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Chapter 84: Those who have light in their hearts can eventually cross the swamp of darkness. 

Grey Alto had always opposed Ivan’s war policy. He believed that there was still a chance to salvage the relationship between the Emperor’s regiment and the Freedom Alliance. The Freedom Alliance wanted to get rid of all inequalities and build a democratic and free society for the pure human race and other races. Grey Alto also said that the pure human problem was a hidden danger of the Empire, especially when Dean appeared a hundred years ago. Later, he advocated peaceful resolution.

Didn’t the Freedom Alliance want democratic rights and freedoms? Let the Empire redesign a bill to meet the needs of pure humans and other races seeking democracy.

But how could those nobles easily delegate power? They would rather wage war than surrender their rights. Anyway, the people who died on the battlefield had nothing to do with them.

So Grey Alto was excluded, but he handed over his military power directly so that Ivan had no reason to get rid of him, but Ivan invited most of the nobles of the Empire to his wedding with Ariella, and killed a number of people against him, including Grey Alto.

He also wanted to throw the resulting shit on Auguste’s head.

Auguste asked Alia to rescue Grey Alto, but Alia had only time to rescue Queltan.

“Sit down everyone, don’t talk…” Palatine, with his eyes down and a smile on his face, invited everyone to sit down. “Shall I pray for you? Pressure the blood to kill the spirit?”

“What about Auguste? Have they not come back yet? It’s almost dawn.” Carl looked around the church and did not find Colin, Corson, Auguste or JianJian either. He was a little anxious.

After daybreak, Leston would drive the Vagrant into Flower Street and join them at Erenie Church. If Auguste could not get back to the church before daybreak, it would be troublesome.

“They’re here…” Dean took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

As soon as his voice fell, the church door was opened. Auguste stood at the door with Hai’an, Colin, Corson and Jamie followed.

“Auguste, long time no see…” Dean and Palatine spoke at the same time, even at the same speed and sound line. Palatine’s lips had a bigger smile. Dean saw it and smiled softly. He put on his glasses.

Auguste did not look at Dean, and went straight to Queltan. Queltan held the little rose in his arms, looked up at Auguste, and Hai’an, who had been following Auguste, saw the little flower.

Why did this potted flower look familiar?

The small mouth flower also saw Hai’an, the incomplete flower turned its head, suddenly turned into a mouth, smiled at him, showing the incomplete teeth.

Hai’an: “…”

Auguste was very tall and put great pressure on Queltan, but Queltan did not shrink back. “Can you contact the army your father left behind?”

“Yes.” Quiltan gritted his teeth and held the flower pot with great force. “As long as I leave Flower Street Star, I can get in touch with the guards my father left behind.”

“Good. I’ll take you out of Ivan’s sphere of influence, and then…” 

Dean laughed before Auguste had finished. “You don’t want to join the Freedom Alliance, but to cultivate an army of your own?” Dean shook his head and sneered. “You Ayulons really can’t change the belligerent nature. You’re a beast. How can you be human?”

“Only war can stop war, but not every victory is the end of war.” Auguste looked at Dean impassively. “You joined an army doomed to failure.”

Dean sneered, closed his eyes and sat down, not talking to Auguste.

Carl ran up to Auguste and whispered to him, “Why do you suddenly want to join the war again? Didn’t we say we’d better not fight?”

“Ariella is Ayulon, and only Ayulons know how to kill Ayulons.”

“You talk nonsense,” Carl stared. “I don’t know. You didn’t teach me that! Are you afraid I’ll kill you?!”

Auguste: “…”

“I just didn’t think that one day we would kill our own people.” Auguste’s tone suddenly softened, with heavy helplessness.

Carl was silent, too. He and Auguste spent so much time drifting across the stars in search of their kindred, but never thought that they would meet each other one day.

That evening, no one spoke. Hai’an closed his eyes quietly and huddled back in Auguste’s arms to regain his magic. Lydney was a pure human being. He needed sleep, and he also relied on Carl’s arms to keep his eyes closed.

Palatine changed the candles on the candlestick and burned them all night. He opened the door of the church and looked at the unchanged sky of the Grey City. His grey eyes were marked by the dawn. In the distance, countless dead birds flew from the sky and flew in groups to the dusk.

“It’s daybreak…”

Nightmare shook the snow off himself. Dean came out of the church and touched Nightmare’s carapace. Nightmare’s carapace began to stain black bit by bit from where Dean touched it, and finally turned completely black, the same color as when Hai’an first saw Nightmare on the black market.

“Auguste, I don’t owe you any more.”

“It’s not me you owe.” Everyone came out of the church and stood on the open ground in front of the church door. There was a thick layer of snow on the ground, which was a pit when they stepped on it.

Dean lowered his eyes and did not go on talking.

