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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

Although the place Doctor Xuanyuan took Ye Xi to was supposed to be his temporary lodging, in reality, it was quite luxurious. The doctor lived in a six-hundred-square-metre 1 loft, with stylish and comfortable furnishings made from expensive-looking materials.

When Doctor Xuanyuan stepped into the loft with Ye Xi, he ruefully smiled, “It’s only a temporary home for me, I apologise for the state it’s in.”

“I like it.” Ye Xi maintained his prim and proper demeanour with great difficulty while he exploded with happiness on the inside.

Finally, I won’t have to power-walk for half an hour to get to the toilet!

Finally, I won’t have to wake up in the middle of a wilderness-sized bed every morning!

Finally, I won’t have to find my way out of my own bedroom!

I love it!

Doctor Xuanyuan sighed, “I’m afraid it won’t be what you’re used to. I apologise for making you suffer this injustice.”

Ye Xi replied meekly, “It’s fine.”

I want to suffer this kind of injustice every day, thank you very much.

Doctor Xuanyuan lowered his eyes and fixed his gaze on the delicate little master who was obviously trying to put on a brave face. The tenderness in his eyes multiplied in leaps and bounds, turning from a change in quantity into a change in quality, then instantly overflowing into a love as deep as the ocean.

Like the brainless male extras from the original novel who, at the drop of a hat, fell madly in love with the protagonist at every opportunity, the quest world had faithfully recreated his character design.

“I’d like to take a bath now. I got all sweaty from my belly ache earlier and feel sticky all over.” Ye Xi blinked clumsily while he continued to use all the strength he could muster to flirt with the doctor.

The love in the doctor’s eyes turned into rapacious lust in an instant. Like a ravenous beast, he looked like he wanted to swallow Ye Xi whole.

Ye Xi stared back at him in a stupor, “…”

Why is this male extra looking at me all weird?

I’m not a spicy little crayfish, alright?! Why is he staring at me like one? Hahahahaha!

Doctor Xuanyuan watched the angelic innocence on the little master’s face, then forced himself to take a few slow, deep breaths to calm the sinful lust in his body. He uttered through clenched teeth, “I’ll bring you some new clothes, but they may look a bit big on you.”

Ye Xi cheerfully followed him, “Thank you so much, I hope it’s not too much trouble.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Xi happily sat in the doctor’s jacuzzi as he watched a movie while whistling a merry tune. The self-manufactured rose petals from his head fell into the bathwater and turned it into a rose petal bath.

Meanwhile, the chief executive was stranded inside the hospital by the thunderstorm and hurricane winds he had created.

Planes obviously could not fly in this weather when they could be struck down by lightning any minute.

So, the fuming chief executive could only stand in front of the hospital with his arms furiously crossed, while he angrily watched the deluge pour down from the sky as he waited for his driver to pick him up.

Inside the bathtub, Ye Xi laughed out loud, “This movie is hilarious, hahaha!”

Inside the hospital, Shen Xiulin, “…” Crash! Roar! Rumble!

Once Ye Xi finished his satisfying bath, he put on the new clothes the doctor had given him.

Ye Xi had a slender physique back in the real world and he was not exceptionally tall either. However, in the Mary Sue world, his body seemed to have shrunk a whole size, making him look even more dainty. His torso could not really prop up the doctor’s clothes. The collar was so enormous that it left his bewitchingly delicate collarbones completely exposed. With his sleeves rolled-up over his arms, Ye Xi’s adorable look was very appealing to gay men.

“I’m done with my bath.” Ye Xi blow-dried his hair, then sat down on the sofa next to the doctor as he pondered the best way to conquer him.

I should continue with visual seduction. Although I’m so flat that there’s not much to see, it’s still better than nothing…Thought Ye Xi. So he pulled down his collar on one side, exposing more than half of his shoulder in the act.

The player has successfully cast ‘better-than-nothing uninspiring seduction’. Male Extra: affection (very narrowly) +1! Ye Xi cheerful fantasised in his mind.

Doctor Xuanyuan glanced at him. Like the way Ye Xi looked at spicy crayfish, the ravenous glow in the doctor’s eyes returned anew.

