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Chapter 87: Love Your Plants 

“In addition, after the arrival on the new planet.” Auguste raised his head, but his action of stirring incompletely dissolved milk powder with a spoon was not disrupted. “You can start to teach Queltan what he should learn, and I’ll let Alia teach him how to operate the machine armor.”

Alia was able to drive Red Shield, one of the primitive fighters and her ability was far superior to that of ordinary pilots. Winchester agreed without hesitation He very much hoped that Queltan would become an excellent man like his father, but…

“Is there any reason why you want to help us like this?” Winchester asked tentatively. Auguste’s character was well known in the Emperor’s regiment, and of course his indifference and out-of-the-way attitude were well known as well.

“I hope Queltan can be a good leader.” Auguste pushed the stirred milk to Hai’an. “Bring real peace.”

“I will.” Queltan sat with his hands on his legs, straight, and answered earnestly.

Hai’an, on the other hand, was concentrating on YanYan who had grabbed the edge of Queltan’s bowl.

He didn’t know if it was because Hai’an had looked younger than YanYan when he first became a man, but Queltan had given him a green hat to wear to hide his bald little head. He was wearing a red winter cotton jacket and staring at the lean porridge in Queltan’s bowl.

Oh, it ate meat.

Chef Lydney seemed to be aware of the problem. “Let me get some food for YanYan again.”

“Thank you, for such a large piece of meat.” YanYan stood upright immediately after hearing Lydney’s words and held his hands high, making a big circle.

YanYan can learn to communicate so quickly!!

Hai’an was under a lot of pressure. He thought that when he had just become a man, he could not speak and could not walk well. He also needed Auguste to brush his teeth. It was a shame.

What Lydney prepared for Hai’an was coconut milk porridge, which steamed in front of him. But Hai’an did not move for half a day. Auguste thought Hai’an could not use a spoon. He took the bowl in front of Hai’an and dug a spoonful of porridge and sent it to Hai’an’s mouth.

“Open your mouth, ah.”

Hai’an: “…”

“Why does Dad feed JianJian today?” Jamie tore the chicken leg and looked at Hai’an and Auguste playfully.

Hai’an was thin-skinned, and his face turned even redder after the eyes of his superior. He grabbed Auguste’s spoon and buried his head to drink porridge quietly.

When YanYan saw this, his brows were wrinkled and Lydney served his steak. YanYan patted Queltan’s porridge spoon, looked up at his chin and said with great pride, “Feed me breakfast.”

“Ooh, OK.” Queltan who was still for a while, immediately put down the spoon, picked up the knife and fork beside the steak and began to cut the meat for YanYan. Then he took a piece to feed YanYan. After YanYan had eaten, he pushed the remaining juice over so that YanYan could drink. After YanYan had eaten enough, he could drink the porridge himself.

Colin and Jamie were stunned. Winchester sighed helplessly. When Queltan was at home, he acted like his ancestor was this pot of flowers. Now YanYan had become human. When he went out, he finally began to dislike the bald head of YanYan. As a result, he found a green hat for YanYan to wear!!! It was a shame to lose his hometown.

(T/N: To wear a green hat means to be a cheater. So Winchester is sad that YanYan has stolen Queltan from him, which makes him feel like he lost his home.)

“Auguste, look at this.” Leston’s voice suddenly appeared, and then the hall darkened. Countless planets and orbits appeared in the hall, forming a magnificent map, and in the middle of the round table was a pair of rotating points.

It was a double star.

The two stars had a common rotational center of gravity. Leston found the pair in the neighborhood of Flower Street, but the star field was not on the interstellar map of available for common  circulation. Even the military map does not have this map of the star field.

“This star map was given by Uncle Ye?”

“Yes, he said that the two stars here are very suitable for us to take refuge.” Leston paused for a moment, then went on to say, “And Uncle Ye said that our acquaintances live on the companion stars of the two stars.”

Winchester looked at Auguste. Auguste was silent for only a moment. He decided to stay with the two stars for a while. 

“Did Uncle Ye say anything about the main star?” According to Uncle Ye, the companion planets of the two stars were habitable, but he did not mention anything on the main stars. Although Auguste could sense that the main stars were not dangerous, he asked for more insurance.

“Uncle Ye didn’t say, but he said we would like it. Palatine also said that this was what they gave you and JianJian as a wedding present.”

Hai’an was drinking milk, and when he heard this, he almost spit it out, but Queltan’s eyes were bright. “Auguste, you married your plant? Winchester, I’m going to marry YanYan!!!!”

When Queltan grabbed YanYan, he began to kiss YanYan wildly. His boldness was comparable to Auguste’s.

“What are you doing?!” YanYan was red and he pushed hard on Queltan’s lips. “I haven’t agreed yet!”

