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Chapter 89: Emerging Hooligans 

Pace clearly saw Auguste too, and that distance was not a problem for the robot’s vision at all.

He stopped hoeing, stood still, and watched Auguste approaching.

“Happy New Marriage.” Pace’s face showed a smile, as modest and gentle as he had been in Freeport. “Uncle Ye said you wanted to find a quiet planet for your holidays. It’s quiet here. Don’t worry.”

“It’s really quiet here.” Auguste went to a wheat bush and squatted down to look at the golden grains. “It’s beautiful, too.”

Pace put down his hoe, went into the tree house and brought out several wooden tables and chairs. He put them on the open space outside. “Thank you, Mian likes it too. We may settle here permanently.”

“Only you two?”

“Well, there are two people on the main star next door.”

Auguste heard this and looked up at the main star hanging in the sky. From the companion star, the main star was still dark. Occasionally, there were several black spots on the large gray star. It looked desolate. It was totally different from the brilliant scene on the side of the companion star. It seemed that no matter how warm the sunshine was, it could not warm the planet.

“I’ve heard that the Star Wars have broken out, and they’re very fierce.” Pace laid down a pot of scented tea, and the bright red rose petals floated in a transparent kettle, dyeing hot water into a luxurious dark pink. He invited Auguste to take his seat. “Thank you very much for being in Freeport that day. Mian and I were late and almost couldn’t get out.”

Pace remembered Auguste’s suggestion of that day.

No matter how powerful he was, he could not reach out to the secrets of the military, and the closure of Freeport came too quickly and too suddenly. If Auguste hadn’t come early, maybe he and Mian would have been left in Freeport forever and could not live as freely as they were now.

“Thank you, too, for your flowerpots and tools.” Auguste remembered the way he had just seen Hai’an. His cold and hard eyes had softened. At that time, his JianJian was little. Two small pieces of tender buds were soft and green, as if they could be broken by a little effort.

“My lover likes your yangyang flowers very much. He thinks your soil is also very good.”


He liked Yangyang flowers and soil? Wasn’t that what plants used?

Uncle Ye only told Pace that Auguste was married, but did not tell Pace that Auguste was married to a pla… Botany.

Auguste saw Pace’s puzzled expression, realized that he might not have made it clear, and went on to add, “My lover, whom you saw a long time ago, is my plant. He has flowered now. The flower is blue, and the little one is very lovely.” Auguste’s hand was hanging over the table, about the height of a plant.

“Congratulations!” Pace could not help but straighten his back and stand up in awe. Suddenly, he felt that his love with Mian was nothing. In front of him sat a man who had fallen in love with a plant and married him. Pace did not know that Hai’an had become a man. He thought Hai’an was just a small plant, and Auguste probably liked his plant because he was a heavy fetishist.

“I’ve taken care of the house for you. It’s inside the tree house. The tree house is very big. The guest rooms are on the upper floor. Mian and I live on the second floor. The first floor is the kitchen. You can get anything you want. The door is unlocked so you can carry your luggage and check in directly.

“Pace?” Lydney and Carl trotted on the planet and sweated, walking hand in hand to the tree house. Lydney saw Auguste sitting under a tree chatting with a man from a long distance, but when he looked in, he found that the man he was chatting with was Pace, the robot of Freeport Plant Daily Needs. “I didn’t expect to meet you here. My plant like your yangyang flowers and soil very much.” Lydney’s eyes were bright. XiaXia had to sunbathe in the sun every day. He slipped XiaXia into his suitcase, and then he let him out for a walk! 

Pace didn’t realize that he and Mian were so popular in the small plant shop in Freeport, which sold yangyang flowers and nurturing soil.

But Carl turned his head and looked around. He didn’t find Hai’an nearby. It was a little strange that JianJian wasn’t there!!!

“JianJian’s dad, why don’t we see your JianJian?” It was so abnormal that Auguste wanted to tie JianJian to his belt all day long, and now he would talk to another man behind JianJian’s back while he was gone.

“To play.” Auguste ignored Carl’s wink. “Send a message to the others and tell them that we’re going to live here for the time being.”

“The tree is so big that even the blind can see it!” Carl waved. “And tonight it’s estimated that only Jamie will come to stay with us. Alia will accompany Red Shield to watch the stars all night. Colin has to sleep in the open on the grass. Corson can’t stop him, and Winchester and their guards said that they should cultivate the hardworking spirit of Queltan and the guards ahead of time, and ordered them to set up tents and not to live in tree houses.”

