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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Ye Xi sat in the cold, clear artificial starlight. Wrapped in a duvet on his vast bed, he was surrounded by nothing but emptiness within a hundred-metre 1 radius. In this silence, Ye Xi squinted into the dark void at the end of his field of vision.

This place isn’t made for sleeping. It’s a rather good place for meditation 2 though… Ye Xi thought to himself.

If I’m not careful, I may accidentally ascend to a higher plane of consciousness!

Three seconds later, with his pillow in tow, Ye Xi draped himself in his duvet and walked towards the edge of his bed in the direction of the bathroom. He wanted to leave his pillow and duvet at the edge of the bed, where he would come back to sleep later, in order to avoid having to walk an extra hundred metres to fetch them from the middle of the bed…Ye Xi put quite a bit of thought into walking less where he could. If it was not for the possibility of breaking his character design, he would rather sleep on the floor next to the toilet instead.

Once he got off his bed, Ye Xi opened the hefty bedroom doors with all his might. The corridors in the mansion were fully lit at night. The branch-shaped crystal lights embedded into the walls every few metres illuminated the corridors as if it was daylight. The difference being, the attendants placed along both sides of the wall had disappeared. Replacing them were pairs of bodyguards patrolling the hallway. Every bodyguard was tall, handsome, masculine and heavily built. Each wore a standard-issue black suit, with their muscular chests stretching their white shirts to the fullest, spraying testosterone everywhere like it was raining from the sky.

Lucky I’m a straight guy, or I may just become so overwhelmed, I’d collapse in the hallway! Ye Xi thought with lingering trepidation.

Seeing Ye Xi walk towards them, the bodyguards stood at attention and saluted him. As Ye Xi walked past them, the bodyguards would report Ye Xi’s whereabouts into their walkie-talkies.

Bodyguard A, “This is Area A-5, the Little Master has left his bedroom. He is now walking towards Area A-6.”

Bodyguard B in the walkie-talkie, “Roger, Area A-6 clear.”

Confused, Ye Xi walked for another twenty metres 3.

Bodyguard B, “This is Area A-6, the Little Master has arrived in Area A-6. He is now walking towards Area A-7…”

Bodyguard C, “Roger, Area A-7 clear.”

Every twenty metres represented a new cell, and each cell had two bodyguards on patrol.

Under the watchful eyes of so many people, Ye Xi was so uncomfortable that he almost swung the same hand and foot forward as he walked. To avoid breaking his character design, he quickly patted down his crazy bird-nest-like bed hair under the bodyguards’ scorching gaze and put on a ‘snooty princess’ look as he walked towards the bathroom staring straight ahead.

After building his rainbow bridge, Ye Xi decided to check out the dining hall.

Ye Xi observed that the bodyguards’ attention seemed to be purely focused on his protection, rather than to keep him under surveillance. From his bedroom to the bathroom, no one asked what he was doing or where he was going, so logically, no one should give him any trouble for going to the dining hall either.

Ye Xi decided to walk in the direction of the dining hall. As expected, none of the bodyguards tried to stop him.

When Ye Xi arrived within the vicinity of the dining hall, he could smell the aroma of delicious food in the air. It was the distinct smell of grilled meat, which awakened Ye Xi’s dormant taste buds after a whole day of disuse. Ye Xi hungrily licked his lips and shuffled carefully towards the aroma.

One minute later, Ye Xi stood in front of the dining hall with a complicated expression while he watched his six brothers enjoy their late-night snack..

Chefs in snowy white uniforms stood in groups of three and waited attentively behind each of the six young masters.

From each group, two chefs held each side of an enormous barbeque skewer. Each skewer was stacked with a large succulent cut of marbled meat, which had been slowly roasted until golden brown and covered in a shiny glaze. Another chef was responsible for slicing the meat with a silver carving knife and placing them onto each of the young master’s pure white bone china plates. The grilled meat was beautifully charred on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside. A mouth-watering aroma radiated from juices that seeped out of the barbequed meat as it was being carved, which ran down the side of the knife and dripped onto the floor…

Perhaps due to a late-night snack being a less formal occasion, Ye Xi’s six elder brothers all sat together at the same end of the dining table. They were indeed impressive looking men, each had a different personality and was beautiful in his own way: mature and gentle, dashing and charismatic, radiant and cheerful, proud and reserved… The smouldering intensity radiating off of the six men sitting together was indescribable, it was almost like an exploding atomic bomb of pheromones.

