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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

The two protagonists went through several more rounds of kissing. If they got a little too excited, they would cool off before trying again.

With his clothes in a mess, Ye Xi, who had been molested and abused for the past hour, got up from the bed with a frown. He grumbled, “Sir, can you try any harder?”

“I’m already trying my best.” Replied Shen Xiulin, sounding innocent, but his expression did not quite match his tone. Like a sneaky cat that had just gorged on a stolen meal, his eyes revealed a veil of satiety and smugness.

However, Ye Xi’s ability to read micro-expressions was basically non-existent. So, with the expression of a disappointed parent, Ye Xi grabbed Shen Xiulin by his shoulders and shook him forcefully, “You must act with more passion! More savagery! And throw in some crazy possessiveness!”

Just like a director trying to help an actor find his character.

“Alright.” The corner of Shen Xiulin’s mouth quivered, as if he was straining to contain his laughter.

Ye Xi continued his direction, “You can pretend I’m the person you have a crush on. You know, the one you mentioned to me the other day when we ate spicy crayfish.”

Shen Xiulin replied with sincerity, “That’s the person I’ve been thinking of this entire time.”

“Good. Then we’ll continue after a one-minute break.” With a grimace, Ye Xi touched his lips and winced gingerly. “My lips are bleeding from all the kissing. Why doesn’t the rotten system just let us pass?”

Stunned, Shen Xiulin paused for a moment before asking, “Where…? Let me see.”

Ye Xi woefully edged closer to Shen Xiulin, then pointing at his slightly swollen lip, he replied, “Right here. It hurts when I lick it.”

Shen Xiulin fell silent. There was noticeable distress in his eyes.

“I’m not usually like this, but my character in this world seems particularly fragile. He’s easily injured.” Ye Xi pursed his lips. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He got so flustered that his hair slowly began to curl up one strand at a time.

I was a big tough man back in the real world! The disparity is unbearable!

“Ahem.” Shen Xiulin cleared his throat. With a solemn expression, he declared, “Let’s do this one last time.”

Ye Xi sat up straight, “Yes, sir!”

With the look of a company executive trying to motivate his employees, Shen Xiulin asked, “Who is confident they can finish the job? Raise your hand.”

Ye Xi proactively raised his hand like he was at a company meeting, “I am!”

A smile rippled from Shen Xiulin’s eyes, “Again.”

Full of positive energy, Ye Xi shouted, “I am!”

With a commanding presence, Shen Xiulin nodded, “Very well.”

Ye Xi paused before retorting, “Actually, it should be my turn to motivate you, sir. My quest is already done.”

Shen Xiulin, “…”

At that, Ye Xi was pushed onto the bed for the umpteenth time.

Ye Xi’s lips, which had already been molested to the extreme, were forced to endure further abuse. Their lips were in an endless cycle of becoming intertwined then coming apart. Shen Xiulin’s actions had the intensity of a starved wolf, giving no quarter and almost leaving no time for Ye Xi to gasp for air. This time, Shen Xiulin was wilder and more passionate than any of his previous attempts. Whether it was his gaze, his expression, his mannerism or his forcefulness, he looked like he wanted to swallow Ye Xi whole.

At the height of their passion, Shen Xiulin sucked on the tip of Ye Xi’s tongue. Then as if spontaneously lost in the moment, he bit down with restrained force. Ye Xi shirked from the sudden assault, more from shock than pain. Before he could turn away, a quest completion announcement sounded next to his ear, declaring that his teammate had completed his quest and their experience points had increased by 500 points…

Then, Shen Xiulin stopped in his tracks and relaxed his hold on Ye Xi. Slightly panting, he said in a calm voice, “The quest is done…looks like it was finally wild and passionate enough this time.”

Ye Xi winced as he sat up, covering his mouth. He echoed, “You’ve already resorted to biting, if we don’t pass the quest this time, then it simply can’t be done.”

Shen Xiulin, “Mhm.”

