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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Huangfu X’s Aura of Tyranny had blown Ye Xi’s cherry blossoms all over the guest hall. The flowers rained down like a waterfall from heaven, filling the entire guest hall with petals.

Ten seconds later, the fierce gale fell silent, and all the objects that had blown into the air, dropped to the ground. Cherry blossom petals swirled across the sapphire floor in swift circles, before finally settling into a peaceful tranquillity.

As soon as Ye Xi could open his eyes, he quickly looked in Huangfu X’s direction.

Just as the novel had described, Huangfu X’s appearance was beautiful beyond comparison. His face was absolutely flawless; his demeanour was frosty and proud, with an imperious air about him. His eyes were as deep as the ocean, with the a hint of dark crimson emanating from their depths. His raven black hair ruffled in the air even though no wind was blowing. His solidified Aura of Tyranny gathered around him like muted smoke. A black tailcoat complemented his perfect 1.88-metre-tall 1 figure. Like a marble statue carved by the hands of a Renaissance2 master, each glance at him felt like a gift from the heavens. This Huangfu X, with his god-like beauty…

Was definitely the beautified version of Shen Xiulin!

“…” Ye Xi shuddered from the sight. He was almost shocked into having a nervous breakdown.

Fuck me dead! Isn’t this Chief Executive Shen?!

Ye Xi immediately recalled the horror of being caught by Shen Xiulin in front of the office for being late to work.

Meanwhile, Huangfu X’s icy gaze scanned past the walls of attendants and bodyguards, then landed squarely on Ye Xi.

Ye Xi’s face stiffened, the corner of lips quivered, then he maniacally tried to comfort himself.

Calm down, Ye Xi! Maybe it’s just a bug from the system? Maybe this is just an NPC who looks like the Chief Executive? Tolstoy famously said that beautiful people all look alike, but ugly people are each ugly in their own way. 3

The instant his gaze rested on Ye Xi’s face, shock and bewilderment was clearly evident in Huang Fu X’s eyes, as well as a certain peculiar sense of joy…which then swiftly returned to their previous frosty state. He continued to stare at Ye Xi, his lips moved slightly, but no words were spoken.

Terrified, Ye Xi almost broke down in tears, “…”

It’s game over for me. This guy is definitely the Chief Executive!

Based on Ye Xi’s past three years working at the company, he knew Shen Xiulin was the type of person who was good at hiding his emotions. His frosty, stony face never revealed a hint of emotion. He must have been really shocked to see Ye Xi just now, as he momentarily betrayed his real feelings, but returned to his previous statuesque state shortly after.

Long rows of semi-opaque character descriptions appeared next to Shen Xiulin, who wore Huangfu X like a coat.

Name: Huangfu X

Role: Eldest son of the Huangfu family – the most prominent family to control the fate of the global economy.

Character Summary:

Owning over ten thousand multinational companies, he is a man who stands tall at the apex of the world, controlling its fate with the ease of turning over his hand. His body is surrounded by an Aura of Tyranny. His distinguished ancestry mixed with the bloodlines of eighteen different nations gives him a unique set of dark crimson eyes.

He is unmoved by all of the riches and beauty of this world. A single icy glance from him is enough to make anyone grovel at his feet. However, the Little Master Murong, who is betrothed to him from birth, challenges both his ego and his patience.

Ha, curious little creature, whether it’s your body or your heart, there is nothing I can’t have in this world!

Ye Xi read the chief executive’s badass character profile with a tormented look on his face and genuinely pitied the actor who had to play such a lunatic character.

Though the pity did not last, since Ye Xi felt he deserved even more pity than the chief executive.

After reading Huangfu X’s character profile, Ye Xi’s eyes darted around the room. His eyes would search for Shen Xiulin, only to look away immediately when they found him. Then after a little while, he would peek at the chief executive again. Shen Xiulin, on the other hand, stared at Ye Xi without blinking the whole time.

“…” Ye Xi did not dare to make eye contact with the chief executive, so he forced himself to stare at his own feet instead.

Oh, Heaven above! Oh, Earth below! Who the hell created this stupid system that dragged the Chief Executive into this world?! Why are you forcing me to play house with my immediate boss?!

Had Shen Xiulin been a kind, approachable boss it might have been more tolerable, but he was such a scary boss back in the real world that Ye Xi would cross the hallway just to avoid him.