However, to Ye Xi, the combined allure of all six men magnified a hundred times could not compare with the temptation coming from the chunks of barbequed meat on the skewer…

Ye Xi stood pitifully in front of the dining hall with his mouth slightly ajar, he sniffed vigorously at the aroma permeating through the air, with his drool almost falling to the floor.

I shouldn’t go in!

It will break my character design!

Suddenly, Ye Xi’s six brothers noticed his existence and turned their heads toward him in unison.

The eldest brother spoke in an extra soft voice, “Our Little Number Seven is here! Are you hungry?”

Ye Xi used all of the self-control he could muster to hold back his tears of grief. He spoke in a cold, indifferent voice, “I’m not hungry.”

The second brother watched Ye Xi with a doting gaze and reproached the eldest brother, “Brother, did you forget our Little Number Seven’s delicate constitution? His body cannot tolerate greasy food.”

Ye Xi swallowed hard at his out-of-control drool and replied, “That’s right, I…(gulp)…can’t stand it.”

The third brother revealed a radiant smile, “Then what are you doing here little brother?”

Ye Xi replied with a blank expression, “I’m thirsty, and came in for a drink of water.”

The fourth brother immediately stood up and personally filled a glass of alpine snow water. He handed the glass to Ye Xi with a cool aloofness, and said in a low voice, “Here you go.”

Ye Xi took the glass of water and drank it in a single gulp.

Concerned, the fifth brother warned, “Don’t drink so much water at night, or you’ll need to go to the bathroom before getting to your bedroom.”

Ye Xi’s heart sank, “…”

At last, under the suggestion of the sixth brother, all six doting big brothers personally delivered Ye Xi back to his bedroom…

The eldest brother opened the door, while the second brother took off his shoes, the third brother made his bed, the fourth brother carried him onto his bed, the fifth brother tucked him in, and the sixth brother sang him a lullaby…

Ye Xi was full of tears on the inside, “…”

Don’t the six of you have fucking better things to do?!

Ye Xi laid on his bed in despair. Not only did he not manage to get his hands on any meat, he was forcefully doted on by his six lunatic brothers.

“It’s time to kiss our little brother good night!” Exclaimed the eldest brother.

Each of the other five brothers concurred, then almost started a fight over who should kiss their little brother first.

“I don’t want any good night kisses!” Alarmed, Ye Xi risked breaking his character design by resolutely refusing good night kisses from his six mentally defective brothers, then shrank his head under his duvet.

“Our Little Number Seven is blushing!”

“Our Little Number Seven is all grown up!”

“Our Little Number Seven is so adorable when he blushes!”

“Aww…that just makes me want to kiss him even more!”

“Stop scaring our little brother, let’s just go.”

“We’re going back to our barbeque, good night little brother.”

After hearing the last sentence, the deliriously hungry Ye Xi immediately exploded into a mushroom head!

Eat, eat, eat! All you do is eat! I hope you all choke to death!

So Ye Xi spent three days in the Quest World like this…

Apart from being really tired from walking everywhere; rainbow pee and poo being a bit scary; waking up everyday feeling like a corpse in the wilderness; only being able to eat flowers and drink snow water; failing at stealing meat; his six elder brothers randomly forcing their affection on him; the butler staring at him with ambiguous looks; bursting with pee so badly every morning that makes him want to murder everyone; being afraid to cry or to yawn too forcefully…everything was fine.

At least I can sleep in and not have to go to work! Ye Xi comforted himself.

On the fourth morning, Ye Xi woke up in the centre of his four-hectare 4 bed like the three mornings before it, but he suddenly heard a ding from the system.

Ye Xi quickly opened the system interface and finally saw the main quest appear in the quest window.

Main Quest 1: Today is the day Young Master Huangfu X returns from his business trip to his family’s subsidiary company in France. According to the betrothal agreement between the Murong and Huangfu families from twenty years ago, Huangfu X will visit the Murong family home today and formally ask the Little Master Murong X to fulfill his end of the marriage agreement. However, Little Master Murong X has no feelings for Huangfu X, and despises him for being so unreasonably controlling…

Dress formally at the family meeting. When you see Huangfu X, refuse him in front of the whole family, then arrogantly run back to your bedroom, leaving the furious Huangfu X outside your door. (0/1)

The main quests had finally been activated! Whenever Ye Xi thought of earning some actual experience points that would bring him closer to the real world, he became so moved that he wanted to cry. The system did not disclose any further information about Young Master Huangfu, so Ye Xi only had a few words from the quest description to go on. Ye Xi assumed that he probably had to wait until Huangfu appeared before he could read the character profile floating next to him, so he did not pay it any more attention.