Ye Xi furrowed his brow, looking slightly puzzled, “But it was a bit of a coincidence that the quest was completed as soon as you bit me…”

Shen Xiulin interrupted, “Maybe biting is one of the system’s criteria for passion.”

Ye Xi looked like something had finally clicked, “That makes sense… But if the system had told you that in the first place, then we wouldn’t’ve had to try so many times.”

Shen Xiulin coolly retorted, “The system isn’t very user-friendly.”

Ye Xi nodded furiously, “What a rotten system!”

“Yes, rotten system.” Shen Xiulin’s gaze was clear and innocent. He concurred with a straight face, then immediately changed the topic, “Let’s have a look at the next quest.”

Ye Xi was whole-heartedly immersed in the joy of completing such a ridiculously complex quest, as well as angry at such a poorly designed system, that he did not dwell on the ‘coincidence’ and obligingly opened the quest interface.

Main Quest 11: Murong X becomes angry and humiliated after the revelation of his reaction to Huangfu X’s forceful kissing. He stubbornly refuses to admit this fact, which aggravates Huangfu X to the extreme. As a result, Huangfu X verbally humiliates Murong X before indicating to him that he will receive a “pleasant surprise”, then walks away…

Stubbornly insist that you only had a reaction because you were thinking of someone else. Recklessly enrage Huangfu X and make him leave without turning back. (0/1)

Looks like a transitional task between two scenes. This sounds so ridiculously easy!

Having just completed a SSS-level quest, Ye Xi was in a great mood.

They repeated their quests to each other, then rested for another five minutes before Shen Xiulin started on the next quest.

Resting his weight on his forearms, Shen Xiulin boxed Ye Xi in under him. “Ha, you say you’re not attracted to me…” Shen Xiulin deliberately lowered his voice, his dark crimson eyes staring dubiously at Ye Xi’s crotch, “but this part right here is more honest.”

“Don’t read too much into this, Young Master Huangfu.” Ye Xi was swept into character by the Best Actor Award-deserving Shen Xiulin. With a disdain on his face, Ye Xi goaded, “It became like this because I was thinking of someone else.”

“Who…?” Shen Xiulin’s gaze sharpened. He savagely grabbed Ye Xi’s chin as a threatening aura emanated from his body. “The doctor? Or the butler?”

I wasn’t actually thinking of anyone at all. It wasn’t even in the script! 

Ye Xi’s mind went blank, so he lied, “The doctor. Doctor Xuanyuan.”

Shen Xiulin hmphed, “I knew it! That bastard!”

Seeing no sign from Shen Xiulin that he was going to walk off in a tantrum, Ye Xi could only reluctantly continue his improvisation, “Doctor YuanXuan is so much better than you. Hmph.”

Shen Xiulin replied in a frosty voice, “How is he better than me?”

Ye Xi fell silent, “…”

Sir, according to the script, it’s time for you to walk away without turning back!

“Tell me.” Shen Xiulin bit out through clenched teeth.

“The doctor, he…” Ye Xi racked his brain for lies, “is loving, gentle and considerate.”

Shen Xiulin slightly narrowed his eyes, “What did the two of you really get up to during those three days?”

Ye Xi anxiously winked at Shen Xiulin, “…”

Why don’t you turn around and walk away now?! You’ve already done your part here, you won’t get paid any bonuses even if you did more!

Shen Xiulin continued as if it were an interrogation, “Out with it, what did you do?”

“We…” Ye Xi paused. He could not make up any raunchy stories under pressure, so he cringed and continued his fabrication, “Even though we didn’t do anything, I love him!”

Shen Xiulin dragged out his “Oh”, his Aura of Tyranny seemed to calm down somewhat. He continued, “Very well. You are the only person in this world who dares to speak to me like this. To reward your courage, I’ve decided to give you a nice little ‘surprise.’”

At that, Shen Xiulin released Ye Xi’s chin, then walked towards the basement door without looking back.

Two consecutive system alerts sounded, marking the completion of both of their Main Quest 11’s.

Shen Xiulin immediately turned around and came back. He shouted impatiently, “Next!”

As if he was very keen on the so-called ‘surprise’…

Ye Xi opened the quest interface.

