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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

Shen Xiulin sat crossed legged on the bed while he stared at the empty wall ahead of him in a daze. Curling one hand into a loose fist, he gently rubbed his lips with the back of his thumb and index finger, while the trace of a smile lingered around his eyes and mouth.

Curious, Ye Xi poked Shen Xiulin a few times, “Sir? What are you doing?”

Shen Xiulin shuddered from Ye Xi’s poking, as if being roused from a dream. His expression instantly cooled as he replied in a commanding voice, “Looking for inspiration.”

With his hair still in a mess from being pressed against the bed earlier, Ye Xi scratched his head, causing a few fiery red rose petals to fall languidly onto the mattress. However, Ye Xi had long gotten used to things falling from his hair, so he paid no attention to what kind of flowers they actually were. He watched Shen Xiulin with his beautiful ruddy face and timidly asked, “So have you found any inspiration yet?”

Shen Xiulin’s eyes moved from the scattering of rose petals to Ye Xi’s face, before focusing his gaze on the lips that he had just kissed. With a gleam in his eyes, he replied, “Yes…I believe I have.”

Then, amidst a sudden clanging of metal chains, Ye Xi was once again pushed onto the bed. Compared to the earlier attempt, Shen Xiulin was much more forceful this time. With his whole body thoroughly extended over Ye Xi’s delicate frame, his firm muscles pinned Ye Xi to the bed without giving him a chance to resist. Then holding Ye Xi’s chin with one hand, he forced Ye Xi’s mouth slightly apart before kissing down with lustful desire.

The moment their tongues touched, Ye Xi was drenched in sensation as if an electric current ran through him. As he tried to turn his face away from Shen Xiulin’s kiss, Shen Xiulin followed him without pause. Their lips clung to each other, as inseparable as glue.

“Stop…” Ye Xi’s heart pounded so violently that it seemed as if his blood was ready to burst from his veins. Apart from an arm that was coincidentally freed earlier, every part of his body was firmly restrained by Shen Xiulin’s powerful frame. Ye Xi writhed violently as he instinctively tried to free himself. Pressing his free hand against Shen Xiulin’s chest, he used all of his strength in an attempt to push Shen Xiulin away.

However, as someone who could carry Ye Xi from the bathroom to the bedroom, in this world, Shen Xiulin’s strength easily out-classed Ye Xi’s, making Ye Xi’s push as weak as a kitten’s. Shen Xiulin peeled back the feeble hand, then tightly holding Ye Xi in his embrace, he closed any remaining gaps between them and deepened his kiss.

“Wait, slow down…” Blushing from ear to collarbone, faint murmurs left Ye Xi’s throat as if he was out of breath.

“There’s a good boy.” Sensing less resistance from the person under him, Shen Xiulin freed one of his hands and slowly caressed Ye Xi’s neck, then watched as Ye Xi helplessly arched back his head…

Ye Xi panted with short, sharp breaths. His flat chest rising and falling in quick succession. Under this highly amorous atmosphere, the system notification suddenly rang in Ye Xi’s ear with an abrupt ding. A mechanical male voice announced in a stiff, Google Translate-like voice, “Congratulations, you have successfully completed Main Quest 10 in Team Mode. Your experience points have increased by 500…”

As he received his teammate’s quest completion notice, Shen Xiulin’s eyes lit up. He rested his weight on his forearms and watched Ye Xi under his scorching gaze, “Did you just complete Main Quest 10?”

Flushing crimson, Ye Xi turned over and sprawled out on the bed with his key body part hidden under him, then yanked a pillow over his head in silent protest, “…”

Shen Xiulin would not let him off so easily, “Did you complete your quest?”

Ye Xi replied with an frustrated, drawn out, “Mmm.”

The equally aroused Shen Xiulin asked with a sense of urgency in his voice, “Are you gay?”

Being so embarrassed that he could not look Shen Xiulin in the eyes, Ye Xi could only press the pillow harder over his head as he bellowed, “I AM NOT!!!”

“Ye Xi, get up.” Shen Xiulin gently called out to him.

Clearly piqued, Ye Xi replied, “No! It’s all your fault, why did you have to touch my neck?”

Ye Xi was so angry that he had forgotten to speak respectfully to his superior.

Shen Xiulin quietly chuckled.

