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Chapter 82: Black Raven: Come and play. I’ll fight you to the death! 

Ariella looked up at the rising sea level in front of her and she suddenly sneered, “It’s so interesting. I almost thought Auguste was looking at a weak chicken who could do nothing…”

She opened her nano computer and said, “Ivan, take me away.”

“What?” Ivan Randall chuckled. “Were you scared by a potted plant?”

“Yes, he is fierce.” Ariella listened to Ivan’s bright and magnetic voice, her eyes squinting, giggling and her voice coquettish to Ivan. “Move me away, move me to your arms.”

“Okay.” Ivan’s doting voice rings in Ariella’s ear. The next moment, Ariella disappeared from on board the Philadelphia. A few minutes after her disappearance, the Philadelphia sank into the sea with a large number of dead birds.

“You’re full of bird shit.” Ivan held Ariella in his arms and looked at her adoringly.

Ariella’s eyes were bright, her vertical pupils turned back to a harmless, gentle circle, and she puckered her lips slightly. “Do you still love me like this?”

“Love.” Ivan raised his mouth and looked back at Ariella with fiery eyes. He gently pinched her chin. “You’re like a miracle…”

When Ariella heard Ivan’s words, she straightened up, grabbed Ivan’s clothes and kissed him on the corner of his lips. Ivan’s clothes were pulled apart by Ariella’s movements, revealing a necklace on his neck, with a blue soul stone hanging on it, shining under the bright crystal chandelier in the room, reflecting charming light.


Hai’an was sliding along the ice slide on the sea. The sea was so large that he did not know the way or where Auguste was. Hai’an took a deep breath. He was not a child who could only panic when things happened, but now he was still a little confused.

He did not know where Auguste had gone, nor could he contact anyone. The sound of waves rustling around him, the sound of sea ice freezing and breaking came back and forth, and the sunshine in the sky hurt Hai’an’s eyes. It was now winter. The cold sea breeze blew like a blade of ice on Hai’an’s face, and soon it would be numb and red. Hai’an bowed his head and his silver hair fell down over his ears and covered his face.

Suddenly, Hai’an raised his head violently, then picked up his clothes, took out Auguste’s soul stone necklace tied to his neck from his collar, and put it in his hand. Through the unclosed fingers, he could see the faint blue light from the soul stone.

“… I hope you can hear my prayer and send me to my lover.” Hai’an closed his eyes and whispered a magic spell. Because of their inherent racial superiority, the elves did not need to sing all magic. Only a few magic bans and some rare non-attributed magic needed to be sung. In Nore, all races used magic except the fallen Protoss and the mysterious dragon race. Only some races with excellent magic talents could use spells in silence. Some people said that this was God’s rule in the creation of the mainland, giving the weak people special pity.

When Hai’an opened his eyes again, the first thing he saw was the bloody sky at dusk. Hai’an sat on the ground for a few seconds, stunned by scattered clouds, like marshmallows dyed with orange. There was only one piece of land in the dusk, so this is the Sky Garden?

But how did he end up here?

The Hanging Garden was now in ruins. The tall marble pillars had fallen in half. There were broken stones and net-like cracks on the ground. The flower beds around the garden were covered with broken flowers and leaves. The crushed traces of heavy objects were very obvious, and there were broken walls everywhere.

“JianJian?!” A cry of surprise followed the sound of footsteps.

When Hai’an looked back, he saw Colin and Corson. They came running, one arm around the other, and they pulled Hai’an up and hid behind a fallen marble pillar. Hai’an also found Jamie there. He lay on the ground, his head in the flowers, and he snored slightly.

“Jamie don’t keep sleeping, wake up. Look who’s here.” Colin ripped off the branches and slapped Jamie in the face.

“What?” Jamie sat up and rubbed his head. “I’m still a little dizzy. Who’s here? JianJian!” Jamie stared. “How did you get here?” Jamie now had blood all over his face and a huge welt on his head. It looks like he was hit by something.

“Your head… Are you all right?” Hai’an said hesitantly, pointing to Jamie’s head.

Jamie touched the welt on his head and he was stunned. “No wonder I was dizzy.”

Hai’an reached out and put his hand over Jamie’s head. The golden light converged on his hand and gradually formed a small mist which covered Jamie’s wound. Soon, Jamie’s wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Well, I’m not dizzy anymore.” Jamie’s eyes lit up and patted his head. “Oh, you’re definitely JianJian. I don’t know what happened. When we saw the light again, we were here.”

