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Chapter 83: JianJian grew up, not deceived

“Augu, are you okay?” When Hai’an saw Auguste collapse, he could not help shouting his childhood name for Auguste.

“Why don’t you call Auguste’s full name instead of Augu?” Colin circled his arms and looked puzzled.

“Because of love, they are together after all.”

“Then to avoid suspicion, are we going to have to call obscure Augu in the future?”

Corson looked up and looked at Colin in silence. He didn’t want to talk.

“I’m a little dizzy.” Auguste leaned on Hai’an’s neck and whispered with his lips against his warm skin, pressing down the tip of his nose and rubbing his whole face. He wondered if it was because Hai’an was a plant that he always had a fresh aroma of flowers and smelled very refreshing.

It was better to kiss. It was also great to have a bite and a lick.

Hai’an did not know that he had been in Auguste’s mind tens of thousands of times. He just caressed Auguste’s hair worriedly. “But your head was not hurt…”


“… It’s probably from too much blood loss.” Auguste gave a little snap. He could still cheat JianJian even though he was grown up.

Hai’an laid his hand gently over the wound on Auguste’s shoulder, and when he moved it away, there was no trace of the wound except that the blood was still there.

“Where are we going now?” Jamie came over, his face was still red and bloody, his hair was messy, and he was still stained with leaves from a few flowers.

“Go to Erenie to find Dean first.”

“Why?” Colin didn’t understand. He hated Dean very much.

“Now the news can’t get out, Red Shield is supposed to have touched the Flower Street Star to find Ariella. Tomorrow, Leston can’t receive our news any more, and he’s going to call in with a stray number.” Auguste pulled his head out of Hai’an’s arms, but still hugged Hai’an’s waist tightly.

“What does this have to do with finding Dean? And Aila, what on earth did you ask her to do?”

“I asked her to save a man.” Auguste touched Hai’an’s hair and sneered, “If Ivan wants to throw shit on me, it’s up to me whether I want it or not. Ha-ha, leave it for him to enjoy.”

“Well, I understand what you mean.” Jamie waved. “But how are we going to get out of here now?”

Auguste: “…”

Hai’an also found Auguste’s silence hilarious and wanted to laugh. Ariella and Auguste did not know why they could not change and since they could not contact anyone now, it was really difficult to leave.

“It must be Uncle Ye,” sighed Auguste. “I couldn’t change when Carl and I met them before. Carl was so frightened that he thought he was going to die.”

“I can take you away, follow me.” Hai’an grabbed Auguste’s hand and dragged him to the air canal of the flower bed. The canal was connected with the water from the fountain. The water flowed from the air garden to the sea and sparked a shower of water.

The Church of Erenie was in the city of dawn. Hai’an looked at the dim sky in the distance compared with the capital of day. He lowered his body and dipped his hand into the canal. The cold mist spreads out from his palm. The current soon changed the direction of the flow, bends from the top to a smooth arc, then freezes, and extends to the sea at night. Shining and translucent light shines in the clouds.

“Let’s ski over.” Hai’an looked back at them with bright eyes.

“You go down first,” Auguste nodded. “I… It’s too heavy.

All Ayulons were not light in weight after they became human. One would equal the weight of ten normal men. When Corson heard this, he raised his foot and kicked Colin.

“Ah -!!”

It was no problem to see the ice slide. Colin and Corson went on one after another, Jamie going after. Auguste took Hai’an in his arms and sat down on the ice slide. It did break up behind him and smashed into pieces.

The waves kept rising and falling behind them, and Hai’an carefully controlled the elements of the wind. The speed of gliding was no slower than the speed they had been in the carriage. Soon it slipped out of the dusk.

Erenie Church—

Palatine stood in front of the platform, holding the Bible and praying in a low voice. His long white hair grew paler against the black sacrificial dress, while Uncle Ye wore a black dress and cloak and swept around the church with a broom.

Alia sat on the bench, drinking hot drinks, and beside her sat a little boy. About sixteen or seventeen years old, slender and wearing ragged clothes, but still can see the original expensive cloth.

The little boy was holding a potted flower in his arms, but the leaves of the potted flower were falling down, and many petals were falling. He looked sick and dying. The little boy lowered his head like the decadent flower, and his face was buried in the shadows cast by his broken hair, which made people unable to see his expression.

Alia could not bear the dull atmosphere. She took another bottle of the drink out of the bag and asked the boy. “Cough… Do you drink?” 

The little boy was still silent and he did not say a word. Instead, the potted flower moved. The little boy raised his head at once. Tears were rolling in his eyes. He immediately took Alia’s drink and opened it and poured it directly into the pot.

The potted flower trembled after being watered, and the drooping leaves straightened up, feeling a little more energetic. The little boy wiped a tear and sniffed. The potted flower stretched out a branch and rubbed it against the little boy’s hand.

