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Chapter 8: Vehicles take you flying

Instead of bringing Hai’an back to his room, Auguste went straight out of the hall and down the elevator to the bottom of the ship. They lived on one of Auguste’s starships, which was parked on the roof of Keyton Hotel since Auguste had only booked the roof and not any rooms.

The roofs of hotels were generally not open to the public, but Auguste’s ship had to port on top of the Hotel because it was too big and only the roof could accommodate it.

Auguste, ‘Since all my ships have taken port on the roof, why should I stay in your rooms and not live in my ship directly?’

So he only paid for the roof.

The bottom of the ship was filled with iron blocks that Hai’an could not understand. The only ones he knew well were those flying iron boxes. Auguste picked out an all-black car and sat in it. He put Hai’an in the passenger’s seat and fastened a seat belt around Hai’an tightly. Hai’an was firmly stuck in the seat.

Hai’an was a little excited. Was he going to go out? This was the first time that he had ever been in this world and he was finally going to be able to go out for a stroll.

“JianJian,” Auguste buckled Hai’an in before he opened the door remotely for the driver’s seat and said, “Let’s go.”

The suspension car started quickly and zoomed out of the door. Hai’an was finally able to enjoy the traffic of this world. But Hai’an soon found that even if he went out, there was no point. This was because he was too short; he could see nothing but his owner’s face and the decoration inside the car.

Hai’an trembled desperately, hoping that Auguste would see him, elevate him a little and let him look outside the window so he could see everything. Auguste saw the potted plant was trembling so hard that he thought it was scared and started driving faster. He wanted to get to the plant store quickly.

Hai’an:… I am so depressed.

# Look at my face, you bastard! Sob. #

Auguste’s car stopped behind a platform at the entrance of a plant store. A kind worker immediately came up and said to Auguste, “Welcome, what are you looking for?”

Auguste got out of the car by himself, then went around to the other side of the car and took Hai’an out. The black car gradually compressed and turned into a small key that hung around Auguste’s neck..

This was just like the roof of the exhibition hall, which Hai’an had seen at the auction house, where is compressed and reformed into a bracelet.

Was this the technology of this world?

“Our shop owner is not here, but if you need anything, please let me know. I hope I can help you.” The humanoid said to Auguste politely.

Hai’an had long wondered what kind of humanoids were here. They used these things like servants. Were they a different type of species? But Hai’an could not feel any signs of life from them.

Auguste circled around the plant store as he looked at the dazzling products. This was the first time he was growing any type of plant and didn’t know how to choose items at all. On the principle that the most expensive items would be better than the others, Auguste said to the humanoid beside him, “Give me the most expensive YangYang flowers, the most expensive nutrients and the most expensive soil. Thank you.”


“Well, sir, we also have new pots in our shop. A good pot can make plants happy. Let me show you around?”

Auguste thought for a moment and walked over to pick pots from the flower rack with the humanoid.

“Plants also have their own emotions. It’s fun to take care of them as if you were taking care of your own children.” While leading the way, the humanoid chattered with Auguste, “In fact, some plants are so smart that they can understand our language.”

When the humanoid brought Auguste to the front of a shelf, it suddenly said, “Well, at least they are alive.”

“Are you talking about down on being an android?” Auguste finally spoke up.

“Of course not,” the android answered with a laugh, “but I’m a little special.”

Auguste looked at the android and said to it, “Freeport is not for people who are too leisurely.”

“Aren’t you just as leisurely as that?” The android quickly retorted.

“This is not what a qualified android should say to customers.” Auguste’s voice remained unchanged

The android listened and remained silent.

“It’s not too soon to change.” Auguste carefully selected the color of the pot and said thus without raising his head.

Finally, Auguste returned to the car with two new flower racks, matching flower pots, the most expensive Yangyang flowers, the most expensive nutrients, and the most expensive soil. Only then did Hai’an find out that his master was also a big local tyrant.

Hai’an finally realized that the shiny humanoids were called androids. There were androids in Nore, but they were assembled by the dwarf craftsmen with mechanical parts. Unlike the androids here, they were not so flexible and free to move around. If Hai’an was not an elf and could feel the signs of life, he would think that it was a new species. After all, it was not uncommon that there would be no sign of life in Nore and as there was no signs of life from the undead.

In fact, besides his naming skills, Auguste was still a competent owner, because when he heard the words of the android in the plant store say that raising plants was like raising children, he listened carefully. It required not only patience, but also careful care.

Auguste took out the key and pressed the button on it. The black car quickly formed and organized itself into a car. He sat in with Hai’an and pulled out the new flower rack he bought in the shop. One of the two flower racks was for a hanging pot and the other was for along a wall. Auguste took out the flower pot that was in the hanging rack. Since it was difficult to change the flower pots in the car, Auguste put the seedling in first. On the hanging basket, there was a small suction cup on top, which could cling to the roof of the car.

This let Hai’an see the scenery outside the car, although the flowerpot swayed in time with the car. But Hai’an was very happy.

After the car left the platform, it shuttled between different buildings, most of which were grey-black. Hai’an also saw that sometimes a transparent bridge would connect between two buildings and people would walk on it. Underneath the bustling suspension bridge, a very familiar suspension car slowly drifted past Hai’an.

The red and white striped car looked a little familiar.

The snack car!!!

Hai’an shook with excitement. Auguste saw his little potted plant shaking those two tender leaves vigorously. Then he looked at the fast food car not far from them and asked Hai’an, “Want that? If you want, shake three times.”

Hai’an trembled three times as soon as he heard it.

Looks like JianJian has a bit of intelligence and can understand people. Although Auguste thought this, he did not understand why a potted plant was interested in meat. (The fast food car only has meat.)

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June 28, 2019 3:47 pm

Hai’an is so cute that It’s no a Wonder Auguste pays that much attention to him.

Thanks for the chapter!

July 1, 2019 12:55 am

Before he became a plant, he was an elf (half) right? Do they eat meat?

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Hai’an is a cute bubble.. 😍❤😘

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Auguste asking for the most expensive everything has me rolling 🤣

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