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Chapter 69: I will do nothing 

“… How long have they been kissing for?” Colin stood on a big stone by the roadside and tiptoed to the center of the crowd.

Corson refused to play with him. He could only support himself. But even Colin, who thought he was “knowledgeable”, saw Carl and Lydney’s inseparable look and felt a sense of helplessness when he was forced to eat dog’s food.

Jamie took out his watch and looked at the time. “Oh, eight minutes. Don’t worry. They’ll be done in two minutes.”

“Ten minutes to kiss!”

“Don’t make a fuss. You have to consider whether to send them to a room or give Carl a basin of cold water to wake him up.” Jamie gave Colin a contemptuous look.

Jamie was right, as Lydney and Carl kissed each other, Lydney felt something hard touch his stomach.

Lydney opened his eyes sharply and pushed Carl away, but strangely, Lydney’s hand was released as soon as he pushed him, feeling that he had no strength at all. But Carl quickly put Lydney in his arms and whispered, “Let me hold you, I won’t do anything to you…”

“Carl, you…” Lydney frowned.

“Congratulations on the couple’s victory! Please choose your prizes!” The host waved his hand and several people came to the stage with boxes in hand. “This is Jingyuan Star’s water moisturizer lube, this is the latest Lower Ear Cat Lovers Clothes, and Blue Beast Star’s gentry gentleman’s dildo…”

Carl was breathing heavily on Lydney’s shoulder at the moment. Lydney was worried about Carl. He didn’t listen to the host and picked up a prize box to hold him off the stage. As soon as he stepped out of the crowd, he saw Augustes and they in different postures.

Lydney’s face turned red all of a sudden. Needless to say, they must have watched all the hot performances he and Carl had just performed.

Corson stepped forward, handed Lydney a mask and pointed to his mouth. “I think… You may need it.”

“Thank you…” Without Corson’s explanation, Lydney knew that his mouth must be swollen now, but then Lydney remembered Carl, who was still supported by him. “Carl…”

“He’s all right.” Auguste stepped forward, supported Hai’an on his shoulder, and said to Lydney whose hair was in disorder. “Carl is heavy, I’ll carry him.”

Carl had transformed partially and his bones were heavy metal. If he did fall, at least three people would have to work together to carry him. That’s why Auguste’s doors were easily kicked open by Carl no matter how many doors he changed.

When Auguste had finished speaking, Carl said, “Can’t I just do it myself?”

After that, Carl let go of Lydney and stood upright, but his face was still flushed and his forehead was covered with sweat. He took Lydney’s hand and said, “Except for the heat now, everything’s okay. I just want to hold onto you.”

“Okay,” Colin couldn’t see any more. He went up and pat Carl on his back. “You can sleep together tonight.”

“Don’t tease Lydney. Be careful or Carl will eat you. Let’s go and buy baked sweet potatoes. They’re delicious.” After eating the last baked sweet potato in his hand, Jamie chattered endlessly, “I didn’t expect that the things of Flower Street to be so delicious. That sweet potato stall sells yummy potatoes by the roadside.”

“Really?!” Colin was thrilled as soon as he heard it. “Where is it? Take us there quickly.”

“Just ahead, follow me.”

Hai’an hugged Auguste’s head and looked at Lydney and Carl walking hand in hand with envy. Neither he nor Auguste went shopping hand in hand…

Then Lydney suddenly looked up, looked at Hai’an, and then smiled. “Ah, JianJian, JianJian has grown up.” His voice was muffled by the mask.

“Hi, how do you do Lydney?” Hai’an raised a hand and laughed and said hello to Lydney.

“I’m glad you woke up. We were really scared when you fainted. Auguste was so anxious that he flew back with you immediately.”

“Really?” Hai’an’s eyes lit up and his legs swayed in the air for a few times.

In fact, Lydney’s words had no special meaning. He just came to the Vagrant and he did not have much contact with Auguste. Usually, he just stayed with Carl. He thought that Auguste’s JianJian looked up to him like he would his elders, or it was the love of a father for his beloved baby. He did not think about it more deeply. After all, JianJian had been grass before. Even if he had recently become human, he was only a child.

But Lydney had no idea how old he was, nor did he know that Auguste had fallen in love with him when JianJian was a potted plant.

Love had no boundaries.

Whatever you are, I will love you.

“… The end of the road covered with fallen leaves is the eternal refuge, bringing the blessing of Erenie to every bloody land…”

After hearing Lydney’s words, Hai’an felt that his heart was as sweet as honey. He was so happy that he had to sing. As a result, he really heard the song. Hai’an was riding around Auguste’s neck. Auguste was already tall. Now Hai’an’s vision was unimpeded. He could see the singer at a glance.

