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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


After a fierce battle with sleep paralysis, as expected, Ye Xi shot straight up from the centre of his four-hectare bed1 and opened his eyes.

Compared to every other time Ye Xi woke up in his bed, this one was different. Previously, his bed was always as white as a vast white wilderness, but the colour was different this time. The vast bed covering before him was bright red – the colour of blood. At first glance, Ye Xi would have thought that he did not actually wake up from his slumber, but went straight to hell instead.

Ye Xi cursed, then poked Shen Xiulin, who slept next to him, with trembling fingers.

That’s right, Shen Xiulin had also been transported here. With faint beads of sweat on his brow and a troubled frown on his face, he too, seemed to be struggling with sleep paralysis. After being poked by Ye Xi, Shen Xiulin suddenly opened his eyes. Once he had taken in his surroundings, he revealed a look on his face that said ‘just as I thought.’

“As soon as I fell asleep, I felt like I couldn’t move, so I knew we were probably going to be transported here again.” Shen Xiulin looked around and quickly composed himself.

“Why is the bed all red?” Ye Xi stroked the bed sheets with his hand.

Although red was supposed to be a happy colour2, this much red could only elicit a sense of oppression – there were no feelings of joy at all.

Shen Xiulin looked down and inspected the bed in detail, “This must be the bridal chamber.”

Ye Xi blushed.

Shen Xiulin pointed at the bed sheets and spoke with confidence, “There are embroideries of dragons and phoenixes, as well as ‘double happiness’ patterns3 on the sheets.”

Ye Xi rubbed his temples. Just as he was about to open the system interface and summon the service desk, the electronic voice beat him to it and sounded in both their ears at the same time, “Hello and welcome to Quest World No. 9235.”

Ye Xi shouted impatiently, “Are you having bugs again? Me and the person next to me have definitely completed the final main quest this morning and already went back to the real world!”

The system replied in its unemotional, mechanical voice, “There are no bugs. These are the bonus quests that are only activated upon the successful completion of the main quests. When the two of you exited the quest world today, I ran a diagnostic on whether the author had entered any bonus chapters into the system. To ensure all available quests are faithfully completed, I have brought you and your teammate back to this world.”

“There are a total of ten bonus quests. Upon the completion of each quest, the system will automatically take you to the location of your next quest. You may exit once you have completed all ten bonus quests. Please do your best to complete these quests in order to exit this world. Do you have any other questions? Please answer…”

Ye Xi sat there in complete shock, “Fuck…”

Indeed, after finishing their stories in ‘happily ever after’-type endings, many writers would publish some extra bonus chapters. These chapters would usually include ‘slice of life’ experiences from the protagonists lives or additional stories about highly popular supporting characters. However, if Ye Xi remembered correctly, the ten bonus chapters from that particular novel were…


That’s right, every single one was full of meat! The ten bonus chapters were really just ten locations for sex…

“I have a question!” Ye Xi raised his hand in protest, “Don’t you know the bonus chapters are all smut?! You are so lewd, you rotten system! I want to make a complaint.”

When Shen Xiulin heard that the ‘bonus chapters were all smut’, his eyes suddenly lit up like a lantern.

The system paused before announcing, “Objection overruled. Do you have any other questions?”

Shen Xiulin confirmed with the commanding presence of a king, “No, you may leave.”

Ye Xi pinched the chief executive’s thigh, “Is this what you wanted?”

Shen Xiulin smiled beautifully, but firmly denied Ye Xi’s accusation, “No.”

The chief executive was so overwhelmed with happiness that he failed to convince even Ye Xi with his acting.

However, it annoyed Ye Xi so much that he began fuming.

“Come out, you rotten system!” Ye Xi bellowed as he furiously pounded the bed. “Can you guarantee that you won’t kidnap us again when we finish the bonus quests?”

The system answered truthfully, “I can guarantee that I will not bring the two of you to Quest World No. 9235 again without your permission. However, if you trigger other resentful forces when you return to the real world, it is possible that you may be brought to other quest worlds.”

Ye Xi immediately decided to become an adorable, soft-spoken and approachable editor when he got out of here.

Hearing the system’s response, Shen Xiulin took note of the key details and clarified, “You said ‘you won’t take us here without our permission’, what do you mean by that? Does it mean it is possible to take us here with our permission?”

The system, “It is like this: once the two of you have completed the ten bonus quests, as a reward, this quest world will become available to you at will. You can create a passcode to re-enter this quest world, then freely exit using the same passcode without any constraints or limitations.”

Ye Xi rolled his eyes with indignation, “…”

Why would anyone want such a stupid reward? We would be eternally grateful if you just never bothered us again!

Shen Xiulin, on the other hand, seemed to be deep in thought.

Despite the quest world having many illogical settings, if one discounted Ye Xi’s negative design settings regarding his diet and his tears, they actually lived pretty comfortably in this world due to their protagonist halos. They were able to experience many things in this world that they would never be able to experience in the real world. If they could enter and exit the quest world at will without being forced to complete quests, then they would actually be able to have a lot of fun in this virtual world.

“Let’s read the next quest first. The earlier we complete it, the earlier we can leave.” Ye Xi said as he tapped on the system interface.

