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Chapter 12: Shopping For Books

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

After he left, there was no sound for a moment in the open staff room. After a long silence, Xi Ran finally said, “Master, just now…”


“Did you mean it?”


“……” Xi Ran had some difficulty expressing his feelings. He didn’t know if it was unexpected, or a little bit lucky.

Huan Xiu turned around and came close to him. He looked directly at Xi Ran and complained, “I think we have a problem communicating. You can’t even say a word to a Zerg’s face-to-face hospitality.”

“But how can I be ungrateful on such occasions?”

“Why ungrateful?” Huan Xiu was not happy with this statement.

“If you are willing to accept his offer of kindness, then cannot show my disapproval…” Xi Ran couldn’t say any more because he could see that Huan Xiu was not happy with his code of conduct, “Master can tell me what he wants me to do.”

“Come on, it’s nothing.” Hu Xu was helpless. He can’t get along with himself. It was impossible for Xi Ran to express his displeasure directly in the face of this kind of thing because of his urination and his previous family environment. But Xi Ran didn’t react at all, and Huan Xiu was somewhat frustrated.

Xi Ran’s eyes were a little confused, but before he could say anything, other teachers came into the staff room. It was not a good topic to speak about in front of Zerg. He could only hold back his words.

“You two are…”

Huan Xiu and the teacher who just came in talked about their reasons. Hearing the voice, the former inferior female also came back from the next door and brought back the test filled in by Huan Ye.

Huan Ye’s test showed that he dropped out of school because of a period of absence and previous bullying events, so he didn’t have to repeat grades. Because of Huan Xiu’s request, the two teachers discussed with each other and quickly agreed to let Huan Ye change classes. They even asked Hu Xu if he wanted to go to any class in particular.

Hu Xu did not specifically investigate this kind of thing, and said he was casual. He just hoped that if there was any problem, the school could contact them directly.

“Mn, we will.”

“Thank you very much.” Huan Xiu smiled politely.

Although his status was not very noble, as a male Zerg who came in person, and his manner was polite, it was difficult for any Zerg to refuse. Although he was rejected directly just now, the inferior female couldn’t help helping him with this matter.

Huan Ye came out of the next room and looked at the two teachers with a worried look. Xi Ran stood up and went to him, “Nothing’s wrong. The teacher said you didn’t fall behind in your studies.”

Huan Ye was relieved and turned to look at Huan Xiu. Huan Xiu praised him, and then mentioned coming and going to see the fountain. Huan Ye was immediately liberated from his nervousness.

After leaving the staff room, Huan Ye took the initiative to take Huan Xiu to the school garden, where, as he said, there were exquisite fountains and small gardens, and the scenery was very unique. Although it was similar to the scenery in the University District, Huan Xiu was not able to dampen the enthusiasm of the child.

Although there were some bad memories in this school, Huan Ye felt unprecedented joy to be able to walk here with his fathers. He even fancifully imagined that it would be nice if Huan Xiu had been his male father from the beginning. His female father now looked a lot more pleasant every day. Before, he always frowned, or looked very worried and spoke seriously.

“Father, there is a snack bar over there that sells delicious snacks. I’ll treat you to it. Wait a minute.”

Seeing Xiao Ye’s serious appearance, Huan Xiu couldn’t help questioning him, “Do you have money?” 

“I have some.” Huan Ye nodded. “I saved my pocket money.”

Huan Xiu couldn’t laugh or cry. How could he use the little steel scraps saved by a child’s frugality, “I’d better go with you. Let me see what it is.”

“Ah, okay,” said Huan Ye, nodding of course, thinking that it would be more appropriate for his male parent to choose. “What would father eat?”

“I don’t want anything. I’ll wait for you here.” Xi Ran would like to give Huan Xiu more time to spend with Xiao Ye.

So one big and one small walked to the far away stall. Xi Ran stood there for a while, looked at the two Zerg’s backs, and sat down on the steps beside the fountain. Seeing that there was still a long time to wait, he took out the novel recommended to him by Huan Xiu some days ago from his bag. Huan Ye took the information with him when he was packing up the previous materials. Xi Ran had been addicted to this recently. Opening the bookmark, Xi Ran looked back a few pages, and then went on.

Xi Ran’s reading speed was very slow, and his education level was very limited. Many of his classes were made up in the school in this capacity after he joined the army. When he met some extremely rare words and characters, he had to open the portable network to check. After a while, he could read ten pages in one stretch.

“That’s him. Next to him is the child of the concubine he married? The kid came to the infirmary before. It’s pathetic. I can’t fight with a Zerg, or I’ll get a lot of bruises on my joints.”

“Didn’t he just pass the match because he was in despair? It seems that he is very fond of his stepson. It’s rare for someone to bring them in like that. He also has a big heart.”

