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Chapter 88: Large Carnivorous Animals

“Retreat! Quick retreat!!! The surveillance captain hurriedly picked up the messenger and shouted to the receiver at Hammer Headquarters, forgetting to use honorifics.

Auguste’s army used to be the sixth most effective of 214 legions, but it was also one of the smallest. His entire army, even with Red Shield, one of the original machine armor fighters, consisted of only eight living men. Every time he went to war, his army was the one with the least casualties, because nobody was hurt at all! All the fighters he dispatched were all fighters with various aircraft armor and extremely lethal. Other troops needed to consider the casualties of soldiers, but he did not need it at all. 

Arms have always been the most consumed necessities in the army, and Auguste’s armament configuration was basically the highest, the number was extremely large. When other commanders were enjoying time off, he stayed on the Vagrant to do his weapons research. Auguste’s army was also the poorest army, and they could only afford to be called a “soldier’s nightmare”. 

Of course, the research results were also very significant. The ranking of Auguste’s Legion rose from 200 to the top ten. During this period, the whole legion’s living people couldn’t be counted with dozens of hands.

As comrades-in-arms, Auguste and his army made the Empire very happy, because his army was “not afraid of death” and always rushed to the front of the battlefield. But once the roles were changed, the formerly powerful comrades-in-arms who could fight side by side became formidable and fierce enemies, so the Empire was not very happy.

“Team captain, what’s this and why are you reacting…” Asked the inspector, who had taken the picture, in a panic.

The captain’s face was like burning charcoal, a piece of dead ash, breathing fiercely, and his palm was drenched in a cold sweat. What was the Hammer Legion most afraid of?

The Hammer Legion was good at encircling warfare. As long as the blockade was in place, even the most powerful warships could not escape their control. But what did Auguste send? It was hundreds of thousands of fighters with densely packed gamma-ray particle streaming lasers. A target the size of the Hammer Legion, was like a lamb to be slaughtered, without the slightest way to escape.

In such a dense attack, the Hammer Legion simply did not have time to put forward a blockade. But even if it did work, with hundreds of thousands of fighters, how many blockade arrays would it take to stop their shooting? Besides, those fighters were lifeless, and they were not afraid of death at all. What did it take to fight them?

“Retreat!” A soldier pushed open the door of the surveillance room and shouted at the surveillance officer and captain inside, “The captain ordered the ship to be abandoned and get into the lifeboats!”

“Captain! Run fast! What are you doing here?” On hearing this, the surveillance officer rushed outward. When he ran to the door, he saw that the surveillance captain was still stunned in his place. He had no intention of leaving, so he could not help urging him.

“It’s too late…” The captain murmured in a trance.

“What did the captain say?” The surveillance officer didn’t hear, but he never heard the answer because he saw only a flash of white light and then lost consciousness.

Auguste sighed as he watched the red, disconnected fighter planes on his nano computer.

Hai’an, who was very close to him, heard the sigh and looked up at him with his little face. Auguste touched Hai’an’s head and said nothing.

Without the harassment of the Hammer Legion, the ship soon arrived near the orbit of the binary stars. The main star of the binary star was very large, and the whole planet showed a cold dark gray, completely different from its companion star. The companion star of the two stars was not big and was a comfortable light green from space. They can feel infinite vitality at a glance.

Auguste decided to go to the companion star for a few days, then to the main star to see it. Then he wanted to train the guards, led by Queltan and Winchester, on the agenda.

When the ship landed on the companion star, everyone was shocked. Because the planet was so beautiful.

The surface of the planet was covered with green grasslands, not an inch of dirt. In some places, there were neatly trimmed green grasses. Far away, there was a huge tree with a dense canopy waving in the air. The rustle of leaves swaying from the wind could be heard faintly. Around the tree was a golden wheat field, one by one shining with golden yellow color. Everyone could imagine how sweet the grain was when harvest day arrived.

The Valley had a gently flowing clear river, about two or three meters deep, but they could also see the rolling pebbles at the bottom of the river, which showed how clean and transparent the river was.

Blue sky hung with cotton candy like snow-white clouds, that huddled together in groups. In the sky, red petals floated, gently dancing, unable to fall, Lydney reached out to hold a petal, opened his palm to see the petal of the rose, and then carefully smelled. The air also held an intoxicating rose fragrance, touching the sensitive noses of all people. Making them feel refreshed.

“This place is so beautiful…” Lydney gently stepped on the ground, feet on the soft green grass, and felt that it was almost unbearable to walk, afraid of trampling on them.