Main Quest 12: Leaving in a tantrum, Huangfu X returns to the basement with a custom-made wedding suit. The outfit is the joint creation of renowned fashion designers from around the world, hired by Huangfu X with vast sums of money. It is made with pearls from the South Sea, silk from the North Sea, crystals from the West Sea and coral from the East Sea, you can say that the wealth of the Four Seas has been poured into its making. Whether it is the intricacy of its workmanship or the price of its materials, the outfit can be considered one of the most breathtaking in the world. Just a single button from this suit is worth ten times an average family’s annual household expenditure. In order to force Murong X to strip off his clothes in front him and put on the wedding suit, Huangfu X threatens to bankrupt the Murong family…

Reluctantly change into the wedding suit in front of Huangfu X, then look away with resentment and indignation. (0/1)

…What the hell are the North, South, East and West Seas? Did they rob the dragon palace at the bottom of the ocean? 1 Hahahaha! Ye Xi laughed maniacally on the inside.

After everything I’ve been through, changing clothes sounds like a piece of cake.

Ye Xi cheerfully repeated his quest to Shen Xiulin.

“Hmm…Mine is to force you to change in front of me.” Shen Xiulin stroked his chin and mused with a vague smile on his lips, “The plot design from the original novel is not bad.”

Ye Xi looked at Shen Xiulin as if he had just seen a ghost, “Not bad?”

It’s a rubbish ploy that had seen its heyday 800 years ago!

Shen Xiulin’s eyes flickered with a perverse glow, “The pacing is pretty good, it’s exciting.”

Ye Xi began to have serious doubts about the chief executive’s taste in literature.

Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi’s stunned expression with interest. He continued, “When we get back to the real world, I’d like to sign the novel’s author.”

Ye Xi completely abandoned his moral code and echoed, “That’s a brilliant idea, sir. You sure have an eye for talent!”

At this rate, that rotten online platform will go out of business sooner or later!

An hour later, Shen Xiulin brought down the wedding outfit which exhausted the treasures of the Four Seas.

“What’s this?” Ye Xi asked deliberately.

“The wedding suit you will wear the day after tomorrow.” Shen Xiulin commanded, “Put it on at once.”

“Not a chance!” Ye Xi crossed his arms and looked as defiant as a virgin fighting to protect his chastity, it was brilliant acting.

Shen Xiulin scanned Ye Xi from head to toe, then calmly threatened, “You don’t wish to see your family go bankrupt because of you, do you?”

Without skipping a beat, Ye Xi calmly retorted, “You scoundrel…!”

Shen Xiulin coldly expelled a single word, “Strip.”

Ye Xi reluctantly began to take his clothes off. In order to look natural, Ye Xi replayed the memory of a time when Shen Xiulin caught him nodding off at work and pulled him into the CEO’s office for a scolding. Ye Xi immediately looked as if a great injustice was forced upon him.

You wouldn’t even let me sleep for five minutes!

Ye Xi stripped down to his underwear in front of Shen Xiulin. The white fabric stretched tightly across his round little bottom, making it look especially plump and perky.

Shen Xiulin quietly grabbed a white cushion from the bed and squeezed it viciously with his fingers.

With his back turned toward Shen Xiulin, Ye Xi bent over to put on his pants.

Shen Xiulin’s gaze was glued to Ye Xi’s bottom. He furiously kneaded the soft cushion in his hands, then exhaled audibly.

It was obvious that the chief executive was on the edge of madness…

Ye Xi finished dressing a few moments later. The suit looked like any normal male formal attire worn to banquets and such, there was nothing outrageous about its design. However, its craftsmanship was exquisite and the material felt expensive to the touch. The suit was tailored to fit Ye Xi perfectly. As soon as Ye Xi had put it on, it made him look as handsome as the little prince from a storybook.

“I’m…done.” Ye Xi turned around in his new outfit.