Ye Xi had briefly read through this novel before, so he had some vague recollections of Young Master Huangfu’s trope. In short, it was even more preposterous than Little Master Murong’s character profile. 

Huangfu X was the stereotypical domineering CEO and control freak. He had an air of oppressive tyranny around him, frequently dropped wicked smiles, got jealous whenever his fiancé talked to another man and became a degenerate at the drop of a hat. Then he would lock up the runaway groom, fuck him from one side of the bed to the other side, then force the sub to love him while they were in all kinds of sexual positions. 

Based on Ye Xi’s three months of experience reading BL novels, this type of forced love was quite popular in the last decade. But nowadays, the disrespect for individual autonomy, rapist-cum-lover plot was really frowned upon, and one of the reasons Ye Xi rejected this novel…

Ye Xi shuddered at the thought of having to become intimate with this Huangfu X. He immediately tried to hypnotize himself with the following thought:

Everything I do in this world is just an act. Everyone else is virtual and I only exist as a brain wave. This will all become a dream once I return to the real world! I can just leave it all behind!’ Ye Xi naively thought to himself.

Since Young Master Huangfu was coming to visit today, all of the attendants at the Murong estate seemed especially busy. They dedicated themselves to cleaning the already spotless mansion: the sapphire floor was scrubbed until it shined like a mirror, the diamond toilet was wiped again and again and feather dusters brushed away the non-existent dust on the crystal wall lights. There were even two attendants who followed Ye Xi around with a broom just to sweep up the growing number of cherry blossoms that fell from his head…

Not one person in this house is normal! They are all mentally defective! The haughty expression on Ye Xi’s face today was not a result of his acting.

After washing up and eating breakfast, with the help of his butler, Ye Xi chose a fine garment out of the tens of thousands of pieces of clothing that filled his wardrobe, and put it on after shooing away the disappointed butler. In this world, Ye Xi’s beautified body was already quite handsome, but such a well-made tailcoat really accentuated his figure, adding extra allure to his already impressive features. His tall, delicate reflection in the full-length mirror and the beautiful,  innocent face that contained a hint of pride, suddenly reminded one of an unsuspecting young fawn which accidentally wandered into human society from the depths of the forest.

The butler watched Ye Xi with his mouth agape as Ye Xi exited the bedroom and a faint blush crept onto the butler’s handsome face.

Ye Xi became uneasy under the butler’s amorous gaze. Awkwardly, he asked, “…Ahem, could you bring me to the guest hall?”

Mr. NPC, could you please control yourself?! Don’t force me to scratch my feet in front of you!

The butler sighed, “Please follow me, Little Master.”

After half an hour of walking, Ye Xi finally arrived at the guest hall. The Master and Missus Murong, as well as Ye Xi’s six lunatic brothers, were already waiting in their seats. There was still a copious number of bodyguards and attendants everywhere, so many as if they all worked for free.

As Ye Xi sat down in his seat, an attendant rushed in to report, “Master and Mistress, the Eldest Young Master Huangfu has arrived.”

Master Murong nodded gently, “Bring him in.”

Before Master Murong could finish speaking, footsteps from a large group of people could be heard from outside the guest hall. Ye Xi turned around and saw a dark mass of bodyguards. But before he could examine Huangfu X, who walked at the front of the pack, a fierce wind suddenly swept across the guest hall and picked up every unsecured object into a vortex formed by Huangfu X’s Aura of Tyranny. The gale was so strong that Ye Xi could not even open his eyes. Meanwhile, cracks of thunder roared high above him, one after another…

The familiar electronic voice spoke mechanically next to Ye Xi’s ear, “Team formation announcement: Player Shen Xiulin has joined your team.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Fuck! Who was that? Who just joined my team?!

Ye Xi panicked so much that adrenaline surged through his body. He was instantly buried under cherry blossoms falling from his head at 50 metres per second 5.


Author’s Notes: The dom has finally made his entrance at the end of the chapter, mwahahaha!

Let’s work together to return to the real world ╰(*°▽°*)╯


(Don’t worry, the dom will find meat for the little sub, hahaha)


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Translator Notes:

  1. 330 feet
  2. The original text said ‘cultivation’, as in the act of studying Daoism or Buddhism to reach a higher state of being, often through quiet meditation.
  3. 66 feet
  4. ten-acre
  5. 110 miles per hour
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