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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


It was not long before the elevator arrived at the floor of Ye Xi’s office. However, as soon as the doors opened, they were immediately shut again thanks to Shen Xiulin’s quick reflexes. He pressed the floor of the CEO’s office and the two of them continued kissing.

Meanwhile, the security guards monitoring CCTV footage from the lifts noted, “…”

We seemed to have made a startling discovery!

Once they arrived at Shen Xiulin’s floor, Ye Xi followed the chief executive to the CEO’s office. Shen Xiulin nodded to the colleagues he passed in the hallway with his usual serious expression, looking all authoritative and business-like. However, Ye Xi, who did not have such thick skin, blushed crimson with downcast eyes and his head hanging almost to his chest.

Ye Xi’s colleagues winked at him sympathetically, as if asking ‘did you get caught by the Chief Executive for being late again?’

With an injured look, Ye Xi forced a smile back at his colleagues, “…”

It’s not even time yet, don’t jump to conclusions so fast!

Shen Xiulin led Ye Xi into the CEO’s office in a business-as-usual manner. He locked the door behind them and pulled Ye Xi into his arms before whispering in Ye Xi’s ear, “Why are you late again? How do you want me to punish you?”

It was obvious that the chief executive had rehearsed this particular line and this particular scene countless times in his mind and was now finally able to put it into practice. He could not have felt more satisfied.

Ye Xi exclaimed with indignation, “But I’m not late today!”

Shen Xiulin shamelessly replied, “You’ll be late in another three minutes, and there are no card punchers in here.”

Ye Xi groaned, “You’re abusing your position.”

Shen Xiulin shook his head, “If I really wanted to abuse my position, I would’ve had you by now. I wouldn’t have waited until today.”

Like a black-hearted boss who threatened and coerced his junior employee. Tsk, it was a pity that the chief executive had scruples.

Shen Xiulin sat down on his office chair and beckoned Ye Xi over with his hand. He coldly stated, “Come here to receive your punishment.”

“Yes, sir!” Ye Xi scampered over like a cheerful little dove, then flagrantly sank down on the chief executive’s lap. He looked gayer than gay, completely squandering his twenty-odd years as a straight guy.

They made out for a while longer before Ye Xi sighed, “Actually, I’m kind of grateful towards that author. If it wasn’t for her resentment towards us, we wouldn’t have gotten together.”

To successfully turn the two people she hated the most into a couple, it seemed debatable whether she had actually succeeded or failed as a matchmaker…

Shen Xiulin gently rubbed his lips over Ye Xi’s cheek, “Even if that didn’t happen, I would’ve confessed my feelings for you eventually. Every time I pulled you into my office, I seriously deliberated over whether I should tell you the truth.”

Ye Xi thought about it, then replied, “But you would’ve scared me into resigning!”

Luckily he was bound to the chief executive in the quest world and had nowhere to run even if he wanted to. The system even created a little white flower to support them, forcing the ostrich-like1 Ye Xi to confront his feelings.

A sorrowful expression appeared in Shen Xiulin’s eyes, “That’s right, you definitely would’ve stayed as far away from me as you could.”

Then it would have become a cliched urban cat-and-mouse love story, where one person was always running away and the other person always chasing.

They lamented for a while, then continued making out. After some time, Ye Xi’s eyes began to sneakily wander towards Shen Xiulin’s private region. Shen Xiulin sensed what Ye Xi was thinking and unzipped his trousers. He placed Ye Xi’s hand on his crotch and insisted, “There’s no need to be shy with your husband. If you want to touch it, be my guest.”

“No! It’s not what you think!” Ye Xi shook his head as he explained, “It’s not that I want to touch it, I’m just curious about what it looks like. It must look different from the quest world…”

At that, Ye Xi’s hand very unpretentiously fondled what was inside.

Shen Xiulin arched his brow with confidence, ready to watch Ye Xi bashfully melt into a puddle in his arms…

But instead, Ye Xi callously laughed out loud.

Ye Xi, “Hahahahaha, how did it become so freaking small?!”

Shen Xiulin was briefly speechless before biting out through clenched teeth, “You call 18cm2 small?”

With a sombre expression, Ye Xi slapped Shen Xiulin on the shoulder, “But in the quest world, it was ‘as thick as a baby’s arm and could not be held with one hand!’”

Shen Xiulin was lost for words.