Bonus Quest 1: After going through all 99 attempted escapades from their wedding, Huangfu X has finally managed to wed Murong X. On their wedding night, the two lovers cling to each other without restraint and fully enjoy their marital bliss. Although it is their first time, due to Murong X’s natural talents, he quickly experiences pleasure from such acts after only mild discomfort in the beginning. Tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time, the little minx cannot help but cling to Huangfu X and refuse to let him go…

Let Huangfu X fuck you from one corner of the bed to the opposite corner of the bed. Moan ‘Husband’ out loud. After being struck by electricity once, indicate that it’s not enough and you want more. (0/1)

Tips: Do not worry, the electric current is not strong enough to cause injury.

WTF? Don’t tell me to not worry! I’ll stop worrying when you let me out of here! Ye Xi almost yelled out loud.

“I’m done reading. Shall we begin?” Shen Xiulin closed his quest interface and turned to face Ye Xi with his usual impassive expression. His eyes and mouth looked calm and serious, like completing the quest was just business as usual.

However, three seconds later, the chief executive could no longer hold back his lecherous smile.

Ye Xi shot icy daggers from his eyes, “Shut up, pervert.”

Shen Xiulin just smiled and shook his head.

Ye Xi fumed, “What if it’s so painful that I end up crying?”

Shen Xiulin jeered, “Now do you appreciate the benefits of my 18cm-long4 Mr. Shorty?”

“I was out of line earlier, I’m sorry.” Full of remorse, Ye Xi almost knelt down before Shen Xiulin.

Jokes aside, Shen Xiulin stroked his chin and spoke in a serious tone, “You shouldn’t experience any serious pain during the process. The quest instructions said you are ‘naturally talented’ and you will only experience some mild discomfort in the beginning. You know the quest instructions are usually very precise, so you should be a…”

Ye Xi’s face blushed crimson, “…”

Do you mean a ‘Black Hole Sub’?!

“Babe, let’s do some calculations.” Seeing Ye Xi getting the idea, Shen Xiulin changed the subject and began to methodically analyse their situation. He exuded an air of professional competence as he talked, looking all serious and business-like, as if he was back at the office, analysing the data from a work report.

“First, this bed should be one of mine, and the size of my bed is usually 300m by 300m5, which equals nine hectares6. So, the hypotenuse of the bed should be the square root of 300m2 + 300m27, which is approximately 400m8. If every time I thrust into you, I can shift you by 1cm9…”

The more Ye Xi listened, the more he felt something was off kelter. Fuming, he repeatedly yanked the collar on Shen Xiulin’s nightgown, “Shen Xiulin, why do you look so happy about this?!”

While looking all serious and proper on the outside!

So, the chief executive continued his calculations in ‘vibrate mode’, “1cm equals 0.01m, which means we need to make 40,000 thrusts. If we can use some special positions like…ahem, perhaps we can get there faster. But all of these will test our physical stamina.”

Once the analysis was complete, they began their quest.

They took off their clothes one by one. Then pressing their bodies together, they stroked and caressed each other’s naked skin. Soon, the two lovers became aroused and continued onto the next step. Ye Xi was indeed as naturally gifted as his character design had indicated. When the organ that was not supposed to be used for this purpose was invaded, apart from some mild swelling and soreness, he experienced no other discomfort or pain, and was quickly overcome with pleasure. His body faithfully recreated the descriptions from the original novel, where a seductive pink blush appeared on his alabaster skin, making him look extra sweet and delectable.

An unbelievable climax assaulted every nerve ending in Ye Xi’s body. The feeling of being sated to his core was not something he could have achieved on his own during his DIY sessions. It was as if Shen Xiulin’s every breath and soft caress had stirred a powerful aphrodisiac into his blood, making Ye Xi sink deeper into heavenly bliss…

Who would’ve thought being a sub from a BL novel was such a wonderful thing! Ye Xi dug his fingers into the bed sheets and bit the back of his hand so he would not cry from the onslaught of euphoria.

Once the first round was complete, a deep gratification overran Ye Xi’s body like an electric current, that and the real electric current. Feeling satisfied, Ye Xi closed his eyes and sagged into the mattress as if every bone in his body was limp and weak. Then, a small rainbow sprayed onto Shen Xiulin’s abs…

Rainbows appeared after thunderstorms, there’s nothing wrong with that!

“Let me have a look…” With his limbs feeling like putty, little Ye Xi struggled as he tried to get up. He squinted his eyes and strived to see the bed’s diagonal corner in the distance, “I feel like we’ve gone a bit off course. Let’s turn clockwise then keep going!”

Author’s Notes:

The Chief Executive: The bonus chapters are not bad.

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Translator Notes:

  1. This bed actually belongs to Huangfu X, which means it should actually be nine hectares in size, not four.
  2. Traditionally, red is a joyful and auspicious colour in China, used at weddings, festivals and other celebrations.
  3. Traditional Chinese symbols for a happy marriage
  4. 7 inches
  5. 300m = ~1000 feet
  6. 22 acres
  7. 300m2 = ~3230 square feet
  8. ~1300 feet
  9. ~0.4 inch
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March 3, 2021 2:39 am

In good news, the 18cm real-life version isn’t going to be so intimidating when they get back. 🤷‍♀️

And they won’t need to worry about having a good sense of direction while doing it! 😂

March 3, 2021 3:15 am

I like where this is going…..

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I love it YES. So funny, who knew that math would actually come in handy some day…

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Sue R
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The CEO, you are very good at mathematics. Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣. That happened because YeXi look down at the 18 cmlong.

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