Ye Xi despondently collapsed into his chair, cherry blossoms falling from his head like rain. He left the two attendants next to him to their own devices, who brushed over him tirelessly with a little brush and dustpan.

Shen Xiulin quietly watched Ye Xi, “…”

While collapsed in his chair, Ye Xi suddenly remembered a post attacking him on that discussion forum.

Apart from vilifying Ye Xi, the writer also berated the senior management from the online literature platform, which was then echoed by the masses. The short of it was, that there were fewer and fewer writers being signed by the online literature platform, because its senior management kept raising the bar. This was due to the CEO wanting to improve the quality of the content on their website and saying things like, ‘quality over quantity’, ‘develop your own style, don’t be one of the crowd,’ ‘discover talent and focus on developing their potential,’ ‘refuse to be formulaic’…

With policies like these, those writers who had already been signed would not complain, but those who were rejected did not like it one bit. To the point where some people redirected their anger towards the literary platform’s senior management, saying things like, ‘yes you have developed some literary heavyweights but you are forgetting about the little guys,’ so on and so forth, with each post getting ever more ludicrous. So, directly behind Ye Xi, Shen Xiulin became another target of scorn on the discussion forum.

There were all sorts of nonsense on the internet, with anonymous discussion forums particularly prone to being dark swamps of negativity and slander. Hence, despite reading all those nasty comments, Ye Xi never gave them a second thought. However, if Ye Xi had been transported here by the resentful will of those posts, then it was entirely possible that Shen Xiulin had also been brought here for the same reason…

Ye Xi agonised on the inside.

Son of a bitch! Had I known earlier, I would’ve had all those stupid posts deleted!

“Ahem, our little brother looks a bit nervous.” The eldest brother broke the graveyard-like silence in the guest hall, “Please don’t take offence, Young Master Huangfu.”

“It’s fine.” Shen Xiulin dismissed the notion with a wave of his hand. Breaking from his entourage of bodyguards, he sat down on the sofa next to Ye Xi. The phantasmic Aura of Tyranny around his body started to drift towards Ye Xi.

“…” Ye Xi quietly shuffled away from Shen Xiulin.

Sir, your Aura of Tyranny is squashing me!

Seeing Ye Xi’s behaviour, Shen Xiulin marginally squinted his eyes.

Like a company man who loved his job, Ye Xi immediately shot up straight and stared ahead of himself with a serious expression, as if being spot-checked by his manager. Ye Xi had to force back the ‘Good morning, Chief Executive Shen!’ that almost left his lips out of reflex.

An almost imperceptible smile passed through Shen Xiulin’s eyes. He turned his head towards Master Murong and said in a low seductive voice, “Uncle Murong, I came here today to fulfil the betrothal agreement made between our families twenty years ago.”

A thin layer of sweat beaded Ye Xi’s brow, while he sat in a well of anxiety.

However, in the eyes of casual observers, all they saw was the standoffish little master being bashful in front of his fiancé.

Shen Xiulin reached out towards Ye Xi and held one of his hands in a gentle but firm grip, then enunciated his words clearly and distinctly, “I want to marry him.”

Ye Xi rolled up his eyes and almost fainted on the spot, “…”

Fuck me dead! I’ve just been proposed to by my male boss!

Even though this is just an act, it’s still super scary!

Master Murong had a solemn look on his face, while Missus Murong had a gentle look on her face. They joyfully looked at Shen Xiulin, then at Ye Xi. Just when they were about to speak, Ye Xi suddenly pulled his hand away from Shen Xiulin. He stood up, and with a paltry look at his ‘parents’, he exclaimed, “But I don’t want to marry him!”

Since the declaration came from the bottom of Ye Xi’s heart, he did not need to act at all. As a result, the refusal scene looked quite real.

Once he had spoken, Ye Xi turned towards Shen Xiulin and waited for him to speak the next line.

Shen Xiulin’s jawline tightened, and with a terrifying chill, his dark crimson eyes looked as if they had instantly frosted over. Ye Xi felt like his whole body had been frozen solid by a single look from Shen Xiulin.

An unknown quantity of time had passed before Shen Xiulin finally spoke. He spoke slowly, as if he tore his words into tiny shreds, then squeezed them out between clenched teeth.

“You dare refuse me?” Shen Xiulin said in a frosty tone.

“…” Ye Xi suddenly hallucinated that his salary was being docked!

Wow! Our Chief Executive has great acting skills!