Shen Xiulin immediately threw the cushion aside. He hurried over to Ye Xi and hugged him tightly to his chest. Then lowering his head slightly, he rested his chin on Ye Xi’s shoulder. After a prolonged pause, Shen Xiulin finally spoke, his voice so gentle as if it was mixed with honey. “You look amazing in your outfit.”

A faint blush appeared on Ye Xi’s cheeks. Following the script, he awkwardly turned his head and looked away with downcast eyes. Then he took a deep breath and let out a loud, “Hmph!”

As soon as he had finished, both main quests were marked as complete, it all happened very fast.

Ye Xi relaxed his nerves. The indignation left his face and he turned back into his normal cheerful self. He rejoiced, “We’ve been really productive today. We’ve gone up several levels already.”

“Mhm.” Shen Xiulin continued his tight grip on Ye Xi in his wedding attire and refused to let go, “Good job.”

Ye Xi fell silent for a moment, then asked, “Sir? Don’t you think it’s time to let go?”

Shen Xiulin unhurriedly replied, “Yes.”

Though he continued his snug hold on Ye Xi.

Ye Xi became puzzled, “…”

I asked the Chief Executive a question and he answered my question, there doesn’t seem to be a problem there.

So Ye Xi continued, “Sir, could you please let go?”

That’s it, I need to change my question into a request!

Shen Xiulin replied slowly, “Alright.” Then he finally loosened his grip on Ye Xi with great reluctance. Under the glow of the basement light, Shen Xiulin’s pupils slightly trembled under some unknown emotion, as if they were dark crimson crystals submerged under rippling water.

Ye Xi locked eyes with him for a moment and became flustered for some unexplained reason. He quickly opened the quest interface, “Sir, let’s look at the next quest.”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment before he spoke, “My Main Quest 13 is to strip you naked and lock you up again, then declare that you belong only to me.”

Ye Xi, “…mine is to be humiliated and locked up by you.”

Sir, do you realise now how stupid the original novel is?

Shen Xiulin praised in all seriousness, “The narrative is well planned, it didn’t even forget to lock you up again.”

Believing the chief executive’s intelligence had taken a nosedive, Ye Xi looked at him in despair, “…”

So, ten minutes later, Ye Xi took off his outfit and let Shen Xiulin lock him away.

“You are my property.” Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi, completely enamoured by him. He gently caressed Ye Xi’s cheek with the back of his finger and murmured as if talking in his sleep, “Only I may touch you. Only I may gaze upon you. Apart from my home, you have no need to go anywhere else.”

As per the quest instructions, Ye Xi called Shen Xiulin a lunatic, then immediately became humbled by the chief executive’s acting skills.

The way our Chief Executive plays a possessive control freak is so overwhelmingly real, it’s awe-inspiring!

After completing Main Quest 13, they had to wait for the wedding in two days’ time. Shen Xiulin’s Main Quest 14 was to organise various aspects of the wedding, while Ye Xi’s quest was to run away during the ceremony – a task that was so very predictable.

Main Quest 14: Huangfu X proceeds with the wedding on the scheduled date. When the couple are ready to read their vows, Huangfu X is suddenly attacked by a mysterious assassin. Although the assassin is unable to complete his assignment, he wreaks havoc at the wedding venue…

Pretend to go along with the wedding, then escape when the scene turns into chaos. (0/1)

“We just need to wait for the wedding now.” Ye Xi did a big stretch and sagged into the bed. “I vaguely recall the mystery assassin being one of the male extras. He tries to shoot you during the wedding, but misses for some reason. I don’t really remember what happens after that.”

Shen Xiulin furrowed his brow as soon as he heard the words ‘male extra’, “Hmm…”

“I’m exhausted!” Ye Xi rubbed his belly, “Are you hungry, sir?”

“A bit.” Shen Xiulin got up and walked towards the door, “I’ll call someone to bring us food.”

So, Ye Xi lazed about the basement for the next two days while he waited for the wedding. Since he had nothing better to do, Ye Xi decided to find out just how fragile his digestive system really was. The short answer was that the system settings were indeed onerous and could not be overridden.