“Yes!” Colin echoed, running forward with his hands open. “Let me sleep here in the open air!”

After that, he just laid down and rolled on the grass. He accidentally rolled down the hillside, and Corson caught up with him as soon as he saw it. Queltan also ran away with YanYan in his arms. The planet was safe to play on.

Instead of running away quickly and exploring the planet everywhere, Hai’an slowly squatted down and gently touched the grass on the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Auguste crouched down with Hai’an and asked softly.

“They are happy…” Hai’an felt the plants here with his eyes closed. The planet was full of plants everywhere, while the animals were only harmless small herbivorous animals, not very dangerous large carnivorous animals.

The delightful feeling of plants passed to Hai’an through their fingertips, which made Hai’an’s heart completely soft, like a can of honey water, which made him crisp and soft. The most direct reaction was that he looked at Auguste as if he had a spring in his eyes, which made him itchy.

“Really?” Auguste’s eyes suddenly grew deep, and Hai’an was not yet prepared to tempt Auguste with soft voices and glamorous eyes.

“It’s true! You believe me.” Hai’an grabbed Auguste’s arm and his clear voice was filled with joy. “They told me that.”

“Of course I believe you.” Dumb, Auguste spoke low and slowly, “I’ll make you happy, too.”

Hai’an did not hear the last sentence, because Auguste pressed on the back of his head and grabbed his lips when he first spoke, and the last sentence was almost between his lips and teeth. The vague words were like murmuring in a low voice, which could not be recognized at all.

“JianJian…” Auguste whispered Hai’an’s name, carefully licked his lips, which had become red and watery, and his eyes were full of deep, deep love, almost drowning Hai’an, suffocating him in the sea.

Hai’an gasped, closed his eyes, opened his lips slightly, and trembled out the tip of his tongue in response to Auguste. But Hai’an forgot that the man in front of him was not a man, but a beast eating dragon.

Feeling Hai’an’s response, Auguste was not weak in his response causing more boiling. He increased the strength of his arms around Hai’an’s waist. He pressed his palm to the back of Hai’an’s head more vigorously, as if he wanted to rub Hai’an into his flesh and blood, so that they could not be separated any more.

Auguste’s tongue touched Hai’an’s teeth, caught his tongue and twisted it. He almost swallowed and peeled Hai’an alive and ate him one bite at a time.

“Hmm!” Hai’an could hardly breathe, and the saliva that he could not swallow slid down the corners of their mating lips. He did not understand why he licked Auguste’s tongue, and then Auguste was like a mad dog, sucking the tip of his tongue so hard that Hai’an felt numb and sore when he could not close his mouth.

Hai’an pushed Auguste’s chest hard, but this force was no different to Auguste’s gentle touch…

It was not until Hai’an hummed with a cry from his throat that Auguste relaxed his arm, which was clinging to Hai’an’s waist.

Hai’an got breathing space and immediately broke away from Auguste’s embrace. His chest fluctuated violently, eyes shone with some water marks, and lips were bright red. Seeing his cheeks full of the red tide of love and desire, Auguste felt depressed to break away. It was too early to let go. He wanted time to kiss again.

The bullied Hai’an stared at Auguste fiercely, wiped the spit from his chin with the back of his hand, stood up and ran to the green grass in the distance.

Instead of catching up, Auguste slowly stood up and watched Hai’an run away. He still had some things to deal with, and he’ll catch him later.

This planet was so big, how far could Hai’an run with his little body?

Auguste raised his feet and walked towards the huge green tree in the middle.

Walking towards it, he could see that there were big and small windows on the trunk of the huge green tree. The big window was like a small balcony, which was carefully surrounded by wooden fences. There were some small flower pots around it, and there were window screens hanging on the window beams, which fluttered gently in the wind. The part near the ground that opened was a huge wooden door, which was now open. A tall man stood at the door, he turned his head.

 Auguste was familiar with that face, but he was not. It was in Freeport, when Auguste bought pots and soil for Hai’an, Pace, a robot he met at the Plant Daily Needs Store.

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A powerful friend turned into a formidable enemy. Well, what did you expect Empire hardheads. You dragged him into a conflict he didn’t want to take part in, you targeted his loved one and his family and you were chasing him with the intention to kill. You got what you deserved. So acquaintances mentioned by Uncle Ye, were the two from that Flower shop? How far can Hai’an go? Auguste you are forgetting that he is an elf with various powers and he can get very far. But since he has your soul stone you will be able to find… Read more »

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