Like a lunatic, Ye Xi cupped his hand into the shape of a microphone and held it next to Shen Xiulin’s mouth as if to interview him, “Do you miss your ‘baby’s arm’, Mr. Chief Executive? Now that you’ve returned to the real world, your cock has turned into a shorty, do you find the disparity insufferable?”

Thus, little Ye Xi, who foolishly sought his own demise, was pressed down onto the office desk by the fuming chief executive …

A few minutes later, Shen Xiulin asked with indignation, “Do you still think it’s small?”

Ye Xi licked his lips and tactlessly replied, “I could only hold the head in my mouth before, now I can hold half of it. What do you think?”

So, Shen Xiulin was forced to ruthlessly plug up Ye Xi’s smart mouth again. Working with both their hands and mouths on top of the office desk, the scene was incredibly lewd.

Hence, it could be said that someone who became CEO at such a young age indeed had something to differentiate him from ordinary people. From early morning, he toiled over his desk and devoted all of his energy to his work. Every employee from the company should learn from his example indeed.

After some more smooching with Shen Xiulin, Ye Xi straightened his hair and clothes, then returned to the BL editorial department.

His colleagues watched on sympathetically as Ye Xi walked past them with slightly reddened eyes, as if he had been crying, “…”

Look at how pitiful our Xiao Yezi3 looks! The Chief Executive is such an unromantic brute! If our adorable little sub was late to work, why didn’t the Chief Executive just bend him over his desk and shown him some tough love? Why did he have to scold our Xiao Yezi to tears?!

…Thought the highly imaginative BL editors as they exchanged knowing looks, completely unaware that Xiao Yezi had indeed been bent over the chief executive’s desk and shown a great deal of ‘tough love.’

Why is there such a weird vibe at the office today? Ye Xi shuddered as he sat down and switched on his computer…

Then he continued his mushy talk with the chief executive over QQ4.

Afterall, it was Day 1 of the honeymoon period of their relationship, even the air seemed as sweet as candy, and like colourful candy-wrappers, the world sparkled in a joyful glow. They wanted to spend every minute of the day together, so Ye Xi changed Shen Xiulin’s nickname on QQ to the pen name of a well-known writer, and pretended to communicate with the author for work.

Original BL Editor Ye Xi5, “Hubby! *WAVES*”

Fake celebrity writer, real CEO, “Hey cutie.”

A fellow editor who happened to walk past Ye Xi, “…”

Looks like our Xiao Yezi is finally willing to sell out his dignity for new chapters!

At that, the chief executive sent over a photo. Ye Xi fixed his eyes on the photo and saw a big tray of little crayfish, stacked into a small red mound and soaked in a thick sauce, looking extra delicious. There was even a watermark from the XX Gourmet Food Network at the bottom right corner of the photo.

Ye Xi, who felt like he had not had a proper meal in ages, began to drool.

Ye Xi, “That looks so yummy!!!”

Shen Xiulin, “I found it on the web. It’s not far from the office, I’ll take you there for lunch.”

With happy tears flowing down his face, Ye Xi swiftly typed out on the keyboard, “I want to eat five kilos6 in one go! Five whole kilos!”

Shen Xiulin replied like the badass CEO he was, “No problem. Do you want your hubby to buy the shop for you?”

Ye Xi replied unassumingly, “No thanks. I don’t want the shop, just their crayfish.”

It’s hard work being the owner of a restaurant!

Shen Xiulin quietly laughed on the other side of the computer. Then, despite sounding flirtatious, he was really just asking for trouble when he wrote, “Do you like eating little crayfish more, or your hubby’s…huh?”

Ye Xi replied honestly, “Definitely the little crayfish!”

Displeasure quietly crept over the the chief executive’s face.

Ye Xi continued his honest reply, “1. Yours isn’t spicy and 2. it’s not fragrant. It really has no competitive advantage at all.”

Being completely outdone by little crayfish, Shen Xiulin asked with a frosty face, “So I should pour some sauce over it next time?”

Ye Xi rubbed his hands with enthusiasm, “Yes! We can try honey, jam, cream, chocolate etc, first you put on a layer, then… Fuck, Shen Xiulin, why are you so lewd?!”

The chief executive who was chided for no reason, “…”

You started it!

