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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

When they restarted the quest, Ye Xi was once again pushed down onto the soft, bouncy mattress and firmly secured under Shen Xiulin. The bed shook from the force of their tumble.

“What are you doing?” Ye Xi tried his best to play the part of a small, trapped rabbit and struggled against Shen Xiulin with all his might.

Without saying a word, Shen Xiulin savagely grabbed the front of Ye Xi’s shirt with both hands and abruptly tore it apart. Accompanied by the evocative sound of fabric tearing, Ye Xi’s delicate and smooth chest was once again exposed to Shen Xiulin’s gaze. As if that was not enough, Shen Xiulin pulled off what was remaining of Ye Xi’s shirt from his body, fully exposing Ye Xi’s shoulders, arms and abdomen to his view.

Their harsh, heated breaths entwined together during the half-acted performance. Like a small bullied animal, Ye Xi uttered a soft, semi-genuine whimper from his throat. Pink cherry blossoms scattered all over the wrinkled bed sheets next to him, framing his half-naked body like the scene from a painting. Shen Xiulin’s gaze was riveted on Ye Xi, his eyes became darker and deeper as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in his throat…

Assuming they had performed enough of the shirt-tearing scene, Ye Xi raised his hand high up in the air and aimed it at Shen Xiulin’s face once more.

Don’t panic! Don’t think of him as the CEO. Just think of him as a big human-sized potato! 1 In the heat of the moment, Ye Xi still remembered to hypnotise himself.

Shen Xiulin did not say anything this time as promised. Instead, he half-closed his eyes and slowly licked the edge of his lips.

Ye Xi’s concentration was instantly dissolved by Shen Xiulin’s lick.

Full of innuendo, Shen Xiulin’s pink, luxurious tongue reached out from behind rows of white, shell-like teeth, and sensually licked over his exquisitely-shaped lips. A shiny, seductive residue remained on the rim of his lips. Full of desire, his eyes looked as if were singularly focused on a delicious little snack…

Ye Xi froze. His hand remained halfway up in the air and his face became irrepressibly red.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Xiulin innocently arched his brow.

Ye Xi’s face burned, “Sir, w-why did you lick your lips?”

That little act had killed him. Ye Xi imagined if Shen Xiulin were a woman, he would be shamelessly hard right now.

Shen Xiulin said as a matter of fact, “For dramatic effect.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Shen Xiulin, “Since I can’t add any lines, I can only use my body.”

Ye Xi paused for a moment, then asked in a frail voice, “Please sir, could you not? Your acting skills are already overwhelmingly believable, I don’t think you need to lick your lips as well.”

Shen Xiulin willingly obliged, “Alright.”

Ye Xi got off the bed in his tattered clothes. He pulled out yet another new shirt from his wardrobe, with Shen Xiulin following closely behind him. Then, with the stoic expression of a gentleman, Shen Xiulin watched Ye Xi’s backside as he changed.

Next, Ye Xi was pressed down onto the bed and had his clothes torn off several more times …

Each repeated performance failed when Shen Xiulin pulled a different trick, causing Ye Xi to miss.

During their fifth retake, with his sanity frazzled and frayed by Shen Xiulin pressing on top of him, Ye Xi finally overcame immense psychological pressures and slapped Shen Xiulin across the face with a loud smack, then coldly said, “Go to hell!”

Shen Xiulin repeated his angry words and walked away as per the script.

Two quest completion announcements instantly rang in Ye Xi’s ear. He and his teammate each gained 500 experience points, adding 1000 points to their total. Their levels increased from Level 3 to Level 4.

It takes so much effort to level up! We will need more and more experience points to get to higher levels. How the hell are we supposed to complete these quests in one lifetime! I wonder if there are any side quests that will let us make some “extra bucks”…Worry started to swell in Ye Xi’s heart.

At first glance, our Chief Executive looks like a natural when it comes to acting, possessing both empathy and intellect; but in reality, he’s a troublemaker and a lousy teammate!