Palatine stood in the doorway, touched a stone pillar in front of the church door. The cross at the top of the church suddenly emitted a white light and rushed into the sky. The protective shield opened by the flower street stars gradually faded under the impact of the white light. Soon, the protective shield disappeared completely.

“Actually, I hate the people of the Empire too. This is clearly my place…” Palatine waved to Auguste and said, “Goodbye…”

Suddenly there was a shadow in the sky. Hai’an looked up and saw that it was a warship he did not know. But the sign on it was that he knew it. It was the Red Cross in front of Dean’s machine armor Nightmare. The bottom of the warship descended the elevator and extended to Auguste before them.

“Come on,” Auguste said to Hai’an, and everyone followed him aboard the battleship.

Hai’an found out that the warship was the Vagrant, but there was no similarity between it and the Vagrant from the outside.

“Hey, brothers, have a good time?” Leston opened his arms and came over to give Jamie a hug. He saw Queltan, who was next to Alia. “New members?”

“This is Gray Alto’s son. We’ll escort him away.” Alia looked down at Queltan and explained to Leston.

“Did Dean make the camouflage outside the Vagrant?”

“Yeah.” Leston sighed and left the hall to operate the rover in the main control room.

Hai’an went to the window of the Vagrant and watched a ship and a warship fly past them. The artillery fires fell to the ground of the Flower Street Star, and  fireworks rose. The people who escaped from the building dropped blood on the ground, with a look of panic and despair on their faces.

“Don’t look at it.” Auguste came over to cover Hai’an’s eyes and pulled him away from the window.

Slumdog Street——

Lorenzo was sitting on his knees in the street, the snow fell all over him, his lips were blue with cold, his legs were asleep for a long time. He knew that his legs might have been worn out, but he looked up at the dark sky and prayed that the dawn would come a little slower.

But the dawn would tear the curtain of darkness.

Dawn came over the horizon. Lorenzo saw countless black dead birds on the horizon. They flew to the dusk cemetery with the white light of dawn. Black feathers fell down in succession along the sky. The light of dawn hurt his eyes. He covered his face with his hand, and finally dropped his head and bled red tears between his fingers.

Flower Street was the largest tourist planet in the interstellar world, but only a few people knew that the indigenous people actually lived in the slum streets. There are no human beings here. All aborigines were dead birds, but they could not become dead birds and did not know their identity. When they become dead birds, when they die, they will fly to the dusk cemetery and never return to the human form until their souls disappeared completely, but some inhabitants would be reborn and rise at dawn. Time to climb out of the water, forget everything, and continue to live.

Lorenzo was an albino dead bird. He had a different hair color and pupil color from other dead birds. He was also the only dead bird who could learn the common interstellar language. People in the slum street could not learn the way of rapping and pronunciation of the common language because of their natural ancestry. After the Flower Street became a tourist city, a large number of alien races intermingled, and the slum Street began to appear as if they were a mixed-race groups.

But without exception, once the darkness in their hearts ferments, they become dead birds at dawn and die a year later.

Lorenzo died long ago. On the night he fled, the darkness of his heart engulfed him, but Dean saved him. He wanted him to live in pain forever, and he could never get rid of it.

[Lorenzo, what are you doing sitting here?] A door beside Lorenzo’s house was opened. As soon as Leddy came out, he saw his neighbor, Lorenzo, sitting on the street, covering his face with blood.

[God! It’s blood. Are you hurt? Aunt Jenny, have you got up yet? Come and see Lorenzo. He seems to be ill.] Leddy took Lorenzo’s hand and saw his face full of blood. He stood up and knocked on Aunt Jenny’s door.

What?! Aunt Jenny’s door soon opened. [Was Lorenzo injured? ]

[Someone was injured?! ]

[Go and get help!]

More people in the North Street opened the door, ran to Lorenzo and helped him get up from the ground, but Lorenzo’s legs knelt on the snow for a long time and could not stand at all.

Lorenzo stared at them, and he just kept saying, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Dean… I’m sorry… Abel… I’m sorry…”

Those who have light in their hearts can eventually cross the swamp of darkness.

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Thank you for the update!
I think Lorenzo’s punishment is really fitting. Many people kill in anger but killing is not the real punishment. I’m not the forgiving kind.

August 6, 2019 10:23 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

I’m glad the Vagrant crew is back together, but at the same time the rest of the chapter was so sad.

Now Auguste plans to build a power of his own, since only an Ayulon can kill another Ayulon.

August 7, 2019 12:27 am

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I’m a little bit confused.. when Auguste said to not look down, was there people attacking the people at flower street?? What happened??

September 23, 2021 11:52 am

This is obviously sad, but I’m not 100% sure I understand it…
If a black death bird in human form becomes driven by hate, it turns back into a bird and dies a year later? Dean rescued Lorenzo from that happening after he abandoned Abel and him, so he had to live on? The attack was never in tge slum area of aborigines, but the tourist part?

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