“Thank you…” The little boy sobbed his thanks to Alia.

“It’s all right.” Alia nodded, stiffly opened the corner of her mouth, and Uncle Ye swept past her again with a broom. Alia hesitated to say, “Uncle Ye… This land has been swept.”

Uncle Ye swept the floor and heard the sound. “Where else have I not swept?”

Alia opened her mouth and pointed to a nearby corner.

“Oh, thank you.” Uncle Ye walked to the corner with his broom in hand and turned half way back. “Your flat head is very handsome.”

Alia: “…” She was praised, but she couldn’t laugh at all.

Suddenly there was a rhythmic knock on the church door, and Palatine opened his eyes. This knock was unique to Dean. After three knocks, the church door opened itself, and Dean appeared at the door with a piece of snow on his back. “The snow is getting heavier and heavier, just like that night…”

Palatine turned and lowered his eyes. “Don’t talk to me…”

“Trouble to let -” Carl followed Dean and carefully escorted Lydney into the church. “Dean! Why are you here?”

“To see my teacher. After all, I haven’t seen him for a long time. Is Uncle Ye still sweeping the floor?” Dean stood on tiptoe and saw Uncle Ye sweeping the floor in the corner.

“Carl.” Alia got up from the bench and said hello to Carl.

“Alia? Where have you been these days?”

“Auguste asked me to save a man.” Alia shrugged and pointed to the little boy next to her. The boy probably came alive after drinking a drink from the flowers in his arms. Now he was in a much better mood and stood up with the flowerpot in his arms.

As he looked up, Carl and Lydney were stunned. They knew this little boy. He was the little boy who bought the rose in Freeport. The little boy looked up and stared, apparently recognizing Carl and Lydney.

“Do you know each other?” Alia looked at the expressions of the three of them and asked hesitantly.

“This is a coincidence…right?” Carl was a little hesitant.

Because the little boy was growing too fast, right? When they met him in Freeport, he was still a little one, and now he looked bigger than Hai’an.

“It’s me.” The little boy dropped his head and sat back, gently touching the branches and leaves of the little flower.

Lydney closed the door of the church, kept the snow from pouring in, and walked toward the little boy. “Your flowers don’t look very good.” When the little boy had just stood up, he was holding a flower pot. Lydney saw the sickness of the little plant.

“She’s full.” The little boy frowned and looked worried. “She ate too much to save me. I don’t want her to suffocate and die…”

Lydney: “…” How much meat did the flower eat?

He did not forget the warm reminder in the Handbook of Small-billed Flowers Raising: Small-billed Flowers are easy to kill because they eat too much.

“How did you grow so fast?” Carl only paid attention to the boy’s stumbling height. It took him hundreds of years to grow up like a child because he had no eggshell.

“Dad passed on strength and memory to me in order to save me.” The little boy sniffed and whipped and talked. “Ivan killed him, I saw it, I saw it with my own eyes!”

There were very few people who could carry on the power transmission, as Carl knows, and there is only one person who had a son – Grey Alto.

“Is your father…?”

“My father is Grey Alto, and I’m Queltan.”

Carl finally understood. No wonder Ivan had to kill him.

Grey Alto was the head of the former Second Regiment of the Empire. He was a rare honest man in the Emperor’s regiment and very patriotic, but he was only blindly loyal. He could do almost anything the Empire asked him to do, as long as he did not touch the moral bottom line.

And his blood was also very peculiar; he was a land beast.

Grey Alto must have been trying to protect his son, so he forcibly inherited his strength and forced Queltan to awaken ahead of time. After all, any race of blood can only awaken in adulthood.

No wonder when he was in the free auction house, Xiao Hua liked Queltan so much. He had the smell of land beasts. The interstellar plants liked land beasts because the smell of land beasts could promote their rapid growth. If they broke branches or leaves, they could accelerate wound healing. The spirit of Xiaozuihua improved not because she drank drinks, but because she stayed with Queltan all the time. From then on, the wound healed gradually.

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August 6, 2019 10:03 pm

I was wondering where Alia disappeared to, since she weren’t at Auguste and Hai’an’s wedding.

Killing a father in front of his son… Yup, Ivan is definitely evil, If I haven’t blacklisted him before, he would be blacklisted now!

Is Queltan new addition to the Vagrant crew?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 7, 2019 9:03 pm

Ohh, the little boy has reappeared! And he’s relevant too! Well, who would have thought it?

Hai’an’s powers are marvelous.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 17, 2019 10:15 am

Exactly how tall is hai’an now. Because this boy is apparently taller than him and he’s still called little boy. Does hai’an look like a child now.

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That Auguste can stay one step ahead of these crazies shows how smart he is, and his hubby isn’t short of tricks either 😉

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I think Auguste is building a force.
This is so intriguing.
Thank you for translating.

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