atmosphere of the whole event. The host’s words, as soon as they were said aloud, would be repeated by many false audience members, who did not care to study whether Lydney said this sentence in the end.

The power of this sentence was obvious.

As soon as Carl heard it, he moved forward with great strides, almost one foot striding nearly a meter. As a result, when Carl was less than two meters away from Lydney, his feet slipped beneath him as they went soft.

There was a cry of surprise from the audience. Everyone thought Carl was going to fall into the water. Even Lydney took a sharp intake of air. He opened his mouth and shouted Carl’s name. “Carl!”

Lydney’s voice was not very loud, but it was heard by Carl. When Carl nearly fell down, he quickly snapped his hands around the bridge, but half of his body had fallen under the bridge.

After a few seconds of silence, the crowd burst out again. This time the screams were louder. 

“Ah! Come on. Hurry up!!!”

“Climb up!” 

“You’re only a man if you stand back up!!!”

They had not seen such thrilling ups and downs in a long time. Previous competitions were either challengers who collapsed after drinking hey hey wine and couldn’t support themselves, or they turned back to their original shape, bridges couldn’t be crossed, and they did all kinds of funny things.

Last time, for example, there was a sea animal, whose original form was a swordfish. He did not stand firm on the bridge and fell into the water. As a result, he swam along the river and could not stop. He swam to the Western Hemisphere.

Lydney sighed when he saw that Carl had not fallen, but then Lydney felt wrong. It was the best choice for him to fall. Why was he so worried about Carl falling?

Carl hugged the wooden bridge and his muscles were so tense that he took a deep breath, swung his legs up hard, hugged the bridge behind him, and then turned over. He lay on the bridge floor. His soft red colored hair was already knotted and clung onto his face. The whole man was in a terrible state of awkwardness. But his eyes stared at Lydney on the other side, without blinking.

“Carl…” Lydney whispered Carl’s name, somewhat bewildered.

Carl lowered his head and gasped for a few breaths. Then he moved his hands forward without standing up. He squirmed slowly in the direction of Lydney.

Lydney’s eyes were a little wet, and if, by now, he did not know Carl’s feelings for him, he was XiaXia. Carl’s intentions had always been obvious, but he had been running away. He was just a pure human being, and, in a few years, he’d be old, but Carl would still be the way he was now, unchanged at that time. Carl still had a long time to go, and his short life couldn’t even withstand a long interstellar journey.

“Carl… Don’t climb…” Lydney stepped forward to pick up Carl, but the host stopped him.

Carl saw the host’s hand on Lydney’s arm, and the vinegar overwhelmed the wine and rushed to his head. “Don’t you…Touch him.” Carl held his breath and crawled desperately forward. Before he could stand firm across the bridge, he stumbled over to Lydney.

“Carl, you… Hmm!” Lydney was also going to ask Carl if he was injured. After all, he had just climbed over the rough deck with his hands, but Lydney was blocked by Carl.

Lydney’s tears burst out of his eyes, not moving, but painful.

Carl’s teeth knocked on Lydney’s upper lip, and a burst of pain came from his heart. Lydney tasted the rusty blood in his mouth. Then Carl’s tongue quickly invaded his mouth. With a strong sense of aggression, Lydney’s heart beat faster and faster, as if all his blood was pouring into his brain, even forgetting to struggle, so he stood idly supporting him by the arm.

Lydney opened his eyes wide and stared at Carl, who was close to him. Carl closed his eyes, his face was red, and his long, thick eyelashes were flickering like a small fan.

He was nervous, too.

For some reason, Lydney suddenly relaxed, closed his eyes, put his hands around Carl’s neck, and responded gently to him.

“Ooooh!!!!” The audience next to them clapped their hands and screamed around the hot scene.

After giving Auguste coordinates, Jamie immediately stood on tiptoe and watched Carl and Lydney’s emotional drama. He even put two of his fingers together, put them in his mouth and blew a loud whistle.

He didn’t understand. He just went to buy a baked sweet potato. When he came back, he couldn’t find Carl and Lydney. When he asked the passersby, he found that the two of them had gone to play a game behind his back.

Say it earlier! If he knew they were going to play this game, he would not come to be the light bulb.

“Where is Carl?” Jamie was still screaming with the crowd when suddenly he was slapped on the shoulder and looked back to find that it was Auguste and they.

“Wow, you’re here at last. Look, it’s Carl and Lydney that’s hard to break up over there!”

“Where is the bedroom scene?” Colin immediately stepped forward and jumped up to see what was ahead, but there were so many people near the bridge that he couldn’t squeeze in at all.

Even Hai’an looked up to see what was there, but he was so short that he could only see the back of the heads of the people in front of him.

Auguste touched Hai’an’s hair and suddenly changed his position. He lifted Hai’an from his armpit with both hands, then separated Hai’an’s legs and let Hai’an ride on his neck.

Hai’an was frightened by Auguste’s unexpected action. He quickly held Auguste’s head. His legs were tightly tied around Auguste’s neck for fear of falling down. Auguste’s hair, which was so neat, was messed up by Hai’an.

Jamie saw this scene, shook his head and laughed. At first he saw Auguste holding a child in his arms, and then he noticed the child’s long, pointed ears, silver hair and green eyes on his face. As soon as he saw them, he knew that JianJian and grown up. Auguste took him out to play.

Once he thought about it, how could Auguste go out if he wasn’t awake?

The nickname “JianJian’s dad” was not taken for granted.

Tonight, I ate a pile of dog food without eating anything except roasted sweet potatoes.

When Colin saw Auguste’s movements, his eyes lit up and he turned to Corson with a smile.

When Colin turned his head, he went to Jamie immediately. “I want to eat where you bought your sweet potatoes, Jamie. Take me to buy them.” You’re kidding. Colin weighed so much, and he wanted him to carry him on his shoulders? Dream on!

“Right over there,” Jamie pointed to a small circle of people in front of him, holding sweet potatoes in his hands. “The man who sells sweet potatoes can sing. Let’s go together when Carl and Lydney are back and there are enough of us.”

But Carl couldn’t stop as soon as he kissed Lydney. The side effects of hey-hey were now fully revealed. He clasped Lydney in his arms, flushed red, sweaty on his forehead, gasping for breath and kissed Lydney. He kept saying “Lydney… I like you…”

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