In his rage, even the tiny hairs on Ye Xi’s body seemed like they were curling up. Ye Xi was mainly upset with himself for suddenly acting so gay. Since he could not control his own physical reaction, he could only take it out on Shen Xiulin. “I was doing just fine earlier. Why did you have to touch my neck?! It wasn’t even in the quest instructions!”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment, then added dolefully, “How would you finish the quest if you didn’t feel anything?”

Ye Xi could not refute Shen Xiulin’s logic, so he disrespectfully snorted out a loud humph, completely forgetting who he was speaking to.

Shen Xiulin egged him on, “Did someone say he was as straight as a steel pipe earlier?”

Mr. Ye ‘The Straight Guy’ Xi, who once exclaimed that even reading about gay characters kissing in a novel would cover him with goosebumps, was forced to eat his words.

“H-How could anyone resist being kissed like that?!” Furiously flustered, Ye Xi kicked his legs a few times while lying face down on the bed, making his chains rattle loudly, “I’m not impotent!”

Feeling both amused and helpless at the same time, Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi bury his head under a pillow. He called out softly as if pleading with a piqued lover, “Ye Xi.”

Ye Xi suddenly sat up and declared with a solemn expression, “Sir, I really am a straight man. I am over twenty years old, how could I not know if I am attracted to men or women?”

Shen Xiulin’s face froze for a moment, then nodded, “Hmm, you’re right.”

Ye Xi exclaimed with indignation, “I’m not dumb!”

Shen Xiulin did not respond this time.

Growing irate, Ye Xi demanded, “Why didn’t you say something, sir? Do you think I’m dumb?”

Shen Xiulin released a heavy sigh. He rubbed the baby curls on Ye Xi’s head, then replied with both affection and defeat in his voice, “You’re not dumb, you’re straight, okay?”

“That’s right. I’m the straightest man in the universe.” Ye Xi nodded, satisfied with the answer. He paused for a moment, then asked with caution in his eyes, “Sir, you’re straight too, aren’t you?”

It was clearly not the right time, so Shen Xiulin replied with an earnest expression, “Sure, I’m the second straightest man in the universe.”

Ye Xi was relieved by his answer.

Once Ye Xi had calmed down, he cast a quick glance at the quest interface. His next quest was to furiously deny that he had a reaction, then get into a confrontation with Huangfu X. He quickly scanned through the quest instructions, once he had confirmed there were no more intimate scenes, he skipped over the rest. Then he focused his attention on the experience points next to his profile picture.

Ye Xi realised that he was the only one to complete Main Quest 10, Shen Xiulin had yet to complete his.

Ye X became puzzled, “Sir, which part is still missing from your quest?”

Shen Xiulin read out his quest instructions word by word once more, then concluded, “I believe the only possible answer is I didn’t kiss you wildly or passionately enough.”

Ye Xi’s face instantly turned ashen, “…”

Shen Xiulin calmly reasoned, “All the other criteria have been satisfied. Since ‘wild’ and ‘passionate’ can’t be quantified, they can only be subjectively decided by the system.”

“Then you must be a little wilder, sir.” Ye Xi looked as if he had made peace with his inescapable demise. With his face blushing to the point of almost bleeding, he declared, “I can take it!”

Shen Xiulin gave a low, seductive chuckle, “Well then.”

So, Ye Xi was once again pushed down by Shen Xiulin, then thoroughly kissed with passion.

Three minutes later, Ye Xi lay paralysed on the bed, panting with rapid breaths. His eyes were as bright as twinkling stars, and his abused lips moist and swollen, but Shen Xiulin still had not completed his quest.

“That wasn’t wild enough? What a rotten system!” Ye Xi yanked the pillow he had earlier and pressed it against his crotch. He felt like he was going mad.

It took a lot of effort for it to go down earlier, now it’s fucking up again!

The more frustrating thing is the Chief Executive got hard as well!

Shen Xiulin held Ye Xi’s face in his hands, noticing the way Ye Xi looked at him, he calmly replied, “You said it yourself, this is normal even for straight men.”

Ye Xi nodded like a madman, “Right, right, normal.”

So, just like that, after three minutes of passionate French kissing, the straightest man and the second straightest man in the universe got hard while looking affectionately into each other’s eyes.

Straight men were also profoundly difficult to understand.

“Can we calm down first before continuing with the quest? Is that okay?” Feeling his brain was on the verge of boiling, Ye Xi shook his head forcefully, sending several rose petals flying.

Shen Xiulin hummed his reply in a somewhat suggestive tone, his eyes revealing the hint of a grin.