Shen Xiulin walked a few paces, then came back as soon as he heard the quest completion announcement. A faint, five-fingered slap mark could still be seen on the left side of his face. Though he did not look like he was upset with Ye Xi. Not only was he not as cold and serious as his usual self, he actually looked kind of cheerful, with the hint of a smile lingering in the corner of his eyes.

Ye Xi, “…”

Look how happy our Chief Executive is now that we made it to Level 4! I almost don’t have the heart to tell him that there are another 95 levels ahead of us!

Standing next to the bed with glaring finger marks still on his face, Shen Xiulin looked at Ye Xi, who sat on the bed bare to his waist, and gently said, “We did it.”

Ye Xi let out a pent-up breath, “Thank goodness it’s finally over, I was about to go crazy!”

Shen Xiulin’s face gradually grew cold. The smile in his eyes had vanished without a trace. He grunted in a cool, distant voice, “Hmph.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Crap! Our Chief Executive looks annoyed!

Of course! He was the one who got hit in the face. Since he hasn’t even complained, what right do I have to complain?

So Ye Xi cleared his throat and anxiously replied, “I’m so sorry sir, did I hit you too hard earlier? Please don’t be offended, it was all for the quest…”

Shen Xiulin’s eyes flickered. He sat down next to Ye Xi and pointed to his left cheek with a straight face, “Make it better.”

Ye Xi flew to Shen Xiulin’s side and kneeled down on the edge of the bed. Ye Xi did not have time to change into a new shirt. With the tattered shirt still clinging to his body, the torn fabric and pink cherry blossoms seductively flattered his exposed skin. He carefully massaged Shen Xiulin’s cheek, and after a few rubs, gently blew on his face. He asked in his best sycophantic voice, “Does it still hurt, sir?”

Shen Xiulin turned slightly to face Ye Xi and cast a sidelong glance at him. He said in a cold voice, “Yes. Keep going.”

Ye Xi could only force himself to continue rubbing. After a while, the skin under his hand became red and feverish.

Ye Xi, “…”

Crap! Am I making his face worse?

In this awkward moment, Shen Xiulin quickly pulled the suit jacket he had left on the bed earlier over his thighs, then gently pushed away Ye Xi’s hand, “You can stop now.”

“Yes, sir.” Ye Xi immediately withdrew his hand and knelt down next to Shen Xiulin with an innocent, child-like expression. But inside, he woefully thought of the twelve remaining years on his mortgage and X city’s bleak job market.

Shen Xiulin sat diagonally facing Ye Xi. The hands holding his suit jacket fell naturally between his legs. He calmly said, “Main Quest 3 has been activated. What does yours say?”

“Let me have a look.” Ye Xi opened the system interface.

Main Quest 3: Huangfu X leaves to confirm the wedding date with Master Murong, which will be in seven days’ time. The Murong family does not want to make an enemy of the Huangfu family. Hence, Murong X’s father places him under house arrest despite his unwillingness to go through with the wedding. Murong X is ordered not to leave the family estate before the wedding…

Escape from the Murong mansion before the wedding ceremony commences. (0/1)

Tips: Once Main Quest 3 begins, successful male extra conquests will provide a large amount of bonus experience points.

When he saw the words ‘male extra conquests,’ Ye Xi immediately thought of the 99 highly expendable male extras who fell head-over-heels for the pretty boy protagonist from the original novel.

The author had quite the imagination. Not a single one of the 99 male extras were ordinary. They were each the crème-de-la-crème in their respective fields. The protagonist would meet one every time he ran away. Though, in Ye Xi’s opinion as a professional novel reader, all of these male extras were rather superfluous. It seemed like their only function in the novel was to support the protagonist’s character design as a Mary Sue and to make the dom jealous.

Is that why none of these male extras appear in the main quests, but are included as bonus rewards instead? Ye Xi ruminated.

According to the 500 points per person, 1000 points per two people rewarded for the main quests, even if we completed the entire storyline from the novel, we still may not reach the final level. Hence male extra conquests may be the only way out.

“What does your main quest say?” Shen Xiulin asked.

Ye Xi, “Escape from this mansion before the wedding.”

As for the tip about male extra conquests, Ye Xi decided to clarify this with the system before discussing it with Shen Xiulin.

