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Chapter 98: Pier: I’m not heavy, really…

As more and more robots woke up, Colin held a high-explosive gun ready to shoot a precise shot, intending to quickly read the file… Next time he will never do that again! Damnit! Cheap asses! Fuck!

“Don’t help them read files.” Seeing Colin’s movements, Auguste pinched the communication on his left ear and said coldly to Colin.

Colin stared, kicked a robot that climbed up his leg and shouted, “Is there a mistake?! Is it good to be hit very painfully by these bullets?!!”

Alia received the page and comforted him gently, “You can die first, and be gentle with Red Shield the next time you file it.”

Colin: “…”

Well, it seemed that his teammates would not save him. Colin could only hope that Winchester’s soldiers would end this nightmare soon.

Meanwhile, YanYan, who had just been pressed down by Queltan, had climbed up and quickly grabbed the high explosive gun in Queltan’s hand and blew up a robot. The powerful recoil force of the high explosive gun did not seem to have any effect on him. YanYan carried Queltan on his left shoulder and held his waist in his left hand to prevent him from falling down. At the same time, the right hand kept shooting at the robots, single shot and evasion. Excellent ability, in a few minutes his surroundings were cleared out of a safe space.

“Put me down YanYan! Or you’ll die!” Queltan hammered the back of YanYan to get him to put him down.

But Queltan’s strength was only as strong as scratching and itching. YanYan was calm and he ran to places where there were many soldiers. He said calmly, “It’s just painful. I won’t die. I’ll protect you.”

“But I don’t want to only be protected by you… I want to protect you…” Queltan’s sobbing was short and continuous. With his head hanging down, his tears fell to the ground, drop by drop, but a few drops flowed down his forehead into the tips of his hair, giving a cool itching feeling.

YanYan sighed, trying to comfort the crying child, “Queltan… You can’t use a gun now, even if I give it to you, and even if I put you down, you will die… You can’t keep up with me…”

“…” Queltan sniffed and did not continue to speak. Although he did not want to admit it, he knew that what YanYan said was true. In order to protect others, it was not enough to have the courage to face difficulties, but one also needed corresponding abilities.

Winchester did not care about Queltan and YanYan, nor did he protect them. Instead, he gathered a small group of elite soldiers and pushed toward the robotic center, successfully detonating a bomb. But it was unexpected that the elite team had misestimated the explosion range needed for “reading files” and made a powerful bomb, which also exploded Winchester and destroyed the elite team.

After the violent explosion shock wave, the world began to distort and crumble again. A few seconds later, they returned to the aircraft. The gray cemetery was in front of the spacecraft, and they wondered if it was an illusion. Winchester saw some darker robots gathering near the ground and assuming the shape of “s.b”.?

Colin patted his thigh and sighed, “Ah, Winchester, look at you, even robots can’t see your IQ.”

Winchester: “…” Winchester gasped violently, the shockwave from the explosion and the heat that burned every inch of his skin were too real, and indeed… Very painful. For a moment, he felt that he was really dead. Looking at the still calm Tomb Star, he was a little annoyed.

Queltan leaned on YanYan with a sad face on his shoulder, and YanYan was touching his head to comfort him in a low voice.

Hai’an looked back at them. It was funny. He also saw Queltan’s “war experience” just now. It was hard to say that Queltan may not have any genius at all in this respect, but he hadn’t tested his magic ability yet.

There were no such humans in Nore. They were weak chickens in any kind of physical activity, but they had a very high magic talent. As long as they had the same firm belief and perseverance as the talent, they could become top magicians.

Maybe Queltan was such a person?

“No energy fluctuation was felt, and the time has returned to normal. It’s an hour and a half since we started from the companion star.” Alia looked at the time and reported to Auguste.

Fortunately, this time the original machine armor did not “archive” them again. The ship landed steadily and did not disappear after they left the cabin. The soldiers brought by Winchester even gave out a whisper of cheer.

Winchester himself breathed a sigh of relief. He was moved deeply by his army being killed. He didn’t want to recall it again. Could they finally see the real face of the Tomb Star?

Surprisingly, unlike what appeared in the archives, the real Tomb Star was much more lively than they imagined.

“Wow! They look like masters!” A head-only robot blinked its red eyes and looked curiously at Auguste. “Bed! You kicked me!”