The man was wearing a blue-green robe with exquisite embroidery patterns, a feather cap decorated with blue-green feathers on his head, short black hair hanging in disorder, a beautiful face, a harp in his hand, sitting in a small chair, gently plucking the strings of the harp, closed his eyes and singing gracefully.

He didn’t have any sense of existence just by looking at his face, but his dress looked alien in the Eastern Hemisphere. Hai’an noticed that it was not his dress, but his song – the song from the depths of his soul.

This was the way bards sang. Only bards could make such a song. Hai’an could feel the active magic elements around him. Bards couldn’t use magic directly, but their songs had magic power. They could create illusions and confuse enemies. In Nore, a good bard could even defeat an army.

In front of him was a pot of charcoal fire with an iron rack and a pile of sweet potatoes roasting. The man opened his eyes after singing, and at first glance he saw Hai’an riding around Auguste’s neck, stunned.

Hai’an noticed that his eyes were also gray-white, the same color as the sky in the Grey Fog City.

“Lorenzo’s singing is getting better and better.”

“Yes, yes, Lorenzo. Are you really not thinking about going to a concert on the Philadelphia? I think you sing better than Alexia.”

The people around him applauded after his song stopped, and he chuckled. “How can I afford to rent the stage of the Philadelphia? Your sweet potatoes are ready.” As he spoke, he took the sweet potatoes from the grill and handed them to the people around him.

“Ten baked sweet potatoes!” When Jamie saw the person in front of him take the sweet potatoes and leave, he went forward and ordered ten baked sweet potatoes in one breath.

“Okay, wait a minute. Do you want a song?” Lorenzo plucked several strings and asked Jamie with a smile.

“Stop singing. It’s terrible.” Uncle Ye’s hoarse voice suddenly sounded behind them.

“Uncle Ye,” Lorenzo smiled helplessly, “Have you met the cat again?”

“… I don’t know where the wild cat came from. It chased me down more than a dozen streets. Give me two baked sweet potatoes.” Uncle Ye said, put down the broom and garbage bin, and sat down in front of the potato stall.

“Uncle Ye is still so afraid of cats. If you don’t come back so late, teacher will come to you later.” Lorenzo placed the sweet potatoes in turn on the grill.

Auguste reached out and took Hai’an down from his shoulders, and started to hold him, but Hai’an twisted in Auguste’s arms.

“I want to walk by myself.” So Hai’an said, Auguste had to put Hai’an on the ground, holding Hai’an’s hand.

“Do you want baked sweet potatoes?” Lorenzo saw Hai’an looking at him and raised a baked sweet potato to greet him.

“… Yes.” Hai’an hesitated for a moment before answering. In fact, he wanted to ask Lorenzo how he knew the bard’s way of singing, but he didn’t know how to approach the situation.

Palatine said he would see him again in a month’s time.

“Here you are.” Lorenzo baked the sweet potatoes and gave them to Jamie, because he bought them first and then gave one to Hai’an.

“Huh?” Hai’an did not take the sweet potato. “Uncle Ye hasn’t gotten the baked sweet potatoes yet.”

“Take it first, Lorenzo will go back to church with me.” Uncle Ye raised his head and showed his sapphire eyes. He looked at Hai’an and then looked at Lorenzo. “Time is up, let’s go back.”

“Okay.” When Lorenzo finished baking the last two sweet potatoes, he collected the stall, picked up his equipment and left with Uncle Ye.

Go back together? Was Lorenzo also from Erenie Church?

Hai’an chewed with a sweet potato in one hand and it bulged up on both sides of his mouth just like a hamster. Auguste took his other hand and poked his cheek with his head down.

Hai’an, who was poked, stopped chewing and looked up at Auguste with a questioning face.

Hai’an felt that Palatine must not be an ordinary astrologer since he knew so many things. But before Hai’an figured it out, his face was poked by Auguste.

“Augu wat to dry sum?” Hai’an was surprised.

“No. I’m going to take you to see the lanterns.” After that, without waiting for Hai’an’s consent, Auguste picked up Hai’an and immediately took a bite of Hai’an’s tender face, licked it and left a shallow tooth print.

“Ah, you bit me!” Hai’an covered his face, opened his eyes wide and looked at Auguste in shock, forgetting to swallow even the sweet potato in his mouth.

Auguste pointed calmly to his face. “You can bite me too.”

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