As they say, successful people are successful at everything. He can even pick up something as random as acting without breaking a sweat…Ye Xi fed himself some words of inspiration to strengthen his resolve, then competently carried the narrative forward, “Sorry, but I don’t love you and I don’t want to marry you at all.”

“Impudent boy!” Master Murong pounded the table in a rather predictable way, his eyes round with anger, “That is no way to speak to Young Master Huangfu!”

“Don’t be furious, Husband. Let’s all calm down…” Missus Murong also tried to comfort the Master in a predictable way. The butler standing next to Master Murong handed him some heart medicine in an even more predictable way.

“I don’t care! I won’t marry him!” Under Shen Xiulin’s murderous gaze, Ye Xi turned around and audaciously ran away!

Aaahh! Please don’t be angry with me, sir! This is all for the story! For the story!

Following the quest instructions published by the system, Ye Xi ran towards his bedroom.

According to the system’s usual fastidious personality, when it said ‘run’ back to his bedroom, it meant ‘run’ back to his bedroom.

This scene was actually quite a cliched plot on television and in novels. When the female protagonist got mad at the male protagonist, she would say some angry words that she would regret later, then turn around and run away. The male protagonist would follow suit but is unable to catch up. Then, the female protagonist would dash into her bedroom and slam the door shut with a loud bang, leaving the male protagonist outside her door – this was such a common trope!

However, in the Mary Sue world, this scene played out like a marathon…

Ye Xi huffed and puffed as he ran. He stopped to take a hand towel from one of the attendants standing by the corridor and wiped the sweat off his face. Then with his hands on his knees, he bent over to catch his breath, and waved at Shen Xiulin behind him, “Can we please…take…take a break…”

There should only be one kilometre 4 left to go, victory is near!

Shen Xiulin quietly stopped in his tracks. There was a fine mist of perspiration in the corner of his brow. His chest moved evenly as he breathed, not looking tired at all. As the man who wielded the Aura of Tyranny, running a marathon would have been a walk in the park.

Ye Xi panted for a while before throwing the hand towel back at the attendant, then continued his escape towards his bedroom.

Son of a bitch, this is bloody killing me!

If it wasn’t for all the power-walking I did these past few days, I wouldn’t be able to finish the run at all!

Ye Xi finally arrived at his bedroom a few minutes later. As per the quest instructions, he slammed the door in Shen Xiulin’s face with a loud bang. Immediately, Ye Xi heard a ding in his head indicating he had completed his quest. The electronic voice said in a mechanical tone, “Congratulations, you have completed Main Quest 1 in Team Mode. Your experience points have increased by 500, you are now on Level 2.”

Exhausted, Ye Xi slumped down onto the floor. Just as he was about to ask the system what it meant by ‘Team Mode’, his bedroom door was kicked wide open by Shen Xiulin with a loud crack. The fiend did not say a word when he entered. He pulled the panting Ye Xi off the floor and shoved him against the wall. Sharp as an eagle, his dark crimson eyes bore right into Ye Xi’s eyes. He proclaimed in a frosty voice, “You are mine. You can’t run from me.”

At that, another system announcement sounded in Ye Xi’s ear, “Congratulations, your teammate has successfully completed Main Quest 1 in Team Mode. Your experience points have increased by 500, you are now on Level 3.”

While the system spoke, Shen Xiulin cocked his head slightly and looked like he was also listening to something. When the announcement in Ye Xi’s ears ended, Shen Xiulin released Ye Xi’s shoulders. He stood in front of Ye Xi and watched him with a chilly expression.


Author’s Notes: I’ll start the heckling:

What exactly does a solidified Aura of Tyranny look like?

Tolstoy didn’t say that, alright?

Mixed bloodlines from eighteen nations – are you referring to lzc 5?

Why is the manager still doing spot checks after they’ve been transported to another world?

The dom probably still wants to marry the sub, despite the sub’s genuine reluctance.

WTF was that marathon all about?

Are there only two characters with full names in this entire novel?

Okay, self-criticism complete. You can get on with your job of ‘hahaha’-ing now. Hahahaha…(づ ̄3 ̄)づ

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Translator Notes:

  1. 6 ft 2 in
  2. The original text doesn’t exactly say “Renaissance”, but you get the idea.
  3. Tolstoy’s actual quote from Anna Karenina was “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
  4. 0.6 miles
  5. Chinese internet celebrity famous for having mixed ancestry from eight different nations
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