“How did this happen? What about Auguste?” Hai’an was in a hurry. He had not forgotten that Auguste had been stabbed in the shoulder by Ariella.

“This is Auguste’s job.”

“Yes, yes, Auguste came with us, and Raven,” Colin took over Jamies’s words. “He found you missing, even his eyes changed, and immediately fought with Raven.”

“Their fight was over, and they broke the pillar. The stone hit me on the head and made a hole.” Jaime pointed to his head, somewhat resentful.

“Where is he now?”

“Right there.” Corson straightened up and pointed to the platform beneath the marble.

Hai’an also stretched his neck and looked down.

Auguste was standing upright. From Hai’an’s point of view, he could see the wound behind him. Ariella had pulled her hand down heavily. He not only had a piece of meat hollowed out on his shoulder, but also filet three deep paw marks along the wound. Through his thick clothes, the skin and flesh were folded outwards. The flesh and blood were still oozing out, soaking most of his body, almost painful to death. 

And Raven was also determined to stand in front of him, holding a flat plate in his hand, the hands frozen, not knowing what to do.

“They… What are you doing?” Hai’an can’t understand what they were doing. Look at the tragic situation in the Hanging Garden. They should have had a fierce fight before, but now they are peaceful.

“Maybe… Are you playing with a wooden man?” Colin frowned, thought it over and answered.

As soon as Jamie heard this, he let go of the hand that touched his head and patted Colin’s head. “Wasn’t it you who smashed my head?”

“We also don’t know. They originally fought very fiercely, although Auguste did not change back to his dragon shape, but Raven did not get any benefits. You see his machine shell.” Corson pointed at Raven and Hai’an followed Corson’s direction. He saw the big and small paw marks on Raven and the scratches on the rough stone floor. It was really awkward. “But they fought for a while, and Auguste stopped suddenly, and stood there, without any other movement. Black Raven followed him and stood there motionless.”

Corson mentioned that Auguste had not changed. Hai’an thought of Ariella’s flying and smashing from the air. Suddenly, it was not that Auguste had not changed, but that he could not change. “How long did they fight?”

“Not long, just three minutes.” Corson pointed to his watch. “I remember clearly that they stopped playing for three minutes and then stood there, at least for hours.”

Sure enough, Auguste must have found that he could not change. Black raven was also distressed, he had been standing there for three hours.

Ivan asked him to come here, but he gave only one order – to stop Auguste from leaving the Hanging Garden by all means.

As soon as he came here, Auguste rushed up with red eyes, and in a few moments he was in a mess. Considering Dean’s Nightmare and Alia’s Red Shield, he was absolutely one of the ugliest primitive machine armor fighters.

Black raven was heartbroken. He thought he was a principled gentleman. He would do whatever his master asked him to do. He would never do anything superfluous. But Auguste only played for three minutes before he stopped. His big trick had not been used yet. But Ivan did not let him kill Auguste. Auguste had no intention of running. Raven had to stop and stare at Auguste.

After staying still for ten minutes, Raven finally couldn’t help being lonely. He pulled out a tablet game console and began to play it repeatedly.

After a while, Raven’s nano computer received a message: [Master Ivan: Come back, don’t care about Auguste. ]

[Black Bird Baby:] OK, master, I’ve been beating the 10th level many times in a row. ^-^y_

[Master Ivan:] You stole Luke’s tablet game again?!!

[Black Bird Baby]: No, this time it’s Ariella, hip-hopping.

[Master Ivan]:… 

Raven folded up the flat panel and finally looked at Auguste, stretching its wings and flying away.

Auguste looked serious and turned to Colin and Corson. As soon as he looked up, he saw Hai’an’s wrinkled small face and looked at him tightly. The worries and heartache in his eyes were clearly visible. Auguste was stunned for a moment. Then he shook his figure and felt that he was going to collapse overwhelmingly in the next moment.

When Hai’an saw this, he immediately stood up, crossed the marble pillar and ran towards Auguste. Auguste shook for a long time, until Hai’an came to hold him, he leaned softly on Hai’an, buried his face in Hai’an’s neck, and quickly put his hands around his waist. The whole set of movements was completed in one breath, flowing like clouds and water.

Colin, Corson, and Jamie were stunned to see this. Only pure Hai’an could believe that Auguste and Raven were not hurt at all when they fought. Only Ariella caused the wounds all over his body. They had suffered much more serious injuries than this when the Emperor Regiment was involved in the war, and Auguste did not frown.

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