With an innocent look on his face, Ye Xi asked, “Are you hungry…?”

Glistening from his steamy bath and exuding the scent of rose petals from his body, the little master seemed very much like a soft and delicious little snack.

“Very hungry.” With blood rushing through his body, Doctor Xuanyuan edged closer to Ye Xi. He asked in a husky voice, “What should I do?”

Squeezing his voice into a high pitch, Ye Xi urged in a saccharine voice, “Then you should eat something. Don’t let your stomach go empty or you might get sick.”

The player has successfully cast ‘gentle nagging.’ Male Extra: affection (instantly) +5! Ye Xi quietly congratulated himself.

Feeling snubbed, the doctor honourably suppressed his urge. However, reluctant to concede, he fixed his gaze on Ye Xi and spoke in a gentle voice, “Look into my eyes.”

A range of emotions flickered in his eyes: doting sympathy, fiery passion, the madness of falling in love at first sight and a sorrow for a love that was just out of reach…

Completely failing to discern the composition of emotions from the doctor’s eyes, Ye Xi sincerely praised, “You have pretty eyes. They are so bright, like there is a light shining through them.”

The player has successfully cast ‘flirtatious compliment.’ Male Extra: affection (again) + 5. Ye Xi firmly recorded in his little mental notebook.

Disappointed, the doctor stood up, he shrugged into a jacket and decided to cool off outside.

Ye Xi requested from behind him, “If you don’t mind, could you please bring back a bouquet of lilies?”

Doctor Xuanyuan smiled, “Alright.”

It was common knowledge that, in the language of flowers, lilies symbolised a love that is pure and innocent.

Ye Xi licked his lips, “Please pick the ones with fleshy petals, they taste better. Thank you.”

After several days of eating flowers, Ye Xi had decided lilies tasted just a tiny bit better than the rest.

Speechless, the doctor despondently left the building in the pouring rain.

It was a cursed love that appeared out of nowhere.

So, Ye Xi stayed with the doctor in his temporary lodgings under these circumstances. It was convenient to go anywhere he wanted: he could get off his bed in an instant and go to the toilet whenever he pleased. He could dine easily at the nearby florist and he did not need to stage careful performances with his boss. Ye Xi could sprawl out on the couch and watch TV all day, it was a wonderful life.

Of course, apart from living in comfort, Ye Xi did not forget to seduce the male extra. He cycled through his three skills, ‘better-than-nothing uninspiring seduction,’ ‘gentle nagging,’ and ‘flirtatious compliment’ in order.

Though the male extra’s reluctance to profess his feelings worried Mr. Ye ‘The Straight Guy’ Xi.

Why doesn’t the system allow a way to check the male extra’s affection stats? I don’t even know how close I am to conquering him. Ye Xi pondered anxiously.

Do I really need to confess my feeling first? If I am so bold with my actions, wouldn’t I be contradicting my character design?

However, the extremely agitated Ye Xi had completely missed the fact that Doctor Xuanyuan had not slept well in three days. He suffered from the anxiety of being subtly snubbed each time he tried to profess his feelings to Ye Xi.

Every night, Doctor Xuanyuan debated with himself on whether the stray he had brought home, then fallen madly in love with, was a dense little innocent flower or a highly sophisticated imposter. It could be discerned by the naked eye that his hairline had visibly receded by five whole millimetres 2.

So, on the morning of the last day, Ye Xi decided that he could not wait any longer.

It was past nine in the morning, with less than half an hour until the seventy-two hours were up for the current quest. Theoretically, Ye Xi could stay here for a while longer and continue his conquest of the good doctor, but since this may delay his progress in the main quests, Ye Xi decided to speed up his attacks.

Weary after another night of poor sleep, Doctor Xuanyuan came out of the bathroom after his morning routine and got ready to make breakfast.

As soon as he pushed open the door, he saw Ye Xi standing by the doorway with an intense expression. He wore the same clothes as the day he arrived, looking neat and well presented as if he was ready to go out.

Doctor Xuanyuan patted the top of Ye Xi’s head, “Good morning, are you going somewhere?”

