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Chapter 85: JianJian’s relatives

More and more warships passed through the atmosphere of Huajie Star, rushed into the inner circle, dropped fire and smoke, and the Vagrant carefully avoided these battleships and headed for the port of berth.

The “Vagrant” they had parked in the mooring port was still there, without any movement. There were a lot of fights in Flower Street but there was no “Vagrant” to find. No one knew what reason Ivan used to block the mouths of the Star People.

The position of the ship changed abruptly as it passed the Vagrant, and the two warships exchanged their “appearance” instantly.

“Cool” Leston spun around in the swivel chair in the main control room. Nightmare’s camouflage skill was so good that no one could see their little actions at all. He bet Dean could absolutely do a big job with it.

“Leston, speed up and don’t let Luke catch up.”

“All right.” Leston responded quickly, pulled the accelerator of the rover, and the rover’s tail emitted a blue-core flame, which soon burst out of the atmosphere of the Flower Street Star.

After leaving Flower Street Star’s gravitational range level, a holographic projection pops up again on the hall’s round table, but surprisingly, the projection shows Emperor’s warships attacking Flower Street Star, while Dean’s Yongmeng, the only Freedom Alliance warship, was now well docked at Flower Street Star’s mooring port, where they had just left.

“Ivan’s going to be upset for a while.” Carl looked at the crowded Imperial Warships and sighed, “Dean can really hide.”

“I really believe that Caine has joined the Freedom Alliance, otherwise Dean couldn’t get so many warships. It’s all money.” Carl pinched his hands on the table and dragged the spot particles randomly. The spot particles converged into a simulated form of a warship. “But I don’t understand. Now we all know that Ariella is Ayulon. What about Caine?”

“Shouldn’t he be an Ayulon, too?” Carl has seen Caine before. Like Ariella, he had honey-colored hair, but his face was always stiff. Although he often smiled, he felt fake. Was it the nature of businessmen?

“He’s not Ayulon.” Auguste crossed his hands and laid them casually on the round table. The battleship with speckle particles flew rapidly past him, throwing blue fluorescence on his pupils. The expression on his face was very serious and dignified. Hai’an sat next to Auguste and looked up at Auguste’s side profile.

Auguste knew that Ayulons were very exclusive. Except for their relatives and loved ones, they seldom had direct physical contact with other people. The relationship between Caine and Ariella was very delicate. They were not brother and sister, but Ariella would cuddle with Caine in almost all public places, even kissed him on the cheek.

It was not normal, and that was one of the reasons why Auguste had never been able to identify Ariella before.

There are still many questions about the whole thing. Did Caine know that Ariella was Ayulon? And what was his purpose in joining the Freedom Alliance? And the engagement ceremony of Ariella did not appear from beginning to end. The incident of Ariella’s attack on the lighthouse had spread in the interstellar space for a long time, and he did not express any attitude. The whole person seemed to disappear completely.

Auguste pinched the space between his eyebrows and sighed. “Queltan, please contact your father’s guard. We’re going to send you to a safe place…” Halfway through, Auguste stopped because he found that Hai’an had disappeared.

“JianJian ~JianJian ~Look here ~” Hai’an just stared at Auguste in a daze, as if he heard someone shouting at him. Looking sideways, Jamie and Colin were gathered at the other end of the round table, together with Queltan, whispering and chattering.

“JianJian, come quickly.” Colin beckoned to Hai’an, who was bored and decided to join the fun.

“Look, your relative.” When Hai’an passed by, Colin mysteriously pushed Queltan’s potted plant, the small-billed flower, in front of Hai’an, holding a glass of bright red juice in his hand.

“… What are you doing here?” Hai’an felt that the juice was a little ripe, red, white and bloody, just like flesh and blood juice.

Isn’t this human fruit juice?

“Colin said he wanted to help me pursue happiness in my life.” The dull Queltan looked expectant and his eyes were shining. “They said I would see a surprise as long as my plant drank the juice!”

Hai’an: “…”

He could become a man not only because of the fruit, but also because so far, the only race that had really eaten fruit and become a man was that group of worms and monsters, and their appearance could not be considered human at all?

Before Hai’an could stop it, Colin moved his wrist and poured a cup of human juice all over the little mouth flower.

But the whole branch and leaves of the Xiaozuihua seemed to melt. As the fruit juice gradually shrank, collapsed and melted into the soil, the only thing left of the potted plant was darkened soil.

Colin: “…” Finished.

“YaYa!!! My YaYa is dead!!!!” Quiltan shouted, trembling fingers pointed to the pot, and Colin coughed dryly, wondering whether to push the pot to Corson, saying that he had taken the rotten fruit and did nothing of his own.

“YaYa is not dead, shush, listen –” Hai’an waved his hand, motioning them to calm down.

There was indeed a rustling sound in the flowerpot. Everyone came up and stared at the flowerpot. One hand suddenly came out of the ground and frightened everyone. Then the other hand shoved away the soil and then the other hand came out. Then a smooth head came out of the mud.

