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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

“Wait, you’ve misunderstood me.” Ye Xi jumped, the back of his head in pain from being knocked against the wall.

Had he not been in this situation before, he would have had nothing to compare it to. However, Ye Xi could not help but recall the first time he met Shen Xiulin in the quest world, when he was also shoved up against a wall.

When the Chief Executive pressed me against the wall, he protected the back of my head with his hand!

“I’ve misunderstood you?” Doctor Xuanyuan panted as his gentle, handsome face seemed somewhat contorted with rage, “You were the one who hinted at me to confess my feelings for you. But as soon as I did, you refused me without a second thought. What is it if you’re not playing with me?”

In his mind, Ye Xi thoroughly reexamined his series of dick moves, then sighed intently, “You seem to make a lot of sense…”

It looks like I can’t just run off after getting my hands on their experience points next time, I need to at least pretend to accept their affection to ease them off a bit.

“You little…!” The doctor inhaled sharply, while his hairline further receded at break-neck speed.

Ye Xi carefully reached out and patted the doctor’s endangered hairline, “Don’t be mad.”

Doctor Xuanyuan’s expression instantly became unreadable, “…”

Ye Xi collected himself, then pretending the person standing before him was a real person, he solemnly apologised, “I’m truly sorry, but I have my reasons.”

“I don’t want excuses.” Doctor Xuanyuan lowered his head, closing the distance between their lips, “I just want you.”

Ye Xi immediately covered his own mouth to prevent the doctor from suddenly kissing him.

Despite wanting to place a kiss on Ye Xi, the doctor no longer knew where to land his mouth, “…”

If I punched him to get away, would that break my character design? Ye Xi pondered anxiously.

With his eyes wide open and his hand covering his mouth, although it was rather frustrating, Ye Xi looked quite adorable due to his comely appearance.

As he fixed his gaze on the beautiful youth he held against the wall, Doctor Xuanyuan gradually calmed down and a gentleness returned to his eyes. In an attempt to sway Ye Xi’s heart and mind, the doctor pleaded, “I fell in love with you as soon as I laid my eyes on you. I know you don’t feel the same way about me yet, but please let me have the chance to slowly court you and change your mind. Don’t discard me so callously…”

Ye Xi looked into the doctor’s eyes in silence, as if he was listening intently to what he had to say.

I should pretend to go along with it, then find a way to escape. If he tries to force a kiss on me, I will have to kick him between the legs, then while he’s bent over, jab him with my elbow. If that doesn’t finish him off, I will follow through with a left hook, then a right hook…self defence shouldn’t count as contradicting character design, should it?

On second thought, being deceived then beaten by a scoundrel could convince anyone to jump off a building in tears! The unfortunate male extra was completely oblivious to the fact that Ye Xi was attacking him in his mind. He anxiously asked, “Are you still listening? Will you give me a chance?”

Having worked out a martial arts routine in his head, Ye Xi replied, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance.”

At that, a quest completion announcement rang in Ye Xi’s ear. The requirement to stay free for seventy-two hours had been satisfied.

Almost in the same instant as the system announcement, a loud bang came from the living room. Arriving with it, was a savage wind that picked up every small object in the room. Strong air currents circled the apartment, sweeping up a crystal vase and hurled it in Ye Xi’s direction. However, before the vase smashed into Ye Xi, it took a sharp turn and with a loud thump, knocked Doctor Xuanyuan unconscious.

Ye Xi looked at the suddenly KO’d male extra with a dumbfounded expression, “…”

This plot twist is completely unexpected.

Immediately following this turn of events, the chief executive, who looked so badass with his earth-shattering, god-like presence, entered the stage alongside the thunderstorm and wild winds.

It was obvious that the chief executive had been waiting outside the door for quite some time then broke into the apartment post-haste as soon as the main quest had been completed…

In his mind, Ye Xi gave Shen Xiulin a silent thumbs up.

Our Chief Executive is the spitting image of efficiency!

Shen Xiulin stepped over the wooden panel that used to be the door, which was rammed down by his bodyguards. His dark crimson irises looked especially intense under his burning rage, almost turning a blood red, as his harsh and unrelenting Aura of Tyranny formed an invisible hand that smothered the heads of everyone in the room, making it difficult for Ye Xi to breathe.

Ye Xi gasped for air.

Please control your Aura of Tyranny, sir, or I’m going to suffocate!

Shen Xiulin approached Ye Xi with clenched teeth. He put one hand behind Ye Xi’s head, then using the other hand, pushed Ye Xi up against the wall.

Look at how thoughtful our Chief Executive is, minding my head!

“You have disobeyed me yet again! And even shacked up with another man behind my back?!” Shen Xiulin leaned forward with his entire body. With a tight jawline and grinding teeth, a fierce jealousy raged in his eyes.

Ye Xi calmly opened the quest interface.

Main Quest 9: Having failed his second escapade, Murong X is captured by Huangfu X. The furious Huangfu X decides to teach this obstinate little creature a lesson…

While resisting, let yourself be captured by Huangfu X once again. Once you have been thrown into the basement by Huangfu X, struggle defiantly while your hands and feet are being cuffed. Scrape your wrist bloody on the handcuffs to make Huangfu X distraught. (0/1)

Ye Xi, “…”

Am I going to be locked up in a small dark room so soon?

