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Chapter 86: Teased in the Bathroom

Hai’an leaned against the wall and tried to breathe evenly. The cold tiles sobered him a little. The high tide made him unable to speak a word. Auguste hugged his waist. He was afraid that the cold tiles on the wall would freeze him. He pulled Hai’an back from the bathtub seat and took him into the warm water.

“I want to sleep…” Hai’an whispered, in fact, he was not very sleepy, but very tired, arriving at high tide after the body was already very sensitive was draining. Auguste’s big hands were rough. Just touching any part of his body, would bring a shiver, but Hai’an was really powerless.

Auguste approached and kissed Hai’an on his lips, but his lips just lingered against his lips and did not go deeper. But Hai’an was frightened by him, frowning, and his hands slightly resisted against Auguste’s chest.

“Soak a little longer, or you’ll be cold.” Hai’an had just been sitting on the platform of the bathtub, touching all the cold tiles, and now soaking in warm water, he was even weaker and nodded wearily at Auguste.

Auguste pinched Hai’an’s chin and looked at Hai’an’s face inch by inch. Hai’an had been sitting in Auguste’s arms with his legs open. This position made Hai’an suddenly feel a sense of crisis, such as facing the enemy, his beautiful green eyes were wide open, his eyes were light red, and one could not tell if his long eyelashes were wet by the fresh tears or wet by the water in the bathroom. Being wet caused them to bunch together making Hai’an appear more innocent, like a frightened deer, looking at you with wet eyes.

Hai’an sat on Auguste’s lap, and Auguste’s reaction was clear to him.

This caused even more panic. Auguste’s hand wrapped around his lower body part firmly, but he just couldn’t shoot anything out, except some transparent mucus. Then with Auguste’s red naked person clinging to his, he felt like he would become kidney deficiency. This kind of thing was very comfortable once, okay twice, and would cause a peero to be completely drained by the third time.

Auguste helped him more than three times.

By then Hai’an was soft and limp, just stepping on the ground, he almost slipped. The clothes on the table in the bathroom was set relatively high, with Auguste’s height, it was absolutely no problem, but for Hai’an, it was a little hard. Hai’an reached out for half a day and could still not reach the towels, making him become frustrated.

Auguste followed Hai’an out of the bathtub, easily took the towel with one hand, spread it out and wrapped it around Hai’an. He wiped him with the towel, put on his nightgown and took Hai’an to bed.

There was no ceiling lamp in the room, only the night lamp beside the bed emitted ambiguous warm yellow light in the darkness.

Hai’an was wrapped in a bathroom towel, his hair was dripping, and he sat on the bed pitifully, with his pointed ears hanging down. Auguste went to his wardrobe and looked for Hai’an’s pajamas. “Do you want to wear clothes?”

“Want to…” Hai’an answered immediately. Did he have to sleep naked with Auguste without clothes? The picture was too beautiful for him to imagine.

“This one is a little big.” It took Auguste a long time to find a white nightgown, which he had worn when he was a child. It was only to his knees now. Auguste abandoned it a long time ago and pressed it to the bottom of a box. Now it happened to be taken out for Hai’an to wear.

Auguste had prepared Hai’an a lot of clothes, for every body shape period, every style, every season, but he did not prepare pajamas for Hai’an.

Sooner or later, they had to go to bed. What did he need pajamas for?

But today Auguste also felt that he had made it a little hard for Hai’an, because Hai’an had not slowed down until now. He was still at his mercy, sitting feebly, but tonight he would not dare to sleep without dressing Hai’an.

“Come on, raise your hands.” Auguste took off the bath towel, wiped Hai’an’s hair to dry off some water droplets before putting on Hai’an’s nightgown.

When he tied his belt, Auguste was half kneeling in front of Hai’an. This gesture reminded him of what had just happened in the bathroom. He was frozen rigid.

“Don’t be so stiff.” When Auguste saw Hai’an’s appearance, he deliberately patted Hai’an’s buttocks and said such ambiguous words, which made Hai’an even more panicky. He ran away before his belt was fastened. He rushed to bed, lifted the quilt and wanted to drill into it.

Auguste pulled Hai’an back by one of his legs.

From this point of view, he can see clearly that Hai’an was wearing nothing beneath the robe.

Auguste deliberately didn’t let Hai’an wear underwear. Now it was only the two of them. It would be better if he didn’t wear a nightgown.

“It’s not dry yet. Sit down and I’ll wipe your hair.” Auguste pulled Hai’an and stood by the bed wiping his hair.

Hai’an’s silver hair was very soft and slippery. Now it reached his waist. It was softer and brighter after being washed by water. It will soon be dried, only the tips of Hai’an’s hair were a little wet. Auguste bent over and embraced Hai’an, rubbed his lips at the base of his ears, and then kissed Hai’an’s smooth back along his neck.