“Pooh!” The little man spit out a mouthful of mud without expression.

“So you’re not dead, YaYa.” Queltan reached over, grabbed the little man’s head and pulled it up.

Hai’an’s eyes widened. Wouldn’t that hurt him?

But really did not, YaYa was pulled out by Queltan, gently pulled out of the soil, and he was also wearing red pants with a shirt.

There were clothes??!!

Hai’an was not happy. Why did he come out naked? But Queltan’s little mouth flower can still have something to wear, but Hai’an touched his hair, and suddenly felt that bare was also quite good, at least he didn’t have a bald head, and did not eat soil.

Hai’an suddenly had another hand on his head. Without looking back, Hai’an knew that this hand was Auguste. Everyone of the Vagrant knew that he was Auguste’s, and nobody else wanted to touch him.

“You had a good time.” Auguste’s plain voice could not hear joy nor anger.

“Hey, hey, hey, aren’t we looking for JianJian’s relatives?” Colin gave a dry laugh.

“Queltan, Winchester is waiting for you.”

Winchester was the captain of the guard left behind by Queltan’s father.

As soon as Queltan heard this, he rose from his seat with his YaYa in his arms. His eyes were filled with gratitude, and he made a salute to Auguste, who was upright. “Thank you.”

“Come on,” Auguste raised his chin and told Queltan where to go.

Queltan picked up the flower pot on the table and ran with YaYa to the interior door of the Vagrant, where Winchester was waiting for him.

“Did you choose him?” Carl came over and asked, looking at Queltan’s departure.

“People need a good leader.”

“How do you know he’s going to be a good leader?”

Auguste glanced sideways at Carl. “After all, he’s still a kid. If he doesn’t listen, you coax until he listen.”

Carl: “…”

How fierce!!!

He didn’t know why, Hai’an suddenly felt a sense of coolness rising from his feet.

“JianJian.” Auguste put Hai’an in his arms, rubbed him at the base of his ear with the tip of his nose, exhaled a warm breath, and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “You haven’t taken a bath lately…”

After seeing Auguste embrace Hai’an, Carl went away. Anyway, he had Lydney to embrace.

Hai’an’s face burned with a quick flush. Did he stink? These days, he was so busy that he could not eat a few mouthfuls, not to mention taking a bath. When he was on the Philadelphia, he had something to eat, but he drank the wrong wine.

And Auguste’s action in the dim light that day added a bundle of firewood to the charcoal fire. Hai’an felt uncomfortable as long as he thought that Auguste’s big hand had rubbed vigorously in his sensitive and fragile place. At this time, a passion converged along his body, and Hai’an struggled without breaking away from Auguste’s embrace.

“There seems to be something against me.” Auguste deliberately leaned close to Hai’an’s ear and blew a breath on it, watching it tremble sensitively.

“No, no!” Hai’an blushed with shame and quickly denied it. He didn’t know what had happened to him. So he could not stand the stir. Auguste said nothing, and he became so…

“Let me take you to the bath.” Auguste declared. He did not give Hai’an any chance to refute. He dragged Hai’an to his room. “You used to be as big as my palm, and I could hold you with one hand, but now… It’s about the same.”

Ah!!!!!! Auguste was playing a hooligan again!!!

“Now that I’m grown up, I think I can take a bath by myself.” He grabbed Auguste’s hand hard, and now it was not the same as before. Even if Hai’an was foolish, he knew that taking a bath with Auguste now was like taking a bite out of a dragon.

Auguste’s strength was great. He held Hai’an’s hand like a shackle. He couldn’t shake it off it. In a blink of an eye, he went to the bathroom door.

“I won’t eat you again. What are you afraid of?” Auguste laughed and rubbed his head against Hai’an’s neck. From time to time, he met the tips of Hai’an’s sensitive ear. His crisp pleasure burst in an instant, and Hai’an’s feet were almost too soft to stand.

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August 7, 2019 9:17 pm

Yaya became a human too! That’s great! I hope this child is a good leader. They seriously need one.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 7, 2019 10:20 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!!

So Caine is not an Ayulon. Then how come that Ariella got to be his “sister”? I bet it would be explained later on.

As always Coling didn’t think before acting. Good thing the Yaya really became a little man other wise Queltan would have hated him for ever.

Auguste is possessive and Hai’an has yet to get used to his possessiveness. But I think that is understandable after the emotional rollercoaster he had been through first at Erenie church and then during the Philadelphia incydent, when Hai’an went missing for a while.

August 8, 2019 1:48 pm

they left and Palatine didnt give translation nor the truth about Hai’an’s planet

August 30, 2019 5:32 pm

It’s about the same he says. Lololol. Too cute. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

September 23, 2021 12:33 pm

Amazing. Dean joined with them for this battle, to defeat Ivan.
Queltan was saved, his YaYa has human form and with Winchester, he will grow to lead his father’s supporters and join Auguste. An alternative that will hopefully provide true democracy with no more wars once peace is hopefully accomplished.
Cain must have loved Ariella hence…

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