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Translated by J.

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They finally finished the first bonus quest after the passing of an unknown quantity of time. Perhaps due to overexcitement, they spun on the spot quite a few times and kept veering off course. During the quest, they had to have several intermissions where they ate and napped to restore energy. Then, between alternating thunderstorms and rainbows, they finally stumbled their way to the end of the quest.

Fortunately, the two of them only existed as brainwaves in the quest world. Plus, under the influence of special system settings, they could strain themselves as much as they wanted without injury. Had they been in the real world, there was a very high chance that they would have lost both their lives and their private parts in the process…

Once they had completed the first bonus quest, the system transported them to the location of their second bonus quest – a beach on Huangfu X’s private island.

The beach was empty. Once again, glowing algae covered the entire shallow bay. The long shoreline seemed to be set ablaze with a glimmering radiance, as if the small island was contoured by a sparkling blue hem. Starlight twinkled as the entire night sky slowly spun above them like a black velvet cloth dotted with glittering diamonds.

“The next quest is…” Ye Xi opened the interface, then with a face full of exasperation, “Fuck! Why does the second quest start off so kinky? What the fuck is wrong with that author?”

Shen Xiulin also scanned through the quest, then praised in the voice of an official press release, “This is a rather innovative idea, even the sex scenes in this novel are highly original, it definitely deserves praise. You should take note to sign this author when we get back.”

So she can write a few more bonus chapters!

Sensing the chief executive trying to make personal gains in the name of official business, Ye Xi glowered at him with a frosty face.

“Come on, be a good sport and follow the quest instructions.” Shen Xiulin urged with an air of authority.

It was clear that under the chief executive’s cool and professional exterior, there was a depraved soul rubbing his hands in anticipation.

At that, small hermit crabs that were basking in the moonlight all hid in their shells; the rising tide turned around and retreated back into the ocean; the bright crescent moon pulled a thick black cloud over its face; and a tortoise1 clumsily but frantically chased after the receding tide with its stumpy little legs…all because the two humans on the beach were so shamelessly wanton!

The next eight bonus quests were all sex scenes at various locations. Perhaps to show off the two protagonists’ outrageous character designs, the details of those quests were truly bizarre. They included all sorts of sexual roleplay, with one of them even set on the rooftop of X Kingdom’s royal palace. As a former unsophisticated heterosexual male, Ye Xi was forcibly ushered through many doors to discover vast new worlds of unprecedented experiences.

I don’t think I need any more sex in my next eight lifetimes! Sobbed little Ye Xi, who was fucked until he had almost ascended into a higher plane of existence.

Immediately after the quest completion announcement was over, like the last time, the quest world began to crumble. This was probably just the special effects associated with exiting the quest world, not that the actual quest world had really vanished. Before they left, the system prompted the two of them to set up verbal passcodes, which were like personal passwords, so they could re-enter the quest world later. If they quietly repeated the password a certain number of times before bed, they could re-enter the quest world as brainwaves. There was even a new ‘Exit’ button at the bottom right corner of the system interface, it was all very high-tech. Ye Xi began to suspect whether the system was accidentally left behind on Earth by some prehistoric or alien civilisation.

Nevertheless, it was not important where the system came from.

After that…

Once they had left the quest world for the second time, Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin returned to their lives as ordinary people in the real world.

On the next day2, the first thing Ye Xi did when he got to the office was sign up the author of The Runaway Groom and His 99 Attempted Escapades, since he was deathly afraid that the resentful author might suddenly feel the urge to write a sequel and force the chief executive and himself into another round of quests…

After this extraordinary encounter, Ye Xi deeply reflected on the bluntness in his language and communication style and spent a full day researching the proper way to be ‘soft-spoken and adorable.’ Then, Ye Xi’s manner of speaking on the internet became as follows:

Original BL Editor Ye Xi (Twilight): “My dear writer! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ This is Ye Xi, your silly, adorable, scatter-brained editor! ╰(*°▽°*)╯The theme of your novel is too ostentatious, your style too childish and your plot too unoriginal! You are still *very* far from being signed! o(≧口≦)o So unfortunately, I have to reject your novel~ ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍ Please try again next time~ Mewl, mewl~ (=ω=)”

The real soft-spoken, adorable female editors from Ye Xi’s department watched on in agony as the only masculine member of their team found some ridiculous tutorial from who knows where, and followed it to the letter on ‘how to be cute’, “…”

Wake up Xiao Yezi! You’re making people want to punch you even more!

So, a few days later, a post titled ‘818’s completely non-cute editor, who’s trying too hard to be cute’ appeared on an internet forum, where various writers indicated that they were feeling quite calm until they saw Ye Xi’s response, which instantly made their tempers flare up.

Gradually, certain people redirected their clout towards rumours of a relationship between Ye Xi and a certain member of senior management that could no longer be kept quiet. While other inside sources had dropped the bombshell that the formerly uncouth Ye Xi only became so gay after being with said member of senior management, who had obviously spoiled him rotten.

Once again, a dark fog of resentment rose from the post.

Perhaps due to being starved too much in the quest world, Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin spent the majority of their honeymoon period eating at various food places. Ye Xi was responsible for gathering information on delicious food, while Shen Xiulin was responsible for driving them around. They usually took turns paying for their meals. Despite Shen Xiulin wanting to pay for all of Ye Xi’s expenses to fully flaunt his status as the badass CEO, Ye Xi firmly refused out of the desire to be self-reliant. Thus, a significant portion of the wages that the chief executive paid Ye Xi each month usually ended up back in his own stomach.

“What’s the point of making all that money? To splurge on the people we love, of course! Dinner’s on me today.” Ye Xi brimmed with generosity as he smacked the table. “Waiter, please bring out another plate of sliced lamb!” Then turning to Shen Xiulin with a doting look, he implored, “Here babe, have some more.”

Shen Xiulin chuckled as Ye Xi stole his line, so he focused his attention on cooking the meat in the hotpot. With every line on his face looking soft and amiable, his naturally cold face seemed to have melted from the heat of this cozy scene. As his ebony-black pupils lingered over Ye Xi’s face, a warm smile slowly radiated from their depths.

So, just like this, they raided all the well-known and specialty shops in their area over the next few months. Ye Xi even built a folder on his phone to keep track of his and Shen Xiulin’s favourite restaurants, as well as each restaurant’s specialty dishes and address, showing as much dedication towards eating as he did at his job.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Tortoises can’t swim and turtles don’t have stumpy legs…
  2. Since the story started on a Friday, the next day should’ve been Saturday, which is not a working day – not that anyone’s counting.
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March 4, 2021 3:25 am

HoHoHo hope the ones who witnessed the elevator scene will keep shut… 😂 I love this novel so much.. So so much…

March 4, 2021 4:45 am

This novel is very cute, I love it. CE is so clever and smart. I am happy to see both of them on the same page and in love 🥰

March 4, 2021 7:38 am

This novel is so cute. … they are so cute. Ye xi definitely straighter than steel. Well done Shen ur dedication n compassion melted Ye xi.

March 7, 2021 8:12 pm

I love how this novel pokes fun at the whole genre. His attempts at being cute are pretty pathetic too. Good thing his boss thinks he’s cute or he’d be a sad little bunny. 😂🤣
He should have signed the author even if it was just as a thank you for finding my boyfriend gift. Then taken them under his wing suggesting a few changes.

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