The body of Little Master Murong was so fragile that he could not tolerate any food other than fresh flowers. As soon as he ate anything else, his stomach would ache predictably. The only difference was, the intensity of the aches would vary depending on the quantity of food and how greasy they were. Plain rice and steamed vegetables would only cause a slight ache, while meat, spicy food, fried food and sweet food would cause severe aches that also lasted for a much longer period…

How is this any different from not being able to eat anything at all?! Ye Xi wanted to throw himself onto the bed and have a good cry. A life where one could only eat plain rice and steamed vegetables was the same as not having a life at all!

During the two days he spent under house arrest, whenever Ye Xi went to the bathroom, he would be followed by a regiment of bodyguards right on his heels. Then they would bring him back to the basement and lock him up again. Ye Xi spent the rest of his time in the basement watching movies, playing video games and napping. He passed the two days in a blur.

On the day of the wedding, Ye Xi was roused bright and early by Shen Xiulin’s butler. Around a hundred attendants followed the butler in a vast procession, each holding something on a platter, and began to prepare Ye Xi for the wedding.

After a brief wash and clean, Ye Xi half leaned on a reclining lounge chair while four attendants manicured his nails, which had not grown at all since he arrived in the quest world. Two other attendants trimmed his naturally delicate eyebrows, while two more attendants shaved the non-existent hair on his legs. There were also attendants responsible for applying moisturiser, massaging his muscles, cleaning his ears, brushing his hair, spraying perfume… If Ye Xi had not been wearing heavy chains on his arms and legs, he would have looked like a pampered aristocrat.

Ye Xi rattled his chains with a loud clang and asked, “Can these come off now?”

The butler’s smile was so perfect, it did not look like it came from a real person, “My apologies, Young Mistress. The Young Master has especially ordered that they cannot be taken off before you change into your wedding clothes.”

Ye Xi, “…”

What the hell did you just call me? Young what?

After being fussed over from the inside to the outside, Ye Xi felt as impeccable as a human doll. The butler personally removed Ye Xi’s chains, then along with a few other attendants, helped Ye Xi change into the wedding outfit that bore the treasures of the Four Seas.

Once they exited the basement, Ye Xi was again surrounded by a regiment of bodyguards. Together, they marched towards the wedding venue in a crowded procession.

The ceremony was being held in the courtyard of Huangfu X’s estate. Afterall, they could do whatever they wanted in an estate the size of thousands of hectares 2. The wedding venue was decorated to the point of extreme opulence. Walking past the buffet zone that stretched over five hundred metres 3 made Ye Xi’s mouth water like crazy. He was so hungry that he almost cried, but had to pretend to be haughty and disinterested. It was torture.

After a succession of tedious and exaggerated rituals, Ye Xi stood on one side of the red carpet and held onto Master Murong’s arm under the direction of the wedding officiant. Next, the head of the Murong household led Ye Xi towards Shen Xiulin, who waited for him under the wedding trellis.

When Ye Xi clutched Master Murong’s arm, he tried to appease him by calling him, “Dad.”

Master Murong’s face darkened, “Hmph!”

Ye Xi, “…”

This fake dad doesn’t seem to love me at all!

Shen Xiulin stood alone under the wedding trellis.

The trellis was also absurd to the extreme. Covered in fresh flowers of varying hues, it was as tall as a ten-storey building and a few hundred metres 4 wide. The only reason it could stand without collapsing on itself was because the system did not allow it.

Shen Xiulin also wore a wedding suit that was specially made for the occasion. The outfit flattered his perfect figure. Like fresh bamboo from a faraway mountain, it made his silhouette look even more graceful and tall. Shen Xiulin turned his flawless face towards Ye Xi as his Aura of Tyranny surrounded him like a thin veil of smoke.

If Ye Xi was not already familiar with such a ridiculous thing as an ‘Aura of Tyranny’, he would have thought the special effects looked magical…but now he just wanted to laugh.

Once they arrived in front of Shen Xiulin, Master Murong handed Ye Xi over to Shen Xiulin without the slightest hesitation.