“Disheartened? What’s so frustrating? Tell me something…”

Xi Ran was disturbed by the sound of conversation, but after listening to two sentences, he realized that the two Zergs who had just bought lunch and sat down some stairs below seemed to be talking about Huan Xiu. Xi Ran said in his heart that he had nothing to do with these comments. However, when he heard one of the Zerg say that ‘Huan Xiu’s favorite inferior female was married by his cousin, and he tried killing himself because of it,’ he could not ignore it. Although his eyes were still fixed on the book, his ears stood erect to listen to the discussion.

“I think he was very energetic just now, not like the decadent appearance mentioned in the gossip…”

“That’s true, but it’s not impossible to have a smile. You don’t know, he used to be infatuated with the inferior female, who said he wanted to marry a female monarch. This is only a Zerg. As a result, the inferior female turned to serve as a concubine for his cousin. Who would not want to die of grief?”

Xi Ran couldn’t help looking up, and one of the two Zerg covered his mouth in shock, “Really? How do you know that?”

“Shhh, this is not known. My master and my brother went to a social event a while ago. Some of the Huan’s family members were also there. They revealed it themselves! It wasn’t long after the concubine married in, but Huan Xiu left the Huan family. Later, he married his concubine. It’s not a coincidence.”

“It’s so sad. How could those Zerg in his family still expose scars everywhere…” Wearing a white coat, the inferior female of the infirmary teacher looked a little ‘distressed,’ but instead spoke for Huan Xiu.

“I don’t know why, but I heard what they said. I told you. Don’t talk to anyone else. If you know, you must keep it secret.”

After that, they talked about some things, but the topic shifted to other places, and Xi Ran didn’t listen to it.

Huan Xiu and Xiao Ye lingered in the snack bar for a long time. It was not so much a snack shop as a pop up shop. The shop owner was also open on weekends, because there were many teachers on duty who would also come to shop. Of course, Huan Xiu wouldn’t let Xiao Ye spend his pocket money to buy things for him. In the end, he chose several kinds and bought them for three people.

Huan Ye looked a little wilted, so it seemed that he was deliberately pulling his father to buy food for himself?

“What do you want? Let’s go to your father. After that, we’ll go shopping.”

“What are we shopping for?”

“To buy books.” Huan Xiu replied.

Huan Ye didn’t quite understand why he wanted to buy ‘books’ all of a sudden, but since his male father said so, he certainly had no objection.

But when they went back to the fountain, they didn’t see Xi Ran. Huan Xiu was a little puzzled, but soon found out that Xi Ran sent him a text message a few minutes ago, saying that he had driven over first and was waiting for them at the school gate.

It was not the first time that Xi Ran had acted so intimate. Huan Xiu thought it’s more time-saving. When he got to the school gate, he saw Xi Ran’s car.

After looking for awhile, Huan Xiu found that the mini spaceship that he thought was very sci-fi at the beginning was not strange now. It was just as common as the car on the earth before. Habit was really a terrible thing.

“Why did you drive first? In a rush to buy books?” Huan Xiu joked as he got in the car.

“Bookmark? Ah. Are we going now?” Xi Ran seemed to have forgotten about it, hesitated and said, “I don’t need to bother you. It’s the same for me to read online when I find my own time… “

“It’s no trouble to go shopping for new books in the physical store. Why did you think about it again?”

“It’s nothing. Please send me the address.” Xi Ran shook his head.

As planned, they took Xiao Ye to the bookstore, strolled around for a while, found a restaurant, and then prepared to go home after dinner. On the way, Huan Xiu noticed that Xi Ran was absent-minded. Although he did show a satisfied look when buying books, he became in a state of not knowing what he was thinking. Huan Xiu frowned slightly. He didn’t know when Xi Ran began to act strange.

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December 12, 2020 2:41 pm

Noooo! Xi Ran believed all of it! He should ask Huan Xiu about that gossip! But knowing him, he’s not gonna do it. Poor zerg.

Thanks for the chapter!

December 12, 2020 3:35 pm

This chapter was sad. I guess the good here is that Xi Ran does have feelings for Haun Xiu…. hopefully HX gets to the bottom of this.

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Ahhhh! I am looking forward for this situation to be resolved so they can grow closer 😀 Thanks for the chapters Addis! I actually am really enjoying this novel compared to similar ones. Keep up the good work!

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Some jealous gossiping ~ yuck.
Thanks for translating.

November 18, 2022 6:46 pm

Tsk! Those gossipers 😭 Poor XR too many thoughts coming in – HX needs to up the pampering level. So glad that he’s taking good care of HY too. Thank you for the chapter.

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Bonding over physical books is 😚

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