Once he had read his quest instructions, Ye Xi swiftly continued his performance and cried with anguish and indignation, “I don’t love you at all, please just let me go!”

“Never. You are mine.” With a chilly expression, Shen Xiulin continued his tyranny, “I decide everything you do, your only choice is to obey. Our wedding will be held as planned in two days’ time.”

Shen Xiulin clicked his fingers, then pointed at Ye Xi, “Take him with us.”

Ye Xi superficially struggled a few times, then let himself be carried away by a bodyguard on each side.

The good doctor laid unconscious on the floor. First, his heart was trampled by the person he loved, then he was knocked unconscious by a vase. The floor was unusually cold and there was not even a single person around to carry him onto the sofa, it was as if he had been forgotten by the world.

Would he degenerate into a villain when he woke up…?

Meanwhile, Ye Xi was thrown into a helicopter by a group of bodyguards.

Once the bodyguards closed the cabin door, Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin were alone once more. Ye Xi immediately wiped off the frustration and indignation from his face. With a sycophantic look, he cozied up to Shen Xiulin and gloated, “Sir, I scored 10,000 experience points from conquering this male extra, that’s 5,000 more than last time.”

Aren’t I an ultra-competent, super-amazing employee?!

Shen Xiulin looked as if Ye Xi’s words had touched a raw nerve. His brow twitched slightly and the air around him suddenly turned to ice. He asked in a frosty voice, “Why are there 5,000 more points this time?”

“Maybe because this male extra was harder to conquer!” Ye Xi tooted his own horn with enthusiasm, “That butler already had a crush on me, but this one didn’t fancy me in the beginning. I had to use up all the tricks in my arsenal, I’m so exhausted…”

Shen Xiulin’s face turned livid. He spoke slowly, enunciating each word clearly, “Which tricks?”

Ye Xi began his exaggerated tale of how he cunningly used seduction, gentle nagging and flirtatious compliments to conquer the obstinate male extra.

“You know how to seduce someone?” Shen Xiulin almost dug five holes into the sofa.

“Of course, like this.” Ye Xi lifted up his shirt to expose his provocative slender waist and pink nipples.

“…” The chief executive did not know whether to get angry first or to get hard first out of courtesy.

“And this.” Ye Xi let go of his shirt, then pulled down his collar on one side, exposing a large chunk of his shoulder.

“…” The chief executive took off his jacket and laid it in his lap.

“Also, this.” Ye Xi pulled up his pant leg, exposing half of his lithe, pale leg.

“…” The chief executive’s eyes started to drift.

“It’s so flat and plain, there’s really nothing to see!” Ye Xi laughed tactlessly, “I really don’t understand gay men, hahaha!”

Shen Xiulin looked at Ye Xi with a quiet poignancy, revealing a dozen emotions in his eyes that Ye Xi could never comprehend.

After claiming credit for his work, Ye Xi peeked outside the window. With the thunderstorm and hurricane winds still raging outside, the helicopter remained firmly on the ground.

Ye Xi cheerfully asked, “Sir, could you please stop your thunder for a moment? The helicopter can’t take off like this.”

Shen Xiulin bit out through clenched teeth, “I can’t make it stop.”

Ye Xi contemplated for a moment before asking, “Is it because you’re too deep in character and can’t pull yourself out?”

Shen Xiulin nodded with a tormented expression, “Uh-huh.”

Ye Xi, “Do you feel like you are Young Master Huangfu right now, so you’re really angry with me?”

Shen Xiulin glared at him, “Yes.”

“This happens to a lot of actors.” Ye Xi gently counselled, “Please calm down, sir. Here, you can try this, close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in a sea of beautiful flowers.”

Shen Xiulin let out a soft sigh, then closed his eyes to compose himself.

Ye Xi, “A gentle breeze caresses your face and the air is filled with the fragrant scent of wildflowers…”

Shen Xiulin played along and took slow, deep breaths.

Ye Xi, “Now imagine, I have successfully conquered 99 male extras and returned you to the real world. When you open your eyes, you find yourself in the cozy warmth of your own home and the familiar presence of your loving family, with everything back to the way they were…”

Shen Xiulin opened his eyes in anguish, “Be quiet, that’s enough.”

Feeling injured, Ye Xi quietly shut his mouth, “…”

The Chief Executive is so temperamental!

An hour later, they arrived back at Huangfu X’s residence by car.

In keeping with the narrative, Ye Xi was escorted by a bodyguard on each side and forcibly brought to Huangfu X’s basement on Sub-level 18 1.

However, as a part of Young Master Huangfu’s residence, even the basement was styled in luxury and comfort. Apart from being windowless, it was almost indistinguishable from the bedroom upstairs. The bodyguards pressed Ye Xi down on the edge of the bed as they cuffed his hands and feet. The cuffs on Ye Xi’s wrists and ankles were connected to one end of a long chain, while the other end was welded into a wall, allowing Ye Xi to move freely within a certain range.


Author’s Notes: [spoilers]

(The chief executive, who fully complies with censorship laws and cleans up all the smut from his online platform: Why haven’t we started the bedroom scenes yet?????)

But the kissing scene is coming up, tee hee hee.


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Translator Notes:

  1. A reference to the eighteen levels of hell in Chinese mythology.
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