Auguste: “…”

“Cultivate a strong spirit of hardship and endurance.” Pace put in a sentence, “Then they should go to live on the main star.”

“Are the conditions on the main star very difficult?” Lydney asked curiously, and as soon as he sat down, Carl offered him a steaming cup of rose tea.

“It can’t be said to be very hard, but there are often metal storms on it. Although it won’t kill people, it’s a good place to exercise willpower, and the terrain there… It’s rugged. If it’s used to train soldiers’ physical fitness, the effect should be good.”

“I will convey your opinion to Winchester.” Auguste took a sip of rose tea and put down his cup. He was not used to such delicious scented tea.

“The sun will set soon. I’ll cook first. Mian should be back soon.” Pace stood up and went to the tree house.

Lydney hurried up and said, “I’ll help too!” Carl helped him bring a lot of food from the Vagrant, and he could borrow Perth’s kitchen to cook. Carl couldn’t feel assured that Lydney was alone with another man and followed them in.

Auguste squinted and watched Hai’an come along with another man.

After Hai’an pushed away Auguste, he walked slowly with a red face in the green fields. Hai’an touched his lips. His lips were still hot and numb. The feeling of biting and licking just after Auguste’s lips seemed to remain on them, which made Hai’an even more helpless. But he looked back several times and did not see Auguste catch up with him, and his heart was somewhat lost. 

Auguste did not catch up. It was very unlike him!

Hai’an frowned slightly. Was it because he was too implicit? Think about it, he and Auguste were married, although he had not yet given the wreath to Auguste, but since he had seen Auguste’s naked body, they were married. There was nothing to be shy about.

I should take the initiative next time!

Hai’an secretly encouraged himself. Losers are not defeated! As long as he was more rogue than Auguste, he would surely be able to suppress Auguste!!!

Busy thinking about things, Hai’an did not pay attention to the road under his feet. He tripped over a stump and fell down. He fell into the grass and passed through the branches and leaves. Then Hai’an saw a beautiful face.

This face seemed a little familiar. Hai’an recalled that it was the owner of the plant daily necessities shop in Freeport.

“Hi…” Mian watched as he suddenly appeared in front of him, looking so delicate that he did not look like a human. He waved his hand and said hello.

“Hey! I have seen you.” Hai’an stood up, shaking the branches and leaves off his body. His eyes were bright and he gave Mian a brilliant smile. “Your yangyang flowers and soil are very useful!”

“Ah?” Mian’s face was blank. Pace told him that there would be a group of visitors on the planet. Several of them were familiar to him, but not the teenager. He was so delicate that if he saw him, he would never forget his face.

“I’m the pot of trembling grass. You’ve seen it before. Do you remember in Freeport?”

“I remember!” Mian suddenly realized that Shaking Grass was a kind of delicate plant which was difficult to feed and easy to kill. When Auguste took Hai’an to buy things, Mian and Pace privately guessed Hai’an’s survival time.

But unexpectedly, after these days, the guest actually nurtured a pot of shaking grass… Alone?

Mian hesitated because he saw Hai’an’s pointed, long ears, with his thin wing like lashes. Hai’an was relatively white and he could see a few thin capillaries in the strong sunshine.

“Me and my… Lover, came to this planet for vacation? That’s what they seem to say.”

“Yes, I know who you are.” Mian took Hai’an’s hand and pulled him out of the grass. “Pace said Auguste had a new husband coming to our planet for vacation.” With that, Mian gave Hai’an a “everyone understands” smile.

Hai’an blushed a little. “Pace is the old one in your shop… android?” Hai’an wondered if it would be impolite to call Pace a robot directly.

“Yes, we are married, too.” Mian smiled happily. “The planet was a wedding gift from Father Palatine. Pace saved money to buy a set of photo albums for Father Palatine, and then he cured my illness. Father Palatine is a good man.”

Hai’an: “…”

That photo is not a nun photo album, is it?

“Do you live in that tree?” Hai’an looked at the giant tree in the middle of the wheat field. He was curious. He used to live in a treehouse in the Elune Forest. He missed seeing trees.

“Yes, I’ll show you around. Pace should have tidied up your room, too.” Mian helped him up and took Hai’an to the big tree.

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Couples everywhere!
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I love all the diverse couples in this story.
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