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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


In an attempt to be discreet, Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin left the office separately after work. Ye Xi felt that his office romance with the company CEO was not something he wanted people to know. He did not want people to gossip and start a scandal, so he decided that keeping a low profile was the best thing to do in this situation.

However, Ye Xi was not aware that the security guards had already circulated highly embellished stories of his relationship with the chief executive across the entire office…

Thus, a few minutes later, like a rendezvous between undercover agents, Ye Xi nimbly dived into a black luxury car parked by the curbside two hundred metres1 away from the office building in order to meet up with the chief executive.

However, three seconds after Ye Xi got in the car, he swiftly emerged from it again. Then blushing from ear to ear, he ran forward for a short distance before nimbly diving into another black car that had the same model as the previous one.

Ye Xi, “…”

Fuck, I got in the wrong car! That guy had the same model as my hubby!

The chief executive, who witnessed the whole incident from his car, really wanted to release some thunderbolts.

“Where should we go for dinner?” Ye Xi rubbed his ruddy cheeks, then opened the notes from his phone with practiced familiarity, “Hotpot, barbeque, western, Chinese, Japanese or Korean?”

Shen Xiulin replied languidly, “How about Chinese?”

Ye Xi clarified as he scrolled through his notes, “What type of Chinese food? Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong, Suzhou, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan or Anhui?” 2

He was clearly a connoisseur.

Shen Xiulin smiled, “How about we eat at my place?”

Ye Xi blushed, then gently punched Shen Xiulin’s side as he replied, “Be serious, we’re talking about food here. If you want me to eat your thing, you’ll have to wait until it’s dark.”

His expectations were obviously set by the usual filth they got up to.

Shen Xiulin shot Ye Xi a peculiar look that was a little hard to describe. He moved his lips with difficulty as he explained, “I meant ‘eat’ only in the literal sense…”

“Oh, okay.” Embarrassed, Ye Xi turned to look outside the window.

When the two of them returned to Shen Xiulin’s home, his housekeeper had already prepared a table full of food, with a pot of soup still simmering on the stove.

“You can go home now, Mrs. Li. I’ll take care of the rest.” Instructed Shen Xiulin.

At that, Shen Xiulin took off his suit jacket and gracefully rolled up his crisp white shirt sleeves. Turning off the stove, he retrieved two soup bowls, then filled the bowls with soup using a ladle. As Ye Xi carefully carried the bowls back to the dining table, a faint smile appeared over Shen Xiulin’s lips while he watched Ye Xi’s backside. When Shen Xiulin opened the rice cooker to serve rice, as he took the lid off, he was greeted with so much steam that he had to take a big breath to blow it all away.

The domestic scene before Ye Xi was so homely that, as a warmth filled his heart, he could not help but smile at Shen Xiulin’s side profile. He felt the man before him was not the same one from the quest world, who could summon wild winds and thunderstorms at the drop of a hat.

Ye Xi preferred the man before him.

Shen Xiulin carried two bowls of rice back to the dining table and they began digging into their meal. Ye Xi had been to Shen Xiulin’s home a few times before. Since Shen Xiulin had a housekeeper, his home was clean and orderly, which was in complete contrast to Ye Xi’s bachelor pad…

After their meal, Ye Xi cleared off the table and piled all the dirty dishes into the sink, then went to use the bathroom. When he came back, he gave Shen Xiulin a peculiar look as he remarked, “Your house looks different.”

“Mhm.” Shen Xiulin replied with nonchalance, “I changed the bathtub to one that fits two people.”

Ye Xi wetted his lips as he continued, “I don’t think that’s the only thing you changed.”

Shen Xiulin smiled impishly, “There’s also a new high performance gaming PC in the study. I’ve downloaded all your favourite games.”

Ye Xi’s eyes lit up like twinkling stars, “I’ll play less video games from now on so I can spend more time with you.”

Shen Xiulin seemed satisfied with Ye Xi’s answer, “There’s also a bigger bed in the bedroom. It doesn’t have four hectares3. I’m afraid you’ll have to make do when you marry into this household.”

Ye Xi composed himself before replying, “I saw that. It can fit two dinosaur tails with no problem.”

Shen Xiulin, “I emptied half of the storage room for you and installed an extra wardrobe for your clothes. The fridge is also stocked with your favourite fruits and drinks…I placed the new treadmill in front of the TV, so you can exercise at home if you don’t feel like going to the gym.”

Ye Xi nodded, then drawled as he repeated Shen Xiulin’s last sentence, “Okay, I’ll exercise at…home.”

Shen Xiulin smiled handsomely, “From now on, let’s have dinner together at home.”