“YanYan, believe me, I will give you happiness!” Queltan’s eyes were bright, and there seemed to be a Starry Sea in them. His YanYan looked at him, snorted and refused. Winchester covered his chest and felt that he would fall down at the next moment.

Colin, sitting next to him, patted him on the shoulder. “Look at it. Now it’s popular to fall in love with your own plants. You have to learn to keep pace with the times.”

What??!! Love your plants?! That’s all right?!

Carl did not forget that there was still XiaXia in Lydney’s room. What would he do if Lydney fell in love with XiaXia? Carl was about to be drowned by the gushing vinegar in his heart. He was unhappy and decided to secretly throw away the plant behind Lydney’s back.

Winchester was still heartbroken, but he couldn’t stop Queltan’s decision because he couldn’t hit YanYan. He did not forget that on the Philadelphia, YanYan protected Queltan, and he bit off the neck of the dead bird flying towards Queltan in one bite. He even blocked several killer bullets for Queltan, so that his petals had dropped. Even YanYan became fragmented and irregular. Winchester even felt that the reason why YanYan became human was that his petals almost all fell off. It was over…

YanYan was not so fierce now that he was human. Would they become gentle when they became human?

This was clearly impossible.

Winchester watched Hai’an get up and sit next to Auguste like a quail. The harmless Hai’an drank his cup of milk with both hands. He shook. Hai’an noticed Winchester’s line of sight and gently showed an innocent smile. Then Auguste’s cold sight shot through him like a knife. Winchester quickly looked away. He had heard that the Philadelphia was sunk by this humble plant.

What about the pet plants that are docile and cute without lethality??!! Why so fierce!!!

“Augu, will we be busy when we go to the new planet?” Hai’an pulled Auguste’s arm and whispered in his ear.

Auguste thought that Hai’an was scared. He didn’t have enough time to ask. He touched Hai’an’s head and kissed Hai’an’s forehead. He was satisfied to see that Hai’an’s face was tinged with pink. “Not busy, I can accompany you every day.”

Hai’an was satisfied, but he only noticed Auguste’s “not busy” sentence, because he planned to teach Lydney magic after he arrived at the new planet. Lydney had missed the best age to learn magic, and it wasn’t too late to study hard. Lydney was so smart that he must be able to learn very well, so there was no need to worry that Lydney would die before Carl. Besides, it was possible to have life-sharing magic.

Hai’an looked at Lydney and smiled happily. Carl was glued to Lydney’s shoulder. He had to feed Lydney and made Lydney blush. Hai’an hoped that the two of them would be happy all the time. He also wished that he could find moonlight flowers as soon as possible, reunite Jamie with his wife and all the people on the ship. Hai’an hoped that they would be as happy as they are now. Living a simple but happy life.

Because they were the family that accompanied him as he grew.

“Get rid of Luke’s track first. Can we get to the horizon boundary in a month?” Winchester didn’t want to see YanYan and Queltan anymore. Queltan was peeling oranges with a sweet face and feeding them to YanYan.

“Yes.” Colin waved indifferently. “This time, without beating Luke, he thought we were soft persimmons.”

As a warship, the Vagrant could never be without attack weapons. Auguste didn’t attack Luke before and didn’t want to participate in the Star Wars. Now they had torn off their masks, sooner or later they must fight back. Did they still need to save face for Luke?

“Report! Raptor h-52 has completed its energy storage.” Alia stepped out of the elevator and gave Auguste a military salute. She had just been assembling a fighter plane, Raptor h-52, in the bottom cabin with Red Shield.

Raptors were a carnivorous creature of the Campanian Stage in the Late Cretaceous of the Paleo-Earth. They used to go out in groups and were good at hunting together. They were suitable for naming the fighters jointly developed by Auguste and Alia, because these fighters were like Raptors, and when they went out collectively, they were the enemy’s nightmare.

“Very good.” Auguste’s cold lips curled upwards showing a cold smile. “Luke was foolish enough to send all the troops. I want to see how many people he can take back this time.”

In the universe, the ship’s cabin suddenly opened, hundreds of thousands of fighter planes continued to descend, and flew in a row. The composition of several rows was like a big net back to the ship in the opposite direction.

“Captain! Come and see what that is?” The monitor on the Hammer looked at the small bright spots on the screen and reported to the captain.

The captain walked up to the screen, turned it up, took a picture and looked at it. Then his pupils shrank sharply.

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I like Winchester, he is so amusing! I would also love to see Hai’an’s plan achieved fully. It would be the picture purfect happy ending. Let’s see how much of it comes true.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 9, 2019 6:22 am

Queltan and Yan Yan progressed so fast!! Poor Winchester. And Poor Xiaxia! He didn’t do anything Bad. Spare him, Carl!

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