Shen Xiulin bit out in a frosty voice, “Running away?”

Ye Xi nodded, “Yes. What does your quest say?”

With an impassive face, Shen Xiulin replied, “My quest says to confirm the wedding date with Master Murong. The requirement is to set the date in seven days’ time.”

Ye Xi smiled inattentively, “I’ll leave you to your business then. I need to have a good think about how to escape.”

Shen Xiulin shot him a chilling glare. He looked somewhat vexed.

Ye Xi immediately broke off his smile and knelt on the bed with his legs tucked under him like a docile hen. 2

What did I say to provoke him this time?

Professional relationships are so freaking hard to maintain! I wish I could be an unemployed bum! 3

“I’m going to work on the quest.” Shen Xiulin coldly hmphed, then grabbed his jacket and walked away.

Ye Xi, “Umm…Good luck, sir.”

Ye Xi was uncertain if he had imagine it, but he felt Shen Xiulin’s receding figure was a few degrees cooler than usual.

Ye Xi, “…”

Fuck! It’s so hard to keep the boss happy!

After Shen Xiulin left the room, Ye Xi opened the system interface and summoned the service desk, “Service desk, I have a question. Do all the main quests reward the same amount of experience points?”

Electronic voice, “All main quests provide 500 experience points upon completion. In Team Mode, you will also share your team mate’s experience points.”

Just as I thought, they all provide exactly 500 points. Ye Xi felt a headache coming. “How many experience points does each level require to go from Level 0 to Level 99?”

Electronic voice, “0 to 1, 200 points; 1 to 2, 300 points; 2 to 3, 500 points; 3 to 4, 800 points; 4 to 5, 1200 points…”

Ye Xi’s heart sunk. He used what little mathematical brain he had left after studying a literature degree to think through the problem, “…”

Wait, isn’t this a quadratic sequence?!

Which means the amount of experience points required to reach Level 99 would be astronomical! 500 experience points aren’t worth shit!

Ye Xi hastily asked, “Then how many experience points are rewarded for conquering male extras?”

Electronic voice, “Based on the difficulty of each conquest, between 5,000 to 50,000 points.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Compared to those measly points rewarded by the main quests, it seems I need to focus my attention on conquering male extras…What a perverted, broken system!

Resigning to his fate, Ye Xi wiped his face in defeat and asked, “What is the criteria for a successful conquest?”

The electronic voice explained in its flat, mechanical tone, “1. Make the character fall in love with you. 2. Make the character confess his love for you. Both conditions must be met for the quest to be considered successful. Tips: Every male character with a floating character profile next to him can be conquered, as long as he is not related to you by blood.”

Ye Xi woefully closed the system interface. He collapsed onto the bed while still wearing the clothes that Shen Xiulin had torn to shreds and imagined his future as a green tea hussy 4

I need to escape from this mansion first…Ye Xi rummaged through the clothes in his wardrobe, put on his sixth shirt for the day, and optimistically pushed open the bedroom door.

Outside his door stood Shangguan and a dark row of bodyguards.

“Apologies, Little Master.” One of the bodyguards stepped up and blocked off Ye Xi’s path without waiting for him to respond. He politely said, “The Master has ordered you to stay in your room until your wedding with Young Master Huangfu.”

Ye Xi, “…”

They put me under house arrest! How predictable!


Author’s Notes: [Spoilers]

They don’t actually need to get to Level 99 to leave this world, hehe

Butler, I choose you!


(Shen Xiulin, after learning that Ye Xi is about to begin his male extra conquests, “I don’t want to go back to the real world anymore, let’s just stay here.”)


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Translator Notes:

  1. The original text says white radish, which is a common root vegetable in east Asia, but less common in the West. I changed it to potato which should be more familiar to a western audience.
  2. The original text says quail. Which is made up of Chinese characters that sound like “docile” and “innocent”. The idiom originates from a Stephen Chow movie where he teaches a prostitute to sit in an innocent way to attract clients. I changed it to “hen” so it sounds more familiar to an English audience.
  3. The original text says shut-in
  4. A manipulative cocktease who looks and acts innocent on the outside.
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