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Chapter 90: You’re carrying me on your back. 

When he was helped up by Mian, Hai’an was not used to it. Only then did he realize that he had been in this world for so long and only Auguste seemed to be the one who had physical contact with him. The last time when he had saved Lydney, he touched his chest. Was it really good to not touch others?

Under his feet were the soft green leaves and in the air floating fragrant rose petals constantly drifted about. Hai’an was in a trance, “These roses…”

“These roses were planted by Pace for me.” Mian’s cheeks were red and pointed to the grass next to them. “This kind of rose is called the dusk rose. It only opens at dusk and fades before dawn. Then the petals will float into the air. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Seeing Hai’an nod, Mian went on to say, “This rose is the only one without thorns in the interstellar space, because Pace is afraid that those thorns will hurt me. I like my life very much. I have Pace with me and I can take care of my favorite plants here.”

“That’s good.” Hai’an admired it sincerely, but at the same time he found that he did not seem to pursue anything in the world.

When he came to this world, all his actions followed Auguste’s. Compared with what Mian wanted to do, he had no goals, and did not know what he should do. For a while, Hai’an was at a loss.

“I’ve heard that the Star Wars have broken out, and they’re very fierce.”

“Yes.” Hai’an was silent for a while before he came back to his mind and answered quickly.

“Father Palatine lamented with us in his letter that the Flower Street Star was now in a state of extreme fragmentation, and that he wanted to come to us on holiday if he hadn’t stayed to help the sick.” Mian lowered his eyelids. “I don’t understand what’s going on, my parents… I didn’t know how long I could last, if it was Pace who died in the war.”


Hai’an remembered that the day when he left, Palatine stood at the church door and looked up at him. There was so much information in his eyes, but there was only one thing Hai’an heard: Follow Auguste, and you will find the answer.

The answer was not the same as the question.

“And… I don’t know how long my life is. I don’t know how long I can stay with Pace.” Mian was still talking. He sighed deeply. His beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly. Sooner or later, people would die. He didn’t care when they died. But now he was with Pace, and he wanted to spend more time with him. “Pace has always worried that I can’t get used to life on this planet, because there are only two of us here. In fact, he doesn’t know, as long as he is there, I will like it anywhere.” Speaking of this, Mian laughed. “I’m sorry, living here all the time may still have some impact. I’ll easily keep talking when I see other people.”

Hai’an waved his hand to show that he didn’t care. Hai’an even thought that he could teach Mian magic. Anyway, he could teach one person or two people. He just didn’t know whether there was any difference in magic talent and learning ability between evolutionary human beings and pure human beings.

The gap should be there, but it’s not a problem. The magic schools in Nore were both big and small. As long as you had any affinity for elements, you can learn. It’s just that everyone achieved different things.

Hai’an was not as pessimistic as Mian. He had planned to be a witness to Lydney and Carl’s symbiotic contracts. If evolutionary humans and robots can sign symbiotic contracts, he can also be a witness to Mian and Pace.

Unknowingly, he walked to the bottom of the tree house, and Hai’an saw Auguste standing at the door, staring gloomily at his hands around Mian’s. His eyes and expression were like seeing his wife who had gone off the rails. Hai’an meant to let go of the other man’s hands.

Mian, of course, saw the wavelet flow between Hai’an and Auguste. He smiled apologetically at Hai’an and Auguste and went into the tree house to find Pace.

Auguste walked up to Hai’an, his tall body approaching, with a strong sense of oppression and masculinity.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, and you’re carrying me on your back to mess with the grass?” Auguste almost touched the tip of Hai’an’s nose with his chest and looked down at him.

Hai’an opened his eyes, raised his head and subconsciously retorted, “I haven’t, uh -“

Just as Auguste lowered his head, Hai’an rubbed against Auguste’s lips.

“No, what’s this?” Auguste nibbled gently on Hai’an’s lip and gently tore his soft lower lip with his teeth. After a kiss, he let Hai’an go and smoothly took the leaves from Hai’an’s head.

Hai’an saw the green leaves on Auguste’s hand stay for a moment. It was from when he had fallen into the rose bushes. He quickly raised his hand and touched the top of his head to see if there were any other leaves.

“This is the leaf of a rose. I just got it in the rose bush by accident.”

“You look at roses behind my back with others.” Auguste sighed deeply, in a tone full of pain and helplessness, “JianJian, you’ve changed.”