In order to fulfill his character design, Ye Xi immediately rearranged his face into a grimace. As for Shen Xiulin, since he had already known the wedding ceremony would not be allowed to proceed and there would be an assassination attempt on his life later, he did not look too happy either.

So, the unhappy groom and groom walked hand-in-hand through the wedding arch over the red carpet, stopping in front of the wedding officiant.

As soon as they stood still, a gunshot was fired from the crowd. Something flew past Ye Xi with lightning speed then scraped past Shen Xiulin. Right on cue, the officiant abruptly fell to the ground.

Ye Xi, “…”

What did the wedding officiant ever do to deserve this?

A swarm of bodyguards instantly filled the area. The bullet grazed Shen Xiulin’s arm and he was left with a torn suit and minor burns 5. While the bodyguards ran around looking for the assassin, Ye Xi instantly spotted him in the crowd.

As Male Extra No. 3, a semi-transparent character profile floated next to the assassin, which could only be seen by Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin.

It could not have been any more obvious.

Name: Dugu 6 X

Role: Assassin

Character Summary: The thirty-second master of the Buried Love Assassins’ Guild 7. He is a cold-blooded killer with a high body count under his belt. Although he does not have the wealth or power to control the fate of the global economy, he does have the lives of the people who do at his disposal. Due to his frosty constitution, everything he touches becomes frozen. Murderous, blood-thirsty and ruthless, no one in this world had ever managed to occupy his heart, no one except…

Ye Xi, “…”

Needless to say – no one except me.

Ye Xi was about to chase after him, when someone held onto his wrist in a vice-like grip. Ye Xi turned to see Shen Xiulin stretch out an arm with great difficulty through the multiple layers of bodyguards who shielded him with their bodies. He also managed to peer through a small gap between two bodyguards and stared at Ye Xi with one eye.

Ye Xi formed the words ‘male extra’ with his mouth, indicating to Shen Xiulin to let go.

Shen Xiulin shot a fierce glance towards the floating character profile, his grip around Ye Xi’s wrist suddenly became tighter.

There was confusion and chaos everywhere. Seeing everyone’s attention focused on the slightly injured Shen Xiulin and no one paying attention to himself, Ye Xi meaningfully patted the back of Shen Xiulin’s hand, then gave him a thumbs-up with the expression of ‘just wait till I return victorious from conquering the male extra, sir,’ before breaking free of Shen Xiulin’s grip.

Ye Xi chased after the floating character profile in soaring spirits. While he escaped, he did not forget to spread alarming rumours to divert everyone’s attention, “Young Master Huangfu is badly injured! Quick, get the doctor!”

Meanwhile, the poor chief executive was forcibly surrounded by an iron fortress of bodyguards and not being able to move at all. He could only watch as Ye Xi abandoned him after he was miserably shot at, while spreading rumours about the severity of his injuries and cheerfully running towards Male Extra No. 3…

The most tragic moment of a person’s life could not have been worse than this.

Strong winds and storm clouds instantly gathered over the horizon before a dizzying flash of lightning cut through the sky. However, half a minute later, the signs of the oncoming storm vanished as swiftly as they had appeared.

Ye Xi breathed a sigh of relief as he looked for the male extra, “…”

Good, the Chief Executive has finally learnt to control his temper!

During the two days he was locked up in the basement, Ye Xi had a serious talk with Shen Xiulin about his anger management problems whenever he sank too deeply into character.

Ye Xi patiently explained, “It’s not that you can’t get angry, it’s just that we get thunder, lightning and heavy rain when you do, and they can get in the way of our quests when you lose control.”

Shen Xiulin, “You’re right.”

Ye Xi sat crossed legged on the bed with bright, confident eyes. He lowered his voice, “I can teach you a trick so you won’t get angry.”

Shen Xiulin watched him with interest, “What is it?”

Ye Xi said with an air of mystery, “Repeat after me.”

Shen Xiulin, “Okay.”

Ye Xi recited in a clear voice, “‘Say No To Anger’ 8. Life is like a play; we gather according to the script of fate.”