Ye Xi maintained his forlorn expression for a moment longer. Then, as if a light bulb had suddenly lit up in his brain, he pushed Shen Xiulin away and sat straight up from the bed. He exclaimed in a frantic voice, “Sir, I think I know what’s going on!”

Shen Xiulin replied with a soft expression on his face, “What is it?”

Ye Xi rattled off in quick succession, “This Quest World strictly follows the original novel. The same applies to our characters, even the petals that fall from my hair have been faithfully recreated.”

Shen Xiulin fixed his gaze on Ye Xi’s lips and hummed absent-mindedly in agreement.

With bright, piercing eyes, Ye Xi had an expression that said ‘the truth had finally been revealed…’, “Therefore, we have both been forcibly turned gay in this world!”

Shen Xiulin gradually erased the tenderness from his expression, one that was not obvious to begin with, “Oh.”

Having successfully solved the mystery of ‘having a reaction from being kissed by a man,’ Ye Xi was beside himself. He explained while gesturing madly, “This is all the system’s fault. Please don’t let it weigh you down, sir.”

Shen Xiulin smiled politely.

In contrast, Ye Xi’s smile was as brilliant as sunlight, “See, aren’t you relieved? When we get out of here, we’ll go back to being as straight as steel pipes!”

With a cryptic expression on his face, Shen Xiulin did not look relieved at all.

“Sir, do you think I’m right?” Ye Xi batted his eyes while watching Shen Xiulin like a little puppy awaiting praise from its owner.

“Again.” Shen Xiulin bit out through clenched teeth. Then, with a threatening glower on his face, he pushed Ye Xi down onto the bed for the fourth time.


Author’s Notes:

The system (in the voice of Google Translate): Why do you blame me when you’re the one as bent as a mosquito coil?

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January 13, 2021 3:11 am

When he said “straight as steel pipes” I immediately visualised the bent pipe under a sink! 😂

January 13, 2021 5:03 am

Chief executive can finaly profit of the situation and he is so honnest toward himself not denying his feelings but XY doesn’t want to see the truth about himself. Thank you for the translation 😄

January 13, 2021 5:41 am

I love everything in this novel!!! This is even funnier than memes! Well, as a BL fan, hehe. I can’t help but be impatient while waiting for the next update (‘m sorry) But that just proves how much I LOVE this… Highly entertaining, hehehe

January 13, 2021 6:09 am

Shen Xiu Lin sits crossed legged on the bed, gently rub his lips, while the trace of smile lingering in his eyes and mouth. I like this first paragraph, showing how much he appreciate the moment he kissed Ye Xi. As the funny part, Ye Xi being ignorant moments are all funny. His denials of being guy while being hard again and again from Shen Xiu Lin kisses are just so adorable. 😂 And Shen Xiu Lin coaxing his piqued lover patiently but teasingly at the sametime makes me like him even more. Thank you for choosing this novel. 😊… Read more »

January 13, 2021 7:33 am

Enjoyed the chapter from beginning till the end. Just happy for Chief. He must have hidden his feelings for YX now he just happen to get a good chance to be close to YX but YX is too dense and in complete denial. Loved it.
Chief patting YX ‘s hair and always comforting YX makes me soft.

January 13, 2021 4:54 pm

I especially enjoyed the description of their first kiss. That was written in an unexpectedly touching way. Of course, I also enjoy just how dense YX is, bless his heart lol thanks for choosing this novel. Your updates are keeping me from doom-scrolling on social media.

January 17, 2021 4:58 pm

The entire chapter is entertaining but the author’s notes made me laugh the hardest! 🤭 Seriously can they just add an emoji with a blushing face and a hand fanning the face?!?

March 25, 2021 12:00 am

Lol i love how SXY appeasing XY , lol 1st straight man in the universe and the 2nd. 🤣 Poor system carries the black pot.

May 8, 2021 8:38 am

“So, just like that, after three minutes of passionate French kissing, the straightest man and the second straightest man in the universe got hard while looking affectionately into each other’s eyes.” Ah, I really am loving this.

Thanks for translating!

Sue R
Sue R
May 14, 2021 3:00 pm

I like every chapters , very cute, very amusing,

June 11, 2021 9:59 am

Continue to deceive yourself, Ye Xi. 😂😂😂😂 the system is just here to help you both come out of the closet. Hail the authors!

June 7, 2022 11:55 am

I am LOVING this and the author’s notes are as hilarious as their novel.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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