Hai’an: “…”

Auguste held Hai’an’s waist with his left hand, pinched his face with his right hand, and gently pulled, “I want…”

“Auguste! Don’t bother JianJian. Come and help set the table for dinner.”

When Lydney looked out the window of the tree house, he saw that Auguste and Hai’an were sticking together again. He could not bear to part for half an hour. Carl was holding the shade by the window and said, “Ah!” The sound interrupted Auguste’s words.

Hai’an was thin-skinned and unaccustomed to too close contact with Auguste in front of too many people. Carl’s interruption prompted him to run into the tree house and help with the dishes seriously, regardless of Auguste’s expression.

There were so many people eating that they could only set the table outside the tree house, and Pace was an android. No matter how much food he cooked, he would not feel tired. So he prepared the food for the guards brought by Winchester.

With so many people together for dinner, the best choice was to eat hot pot. As Hai’an did not like meat, Lydney had prepared a vegetarian pot in the same way for Hai’an. As YanYan only loved to eat meat and couldn’t stand the taste of vegetables in the big hot pot, Lydney was also very considerate for him and prepared a pure meat pot.

“JianJian this is your pot, YanYan this is your pot.” When the crowd was seated, Lydney served two small pots to Hai’an and YanYan respectively.

“JianJian should be happy. I haven’t even enjoyed Lydney’s special service.” Carl looked sadly at Hai’an’s pot and his empty white bowl, but Lydney soon brought him a plate of onion eggs.

“Nini, you are so kind to me!” Carl’s eyes were bright and he touched Lydney to hold him.

Lydney leaned sideways, dodged Carl’s hug, and cursed softly, “Have a good meal.”

“Okay!” Carl picked up his onion eggs and stuffed them into his mouth. He kept looking at Lydney and laughing. He could hardly bear to look straight at him.

“Burp –” Colin belched, a little angry: “Why do all the people who raise plants have partners, and I have nothing!”

“Lydney’s XiaXia can be betrothed to you.” When Carl heard Colin’s complaint, he swallowed the onion eggs in his mouth and patted his chest very generously.

Colin urged him to sit down quickly and put his arms around Colson’s neck. “I’ve never liked to fall in love. I’ve got my brother. Come on, let’s go on drinking!”

“Look at your disgust! What’s wrong with XiaXia? He’s cute!” Leston slapped the table and the water cups jumped up.

“Are you serious?” Colin’s eyes widened.

“Of course!” Leston drank a glass of wine. “I was a little bored on the Vagrant during your days at Flower Street Star. Then I remembered that there were two plants on the ship. JianJian is Auguste’s, I dare not move, so I took XiaXia out to play. If Lydney hadn’t brought XiaXia out to play, I would have been reluctant to get off the ship. I just wanted to enjoy these two worlds with XiaXia.”

Lydney patted his head when he heard Leston’s words. He took XiaXia out from behind his back. But now it’s completely exposed that Carl is just a moving vinegar jar. As long as his sight is slightly absent from Carl, Carl will be jealous for a while, and he doesn’t know what it’s going to be like.

Sure enough, as soon as Carl heard this, he stood up and his face was shocked. “Nini, did you bring XiaXia?!”

“… Yes, because I don’t think it’s good to leave XiaXia alone in the Vagrant.”

“My heart hurts…” Carl talked to himself in a daze, without listening to Lydney’s explanation.

Leston couldn’t see Carl’s foolishness. He waved his hand. “Okay, Lydney, leave XiaXia to me. Enjoy your two worlds with Carl.”

“By the way, remember to give me the fruit, and I will take XiaXia to play. Forget it. I’ll go and get it myself. I can’t wait.” Leston picked up his meal in a hurry and ran to the Vagrant.

Fate was really amazing.

Looking at Leston’s back, Hai’an sighed. When he first came to the world, he saw XiaXia and YanYan for the first time. In a way, he did have different feelings for them. But he didn’t expect that they would be able to get together like this when they were bought by different people.

And his greatest luck was to meet Auguste.

Hai’an pulled at Auguste’s sleeve sitting next to him and whispered in his ear when Auguste leaned down. “Auguste, I’ll show you something later.”

“Okay.” Auguste quickly agreed, but he had only one key point to grasp: JianJian and his two worlds.

Auguste smiled and kissed Hai’an’s face, then touched his hair. Hai’an was confused by Auguste’s actions. He just wanted to take Auguste to see the evening rose. He always felt that Auguste had misunderstood something…

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