Shen Xiulin, “…”

Ye Xi continued with overflowing emotions, “If you get upset over trivial things, when you look back you will wonder, why?”

Shen Xiulin, “…”

Ye Xi rocked his head back and forth as he recited, “Others may try to anger me, but I won’t relent. If I become ill from losing my temper, no one suffers but me.…Sir, why don’t you recite the poem with me?”

Shen Xiulin smiled with profound affection in his eyes, then tousled Ye Xi’s hair.

Stranded inside a wall of bodyguards, the chief executive quietly began to recall the earlier scene. After all, it would be very difficult for Ye Xi to escape if a storm broke out right now.

Shen Xiulin did not actually memorise the words to the poem, because it was too stupid and inappropriate for his persona as the badass CEO. What Shen Xiulin actually tried to remember was the adorable way Ye Xi looked when he taught him the poem.

The storm clouds gradually subsided.

Ye Xi’s brain was full of experience points when he left the noisy wedding crowd behind him. He raced in the direction of Male Extra No. 3, and as he ran, heard loud gunshots ahead. Ye Xi paused to find Male Extra No. 3, Dugu X, crouched behind an upturned buffet table, occasionally poking his head out to open fire at the bodyguards, then quickly ducking behind cover again.

Ye Xi, “…”

I think what Mr. Dugu needs is a clever hostage!

The scene was very chaotic with everyone’s attention focused on Dugu. With his back hunched, Ye Xi ran behind a row of buffet tables and came face-to-face with Dugu in his desperate struggle.

It had to be said that, although the assassin’s character profile was somewhat moronic, and a name like the ‘Buried Love Assassins’ Guild’ immediately reminded people of the rainbow afro from that visual punk group, Dugu’s actual appearance was not bad at all. He had a comely face, as well as a handsome masculinity that was a rare quality in this Mary Sue world. Under his dagger-like eyebrows were a pair of eyes as dark as midnight. He had a tall nose and thin lips, which made him look somewhat cruel. The outline of his face was so sharp, it was as if every angle was chiselled by a knife. He wore black from head to toe, which immediately established him as an assassin. The lawn under the buffet table around him had a layer of light frost, obviously caused by Mr. Dugu’s chilly constitution.

“Puhaha…” Hahaha, I wonder if the dude ever gets cold! The corner of Ye Xi’s lips curved up, which he immediately forced back down.

“Don’t move.” Dugu pointed the barrel of his gun at Ye Xi. He spoke in a cold voice, “You are the Little Master from the Murong family?”

Even though it was a question, his tone was quite confident, as if he did not really need a reply from Ye Xi.

Ye Xi immediately raised both of his hands in surrender, “I am.”

“Stand up straight and face the front.” Dugu pointed his gun at Ye Xi and commanded, “Let the bodyguards see your face.”

Ye Xi willingly did as instructed. Once the regiment of bodyguards saw Little Master Murong standing in front of them, they put down their guns one by one.

Dugu covered his abdomen as he stood up, with blood running all over his hand. It had just dawned on Ye Xi that the assassin seemed to be wounded. Dugu held the gun with one hand and pointed it at Ye Xi’s back, where his heart was. He insisted in a low voice, “Keep walking.”

Ye Xi had cunningly succeeded. Not only could he effortlessly escape as per the quest instructions, he had earned the opportunity to conquer Male Extra No. 3. Ye Xi rejoiced on the inside and obediently walked with Dugu’s gun to his back, without any trace of fear on his face.

Give me a break, at least I didn’t crack up laughing! Ye Xi mused.

Bodyguards retreated from both sides and no one dared to make a sudden move. If they accidentally caused harm to Huangfu X’s intended groom they would pay with the lives of their entire families and more. So, Ye Xi and Dugu began their retreat without any hindrance.

This was a common scene in movies: the villain is surrounded by enemies, he takes a hostage and breaks free from the siege, then quickly escapes with the hostage.


Two hours later, Dugu pointed his gun at Ye Xi’s back in exactly the same posture as two hours earlier, and continued his retreat from the endless receding tide of bodyguards.