Ye Xi immediately agreed to Shen Xiulin’s request to move in together, “Okay, I won’t have to worry about being late again.” Since the chief executive lived so close to the office.

Though, Shen Xiulin usually drove to work to hide this fact, which was very sneaky of him…

Shen Xiulin pulled Ye Xi into his arms. Pressing his forehead to Ye Xi’s, he spoke in a gentle voice, “From now on, you can sleep in with your husband until 7.30 on weekdays.”

For someone who had trouble getting up in the morning, this was the most enticing thing that anyone could have said to Ye Xi.

So, little Ye Xi began living with the chief executive. When they slept that night, two adorable dinosaurs laid on the extra-large bed in the bedroom, with one being slightly bigger than the other. As they cuddled, their white bellies rubbed against each other and their tails hung over each other’s body. While they whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ear, the scene was as sweet as a fairy tale filled with small pink bubbles in the air.

Then the big dinosaur humped the small dinosaur…

A month after they moved in together, all the employees from the company attended a work-sponsored beachside barbeque. As usual, before the event began, the chief executive made a simple speech to motivate his staff.

Ye Xi clapped and cheered as he sat on the beach. Despite wanting to laugh on the inside, he put on a face of spurious reverence and turned to the colleague next to him as he clapped, “That was such an amazing speech from our Chief Executive! I’m so inspired, even my soul feels enlightened.”

A good spouse knew how to direct positive conversation and create the right atmosphere for his husband.

Ye Xi’s colleagues watched his exaggerated performance in silent embarrassment, “…”

Like we don’t know the two of you are a couple!

After swallowing ten large grilled oysters in one go, Ye Xi rubbed his stomach with satisfaction. Despite having a body that did not gain weight no matter how much he ate, due to his recent overindulgence, his belly showed signs of rebelling. So Ye Xi wiped his mouth and took off his oversized t-shirt for a swim in the sea.

Once Ye Xi had left for his swim, Shen Xiulin followed him. His male-model-like physique instantly attracted all the eyeballs on the beach.

With knowing smiles on their faces, their colleagues followed the two of them with their eyes while the discreet couple attempted to cover their tracks, “…”

Our Chief Executive and Xiao Yezi must want to sneak in some makeout sessions where no one can see!

Meanwhile, far from the shore away from prying eyes, Shen Xiulin caught up to Ye Xi.

They did not let their colleagues down…

When Ye Xi sensed Shen Xiulin swimming towards him, he turned and treaded water. Seeing no one else around, he raised his hand and shouted without restraint, “Hubby, hubby, I’m over here!”

While sunlight warmed the surface of the ocean, the deeper water around their toes was still cool to the touch.

High up in the air, on Ye Xi’s right ring finger, a shiny object glittered with a brilliant hue in the radiant sunlight.

Shen Xiulin revealed a gentle smile behind the undulating waves, a smile that was as soft as a ripple, before diving back into the water and swimming towards Ye Xi.

One after another, turquoise waves rolled in before retreating back into the distance. A black and white seabird swooped in across the surface of the sea, then after a long cry, flew off again dragging its tail feathers behind it, turning back into a sharp black line on the horizon.

A cream-coloured hyacinth blossom left behind by the seabird fell onto the crest of a surging wave, then drifted into the distance with the swaying ocean.

(The End)


Author’s Notes:

It’s finished!!! Good Heavens! I’m exploding! It feels amazing!

(The cream-coloured hyacinth first appeared in the ocean of the Mary Sue world when Ye Xi confessed his feelings for Shen Xiulin…now it also appeared in the ocean of this world, hahaha! ~_(:з」∠)_ )

Bonus chapters will start to be released next week~ _(:з」∠)_


Translator’s Notes:

There you have it. I hope everyone enjoyed the story as much as I did!

Also, did anyone notice all the Easter eggs that the author left around the book?

Ye Xi (then later Shen Xiulin) would spout random references to science, as if to reassert that science and logic did indeed exist in the Mary Sue world.

  • YX Ch8: Quadratic sequence (Maths)
  • YX Ch19: Oxidation reduction reaction (Chemistry)
  • YX Ch28: The Law of Universal Gravitation (Physics)
  • SXL Ch35: Bioluminescent algae (Biology)
  • SXL Ch36: Constellations (Astronomy)
  • YX Ch38: AC/DC electric currents (Physics)
  • SXL Ch46: Hypotenuse of a triangle (Maths)

(Don’t forget there are 16 more bonus chapters! So stay tuned!)

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Translator Notes:

  1. ~660 feet
  2. These are the eight major schools of Chinese cuisine.
  3. ~10 acres
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Funny, warm and fabulous. Thank you!

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