Ye Xi nodded.

Doctor Xuanyuan asked in a gentle voice, “Where do you want to go? I’ll drive you.”

Ye Xi hesitated for a moment, then boldly asked, “Do you have anything to say to me?”

Doctor Xuanyuan fell silent, “…”

The forlorn expression on Ye Xi’s face was not the result of any acting, “Nothing?”

After so much seduction, it seems you don’t have enough affection for me after all!

Sounding somewhat heartbroken, Doctor Xuanyuan replied, “I have plenty to say to you, where would you like me to start?”

Ye Xi cunningly retorted, “If I told you I’m leaving here very soon, what would you say to me then?”

I hope it’s not ‘bon voyage!’

“You’re leaving?” Doctor Xuanyuan clenched his teeth, “Where will you go?”

Ye Xi did not answer, but continued his previous line of questioning, “Don’t worry about that for now, what would you say to me?”

“Could you…” Doctor Xuanyuan gripped his forehead in agony, “Please don’t go.”

If he’s reluctant to let me go, then perhaps it has worked! Ye Xi clutched the doctor’s wrist, his searing gaze hot enough to melt steel, “Why not?”

On the verge of a meltdown, the doctor asked, “Where will you go? Don’t you remember you’re trying to hide from your fiancé? Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?”

Ye Xi shook his head, “I can’t stay here forever.”

“You could.” Doctor Xuanyuan clenched his teeth and bravely clutched the hand Ye Xi held him with, “If you want, you could stay here forever.”

Ye Xi instantly looked more cheerful, he was so happy that he could fly up into the sky, “I can stay here for as long as I want? Why?”

That expression on his face, there’s no mistake now. Doctor Xuanyuan took a deep breath, then opened the floodgates to the feelings he had held in check, “Because I’m in love with you.”

As soon as he had spoken, the male extra conquest completion announcement rang in Ye Xi’s ear. The system generously gave him 10,000 experience points this time.

Meanwhile, storm clouds gathered on the horizon at an unbelievable speed, then a flash of lightning sliced through the sky…

However, Ye Xi was so immersed in the joy of levelling up, that he had failed to notice the change in weather.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Ye Xi clasped the doctor’s hand and firmly shook it a few times. His eyes brimming with sincerity, “You are a good person!”

Being friend-zoned immediately after being led to confess his feelings, the doctor was in a state of disbelief, “What are you getting at?”

“Actually, I don’t think we’re right for each other, it’s probably best if I leave. I’m sorry, goodbye.” Ye Xi cheerfully waved his small hands at the doctor. Knowing NPCs were not real people, not only did Ye Xi not feel any guilt, his face was brimming with glee.

“Stop where you are!” After realising that the person he had fallen in love with was both a wily deceiver and a talented imposter, Doctor Xuanyuan frantically clutched Ye Xi’s wrist and savagely shoved him against the wall. The doctor bellowed with bloodshot eyes, “Are you playing with me?”


Author’s Notes: [Spoilers]

(The chief executive who is about to break down the door: 10,000 experience points?! What have the two of you been getting up to?)

Male extra No. 2 is about to exit the stage…

There will be at most four to five male extras in this novel, but at least three…

Don’t worry, none of the male extras will survive for more than three chapters.

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Translator Notes:

  1. ~6500 square feet
  2. 1/5 inch
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January 7, 2021 5:25 am

Wow! This chapter was intense than earlier. I liked the male extra 2. Hoping for more spices in next chapter.
Loved the word ‘self manufactured rose petals’.
Thank you for the chapter.

January 7, 2021 11:58 am

It cracks me up that he’s trying to seduce the doctor but is too dense to notice it working! 💀

The doctor is kinda dense too, expecting him to have telepathy by looking into his eyes. It’s a good thing he didn’t know earlier though, or boss would be too late to protect a certain chrysanthemum… 😅🤭

Sue R
Sue R
May 14, 2021 2:14 pm

Oh my poor doctor. I really feel sorry for you.
I wondered why there was no more falling rose pedals all over the house as YeXi was very happy to stay there.

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