“Aaahn…” Hai’an suddenly moaned out like this. His ears trembled. Hai’an didn’t notice his voice when he was confused in the bathroom. Shamefully, he quickly pulled off Auguste’s arm and crawled into the quilt, wrapping the thick quilt around himself, leaving only a small gap for breathing.

Hai’an’s face was hot with great shame.

Last time on the Philadelphia, Auguste had done something like that, but at that time they were all dressed and could not see anything in the dim light, instead of meeting naked in the bright room as they did today.

Next to Hai’an the bed indented, and then a hard, powerful arm coiled around his waist over the quilt. Hai’an knew it was Auguste lying down.

“JianJian, you took the quilt away.” Auguste’s voice even had some grievances in it. It was not very true through the thick quilt. “I’m cold…”

Hai’an couldn’t listen any longer, and suddenly lifted the quilt away. As he had been covered by it for a while, his hair was in a mess, and his face was still flushed, Auguste’s eyes almost faded in that instant.

But Hai’an did not notice it. He shrank back, loosened the quilt and gave half to Auguste. Auguste immediately lay down in the quilt. There was a cool wind in his movements. Hai’an shivered, as if he was really cold. He had some guilt in his heart. He shouldn’t have taken all the quilt away.

Auguste scooted towards Hai’an, who immediately turned his back to Auguste, only to reveal his uneasiness by tugging his hand tightly.

“It’s warm next to JianJian.” Auguste didn’t care either. With this gesture, he wrapped his arm around Hai’an’s waist and laid his chin on Hai’an’s neck. He sighed comfortably.

Hai’an closed his eyes and ignored Auguste. Anyway, they were both dressed. There should be nothing wrong with them. Hai’an did not struggle and fell asleep at ease.

Auguste opened his closed eyes after Hai’an’s breathing became long, and then… The quilt covering Hai’an was immediately lifted.

Hai’an shrank from the cold. His nightgown had been loosened. The two-meter dividend on his chest and the soft mass underneath exposed him in the cold air without concealment. He had not waited for Auguste to fasten his belt before he ran away. Now he had saved Auguste’s efforts to untie his belt directly.

Auguste lifted Hai’an’s arm, lightly took off Hai’an’s sleeping gown, threw it on the ground, then unfastened his own sleeping gown, and approached Hai’an. Hai’an felt the warmth and, of course, immediately cuddled into Auguste.

Now it was Hai’an’s turn to wrap around Auguste’s waist.

Auguste was very satisfied with the position. He covered them with the quilt again and closed his eyes with Hai’an in his arms.

During the long night, restless sleepless Leston was playing games with a tablet game machine. While he was enjoying himself, he took a random look at the temperature detection in the rooms of the Vagrant on the electronic screen. It was found that the temperature in one room was only 14 degrees C. Leston took a closer look at it.

Wasn’t this Auguste’s room?

Everyone slept well that night, and everyone was very happy except Hai’an when they had breakfast in the hall that morning.

But Ivan didn’t want them to be so comfortable – Luke got involved with them again. The Hammer Legion sent all its warships and soldiers this time, and it was imperative that the Vagrant be blocked and all the people on board be hanged.

The guards led by Queltan and Winchester were on the Little Red Flower, following the Vagrant, and contacting Auguste as soon as someone caught up. Through the technology of warship connection, Queltan and Winchester came to the lobby of the Vagrant. Now the Little Red Flower was connected to the Vagrant and was in charge of it.

“Where are we going now? Luke can catch up with us in fifteen days at most.” Winchester asked Auguste with great anxiety.

Winchester was a very strong fighter, very handsome, and had bronze skin. He was very masculine when dressed in his neat military uniform adorned with his belt that held an electronic deformation gun. He was the most trusted subordinate of Queltan’s father, and Queltan’s father also gave his most trusted guard, Winchester, to protect Queltan.

“Go where you don’t have data on the map.” Auguste was making Hai’an’s milk, and the rich fragrance of milk permeated the hall. “Luke doesn’t have a map. It’s hard for him to find us outside the map.”

“Do you mean to go out and find a planet to land?” Winchester frowned. “I don’t agree. We don’t know what’s on the unknown planet. It’s too risky to do that.”

“I can judge the danger of that planet, rest assured.” Auguste said softly.

Judging the difficulty of a planet’s attack was one of Ayulon’s instincts – to facilitate their invasion of other planets. But it was the same instinct that allowed Auguste and Carl to give their choices a safe message. When the lifeboat was about to be scrapped, this instinct was so that minors wouldn’t land on a very dangerous planet and die.

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