Ye Xi, “…”

This retreat is so exhausting! I’m getting hungry.

And it’s so cold walking next to the dude with the icy special effects.

Another half an hour later, they finally finished their retreat from the massive, no, ginormous Huangfu X mansion. Dugu forced Ye Xi into a car parked next to the road. He held the gun with one hand and drove with the other.

Ye Xi watched as blood flowed out of Dugu’s gunshot wound. He anaemically suggested, “You know you can drive the car with one hand and cover your stomach with the other?”

As a player, I walked such a long way for the sole reason of conquering you. If you’re going to drop dead, at least handover your experience points first!

“…” But Dugu remained silent. He just cruelly poured more cold air into the car, which suddenly became freezing cold.

At that, Ye Xi kept his mouth shut.

An hour later, Dugu drove the car to an abandoned factory in a remote area. As soon as he opened the car door, he fell onto the ground from exhaustion and fainted.

Ye Xi hastily huddled over, poking him.

Dugu was completely out.

Afterall, he did just incur a gunshot wound without any appropriate medical treatment, then walked for two and half hours on foot, before driving for another hour. He bled for a total of three and a half hours, it was only with the system’s blessing that he was still alive.

The door to the abandoned factory was only a few metres away. Since it felt wrong to leave a bleeding and fainted person out in the open, Ye Xi decided to carry the pitiful male extra into the factory. So, Ye Xi stuffed Dugu’s gun into his pocket, then grabbing onto the back of the assassin’s knee with one hand and circling his back with the other, summoned all of the strength he possessed to carry the assassin in his arms. He struggled as he walked in the direction of the factory.

But after only two steps, Ye Xi fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes, firmly planting his face in the mud.

Since the wretched Mr. Dugu had cushioned his fall, Ye Xi was not hurt. But Mr. Dugu’s comely nose seemed to be bleeding…

Ye Xi immediately rolled onto his hands and knees, exclaiming, “Sorry! Sorry!” as he got up and furiously bowed to Dugu.

Despite being a scrawny, nerdy type in the real world, Ye Xi had no problems carrying a person for a short while. But in the quest world, Little Master Murong had no arm strength at all, he was literally too weak to carry anyone.

Finally, Ye Xi dragged the poor Dugu into the factory…

Once he set the assassin down, Ye Xi ran back outside to rummage through Dugu’s car, since he thought someone in Dugu’s trade should be prepared for emergencies. Surely enough, he found a small first aid kit on the floor next to the back seat. Ye Xi hastily ran back to the factory with the first aid kit in his arms, but Dugu was nowhere to be found.

As Ye Xi stood there looking lost, an arm reached out from behind him and wrapped snugly around his body, while a sharp knife pressed against his throat. An icy voice sounded next to Ye Xi’s ear, “Why did you save me?”

Ye Xi, “…”

Hang on, buddy…where’s your gun? Why would you hold me in your arms with a knife at my throat?


Author’s Notes:

The system (in the voice of Google Translate): WTF??? Hey Mr. Player, I said biting was required, alright? I’ll oust your lie and you better believe it!

The chief executive: Others may try to anger me, but I won’t relent. If I become ill from losing my temper, no one suffers but me.

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Translator Notes:

  1. According to Chinese mythology, dragons ruled over the water realm and the four Dragon Kings lived in crystal palaces under each of the four seas.
  2. 1 hectare = ~2.5 acres
  3. ~550 yards
  4. 1 metre = ~3.3 feet
  5. As Addis has rightly pointed out, graze wounds from a bullet don’t cause burns.
  6. ‘Dugu’ means ‘alone’ in Chinese, as in, the lone assassin.
  7. ‘Zang Ai Jia Zu’ or ‘The Buried Love Family’ is a group of Chinese internet celebrities who shot to fame in the 2000s due to their alternative, visual punk fashion. One of the members is known for having a rainbow coloured afro.
  8. ‘Mo Sheng Qi’ or ‘Don’t Get Angry’ is a popular Chinese folk poem
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Loves to read and translate webnovels about fantasy, sci-fi, pop culture and video games.

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