Thus, the two of them went to the crayfish restaurant and gorged themselves on little crayfish. To make the most of their limited lunch hour, they devised a plan with a clear segregation of duties: one of them was responsible for peeling the shell off the crayfish and dipping it in sauce, while the other was responsible for eating it.

Shen Xiulin’s de-shelling skills had been honed to perfection. It took him one second to remove the head, one second to remove the tail, two seconds to push out the crayfish meat with the end of his chopstick and another second to dip it in sauce then throw it into Ye Xi’s small bowl. With his ten fingers working at dazzling speed, it took only five seconds for him to feed Ye Xi an entire crayfish.

With his mouth stuffed full of crayfish, Ye Xi watched Shen Xiulin with reverence as he chewed, “You’re so fast at deshelling, where did you learn this?”

Our Chief Executive has definitely done this before!

Shen Xiulin was completely focused on deshelling crayfish and replied without looking up, “I looked up ‘best ways to deshell crayfish’, but I had to practice to be this fast.”

Just like the time he memorised the positions of constellations, then drove out to the wilderness to identify them, for deshelling crayfish, the chief executive practiced on a vast quantity of little crayfish at home. With all that experience under his belt, he deserved the title of seasoned veteran indeed.

Ye Xi was moved to tears. That’s right, it was not overly difficult to make a foodie happy.

The afternoon had finally turned into evening. Little Ye Xi, who seemed to have reincarnated from a wretched soul who starved to death in his previous life, was brought to a BBQ restaurant by Shen Xiulin. They stayed there until 8PM, then kept chatting while they strolled down the street. Before long, it was time for late-night snacks again.

Then, clearly knowing his way around, Ye Xi led Shen Xiulin to a pedestrian street close to his home that was full of street food vendors. So, the chief executive, in his full business attire, ended up carrying bags of curry fish balls, lamb skewers, grilled chicken wings, duck necks, spicy freshwater snails and honey-roasted chestnuts…back to Ye Xi’s bachelor pad.

They sat on the floor with their backs resting against body pillows, eating snacks and drinking icy-cold, frothy beer as they watched a movie together, fully satisfying Ye Xi’s cravings for pigging out on food.

Finally, I don’t have to eat flower petals anymore! Ye Xi could not control the happiness that was bubbling up to the surface. As he wiped off his greasy paws on some serviettes, he placed an order on Taobao7 for another pair of dinosaur pyjamas just like the ones he owned.

Being with the person you love was the best feeling in the world!

That night, after having their fill of food and drinks, the two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms. Just as his mind began to drift off to sleep, Ye Xi suddenly had a familiar feeling of being held down. Like the sleep paralysis he experienced this morning, he could not move or even lift his finger.

Fuck, not again?! Ye Xi struggled to get up with all his might. As he struggled, he was grateful that he got to eat his fill today. Even if he was transported back to the quest world, he could last at least a few days without going mad. 


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Translator Notes:

  1. Someone who would rather bury his head in the sand than be in a confrontation
  2. 7 inches
  3. Little Leaf – Ye Xi’s nickname at the office.
  4. Chinese messenger app
  5. With the same pronunciation, Ye Xi changed the spelling of his name to mean ‘Twilight’, like the nickname for an alter-ego
  6. ~10 pounds
  7. Chinese EBay
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March 2, 2021 5:22 pm

Thank you for the extra chapter! I love these two… hate that their story is ending soon:(

March 3, 2021 3:56 pm

❤️❤️❤️ thank you

March 3, 2021 10:21 pm

No one:
The entire BL editing company: Hey, hey, hey think might be in love (sarcasm)
Them: Actually in love
Editors when they find out: o_O

Lol, the way to a foodies heart is through sauces, NICE

March 7, 2021 6:24 pm

Thank you for the story. These two are so cute. I feel suspicious about the sleep paralysis. LOL

May 9, 2021 1:12 am

Sweet and cute!! The couple had a food trip and I bet Ye Xi ate the most, LOL. And the effort of Shen Xiulin – aH it finally bore fruit!

Thank you for translating this story❤❤❤!!

Sue R
Sue R
May 15, 2021 1:16 pm

This is very cute and soothing my soul.
I like it a lot, YeXi’s foodie personality remind me of one of the movie and modeling star in the other BL novel I read couple months ago. Also, the cute dense innocent charm was the same MC in the Vampire Omega I just finished reading ,anyhow, I love them all.
Thanks to all for you hard works to satisfy us.

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