“Yes, it really seems! Just like Pace in human skin!!!!”

“You said I wanted to wear human skin too… ahh…” A robot with blue eyes wiped his eyes, imitating the human action of wiping tears, but all he could get out was some oil with a strong acetaldehyde smell, “Ah! God! I leaked oil! Will I die?!”

“Go and ask your master, as long as you are not afraid of being Pierly twisted and broken your neck.”

“Look at it! That group of people just blew themselves up silly. Forcing! Ha ha ha!!!!”

Robots crawled out of the metal ruins, better still with their arms or thighs, almost with only one head left. They were kicked back and forth as other robots moved, clattering away, but each robot focused on Auguste and looked up and down curiously, laughing and mocking Winchester and his soldiers.

Elite Team: It’s over. Shame on the planet.

Hai’an opened his eyes and looked at the robots with the same curiosity. Auguste lived in a highly technologically advanced era. It was only a few seconds’ surprise for him to see these obsolete robots, but Hai’an had never seen them in Nore.

It was clear that there was no fluctuation of life elements, but they were alive with its own thinking. Walking along, Hai’an felt his right hand was pulled by something. Before he could recover, Auguste had pulled back his hand. Hai’an looked down. It was a robot with only half a body.

“Wow! Your ears are pointed!” The young child’s voice came from it’s mouth, and the tone was very cheerful. “If I can put on human skin one day, I want to have sharp ears too. You look good.”

Hai’an paused, smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Hee Hee” the robot also smiled at Hai’an, then somewhat lonely bowed his head, “Oh, but I still want to have a pair of legs first, so I can leave here to see somewhere else.”

“Quick, I heard that the owner has bought another rubbish planet, maybe there we can find parts for you.” Another robot came up. He had no right hand. There were several wires on his shoulder. He bent down to pick up the legless robot.

Hai’an heard their conversation, grabbed Auguste’s hand, motioned him to stop, and then went over to the two robots. His slender white fingers waved gently in the air, drew a string of ice-blue characters, sprinkled cool and transparent ice crystals before an ice fog wrapped around the bodies of the two robots, beautiful blue light converged on their legs and shoulders.

“God! I have legs!” The legless robot stood up and looked down at the ice-blue transparent mechanical leg in the lower half of his body, which Hai’an had condensed from other legged robots.

“I have hands too! At-6765453, look at your ear. It’s pointed!”

“Really? I want to feel it! “

“That sharp ear is terrible!” Other robots screamed when they saw the situation over At-6765453.

“I want it too!”

At this time, a clear voice of a teenager sounded, the tone was full of impatience, but all the robots were silent like cicadas: “You are too noisy, I’m bored to death!”

“Ah ah ah ah! Looking back, will he break my only hand?! Help! “

“Shut up first!” After hearing the sound of backtracking, more and more robots ran away. The head-only robot could not leave, so it had to close its mouth and pretend that its head was broken.

Not far away, on a battered fighter plane stood a teenager with beautiful creamy-white hair, tiny rolls, bright purple eyes, a slightly baby’s fat face, a little goose-yellow bear pajamas, and a light brown bear in his arms. He looked as pure and innocent as a little angel with bare buttocks in medieval oil paintings handed down from ancient earth.

But it’s just a look. His pink mouth was so high that he looks very angry.

Back from the fighter plane jumped down, smashed a big pit, the whole person fell in, even rolls of hair can not be seen.

Wanderers and Soldiers: “…”

Back to now: Forget that his weight was not something you can lose by wearing human skin.

A few minutes later, he came out of the pit, his eyes watery, as if he were going to cry. “Humph! You’re in my way!” Like venting his humiliation in front of aliens, he kicked back and flew to the head of a bodiless robot next to him.

The head flew away crying and pointing its angry little face back at Auguste.

“In retrospect, you are still alive, long time no see. You are still covered in human skin.” Red Shield greeted with a voice without any emotion.

“It’s fashionable. Red Shield, this is too low for you.” Looking back, he raised his little chin and drew a scornful sneer from the corner of his mouth. “But look at your figure, even if you put on human skin, you’re a big fat woman.”

Red Shield also sneered and quickly retaliated, “Oh, if I remember correctly, when my father created us, you weighed 100 tons more than me, and of all the armor, the most serious thing that has been forgotten is that you are fat and purple.”


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